A/N: This is a one-sided conversation. You all are hearing what Mark is saying. If you think I should fleash it out, say so.

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Fuck Roger, I hate you!

You look at me with those big, sad eyes and you ask me of all people for help!

Don't act innocent!

Don't you know what you put me through?

Fine, I'll tell you!

Some nights you'd come home high on whatever shit you and your friends were jacked up on!

You called me Piece of Shit, Worthless, Mark the Sellout and hundred other names!

And I kept quiet. I didn't retaliate because on the nights you weren't home, I would sit up, scared for you!

I was so afraid that you were dead. Oh god! I thought… I saw in my head… you beaten by the cops, your dealer's buddies putting a bullet in your head, you overdosing.

I was... was so... was so goddamned grateful that you were alive when you did come home, I couldn't bring myself to tell you to shut the hell up!

I should have moved out, like Benny, Collins and Maureen did. They had the right idea.

I still don't understand why I cared about you.

I don't care that you are trying to stop your drug habit.

You chose to start it!

Get off my doorstep!

Aw, shit.

Come back.

Look, what I said was uncalled for. I didn't mean-

I'm so sorry. Yeah, I did mean it. I'm sorry. I just lost it.

No, don't apologize, come in.

It's okay, man. You've been through enough already.