Odds and Ends

1 - Intro

This will be a collection of stories that are not big enough to stand on their own. The reason for that may be one or more of the following.

- I liked the premise, but don't care about writing the full story. There could be several reasons for this, such as the full story would require writing 4 or more years and I don't have the motivation. Or maybe I liked the premise, but I don't think the story (as it is conceived in my head) is worth that much effort. Or … I'm sure you get the point that I don't care about the story for some reason any more.

- I've decided the story just won't work. My favorite author, Jeconais, has said that sometimes it takes him 50K-words to find out that a story just doesn't work. I'd like to hope I can figure that out sooner than 50K-words, but his point is a valid one. I have tossed outlines because as I plan the story, I find that if I'm anywhere near logical, I have to abandon the story because I've "painted myself into a corner" and I can't see a way to fix it. Or almost worse, things have gotten so wild and crazy, that the story can't figure where it wants to go. Or it wants to go in a direction I'm not comfortable with.

- Maybe time has become an issue. The premise is reasonable, I want to write the story, but I do this in my free time and this idea is at the bottom of the "favorite ideas" list and I don't see that ever changing.

- The story is too short to stand on it's on, but amusing enough to release.

- This is way for me to "clean my hard drive" so my potential story list stays more manageable.

There may be other reasons I'll abandon a story, but the above are the most obvious.

OTOH, if I've invested enough time into the story, there's also no reason not to share it and let it find a good home. :-)

So, if you're an author and see something in this story line that you like and want to adopt, feel free to drop me a note (either in a review or PM), telling me what you want to adopt an idea.

I only have a few simple conditions on taking one of my "children":

- You have to credit me (kb0) with the idea. You can change the idea, and that might be required to make the story work, but please point to where the inspiring idea came from.

- You have to plan to complete the story. If you don't think you'll have time to complete it, either don't take the idea, or at least let me know when you abandon it so I can reoffer the idea up for adoption to others.

In return, I'll mark the story idea with your ID so people can find a fuller version of the idea.

Oh, and please don't bother to complain about typos, write-o's, thinko's, etc as everything in this story/series is NOT beta'd. It's not worth the effort and I don't want to torture someone to work on a story that's not really going anywhere. It's also quite possible these little stories are not worth the electrons used to represent them -- read at your own risk.

Just in case someone is not clear, the HP universe is owned by someone commonly known as JKR and probably several corporations. I am none of those. I write for fun and without making any profit on this. If anything is recognizable as JKR's, it's hers; I'll take the plot and leftovers. If you think I do own the HP world, please turn off your computer and leave it off while you go get professional help. :)

So, I've explained and disclaimed, now read if you dare...