Title: Magical Compatibility
Rating: PG
Summary: Harry finds out during 4th year that there is a Magical Compatibility Index that is performed on everyone at the end of first year and he doesn't remember it; worse, when he finds out, he finds that he's different.
Warning: As usual for this series, this is not polished or finished. Typos and thinko's probably abound. Read at your own risk…

— — —

All of the Gryffindor fourth years were sitting together in their common room playing Exploding Snap on a lazy Saturday morning in early October. In addition, third years Ginny Weasley and Colin Creevey had joined them as they had nothing else to do at the time.

As Seamus took his turn to shuffle and deal the cards, Lavender turned to her roommate with barely suppressed excitement. "Hermione, what do you think? Will there be a school dance this year? We have the other schools coming soon for this Tournament and we're all supposed to have dress robes."

Parvati looked as excited about the question as the blonde. "I think there will be, but what did you find when you read about the Triwizard Tournament, Hermione?"

Hermione picked up her cards and quickly laid one down on top of Harry's card, who sat to her right. "It is tradition to have a Yule Ball with the Tournament, so it seems reasonable that we'll have one since they told us to bring dress robes."

Play continued with little talking as the cards were put down faster and faster to get rid of them, until Dean became the unlucky person this round. He jerked his head back just enough to avoid hair damage as the cards exploded mildly on him, drawing lots of laughs. He grabbed all the cards to shuffle and deal the next round.

"I really hope someone compatible asks me to go," Lavender said wistfully. "It may be too early to really care, but I think it's time start paying attention to that. It'll be important soon."

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked. He noticed that Colin and Dean looked at lost as he felt, and surprisingly, Hermione didn't look like she was ready to explain it down to the last detail.

"You know, Harry," Parvati said, "magical compatibility. It's how you can tell if someone is a good match to be married to. There should be dozens of people who will match each of us as far as magical compatibility. After that, it's up to you to find someone you get along with well." As the girl finished her explanation, she blushed slightly and looked down at the partial pile of cards in front of her. Dean had stopped dealing during her explanation.

"Magical compatibility is something real?" Harry almost squeaked as he put a crick in his neck as he turned so quickly to Hermione, hoping she had a good explanation for this.

"I, I don't know," she said with a frown. "This is the first I've heard of it." Hermione demanded an explanation from her two roommates with a glare.

It was Ginny who answered, though she wouldn't look at Harry. "Y-You can marry anyone you want, but if you want a happy and lasting marriage, you need to marry someone who is magically compatible. If you don't, you risk lots of fighting and possibly worse."

"Worse?" Hermione looked taken aback. "What do you mean by worse?"

"Well, magically incompatible people are prone to fighting; but if the difference is big enough, then you can have trouble having more than one child and it's easier for there to be ... abuse," the little redhead tacked on quietly.

Harry threw all of his cards into the middle of the circle as he realized the game was now unimportant and this was something he really needed to know. He wondered why this was news to him. "I would guess you know, Ginny, because you grew up in a magical family; but when are the rest of us supposed to learn about this?"

Hermione looked very interested in the question and grateful for him asking. She threw her cards into the center too. The others slowly followed her example, understanding the importance of this conversation.

"Traditionally," Parvati took over, "it's done around the time your magic starts to settle down and you no longer do accidental magic. That's why we all were given the test at the end of our first year."

"Err, I don't think I ever had mine. At least I don't remember any sort of test," Harry said worriedly.

"I wasn't here the last part of my first year, but my Mum did some sort of spell on me and told me mine," Ginny said quietly.

Hermione looked worried. "I don't remember one either."

"I'm not sure, but I think mine was done when I went in to see Madam Pomfrey near the end of the year," Dean told them. "She took care of my headache and then said she needed to do a few more diagnostics. One of them produced a colored scale which she removed quickly when I tried to look at it."

"That's probably how she did it for all of us." Lavender looked at Harry and guessed, "She probably did it on you when you were in her care at the end of the first year. You don't have to be awake when it's done."

"I bet mine was done at the end of the year too when she was checking me over after our adventure," Hermione quietly theorized.

"Do you know your score?" Harry asked the blonde.

"Yes," Lavender asked, looking a little embarrassed. "I asked her and she told me."

As Harry gave her a confused look, Parvati explained more. "Harry, a person's index is considered private unless you're pursuing a serious relationship." She smirked when he looked down bashfully. "Actually, there are two parts to the Compatibility Measurement: the Power Index and the Compatibility Type. It's not uncommon to discuss your Compatibility Type with a serious boyfriend or girlfriend; however, the Power Index is normally not discussed until you're practically engaged."

"Oh, err, thanks - both of you." Harry considered all of that. He wondered why he wasn't told, but that raised an interesting question. "Who else doesn't know their Compatibility Measurement?"

Besides Harry, the others who didn't know were Colin, Dean, and Hermione.

"Maybe you should go ask Madam Pomfrey," Neville suggested.

"Do you know yours, Neville?" Harry asked suddenly. This was one of the few cases Harry could remember Neville not looking bashful about a personal question.

"Yeah, I was in St Mungo's after my first year and Gran had the test performed on me," he replied. "It only takes a few seconds and doesn't hurt at all."

There was something about this that seem wrong to Harry, but he had trouble putting his finger on it. He looked at the other three. "So, shall we go see Madam Pomfrey?" Receiving nods, Harry stood and left the group of four out of the room and to the hospital wing.

To their good fortune, the hospital wing was empty and they found the school nurse in her office.

"Madam Pomfrey?"

"Potter, is something wrong?"

"Maybe. We were just talking to our mates back in the common room and they mentioned a Magical Compatibility test that should have happened at the end of the first year, but none of us can remember having it done and we'd like to know what our results were." Harry was surprised to see the nurse become uncomfortable and he'd almost swear he saw a faint sheen of sweat break out on her forehead.

After a moment, Pomfrey swallowed hard. "I'm sorry, Mr Potter, but I'm not allowed to give that information out."

"But Lavender said you told her," Hermione quipped.

Pomfrey's mouth worked itself through a few unpleasant contortions. "I was allowed to tell her," she finally said.

"But you can't tell us?" Hermione persisted.

Sweat was definitely forming on her forehead. "The policy was changed thirteen years ago," she said in a forced whisper. "I'm sorry but I can't tell you much more."

As the teens looked at her, Hermione's eyes went wide suddenly. "You can't tell us because you've taken an oath that prevents you."

The nurse merely smiled.

"And you can't tell us you've taken an oath." She thought furiously. "You can tell Lavender and Parvati, but not us. That means you can't tell anyone who's Muggle-born." Pomfrey only smiled again. "But Harry is not Muggle-born..." she looked expectantly at the nurse.

Pomfrey looked down and shrugged.

"Either it's because I was raised like a Muggle-born or because it's me specifically," Harry guessed. At the second option, Pomfrey raised her head and tilted it slightly with a smile.

"There's only one person who could force that," Dean said.

"But surely the Headmaster wouldn't do that!" Hermione exclaimed, outraged.

"He is her superior," Dean argued.

"Madam Pomfrey," Harry cut in to stop any more arguments, "you said you couldn't tell us much more. What else can you tell us? Anything would be helpful."

The nurse looked at them sadly before she reached into her desk and pulled out a small card and handing to them. "I had these made up many years ago. I'm sure Miss Granger can use this wisely."

Hermione took the business card. "Thank you, Madam Pomfrey; and I'm ... sorry."

"Don't worry about it dear child," she told them kindly. "I know where the line is and I can still fix you up if needed. As long as I'm useful here I have no fear. Now, go run along and enjoy your afternoon."

They bid her good-bye and quietly left, each absorbed in their own thoughts. Halfway back to the Gryffindor Tower, Hermione motioned them into an unused room. Once inside, she erected privacy charms.

"I can't believe it! Dumbledore wouldn't force an oath like that on a nurse, would he?" Hermione paced as she considered her question.

"Who else could it be though?" Colin asked.

Harry looked at the boy who had once stalked him. Colin was a lot more normal now, although he did still like to take pictures of Harry during Quidditch games. "I agree, it has to be Dumbledore. But my question is why?"

"The only reason to not tell someone information is because you want them ignorant, and because that gives you an advantage in some way," she told them.

"All right, let's think this through." Harry looked at the other two boys. "Have either of you ever had direct dealings with the Headmaster? Meetings, unexpected conversations especially about non-school things, err, whatever..."

"He asked me how I was after I woke up from being petrified at the end of my first year and to say that Professor McGonagall would arrange tutoring for me," Colin replied. "Other than that short conversation, I don't think he's ever spoken to me."

"That sounds reasonable," Hermione said. "Dean?"

"Uh, no, I don't think I've ever spoken with him. I know I've never been to his office."

"Me neither," Colin added.

Harry looked at Hermione.

"At least once a year, but I believe they were always because of our adventures." She thought for a moment more. "I can't remember any personal conversation beyond asking how I was doing after waking up in the hospital wing."

"Mine are almost too numerous to mention," Harry said with some disgust.

"Harry, there appears to a specific reason for you, but that reason doesn't apply to the rest of us," Hermione reasoned. "In fact, we could ask the rest of the Muggle-borns and I believe we'd find they haven't been told either."

"Why did it start thirteen years ago?" Dean asked.

"That was the year I defeated Voldemort," Harry answered without hesitation.

"Perhaps, Dumbledore has a plan to defeat You-Know-Who and this is part of it," Hermione guessed.

"He's still alive?!" Dean's head swiveled in shock, as if expected the evil wizard to be hiding in the corner.

Colin didn't look as surprised. "I heard he was why I was petrified."

"A special form of him caused it," Harry said sadly, empathizing with the boy for what he had gone through.

"But why all Muggle-borns?" Hermione repeated her question. "What does denying them that knowledge do? How does it help?"

"It's one more thing we don't know about the Wizarding World," Colin stated. "Dennis and I have talked about how much we don't know here. Why isn't there a Wizarding Studies class like there's a Muggle Studies class?"

Harry harrumphed. "I'd take it if there was one."

"I wonder if there used to be one. I'll have to ask Profess McGonagall as I know Hogwarts: A History doesn't mention it," Hermione told them authoritatively, causing Harry to smile.

"What's on the card?" Colin asked. "You know, the one she gave you."

Hermione looked a little put out with herself for forgetting. She dug it out and they all looked at it.

Healer Victoria Frettle
Spell Damage Specialist
St Mungo's

"Apparently she thinks Healer Frettle can help us." Hermione flipped the card over, but the back was blank.

"I heard we have a Hogsmeade outing next weekend, I wonder if she'll come meet us," Harry wondered.

"Maybe I should write it, Harry," Hermione volunteered. "I'll be suspect less than you will."

"If you want to avoid suspicion, write the letter but have Neville mail it," Dean suggested.

"Good idea," she agreed. "And no on mention anything about this to anyone."

Colin asked, "What about our friends when they ask?"

Hermione considered that. "How about Madam Pomfrey was too busy to get our records out and she said she'd do it later." Everyone agreed to that.

— — —

Three days later Neville received a letter at breakfast. After he opened it, he found another envelope with Hermione's name on it, which he handed to her.

She quickly read it before stuffing it into an inner pocket of her robes. Leaning over to Harry, she whispered, "She says she'll meet us in the main back room of the Three Broomsticks at two. She also agreed to your five Galleon offer for the private work.

"On a slightly different topic, I'm concerned that I couldn't find any mention of the Magical Compatibility test in the library. For something so useful that they do to everyone, you'd think there would be multiple books that talk about it."

Harry gave his friend a disappointed look. "If a powerful someone was willing to put the nurse under an oath not to discuss it with us, do you really think it would be beneath him to remove all the books from the library that talked about it?"

"But Harry…"

"Hermione, are all adult good and caring people?"

She fumed for a moment before she had to answer, "No."

"Then accept for the fact that Dumbledore, despite how he tries to look in public, he is not perfect, maybe not always be a good person, and probably only cares about us enough to keep his job or to meet his own needs." Harry fixed her with a stare. "He's much better at acting and fooling people, but he really no different than Lockhart or my so-called Uncle."

Hermione had no comeback to that, still feeling guilty for being fooled by their second-year DADA teacher.

On their way to Hogsmeade, the Gryffindor fourth years were hurrying from Muggle-born to Muggle-born in the other houses asking if they'd heard of the Marriage Compatibility Test and if they'd like to come have one done. Similarly, Ginny and Colin were doing the same for their year. Naturally, not all groups had students from only their year, and some had siblings, so the interested group grew to be every Muggle-born from the third-year and up plus a couple dozen non-Muggle-born. There were a little over ninety students from three houses, as Slytherin had no Muggle-born students, trying to crowd into the back room of the Three Broomstick. Obviously, the healer was very surprised.

The Healer made them all go back out of the room for a moment while she put space expansion charms on the room to make it twice its normal size, even then, people had to stand close together. Harry and his group were the last in the room, so it was Hermione that put up a privacy charm over the door.

"Well, I don't believe I expected this sort of turn out," the middle-aged healer said. She looked only a little younger than Madam Pomfrey, but had a much kinder disposition. "My name if Victoria Frettle and I'm a niece of Poppy Pomfrey. For those of you who are concerned about her, we in her family thank you. Yes, we know that she is in a delicate position and we are working to help her out of it." At the murmurs, she added, "Those of you who don't know what I'm speaking of, please don't worry about it. It only affects you for the reason you are here today.

"Since there are so many of you, I shall try to be brief in my explanation before I start the tests.

"First, let me dispel a few myths. The Magical Compatibility test does not guarantee that you will find your perfect magical mate, or even a soul mate. Soul mates are another myth. What the test does do is tell you two things about yourself that you can use to help yourself find a better mate. If you ignore this information, can you still find a mate you're happy with and live happily ever after? Yes, you can. However, you'll simply have to work a lot harder at it. Two people who are compatible will have an easier time and probably a more fulfilling life.

"So, what does this test show? There are two parts: A Compatibility Type and a Power Index.

"Most of what I've been speaking of so far relates to the Compatibility Type measurement. We've found there are four types. We could call them anything, like A through D, but because they were found around the time of the founding of Hogwarts, and the founders helped to refine this knowledge, so we call them: G, H, R, and S. In a way, this is unfortunate because people want to think that should determine what house they are in. However, your Compatibility Type and your house, which is based on personality, have very little in common. As proof, consider that about half of all wizards and witches are "H-positive". In addition to your Type, there is also something that's called a polarity component and designated: positive or negative. While you can marry someone with any type that you want, we strongly suggest you marry someone with the same polarity. If you marry someone with a different polarity, you have a very real possibility of never having children, or if you do, then having squibs."

There were much murmuring over that and she let it go for a few seconds.

"This is why arranged marriages between children are usually a bad idea, because this test can't be reliably done until you are eleven or twelve." Frettle noticed some looks of horror between a few couples, apparently arranged. She hoped they matched or they could get out of the arrangement.

"There is also the question of if you can have multiple Compatibility Types. The answer is yes. Statistically speaking, about five percent of you will have two: a primary and a secondary. For example, I have seen "GH", "RS, and even "HG". Yes, "GH" and "HG" are different. If you have a double type, then you can be happy with someone of either type. A few healers theorize you'll be happier with a person of your primary type, but I've yet to see enough evidence to say either way. About once a century, we find someone with three types; we've never found anyone with all four.

"The other half of the test will give you a Power Index. This is a score to show you your potential, not how much power you have right now. Most people keep this private for safety purposes. However, it is something you probably want to share with a fiancé. The average score over all of Britain is around a fifty, so if you score in the forty to sixty range, consider yourself average, and I would expect most of you here to fall into that range. You don't have to, but you generally want to marry someone who has a similar score, say within twenty points of yours.

"I'm sure you're wondering why a misbalanced score could be a problem. There are three things that happen if the imbalance is too great. First, if a woman's score is too high, they have trouble conceiving because magic does play a factor in conception. The woman's eggs and man's sperm have the magical potential of the person, so in this case, the man's sperm will not be able to go beyond the eggs protective cover. Conversely, if the man has the much higher score, then the woman will probably conceive many children, even if on a contraceptive spell. In this case, the only way to avoid have a very large family is abstinence."

A small gasp was heard at the back of the room and Frettle noticed a shocked look on a little redheaded girl. Although she didn't know the girl personally, it was obvious this was one of Arthur Weasley's children (she looked a lot like a female version of Arthur) and she had just been enlightened.

"Thirdly, and unfortunately as I personally see the results of this at work, when the Power Index scores are too far apart and love goes out of the marriage for whatever reason, then the less powerful of the two can find herself or himself in an abusive relationship. It's not always that way, as I do know a man who's score is forty points higher than his wife, but they have one of the best marriages I've ever seen." She took a moment to stare at the redheaded girl again and smiled when the girl caught her eye. The girl looked much more relieved.

"Lastly, in case you haven't heard, it is custom to not share your Compatibility Type until you are in a serious relationship. Sharing your Compatibility Polarity is not an issue and is commonly done after a few dates and you're considering a serious relationship. However, sharing your Power Index is normally not shared until you are engaged. In all of this, it's also extremely common to ask the other person to hold the information in confidentiality. It is also a major social faux pas to reveal that information you've promised to keep secret and I've seen duels fought over leaking that information - so please don't! Are there any questions before I start the testing?"

Hermione raised her hand. "Are there any good books on this?"

"Several, including my Healer's Mastery Thesis," Frettle said with a smile.

"I couldn't find any in our library," Hermione complained.

"I'm not surprised. Ask me about it when you see me and we can make arrangements to get you a copy of my thesis for a duplicating small fee. Now, since I don't see any other hands, let me make my way over to the privacy screen. Since I'm doing this on my own time like a house-call, there is a charge. Please drop one Sickle into the jar as you come in. Borrow it if you have to, but understand that Madam Pomfrey can not do this spell on you. Of course, if you prefer, you can come visit us at St Mungo's and have it done during any of your school holidays. I believe the charge is five Galleons there. After you're done, you may leave the room or wait for a friend." She raised her voice slightly, "Mr Potter, I'd like you to be last please. " She received a nod of acknowledgement.

Victoria Frettle made her way over to her private area, a thick cloth screen that went floor to ceiling and would contain all sound when the doorway was pulled closed. Her first client looked like a seventh year Ravenclaw girl. The girl dropped a silver Sickle in the jar and took a seat. A minute later, the girl left with a small parchment in hand and a smile on her face.

The students trickled into the privacy area, some having to borrow a Sickle from a friend, but almost no one passed on this opportunity. The few that had doubts were quickly convinced but a third-year Ravenclaw named Luna Lovegood.

"If we're not told this, then there must be a reason why and I want to know what secrets they have of me."

By the end, it was only the original group of Gryffindors remaining. Neville and Lavender were the only ones of the entire crowd who didn't bother to since they were sure they had true results.

Ginny went in first, willing to sacrifice a Butterbeer for this. She wanted to know if what her mother had told her was correct. A minute later, a very visibly upset redhead came out of the privacy area as Parvati went in.

"What's wrong, Ginny?" Ron asked, trying to comfort his sister.

"Our mother is what's wrong. She lied to me! Lied!" She looked at her brother, demanding an answer. "Did Mum ever perform the test on you?"

"No, I don't remember her ever mentioning it," he replied, wondering what had his sister so upset.

"Then you're lucky. She told me the wrong type, the wrong polarity, and she must have made up the Power Index as well as it was over thirty points off," Ginny fumed.

"Uh, Ginny," Hermione said tentatively, not wanting the girls wrath. "When did your mother do the spell?"

The redhead stopped to think about that as she watched Parvati come out and Seamus go in. "When I was ten, Ron had left for Hogwarts."

"Then that may account for it," Hermione explained gently. "The test shouldn't have been done yet as your magic hadn't settled. The result may have been correct at that time, but it was the wrong time to test."

"Maybe, but then she should have known not to do it yet," Ginny replied sourly as she crossed her arms over her chest, not sure how she felt about her mother at the moment. "But if I hadn't had this done, I'd be looking for a boy with different results and that might have caused us to be unable to have children. I don't want seven children, but two or three would be nice, and with the wrong polarity, I'd be lucky to get one squib.

Hermione compassionately put an arm around the girl, allowing Ginny to fully let go of her anger and sob quietly.

One by one, the rest of them went in to see Healer Frettle; most of them came out with a contemplative look, even Hermione. Finally, it was Harry's turn as the last.

The healer looked at the other nine left. "I assume you all plan to wait for Mr Potter?" Everyone nodded. "Then you may want to make yourselves comfortable as it may take a few minutes."

In the privacy area, Harry dumped his agreed upon five gold coins in her pot and then looked at her nervously. "Why might it take longer for me?"

"Because, since you're not a Muggle-born, you were obviously singled out in the orders for my aunt not to tell anyone, therefore, I suspect we may have a little more to look at. Please, sit in the chair there and let's see what I find," she said gently. As he sat down, she wrote his name in a ledger book. "This is so there is a record if you should lose your results. I promise this will be kept confidential."

"Now, let's try the Compatibility Test first." She waved her wand over him with a long incantation. "Hmm, congratulations, Mr Potter, you are truly one in million, give or take a few thousand," she said with a smile as she wrote in her ledger.


"You're a triple, or an HSG-negative to be specific. According to records I've seen, you're the first in nearly eighty years. That will give you plenty of choices to choose from," she said with a grin. "Also, statistically speaking, those with a negative polarity tend to have higher a Power Index. Let's see if that's true for you."

While Harry sat there gobsmacked, Frettle did another long incantation. When she stopped and looked puzzled, he looked up to see a column of light above his head, and it was tall and wavering. He watched her wave it away and do another charm, than yet another. As she dropped her wand to her side, still with a puzzled look, he grew frustrated that yet something else in his life was different from everyone else. "What?" he all but growled.

She wrote in her ledger, then also wrote on a small scrap of parchment and handed it to him.

Harry read: "HSG-negative" and "172" and "See me at St Mungo's ASAP". "Err, 172 is good, right?"

Frettle sighed. "Harry, you are what some might call a 'sport'. You are the exception to the index and we get one about every generation. Before you was You-Know-Who. Although I don't have his exact score, it's estimated his index was about that high. Before him was Albus Dumbledore, who has a similar score."

"I'm as powerful as they are?" He was in a bit of awe.

She smiled sadly. "No exactly. Remember, I said that shows your potential. Magic is like a muscle. The more you use it and train it, the strong it will get. I can give you some exercises to help with that, but you have a bigger problem."

"Is that why you want me to see you at St Mungo's?" he asked, almost afraid of what he was going to hear.

"Yes, Harry. I can only assume this is a problem because Aunt Poppy was forbidden to tell you or anyone else. But you have a magical block on you, although it is weakening as you grow older; and there's something else influencing your magic, but I can't figure it out in the time we have now. I would suggest you go home over the Yule Holiday and come see me then. Once we fix your problems and know exactly what we're dealing with, we can talk more about what all of this means to you.

"I would also suggest you place that parchment in your shoe or someplace harder to find than a pocket until you return to your dorm and can hide it in your trunk." She saw him fold the parchment and lean down. She finished her notes before shrinking the ledger down and putting it in a pocket. She dumped her pot of money into a mokeskin bag and hid the little bag on her. "I've already paid for the room, Harry, hence the five Galleons, so you can leave whenever you want. I'll also tell you what I told everyone else: Don't mention this to any of the teachers. I don't know why Dumbledore is restraining Aunt Poppy and not letting any of you have this information about yourself, but there's something wrong here."

"Thanks, although we figured that out ourselves. We just don't know what to do about it - him," Harry admitted with some frustration.

"I have a few ideas…"

"Thank you, Healer Frettle."

"Well, let's not make your friends wait any longer." She led him out to a group of concerned looking friends and then Vanished her privacy area. It was back to its normal table and chairs and a single window. She'd release the room expansion charms as soon as they stepped out. She noticed Harry was receiving plenty of looks and comforting from all the girls. The boys were frowning a bit, and she found it all amusing.

As she ushered them out the door, she almost ran over Dean Thomas as the whole group just stopped. Looking further into the room, she saw the reason. The pub appeared empty save for Albus Dumbledore sitting in a chair facing them with his wand out.

The old man sighed. "Ah, Healer Frettle, I should have known."

She didn't wait but turned and ran back into their meeting room, drawing her wand at the same time. She heard, "Severus, stop her!" A quick Blasting Hex took out the window and she jumped through it. As she cleared the building, she knew she was clear of the Anti-Apparation wards all businesses used and immediately left.

Harry saw Snape run out of the doorway to the pub, obviously helping to guard the place.

"I'm sorry to have to do this, but I need all of you to surrender your scores," the Headmaster ordered, kindly, but it was still an order.

"What good does that do?" Hermione asked. "We know what they are now."

The Headmaster's smiled turn slightly malevolent. "Seventy-eight Obliviations are tiring, but I believe I can do ten more."

Hermione gasped in horror and a few of the others made choking noises.

"Why?" Harry asked quietly. "This is personal to us and shouldn't have any meaning for you."

Dumbledore chuckled. "In a sense you've quite correct, Harry. I personally don't care at all. However, for the greater good I care greatly. There are plans in place and status quos to be maintained, beyond that, you really don't need to know, even if I am about to Obliviate you."

Harry had been slowly pulling his wand out and he hoped the others were doing the same. With ten against one, he hoped they could win so at least one of them could get away with the news.

They all heard the door open and Snape returned, dashing Harry's hopes. One wand they might handle, but two would be almost impossible.

"She Apparated away before I could get around the building," the Potions professor reported.

Harry felt the back of his shirt being raised slightly and what had to be a quill writing on his skin. He did his best to stand still like normal and hoped someone knew what they were doing.

Dumbledore looked upset. "I shall have to deal with that quickly, but this must be done first. Send each of them back to the school after I Obliviate them." He turned back to the students. "Do not draw your wands and make this harder than it needs to be. If you do, Professor Snape will have to Stun you. Now, who shall we do first?"

Ginny suddenly stepped forward. "There's no good reason for you do this. You've just being evil."

"Ah, Miss Weasley, thank you for volunteering. Obliviate! You had a nice afternoon in Hogsmeade before the trip was cut short because we were concerned for your safety. Please let Professor Snape send you back to the castle."

A little glassy-eyed and woodenly, she turned to Snape, who guided her out the door and told her to return to the school for her own safety.

"See," Dumbledore said with a grandfatherly grin. "You only lose a couple hours of time and a few memories that aren't really that important."

Neville suddenly stepped forward. "You read our mail. That's how you knew about this, isn't it?"

"Very good, Mr Longbottom. I'm sorry to have to do that, really I am, but I also can't have people doing things that will break plans," Dumbledore replied as he cast another Obliviate, with the same cover story as he gave to Ginny.

Colin nervously stepped forward. "You may get away with this for a while, but all the stories I've read show the bad guy always gets found out somehow."

Dumbledore and Snape both chuckled. "I do enjoy a good fiction story on occasion, Mr Creevey, but they are that: fiction. This is real life and I have lots of experience and magic. Obliviate! …"

One by one, each of the stepped forward to protest before they were Oblivated and sent away. Harry wanted to go too, but someone kept writing on his back. Eventually he figured out it must have been Hermione, but he was unsure how she was doing it and not getting caught. He felt the writing stop and his shirt being pulled down when it was down to only five of them. He figured she couldn't hide it any longer. To his dismay, Harry was saved for last.

"Well, Harry, I've saved you for last as you will be the hardest so I may need a little more time with you."

Harry glanced around the room, hoping for some sort of get away, but both professors had their wand trained on him.

"I could do it for you, Headmaster," Snape said with a sneer of anticipation.

"I do appreciate the offer, my boy, but I believe I need to do this. You see, Harry's Power Index is significantly higher than yours and so he might be able to break the block an Obliviate creates." Dumbledore chuckled at Harry looked at him in surprise. "Yes, I do know your score, Harry. Why do you think I had it hid from you? I need all the Muggle-borns ignorant of this, and you especially. There are plans in place for you that must not be disrupted. I'm truly sorry as I've come to find that you're an upstanding young man, but sacrifices must be made for the greater good of Wizarding Society. Obliviate! …"

Harry tried to fight the spell, but eventually the peaceful feeling consumed him and he soon found that he was walking back towards the castle, wondering what had happened in Hogsmeade that had forced them all to leave early.

— — —

Victoria Frettle, or Vicky to her friends, arrived home with a crack. Without thought, she sprinted to the center of her house and touched her wand to a crystal. Immediately, powerful wards sprung into place. They could be brought down, but they would buy her time - time to come up with a plan. If Severus Snape came here, it could buy her more than time, she thought with a grin.

Her husband, Dennis, was a security specialist and on a business trip in Spain for a few days, so at least he was safe for the moment. She hastily scribbled out a note with agreed upon code words to let him know that something bad had happened to take every precaution when he returned. She gave the note to their owl and sent him away. They always knew there was the possibility that Vicky could stumble upon some information as a Healer that could put her in danger.

Next, she added a quick notation to her ledger about Dumbledore and the high probability that he had Obliviated all the students she'd seen today, and that Snape was working with him. That done, she copied her ledger and put the original in a special safe only she and her husband could open. It was also hidden such that only they could even find it.

That left her with the trickiest problem of all: Who could she trust to help her put all of this right? Her husband would be a good start and she could go to where he was, that would keep her safe enough. But there were the students and Aunt Poppy, who was in an even more dire situation than before today. No, waiting was not an opinion.

Then it hit her. There was one person who could fix this, but access would be tricky. Still, as a healer, she knew people and relationships that others didn't, or at least it would take them longer to think of. Only two magical signatures could leave their warded home, carefully considering her destination, she Disapparated away.

A moment later, she was in front of the small home of Niles and Fran Wilkins. Racing to the door, she knocked and impatiently waited. The door was soon opened by Fran Wilkins, nee Bones. "Vicky? This is a surprise!"

"Fran, can I come in? The quicker the better." Vicky was glancing around to see if she was spotted.

"Sure." Fran opened the door wider and Vicky hurried in. "You're acting like something's wrong. What is it?"

"Is Niles here?" Vicky was becoming more paranoid the more she thought about who she was dealing with.

"Yeah, sure, let me get him." Fran left for a moment, returning with her husband.

"What's wrong, Vicky?" Niles asked. They had known each other since becoming friends at Hogwarts ten years earlier.

"Fran, how fast and safely can you contact your Aunt Amelia and get her here?" Vicky pleaded. "This is very important or I wouldn't ask."

There were four children in Amelia's generation: Amelia, Emilee, Edgar, and Stephen. Edgar had been killed in the last war by Death Eaters. Stephen had married and now had a daughter, Susan, in Hogwarts. Amelia had never married; and Emilee was Fran's mother. Vicky hoped that Fran was a "forgotten link" to the Director of the MLE because of married name changes.

Fran considered the request for a moment before nodding. "All right, I'll help"

Vicky nearly wilted with relief. "Thank you!"

"Is anyone after you?" Niles asked.

"Probably. I've already activated all the wards around our house," she told them.

Niles nodded and said, "I can do the same here," as he rose to do that.

While Fran started making Floo Calls to track down her Aunt, Vicky worried about what would happen, or what could happen. Dumbledore had obviously planned a lot of things, and her mind knew what she would do in his place - all of which scared her. She wanted Dennis to be here so badly, but he probably wouldn't even see her note until tomorrow evening at the earliest. For now, all she could do was to plan to be able to offer Amelia Bones suggestions.

A little more than twenty minutes went by before Fran returned, followed by a very put out looking Amelia Bones.

Amelia fixed the healer with an intimidating stare. "Madam Frettle, Fran tells me you believe an emergency has arisen. What is so important that I need to miss other work?"

Frettle could barely hold the stare. "Director, I'm sorry as I know you must be busy, but I don't know what to do about someone in our Ministry committing crimes against underage teens. Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape to be exact."

Bones raised both eyebrows and considered the person in front of her carefully. "That is a very serious charge. Do you have proof?"

"I have some, but most of it is at Hogwarts, which is under his control." Vicky spread her hands in helplessness.

"All right, tell me what you do know." Amelia took a seat as did Fran and Niles.

Vicky laid out what she knew about her Aunt Poppy, the withholding of medical diagnostic information in the form of the Magical Compatibility test, and today's meeting Dumbledore as they came out of the room and him sending Snape after her. She finished with the accusation that the students would be Obliviated by now and that Poppy Pomfrey may be in great danger.

Amelia considered that for a very long moment. "What exactly are you asking me to do?"

"I'd like to rescue Aunt Poppy and force Dumbledore to remove the oath she's under. I think we should also ascertain whether the students I saw today have been Obliviated or not. From there, I don't know. We might should check the rest of the teachers for being under some oath as well, but I think that if we find the students have been Obliviated, then the Headmaster needs to be arrested."

"That could be very difficult…"

"Yes, Director, I fully understand. He's a popular man with many connections. Also, if he has my Aunt under some oath, he may have many others under similar oaths, even some of your Aurors may not be able to move against him," Vicky suggested.

Amelia's eyes widened. "But to suggest that…"

"I know, but it is possible. Director, my area of specialty deals with understanding magical compatibility and its affects in regard to charm damage reversal. Albus Dumbledore has one of the highest Power Indices measured. He can Obliviate almost anyone and it will stick because he can overpower them. You-Know-Who is similar. I probably shouldn't say this, but I found a third person with a similar Power Index: Harry Potter. Potter may be Obliviated now, but given time, he could break it. That also means that when you go to the school, you need Potter to help you. He has the raw power to help you overcome Dumbledore, or at least potentially he does."

Amelia considered the plea for a moment. "We can go check on your Aunt." She saw Frettle look very relieved. "And we can check a student or two. Did you see my niece today?"

"No, I didn't."

"That's unfortunate, as that would have made it much easier to do," Amelia commented with a frown. She harramphed as she thought about a plan. "Moody would be a great help, but he's old friends with Albus and if he hasn't said anything about this, then we must consider him compromised." She looked at her watch. "If we hurry, we can catch everyone at dinner." She snapped her fingers and called, "Tribby!"

A house-elf popped in. "Yes, Mistress."

Amelia pulled out some parchment and a self-inking quill and started writing a note. "Can you take a note to Harry Potter at Hogwarts without the Headmaster knowing?"

Tribby tilted her head and thought. "I think not, Mistress; but Tribby knows another way." The elf put both hands to the sides of her head and scrunched up her face. A moment later, another elf popped in.

"Tribby be calling for Dobby?"

"Dobby, I'm Amelia Bones and it is very important I get a note to Harry Potter without the Headmaster knowing. Can you do that?"

"Yes, Mistress Bones; Dobby can do that."

"Do you know where Mr Potter is now?"

"He be in his common room with his friends."

Amelia smiled as she finished her note. "Then please take this to him and ask if he believes it and will help me." Dobby took the note and popped out. Amelia wrote another note and gave it to Tribby. "Please take this to Auror Shacklebolt at the Ministry and then you may return home." Tribby left with that note. "I've started calling in Aurors. It will take a few minutes to determine if any of them are beholden to Dumbledore. We obviously don't want to take them," she said with a smile.

Dobby returned and handed a note back to Amelia.

"Good news. Mr Potter and his friends don't remember meeting you and believe they must have been Obliviated and they will help. Healer Frettle, if you'll come with me, we shall go visit your Aunt." Amelia Bones opened the Floo connection to the MLE HQ for them.

— — —

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