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Prologue BPOV

I cannot believe this shit. Fuck my life. Why do I say F M L? It is because my crazy hair brained mother Renee has apparently been saved. Yeah, you heard me - born again. All of a sudden, I have curfews, rules, and Mary mother of Jesus, I have to go to church.

Renee always went through these phases. Two years ago, it was some shit about Kabbalah, which I swear she only did because of Madonna. Last year was something about new age, incenses, and mediation bullshit. And now? Now it is about Jesus, her Lord and Savior. Oh, and apparently, everyone needs to be saved.

I really just want my hippy-dippy-meditating crazy ass mom back. You know, the mom who didn't question me stumbling into the house at three in the morning, the one who didn't really care what I was doing, who I was doing, and where I was doing it. As long as I kept my grades up and was not arrested, she didn't ask, and I didn't tell. However, those days are gone. Long fucking gone since Renee watched the movie, the Passion of the Christ.

I swear to God she wept as she saw Jesus' sweat and blood be spilled to forgive her sins, mine, and the rest of the world. It is all so simple. Believe, ask for forgiveness, invite Jesus into your heart, and all of life's problems will be solved and all your prayers will be answered. So now, my crazy hair brained mother is just another holy roller here in the small town of Winchester Indian - the Goddamn belt buckle of the Bible belt.

We moved to Winchester Indian last year, when Phil got traded to the minor league baseball team here. This state is more about Basketball though. You should see the turn out for high school basketball games. It is insane.

However, the thing is, I don't give a crap at all about any of that shit. I miss the "burbs". I miss not knowing everyone I walk past. Unlike where I used to live, I am a bit of an outcast here because all the kids belong to some sort of youth group. I mean, only in the Bible belt can the valedictorian be the head cheerleader, prom queen, and "thank God" in her speech.

I was lucky enough though to have found my "nitch" with the stoners. It is actually with them that I met my best friend, Jasper. From time to time, Jasper and I hook up. But he has never been, nor will he ever be my boyfriend, and I his girlfriend. It is more of a convenience than anything else. In such a small town, gossip spreads like fire. It spreads fast. That means if I ever make the mistake of sleeping with the wrong person, no doubt that shit will get around fast, and I really have no desire to be labeled a slut or easy.

Have I also mentioned how much I miss the convenience stores back home? Well, I do. I miss stores like Target and kohl's. I miss the stores I used to take advantage of, because here in Winchester, I only have Wal-Mart. And to get to a mall or anything that resembles to a suburb, you would need a 30-minute drive of nothing but farmland. I mean, really, you can't help but fall asleep here.

There are thirty-two churches in this town with the population of 5,250 people. Yet I am getting up because my mom wants to travel for thirty minutes to go to this big contemporary church. I've never been there, but I have driven past it. And I swear when you drive past it, the parking lot looks like it belongs to a mall. I have never set foot in a church before… and I mean never. Thus, I have no idea what to expect.

"Bella, honey! Rise and shine! Let's go and give God glory!" My mother's chipper tone interrupted my ramblings. She says the craziest shit sometimes, and I don't know whether I want to laugh or cry for her. I mean, "Praise the Lord" and "Hallelujah Praise Jesus" are sayings she spurts off at any given time. Her new answer for everything is to "Pray about it". All of a sudden, she is like some Joel Olsten fan girl. She even sends the 700 club $50 a month for them to pray for her to get out of debt. Sounds like a big scam to me, and of course Renee would fall for it. She swears it is working and her prayers are being answered. Go figure.

I was brought back to reality by my mother's chipper ramblings, and so I got ready with a scowl. I put on my converse sneakers, Mclovin T-Shirt, and tightest skinny jeans. I, for some reason, wanted to stand out. I wanted those churchy holy rollers to know I was not one of them.

"I'm ready… let's get this shit over with." I said as I approached Renee.

"Now Bella, don't be like that. Please be respectful there," she replied.

"Of course," I told her. I wouldn't do anything to embarrass myself. "I will suffer in silence, promise."

Phil draped his arm around Renee as we headed out to the car. I got in with a huff, and I prepared to endure two hours of torture in silence.

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