Ah, the sweet touch of inspiration! I hadn't done anything in a while, but I wanted to at least put out something before the school year starts. Whoo! We've got multiple pairings here! I've never done multiple pairings before, so I hope it all works out for the best! So here I go!

Click! Click!

The studio team looked on with awe as a young, extraordinary beautiful silver-haired model dazzled from pose to pose.

This time the theme was dark. Riku was cladded in a black, hooded leather coat with a zipper. Behind him were a few large, black, buildings. Not the whole buildings, but enough to make it seem like they were just part of a building.

The prop-buildings were identical and very realistic. In fact, one of the prop-buildings even had a sign that flickered a dim light blue here and there.

The lighting was set so that it appeared that it was nighttime and the moon was out (thus the studio could allow a bit of illumination.)

Though it seemed useless to have a model dressed in black standing in front of black buildings in the dark, the photographer was counting on Riku's silver hair and pale complexion to draw attention to him. The dim lighting of the studio made the leather coat he wore shine. Yet another thing to distinguish him from the blackness was a large, silver, key-like weapon in his hand. It was large, definitely bigger than his arm, and there was a silver chain at the end with a charm made of thalassa shells hanging at the end. The photographer had called it a keyblade. And it even had a name: Oathkeeper. Riku had thought it was a strange prop, but he asked no questions as the photographer handed it to him.

"Riku, turn your head up a bit," Marluxia, the photographer said, holding his camera at a different angle.

Riku did so. The cameras kept click click clicking away as they snapped pictures. He shoved his leather-gloved hands into the coat's pockets, tilted his head slightly and (keeping his face to the camera) looked to the left, making it appear as if his mind was elsewhere.

"Great, Riku!"

Riku moved again. He turned his back to the camera and placed the Keyblade at his shoulder. Then he looked over his shoulder and towards the camera with a cool, stoic look on his face.

"Three more pictures… and there!" Marluxia lowered his camera (finally) and sighed. "That's a wrap, people! Let's go home!"

The studio crew immediately scattered and looked as if they were busy. They had not moved the entire time Riku had been modeling—too mesmerized by the silver-haired teen to do anything else. Riku made his way through them to join his manager. He wasn't hard to find. His manager had a habit of carrying an atrociously long sword with him at all times.

"Great job, Riku," Sephiroth, his manager, said absentmindedly.

Riku unzipped the coat, revealing the white, sleeveless undershirt he wore. "Thanks," he said. "God, it's so hot! I'm dying in this thing!"

Sephiroth paid no attention to him and looked at a clipboard in his hands. Riku didn't mind. He was used to Sephiroth's I-Could-Care-Less Attitude.

"'Well Riku, I'm sure there're water bottles in the lobby. Go help yourself to them.'" Riku answered for him in a deep voice. Then, in his normal voice, he continued, "Thanks Seph, I'll go get some right now. Do you want some?

"'No, of course not, Riku, I'm too much of a dark, bitter, anti-social tightass to want water—' OUCH!" Sephiroth thwacked him on the head with his clipboard.

"Get your water Riku," Sephiroth said.

Riku sighed, laced his hands behind his head and headed for the lobby. Sephiroth turned to the document in his hands. It a proposal from Axel Lea, a well-known and well-accomplished photographer. Despite his merits, he was young and had rose too quickly to fame, which made Sephiroth uneasy about having him photograph Riku but his idea was quite interesting.

There was another studio the theme of the photoshoot was sillier. It was like a pink cottage. With a pink-and-chocolate tiled floor and pink-tinted wooden frames that crossed around the cottage. There were light pink and dark pink tiles on the walls in several assimmetrical sections along with pieces of what looked like a pink door in odd, irregular squares and in several spots there was actual fleur-de-lis wallpaper. There were also some pictures, old-style lamps on the patchwork quilt-like walls, a random lion head and a red-bricked fireplace. There were two chairs in the corner next to a salmon-pink cornertable and above that were two windows adjacent to each other with frames that criss-crossed to form diamond shapes. Next to the chairs was a periwinkle-blue clock. Above the chairs and clock was a shelf with a teddy bear. There were two entrances shown in the room, each at opposite sides. Each were made of wood, but one entrance was normal-sized with a regular door, while the other was a nonsensically small with a snug wooden door and a golden doorknob with a face on it. There was also a small bed with golden-wood frames. And in the center of the room was a table and chair that was the same color was the cornertable. It was at this chair did a brunette, modelling Wonderland fashion, sit.

The brunette was young-fifteen. His eyes sky-blue and hair chocolate-brown. He was dressed as a white rabbit. A tophat had been planted on his head with false rabbit ears sticking out to further anunciate that he was supposed to be a rabbit. He wore a fancy tailcoat with patches of black spades and clubs, red hearts and diamonds. Underneath that was a collared yellow, long-sleeved shirt with a large red bow. His slacks were light blue and his feet bore no shoes because he was supposed to be the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Around his neck was a large golden watch.

"All right, Sora smile!" Demyx said.

Sora nodded and flashed his best smile.

"Awesome! Now make your eyes all sweet!"

Sora didn't really know what that meant, but he placed a finger to his lips and pulled a cute, puppy-look.

"Great! We're done!" Demyx said. "Great job, Sora!"

Sora beamed and leaped off the table with ease. He landed in front of his younger brother, Roxas, who had stood watching him. Roxas was photographed as the mad hatter with a green tophat with a piece of paper that said 10/6 sticking out of the band, a mustard-colored tailcoat and green slacks. They had photographed Roxas and Sora together first, then Roxas had some solo frames, and Sora's solo frames came last.

He flashed Sora a small smile as Sora jogged lightly to him.

"Good work, Sora, Roxas," said a voice behind them. Cloud, their manager, was there. "We're done here. We can head back to the hotel now."

"Great!" Sora said. "Oh! But first, let's stop for some ice cream!"

"Sora, that stuff will make you fat," Roxas said, folding his arms.

"Will not!" Sora retorted sticking his tongue out childishly.

"Fine, don't come crying to me when you can't fit into your clothes anymore."

"You're mean, Roxas! And anyway, I know you're dying for some Sea-Salt ice cream!"

"I'm coming too," Cloud said. "There's something I'd like to talk with you guys about."

Riku threw off the leather coat and shook his silver locks. He grabbed a water bottle from the lobby and went to the back of the studio for some much needed air.

He twisted the bottlecap off and gulped down some water. The silver-haired boy fished a cell phone from his pocket and flipped it open. There were sixteen messages from a Kairi.

'Kairi, Kairi….' Riku thought. 'Where have I heard that name before….? Ah, right. The girl was with last night… The stripper…'

GIRL 5.13 Sephiroth had called her. 5 for the month it was: May, and 13 because she was the thirteenth girl Riku had been with this month. It was still early into the month, though. The number usually climbs higher.

Riku was an infamous playboy. He often slept with models he posed with or with pretty faces on the street. Pretty males and females, Riku really had no preference over gender. Which gender he slept with usually depended on his mood.

His actions, of course, didn't go unnoticed. Many magazine interviewers had asked him about his numerous lovers and Riku openly talked about them. The silver-haired teenager hated sweeping his sexual habits under the rug and in any case he liked talking about them. The people he slept with usually enjoy the attention he brings them, so there was no problem.

The door opened—catching Riku's attention—and Sephiroth was at the doorway.

"Riku, there's something I wish to discuss to you," he said.

"Hm? What's up, Seph?" Riku asked, flipping his phone closed and pocketing it.

"Do you remember your friend, Axel?"

"Of course. Why?"

"He's proposed an idea in which you pose with a model by the name of Sora Hikari."

"Sora Hikari?" Riku knew that name somewhere. Ah, that's right. He's seen him in some magazines. He had a cute, baby-faced charm about him that caught Riku's attention. Sure, the kid was cute (VERY cute) but Riku wasn't sure if he could work with an amateur like him. Sora was quite famous—not as famous as Riku of course—but he was new to the modeling world.

If Riku recalled correctly, Sora also had a brother. More of a twin than a brother. They looked exactly the same except that they were a year apart and had a difference in hair color. Though, the hair had the characteristic spikiness and despite being born in different years their birthday was on the same day.

"Riku?" Sephiroth called him from his thoughts. "What do you think? Hikari may be a bit of an inexperienced model, but he doesn't have a bad face. And Cloud is quite a capable manager."

"Cloud is his manager?" Riku repeated, his brows raised. "Wasn't he—" In a millisecond, his brain clicked together the pieces.

"OH. I see now..." the silver-haired teen said, a smirk growing on his face. "You want to see your little Cloudybear again—"

"Don't make idiotic assumptions," Sephiroth snapped.

"Aww, Sephy wants to see his Cloudybear," Riku teased. He ducked to the right, narrowly dodging a kick aimed right where his head had been. Riku jumped to his feet, threw open the door and went into the studio, laughing. Sephiroth was less likely to beat him to a pulp if there were witnesses.

"Cloudybear!" Riku hollered before the door closed. Moments later Sephiroth's long sword (puncturing through the door) followed him, nearly skewering his neck.

Sora took a large bite out if cookie dough ice cream cone while Roxas was busy with a popsicle of Sea-Salt Ice Cream.

"So what was it that you wanted to talk about, Cloud?" Roxas asked, for Sora's mouth was too full with ice cream to ask.

"You guys have heard of the famous photographer, Axel Lea, right?"

They both nodded at the same time.

"Well, he's suggested an idea that involves Riku Yorushi."

Sora swallowed the ice cream. "The Riku Yorushi? The drop-dead sexy, super-hot model?" Sora had seen Riku Yorushi—it was hard not to. The model's face was on the most famous fashion magazines, commercials, and billboard signs. His pictures were phenomenal. He was part of the reason Sora went into modeling.

"He wants us to have a photoshoot together?" Roxas asked.

"Just Sora, actually," Cloud said.

"M-Me?" Sora stammered. "Me… modeling… with… Riku Yorushi, seriously?"

"Sora, I don't think it's a good idea. I mean…" he sleeps around, Roxas was going to say, but he trailed off. He knew that Sora really, really liked Riku Yorushi despite his… well, overactive libido was a nice way to put it. If Riku simply preferred females then Roxas would have less of a problem with Sora modeling with him. But it was also well-known that he slept with pretty boys as well.

"I don't think it's a good idea," Roxas said.

"I agree," Cloud said.

"But…" Sora went into deep thought. He knew that his manager and his brother were just looking out for him but— Come on, it was Riku Yorushi! Sora mustered all of his mental power to make a solid argument. "We could use the publicity he brings to skyrocket our career! Axel Lea's a top photographer. Like, every model he photographs is instantly, incredibly, awesome-ly famous! And—And Cloud, you said before that turning down a job offer is like suicide in the modeling world! Right?"

Roxas sighed. "You really want to meet Riku Yorushi that badly?" he asked.

Sora clasped his hands together at his chest and nodded.

"I'm coming too, then," Roxas said. "And Sora, I'm with you at all times."

"Right!" The brunette turned to Cloud, rallying his best puppy-dog eyes.

It was really against Cloud's better judgment to accept Axel Lea's offer. Especially since he didn't want to meet-

The blonde shook his head, stopping the thought.

Sora made a valid argument. Modeling with Riku Yorushi would definitely bring the publicity they needed. And Sora was right about the models Axel Lea photographs. As long as Roxas doesn't leave Sora's side nothing should happen.

"All right, all right," he said. "If Roxas is going, then I guess there's no harm in—"

"YES!" Sora said ecstatically. "I get to model with Riku Yorushi! WHOO! I feel like dancing!" He threw his arms up in the air, catching the attention of everyone in the ice cream parlor, and proceeded into a rather embarrassing victory dance in his chair.

Roxas continued to eat his Sea-Salt popsicle in silence and pretend that he had no relation to brunette next to him. Cloud turned red, placed a hand to his face (to hide himself) and looked down.

"Wow, Ax really went all out on this place," Riku said, whistling. After calling to accept Axel's offer, he and Sephiroth were picked up at their hotel the next morning and arrived by noon. Axel said that they were going to stay at his place for the photoshoot, so their things had been stuffed in the trunk. As they arrived, the golden gates opened automatically and they were in.

Since Axel got famous, mountains of money were practically throwing themselves at his feet. Thus, the photographer took that opportunity to buy a large, beautiful estate (as far as the eye could see) with a mansion tricked out with a half-pipe (in addition to a vast collection of skateboards and bikes), a twenty-by-twenty foot pool with lights at the bottom to make the pool glow in twenty-three different colors at night along with a corresponding Jacuzzi, a high-quality winery, and a sizable theatre adjoined to the west of the mansion where Axel could enjoy his movies. And, of course, there was a top-class studio.

The monstrous mansion was white and had classic architecture. It was surrounded by an elegantly decorated concrete wall with a shade of white just a smidge darker than the mansion. There were four entrances, two of which were guarded by a small, silver gate and used only in emergencies, and the other two were guarded by a large, gold gate and served as the main entrances and exits. All four entrances were watched by bulky guards at all times.

Riku hadn't seen Axel in a while because both had been very busy. They had been the best of friends all through school and through Axel went down the path of photography and Riku the path of a model, they had remained close.

The driver got out of the car and opened the door for them and Riku and Sephiroth got out. The front door opened and Axel, cladded in his pajamas, stepped out.

"Riku!" he said, running up to him.

"Axel!" Riku said. They clasped each other's hand and gave a quick hug.

"Long time no see, Riku!" Axel said.

"I could say the same to you! So, Mr. Big Famous Photographer, how's it been?"

"Great! Just wrapped up a photoshoot this morning. Naminé Uesugi. Great girl. What about you?"

"Same ol', same ol'. Just finished a photoshoot yesterday. So what's your idea about? Seph didn't say much about it 'cept that you wanted to shoot me and the Hikari kid together."

"I'll tell you later; Sora Hikari's coming in a few minutes. I'd like to tell you both my idea."

Speak of the devil- No sooner had he said that when another car pulled up in front of them. The driver got out, and opened the backseat door. Out stepped Sora, then Roxas followed by Cloud.

Riku was surprised a bit. Sora was much cuter in person. Ah, and he was blushing too. The delicate red looked good on his sun-kissed cheeks.

It was easy to tell that Sora liked him. He probably spent most of the morning picking out the clothes he was wearing now. The moment their eyes met Sora immediately dropped his gaze in embarassment.

How cute.

Riku could most certainly work with him. He did have a thing for cute little brunettes…

Roxas saw Riku's look and his eyebrows furrowed together in mute dislike. Riku ignored him, recognizing he was just concerned for his brother. The silver-haired boy stepped forward and offered his hand.

"Good afternoon, Sora Hikari. My name is Riku Yorushi. Nice to meet you. I'm sure you've heard of me," Riku said, flashing a dazzling smile.

"Y-Yes, I have," Sora said, shaking Riku's hand nervously.

'Ohgod,RikuYorushi'sshakingmyhand!' Sora's thoughts raced in his head. 'He'ssogorgeousupclose. Ohgod,he'ssmilingatme! Dammit,why-WHYdoIhavetolooksoplain! Oh,godSora,don'tscrewup. Please,please,pleasedon'tscrewup!"

"It's nice to meet you," Sora managed through his spiral of depressing throughts. "I'm Sora Hikari, and this is my brother, Roxas." With slight regret, Sora released Riku's hand.

Detest didn't leave Roxas' face but nonetheless the blonde placed his hand out and Riku (appreciating the gesture) shook it.

"Good afternoon," Roxas said quietly. "I hope you don't mind that I came along. Sora and I are rather inseparable." He annunciated the last words carefully.

So back off my brother, bitch was what he was trying to say. Riku felt a smirk tug on his lips. He could deal with that. It's been a while since he had to work for his target.

"I'm Cloud Strife, their manager," Cloud said coming from behind Roxas and facing Riku.

"Ah, it's good to finally meet you in person, Cloudy—OW!" Sephiroth cuffed Riku's head. "I mean, Cloud Strife. I've heard so much about you from Seph."

Sephiroth and Cloud locked eyes for a moment. Cloud was the first one to look away.

"Sephiroth," he said quickly, like he wanted to get saying his name over with.

"Good afternoon, Cloud," Sephiroth greeted.

Cloud had never acted that way before, which surprised Sora and Roxas. Riku had never seen Sephiroth actually act like a human being towards someone.

"Wow, Seph. A full greeting. Didn't think you had it in you," Riku said.

"And good afternoon to all of you," Axel spoke up suddenly (which brought attention to him.) "As you know my name is Axel Lea and if you could all step inside so that I can discuss my plans."

They all walked in. Sora and Roxas looked in awe at the building's incredible interior design. There were gold chandeliers that hung from the ceiling and beautifully carved moldings and arches. Blown up photographs of models were everywhere. Sora recognized some of them from the covers of famous magazines.

"Over here, into the sitting room," Axel called.

The sitting room was lavished with furniture from the Regency Style and a beautiful white carpet. There were two beautiful sofas of rosewood with floral pattern adjacent to each other in the far corner. In the other end of the room (opposite of the Sora's) was a mahogany wood cabinet fitted with a fairy large TV in the center. The sides of the cabinet had glass doors with wooden frames and showed off a multitude of ceramics with different styles. This room, too, had two blown up pictures of Axel's photos, each one above the sofa. There was a fancy wooden table with a base frame made of pine in front of the two sofas.

Roxas, Sora and Cloud sat on one sofa while Riku and Sephiroth sat in the other. Axel stood behind the table.

"Please make yourselves at home," Axel said. He placed his hands behind his back and cleared his throat. "So! To start off, as a personal rule, I like to tell stories in my photos. Every photo in my mansion has a story. Over there—" Axel pointed to the picture above Sora, Roxas and Cloud. The one with two models in it a young male and female. It was dark and they were both dressed casually and laughing together. The female looks as if she had tackled the male into a hug, "—is the first date of two people who have barely discovered that they were, well, meant for each other. It portrays the passion of newfound love. See? They've dressed in similar clothing, their hands are relaxed as they grasp onto each other in the embrace. There is easiness in the laughter and their heads are tilting towards each other.

"So this time, my theme is in need of a juxtaposition of contrasting personalities!" Axel said, holding up a finger.

Sora slowly raised his hand. "Um, can you repeat that in… simpler words?"

"Yes, of course," Axel said. "Sora, I want your energy-filled innocence and Riku's smoking-hot sexiness side by side!"

Riku coughed to hide his laughter. (He was laughing at Axel's choice of descriptive words, not his idea.) Axel ignored him and continued.

"Think of it!" he said. "A sweet, lovable baby-faced little teen entrusting his heart to strong, experienced badboy! It's a bit cliché, but I think we can really go somewhere with it!"

"Exactly what kind of poses are you intending to photograph, Mr. Lea?" Cloud asked warily.

"Oh, it'll depend on my muse," Axel said simply. He placed his forefingers and thumbs together to form a box. He flitted the 'box' from Sora to Riku and hummed to himself quite contently. "I like half-baked ideas. Too thoroughly planned-out things ruin the versitality of photographic art."

"But Mr. Lea-"

"I assure you, Mr. Strife, my plans haven't failed me so far," Axel said.

A bell chimed and the five guests looked about.

"Ah, that would be lunch!" Axel said. "I'm guessing none of you had the chance to eat yet?"

His answer was a famished look from the three models.

"The dining room in down that the hall, take a right and through the blue room," the redhead said.

Immediately, Sora got up and ran out of the sitting room.

"Oi! Sora!" Roxas followed after him.

Riku had a big breakfast so he wasn't very hungry, but he got up and followed them.

"I'll go get something to eat too," he said to Axel. "You comin', Ax?"

"In a bit. I've just got to finalize our agreement with the managers," Axel said as he pulled out a neatly folded paper from the pocket of his pajama pants.

"'Go ahead and eat without me, Riku'" Riu said in his Sephiroth-Imitation-Voice. "'I'm going to stay here and catch up with my Cloudy-'"

"One more word, Riku, and I will carve out your insides and feed them to you," Sephiroth said in an even, horrifically deadly voice.

Riku frowned. He knew better than to test Sephiroth's temper when he was really pissed off.

"Fine," he said in defeat. He left the room.

The dining room was red-orange, had several large photos and a long dinner table that with a gratuitous amount of food set out. There was fish, fresh fruits, beef, several whole and roasted turkies, soups and salads.

Sora and Roxas were seated and already eating. Roxas was eating a vast selection of fruits, vegetables, meats and several legumes that had been placed on the dining table in cups. Sora was eating a similar assortment of food, but in a far larger proportion. The brunette was also eating the food much like a vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt. To Riku's surprise Sora didn't make too much noise while he ate and (even more miraculously) managed to avoid choking on the massive amounts of servings he stuffed into his mouth.

"You starving or something?" Riku asked with a little laugh.

Sora stopped eating immediately and turned to where Riku was. Seeing he was in the same room as him, Sora nervously gulped down the food in his mouth. In a show of civility, he took his napkin and dabbed his mouth with it.

"S-sorry," he said sheepishly. "I haven't eaten all day."

"That's because you were too busy picking out your clothes and didn't catch breakfast like Cloud and me," Roxas said. Sora stuck his tongue out at him.

Riku filled up an empty plate with food and sat in the vacant seat next to Sora.

"So Sora," Riku began (and Sora's heart skipped a beat when the silver-haired teenager said his name), "since we're going to be staying here for Ax's photoshoot, why don't we hit the pool?" Riku leaned slightly, only enough to emphasize how beautiful he looked rather than appear imposing.

Sora could feel his stomach doing backflips. Him. And Riku. In a pool. As in wearing only swimshorts. Riku. Hot, sexy, gorgeous Riku. In swimshorts.

With his… hot, alabaster abbs…

…and his rippling, beautifully-toned pectorals…. And…

…and his…. Hot… hot…. Sexy-

"Sounds great!" Roxas spoke up. "But we should wait a while after we eat to go swimming. Then we can all head to the pool together."

Riku paused for a moment—just a moment—before he answered. "Sure," he said, keeping his voice friendly.

He knew what the blonde was doing. He was going to be (metaphorically) handcuffed to Sora as long as Riku was around.

'Fine,' Riku thought to himself. He returned to his food and began to eat. Here and there he talked to Sora. Just simple casual conversation. Mostly for the purpose of watching the brunette blush.

"Thank you for your cooperation," Axel said as Cloud and Sephiroth both signed the contract. "You won't be disappointed by the photos, I assure you."

Cloud nodded. Sephiroth made a 'hmph' noise of agreement.

Axel looked back and forth from both men. They acted like—

'Oh. I see…' Axel thought to himself.

"Well, I guess I'll be heading to the dining room myself. By the way, it's—"

"Down the hall, right, through the blue room," Sephiroth answered. "Yes, we know."

Axel got the message that Sephiroth didn't want his presence in the room and made an exit.

"It's been a while, Cloud," Sephiroth said, an actual smile creeping on his face.

Cloud stiffened. "I only agreed to Mr. Lea's idea because Sora wanted to," he said. "I didn't agree because I wanted to see you."

"How cold," Sephiroth said. "After all we've been through together…"

The silver-haired man's blade was at Cloud's throat. Cloud didn't flinch nor show any fear.

Sephiroth smirked. "Still so bold, I see. I've always found that incredibly sexy about you—"

The blonde slapped away his sword with the back of his hand. "Back off, Sephiroth," Cloud said and before Sephiroth could say anything further, he left the room.

The silver-haired man stayed in the room a bit longer. After a few moments he placed his hand on his sword where Cloud had slapped it away, smiling to himself.

Honestly, I was sitting at my computer looking at a blank word document, and I was like, WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I WRITE ABOUT! And suddenly I thought of Tyra Banks (random, I know) and through Tyra Banks I thought of America's Next Top Model. I really like that show. I don't know why but I do. So then I thought: why not make them models? And that was that! I have NO IDEA where this story is headed! Which is rather odd for me. So my updates might take longer than usual. (As if they weren't long enough…)

I hope this chapter wasn't too boring! It'll get better! (Maybe -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;)

Oh, and for those who couldn't figure out my crappy description of the photoshoot settings: Riku's photoshoot setting was in The World that Never Was and Roxas and Sora's photoshoot setting was in Wonderland. I wanted Sora and Roxas' photoshoot to be in Halloween Town but I thought two dark themes were too repetitive.

I hope that Riku and Axel aren't too much alike. I'm trying to portray Riku and Axel as both fun-loving, laid-back people. But Riku is more of a playboy and Axel is... ummm... more childish? Or is it more laid back? -_-;;;;; I'll figure it out later. Riku doesn't pick on people like he picks on Sephiroth. He just likes picking on Sephiroth because he is (as Riku says) a "dark, bitter, anti-social tightass."