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Chapter 7: My Boyfriend

Story1: My Jealous Boyfriend (Riku and Sora)

Story2: My Boyfriend Drives me Crazy (Axel and Roxas)

Story3: My Jealous Boyfriend (Axel and Roxas)

Story4: My Boyfriend Can Really Multitask! (Axel and Roxas)

Story5: My Official Boyfriend and Me (Axel and Roxas)

My Jealous Boyfriend (Riku and Sora)

Riku was present at Cloud Strife's Condo/The Hikari Twin's Second Home almost everyday and he had a knack for showing up when Sora was alone. Sora was beginning to think that Riku had some sort of secret, Boyfriend ESP that tingled whenever it sensed that Sora was by himself.

Today was no exception.

Cloud and Roxas were both gone by 10:00 AM. Cloud because he was meeting with another photographer who wished to photograph Roxas and Sora (and to meet up with Sephiroth afterwards, though Cloud would never admit it.) Roxas because he was on another secret date with Axel.

At 10:12 AM, the door opened.

"Hey Riku!" Sora called from the kitchen.

"Hey," Riku said, coming in. The brunette had given him the key to their apartment a few weeks earlier (with much resistance from Cloud and Roxas.) The silver-haired teenager grinned at Sora's apron--a cute orange one with yellow stars on it. The silver-haired teenager went up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"Cute apron," he said, pressing a kiss to Sora's nape and inhaling the brunette's sweet scent while he was at it.

"What are you doing?" Riku asked.

"Making sandwiches," Sora answered simply. "I just finished." They were simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Riku caught something in the corner of his eye. A bouquet of flowers in a vase that he had never seen before.

"What's with the flowers?" the older model asked.

"Oh," Sora followed his gaze to the bouquet. "They're from Zexion."

Zexion definitely sounded like a boy's name.

"Who?" Riku asked, raising a brow suspiciously.

"Zexion Alabasta," Sora answered, wiping his hands on a dish towel. "He's the photographer for… umm… Port Royal. He photographed me once—RIKU!!" Sora protested as Riku grabbed the vase of flowers the neck and dumped it into the garbage can. "Riku, those were a gift! You can't just throw gifts a—mmph!"

Riku pressed his lips against the younger model's, effectively silencing him. Sora, though loving the contact, pulled away out of surprise.

"Riku, wait—" the brunette began.

The silver-haired teenager crushed their lips together again, hot and demanding a response. His hands were like solid rock on Sora's hips and held the younger model to him.

"If you want flowers," Riku said seriously as he moved his mouth away, "then I'll give you flowers or whatever else you want. So don't accept gifts from other people."

It took Sora several seconds to figure out Riku's strange behavior.

"You're jealous, aren't you?" he said.

"Me? Jealous? As if," Riku snapped too quickly and moved away from Sora entirely. Then he flashed a dazzling grin. "I'm perfect. Why in the world would I jealous of mere, mortal human beings?"

He glanced at Sora, who had a grin growing on his face and was completely unconvinced.

"Stop that, Sora, I'm not jealous!"

"Yes, you are," Sora said, grinning as wide as ever.

"You seem to be enjoying my newfound discomfort," the silver-haired model came closer to him, raising a brow.

The younger model giggled. "I hardly get to see you get so worked up over something."

"You're very mean," Riku said, boxing Sora in by placing his hands on either side of him on the counter. Though a little intimidated, the brunette did not back down.

"You're jealous," he retorted.

"Shush." Riku pressed Sora onto the kitchen counter and kissed him deeply. Sora felt the silver-haired teenager grind his hips against his and the sweet friction sent waves of pleasure down his spine. Sora fiddled behind him for the tie of the apron—

Riku's hand snapped to his wrist.

"No," he said. "Leave it on."

"But Riku!" the brunette protested. "It's… this apron is… embarrassing…"

"That's too bad, Sora," Riku said, feeling under the apron for the clasp of the smaller boy's pants with a wicked grin, "because I'm quite fond of it."

Story2: My Boyfriend Drives Me Crazy

[About 3 ½ months after Sora and Riku started dating.]

'I'm going to kill him…' Roxas seethed.

Here he was, sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant, dressed in a white, lacey, absolutely girly dress. He also wore a blonde wig with curls that cascaded down to his waist, make up to make himself seem at least seventeen, a bra and high heels which he ONLY agreed to wear because it would make him seem taller. All in all, he felt absolutely ridiculous.

Because of their unusual circumstances, Axel and Roxas could only have their public dates incognito. It was their first public date and the two had argued long and hard over whom would be disguised as the girl. Unfortunately, Roxas' facial features were the most effeminate of the two--despite Axel's slim hips--and thus the model was an ideal candidate for the dress.

Click! Axel snapped a quick photo of him with an expensive, light-weight digital camera that he took with him at all times.

Roxas glared at taller man. The photographer's disguise didn't have to be as elaborate as the smaller boy's. His hair had been temporarily dyed black, straightened and tied into a low ponytail. As this was a high-class restaurant, Axel was wearing a very dashing suit. On any other day, Roxas would have been dazed by the taller man's appearance. Tonight he was just too angry, and the fact that his bra (filled with false B-cup boobs, by the way) chaffed his shoulders every time he moved his arm did not help either.

Axel saw his gaze and grinned as he tucked his camera into his inner suit pocket. "You look good, Shorty," he said, his eyes running down Roxas' figure approvingly.

"I feel like an idiot!" Roxas growled.

"Ah, ah, ah!" the photographer waved a disapproving finger at him. "Ladies don't growl, Roxanne."

The model gritted his teeth and fisted his hands underneath the table. Of course! Further emasculation via name-calling!

Perfect! Just perfect…

Axel gave him a sympathetic look. "I wasn't kidding when I said you looked good," he said, as if trying to make amends.

Roxas felt his heart sink a little. "Does that mean you would have liked it better if I was a girl?"

"No. Never." The photographer said this with a rare, serious voice, but he quickly reverted back.

"But that dress does look very cute on you," he said, grinning. Roxas sighed, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the waiter coming towards them.

"Your appetizers, sir," the waiter said.

The rest of the dinner passed by uneventful. Despite that, Roxas couldn't help but enjoy himself. He liked being able to be with Axel in public (even if it was in disguise.) In all honesty, it was kind of thrilling. They were a teenager-and-legal-adult, seven-years-apart, gay couple, and they were dating right under the public's nose.

When they were done, Axel—like a proper gentleman—paid the bill and they left. It was cold out, so Roxas donned a ladys' fur coat Axel made him wear for the evening.

"Luxord will take you back to the condo," the photographer said as they walked back to the parkinglot. "There's a change of clothes in the back for you."

"What about you?" Roxas asked.

"I'll take a cab." Axel's mansion was closer to the restaurant than Roxas' apartment. "Oh yeah, Riku'll need that bra back."

"Riku!? This is his bra?" Roxas pointed to the undergarment underneath his dress, trying to suppress a snicker.

"Yeah, it's one of his trophy bras from his hot hooker friend—"

"OH MY GOD!!!" Roxas shouted so loud Axel jumped. "HOW COULD YOU LET ME WEAR THIS!? Ax—You--! OH MY GOD!!" The model drew his arms close to him and shuddered. "EW! Ax-el!" He whined, looking oh-so-cute as he writhed with disgust.

"Not so loudly, Shorty, we're supposed to be keeping a low profile," Axel reminded him, grinning at his boyfriend's adorable display of revulsion. "And I made sure to wash it before I gave it to you, just so you know."

"Ugh! I'm gonna get a disease!!"

"You will not," the photographer said offhandedly. He patted Roxas' head. "Now calm down."

"Why couldn't you just buy one at the store!?" The model half-whined, half-shouted.

"Why would I do that if Riku had, like, ten of them lying around?"

"Why do I love you?" Roxas asked, more to himself than Axel.

"Because I'm sexy, rich and famous!" Axel answered.

The younger Hikari sighed.

Axel's limousine pulled up next to them. The photographer opened the door for him. Roxas was about to climb in when he realized he almost forgot to say good night.

"Good night, Axel," he said, turning to him.

The redhead smiled, and then he leaned down and placed his lips over Roxas'. The model welcomed the kiss with enthusiasm, rolling his weight to the balls of his feet and kissing back. Axel's hands were on him, feeling his body through the dress. His shoulder, his waist, his thigh. Roxas had his hands on Axel, too. The smaller model wiggled his arms between Axel's and reached for his head, running his hands through his smooth, straightened hair and wishing for the fiery spikes he was used to.

Roxas was hot in his dress despite the cold weather. He craved more of Axel's touch. Roxas thrusted his hips forward, against the photographer's body.

Axel became unresponsive. The redhead drew back his lips.

"Axel?" Roxas asked. The taller man pulled away from him. "What's wrong?"

For a split second, he saw what looked to be… discomfort on Axel's face. But the photographer quickly recovered.

"Nothing!" he said, flashing a grin and waving a hand dismissively. "Now get in the car, Shorty! Your manager wouldn't like it if you got home too late, right?" Axel placed his hand on the small of Roxas' back and pushed him towards the car. "Call me when you get home! I'd like to know if you weren't maimed or kidnapped or something!"

"Right," Roxas answered and uneasily got in the car.

"'Night, Roxas!"

"Good night, Axel," Roxas said, and Axel shut the door for him.

There was a set of clothes for him to change in, as Axel had said earlier. The chauffer rolled up the dark-tinted window that separated the driver's side from the backseats and Roxas gratefully changed into regular, boys' clothes.

When he got to Cloud's condo that night, Roxas couldn't keep his mind off of Axel's sudden halt in their make-out session.

Why would he stop?

It didn't feel bad, did it? Sure, Roxas was certainly inexperienced, but he couldn't have been so terrible at kissing that Axel would stop responding entirely.

'Wait,' Roxas stopped himself. 'When exactly did Axel stop kissing me?'

It was when he bucked his hips to him, physically insinuating that he wanted to go further than second base.

Axel didn't want to go further with their relationship?

'Maybe he's waiting until I'm legal,' Roxas thought. 'Or maybe until I'm at least a little older…'

Despite that resolution, more questions formed in Roxas' mind.

But would their large age difference really affect Axel that much? Enough to stop a very nice lip-lock completely?

The model couldn't figure out why this would bother him so much. It seemed natural for Axel to want to hesitate in a relationship with someone so young. And yet, Roxas found himself disliking that. Oddly enough, he wanted the redhead to go further with him.

Roxas scratched the back of his head as he entered the condo, wondering if he had a secret whore-ish self buried in his subconscious.

"Hey Roxas!" Sora called from the kitchen as Roxas entered. "How was your… you know…" He lowered his voice. From that, Roxas figured that Cloud—who didn't know of Roxas and Axel's relationship--must still be in the condo.

"Fine," Roxas said.

"If 'fine' is all you can say about it, it probably wasn't," came Riku's voice from the couch. Roxas turned to him, but he wasn't surprised. Riku was a common sight in Cloud's condo now.

"Hey Riku," the younger Hikari greeted. For a moment, he thought of asking Riku about Axel's strange behavior. The older model certainly knew Axel longer than Roxas did. Roxas could ask him if their large age difference bothered Axel so much.

The blonde model pushed the thought back down. Axel was his boyfriend. If Roxas wanted to question him about something, then he should ask him straight out instead of meandering around his friends for an answer.

His phone rang. Roxas took it out and looked at the caller ID. It was Axel.

"Hey," Roxas answered.

"Hey yourself, Shorty! I thought I told you to call me when you got home!" came Axel's voice.

"Relax Axel, I'm fine," the blonde model said, walking back out the door to have some privacy. He thought about asking Axel over the phone, but he felt that this topic was something that should be discussed face-to-face.

"Great! Oh, hey! What're you doin' next week?"

"Um, I don't think Cloud has us doing anything…" Roxas thought for a while.

"Good! 'Cause we're going out again!"

"So soon?"


Roxas leaned back on the wall a little and sighed, though on the inside he was kind of happy that Axel wanted to spend so much time with him.

"All right, where are we going?"

"It's a surprise!"

'Axel' plus 'surprise' equaled 'trouble and emotional pain' in Roxas' mind, but nonetheless he answered, "Sure."

"Awesome! See you next Saturday then!"

"Wait, what I am wearing?"

"Hmmm… that's a surprise too! Oh, but you'll need to keep Riku's bra!"


The photographer laughed and hung up.

Roxas sighed again, pocketed his cell phone and entered the condo.

Though it was mid November, there was already an ice rink set up in Midgar Park since the cold, winter weather had set in early. It was here did Axel chose their next date.

The photographer effortlessly executed a perfect triple axel on the ice, landing gracefully on his right foot. He turned around and let the momentum carry him backwards. Axel looked to the edge of the rink (to the dasherboard) and—although he half-tried to muffle it—let out a laugh.

"Shut up!" Roxas shouted, glaring at him. His lost his grip on the dasherboard momentarily and scrambled to regain his hold. The blonde model once again found himself in girls' clothing and a wig. He wore a white shirt under a pink-and-chocolate-brown Alpine Hoodie, and a denim skirt with long, thick leggings that were swallowed by his ice skates AKA Winter Blades of Death.

"Come on, Shorty, let go of the edge," Axel coaxed. The photographer had a blonde wig on, with the top half tied back and he wore a red-and-black long sleeve and denim jeans. His camera was stuffed in his pockets today, but he did snap a couple pictures of Roxas before they got on the ice.

"No!" The younger Hikari clung to the dasherboard.

Axel skated to his side. "I thought you said you rollerbladed before," he said.

"Yeah, rollerbladed. On stable, warm concrete with safe rollerblades!"

"Ice skating isn't that much different."

"Is too! Look at these things, Ax—Abel," Roxas remembered Axel's false name. "I'm skating on knives!"

"They are not knives, Shorty." The photographer rolled his eyes.

"They're flat, metal objects with a sharpened edge! They're knives!"

"Fine, fine." Axel raised hands in his defense. "But you should at least try skating. You know, since we're at a ice skating rink 'n all. Come on." The photographer held out his hand to him.

Roxas hesitated for a moment before he removed one hand from the dasherboard and took Axel's hand. The photographer smiled and gently tugged the blonde away from the edge. Roxas' hands clamped around his arm the moment he left the dasherboard. Axel couldn't stop the grin from spreading on his face.

"Shut up," Roxas muttered.

"What? You cling like a kitten—it's adorable."

The younger Hikari blushed hotly, but he said nothing and kept his eyes on his skates.

Axel skated backwards as he tugged Roxas along. When they reached halfway to the center of the rink, the taller man stopped them. They were far enough from the dasherboard.

"All right, Shorty, let go," he said.

"No…" the blonde said miserably.

"Do you really think I'm going to let anything happen to you?"

"Yes. And then you'll laugh 'cause you're evil…"

Roxas had a valid point. But nonetheless, Axel wiggled his fingers underneath the smaller boy's hand.

"Axel, no!" Roxas protested.

"I'm just going to let you stand by yourself," the photographer said gently. "I'll be right here."

The blonde reluctantly let Axel pry his fingers off his arm and let go. Miraculously, he didn't fall and impale himself on his skates as he had thought. The taller man skated a circle around him, wearing a smirk that obviously stated 'I told you nothing would happen.'

Roxas ignored it and focused his attention on his skates. He knew for sure that the moment he took his eyes off them they would find a way to stab him in the back (literally.)

He heard Axel skate towards him. "Okay, let's try actually skating," the redhead said.

"What!?" Roxas looked up at him incredulously for a millisecond before looking back at his skates.

"Your skates aren't going to hurt you, Shorty." The photographer skated around him, demonstrating. "Here, like this. It's easy."

The smaller boy refused to look up. Axel placed his hand to his cheek. Despite the cold weather it was warm. "Come on, Roxas," he said quietly.

Hesitantly, Roxas raised his gaze to Axel's face, breathing evenly to keep himself calm. "If these knife-shoes kill me, I'm coming back and haunting you forever."

"I'll keep that in mind," the older man grinned. He skated to Roxas' side. "Here," he said, taking the model's hand. Holding onto Axel's hand tightly, Roxas uneasily skated forward on his right foot.

"Good, good," Axel encouraged. "Now the other foot—it's just like walking, right?"

Roxas slid his other skate forward, relieved and surprised to find that he hadn't speared himself with his skates. He continued to skate.

"You're doing great," the photographer said. Though, Roxas' movements weren't nearly as smooth as Axel's, but he kept skating, determined to skate without wobbling so much at least.

After practicing for a while, the redhead called him again.

"Hey, Shorty."

Roxas, who had become much more comfortable with skating, looked up. The taller man held up both his hands, grinning broadly.

The model blinked, surprised. He didn't even notice when Axel let go.

"Do you still think you're skating on knife-shoes?" the photographer asked.

"Yes," Roxas said firmly. All right, so skating wasn't as life-threatening as the blonde had thought, but he certainly wasn't going to give Axel the satisfaction of admitting he was right!

The two lost track of how long they were skating, but eventually hunger prompted them to leave the ice rink.

"There's a Starbucks a couple blocks down, we can get some hot chocolate and cake there," Axel said as he walked Roxas to the ice skate rental counter. "Mmm… cake…" the photographer added.

"Sure, sounds great," The model said, carefully handed the skates to the lady at the counter and Axel did the same. "I could really use something warm right now."

It started to get dark as Axel and Roxas left the Starbucks and made their way to Axel's car. Yes, Axel did own a car. The photographer thought the limo would be too ostentatious for a public place and decided to use his car today.

Axel downed the last of his hot chocolate and dumped the empty cup into a trash can. He spotted his car parked on the sidewalk and pulled out the keys from his pocket.

"I cannot wait to get this wig off…" the taller man said, breaking the silence. "It itches too much…" Axel hit the 'disarm' button, listening to the car blip in response, and unlocked the car.

"I think it looks good on you," Roxas said, opening the car door and getting into a car.

"And you look good in a skirt," the photographer grinned.

"Better than you would."

"What was that, Shorty? I think you just said that looked better in girl's clothing."

"Shut up, Axel…"

Axel leaned over to place the keys in the ignition. Roxas spoke up.

"Axel, wait."

"Hm?" The photographer looked at him. "What's up, Shorty?"

It was a small, quiet place. All distractions were gone. Roxas figured now would be a good time to ask.

"On our last date, why did you stop kissing me?" he asked.

"It was late, you needed to be home—" the photographer made a poor effort to cover the topic, but Roxas wouldn't have it.

"That's not it and you know it," he said stubbornly. He waited for a response from his boyfriend, but the silence was maddening.

"Why? Is it because I'm fourteen?" the blonde asked. "Because I'm so much younger than you? That's why you stopped before?" He let the questions spill out of him, and with each one his stomach became tighter.

"No! Of course not!" Axel looked a little offended. "I'm not that shallow! I wouldn't care if you were thirty or ten or six even! Okay, maybe I'd care if you were six… but your current age doesn't bother me!"

Roxas felt a little relieved, but nonetheless…

"Then what is it then?" the model asked. "Why don't you want to want to…" Roxas searched for a proper euphemism, "…do it with me?"

Axel sighed and placed his elbow on the top of the steering wheel. "It's not perfect."

"What isn't?"

"Everything. It's not perfect enough." The photographer looked at him. "No proper lighting, no proper place, no way to… to completely…" he scratched his head, searching for the right words.

"But you said you liked half-baked ideas," Roxas said. "Even when you were photographing me, you didn't think it through." The model thought back to that fateful photoshoot three months ago.

"Exactly. I don't want to do that when the time comes!" Axel placed his palm to the blonde's cheek affectionately. "It has to perfect, just like you."

Roxas face went hot, and his stomach twisted beyond all three-dimensional ways.

"But I…" the model began, "I don't care about that." It sounded a little callous, so Roxas quickly followed through with another sentence. "For me, as long as you're with me then it'll be perfect enough. Shouldn't it be the same for you?"

Axel didn't say anything after a while. He looked out to the road, thinking.

"Take off your wig," he said finally, pulling the blonde hair off his scalp.

Roxas pulled his own wig off as Axel leaned forward and connected their lips. The kiss was deep, long and had a passionate use of tongue the younger Hikari never experienced before.

Much to Roxas' disappointment, Axel moved away again.

"Allow me one more thing, though," the photographer said.

"What is it?" The blonde asked.

"Let me make you mine on my bed." Axel turned on the car, laughing a little at Roxas' frown. "It's only, like, a seven-minute drive, you horny little deviant."

The short timespan didn't stop the ride from being torturous for the both of them. They sneaked kisses and quick caresses at stop lights and signs, and even began to remove their clothing as their impatience got the best of them.

By the time they made it to the front door, Axel was shirtless, Roxas had discarded his hoodie and his fingers were reaching for his shirt as the photographer unbuttoned the smaller boy's pants. After that, the redhead pressed Roxas to the door, nipping his neck a little, as he struggled to insert the key in the lock. The model moaned at the contact of Axel's hot tongue on his skin.

"Axel…" Roxas panted, arms around him.

"Roxas," the photographer replied. "Roxas, Roxas, Roxas…."

By the time they made it to the door of Axel's room, Roxas' bra—his second to last article of clothing-- had been discarded meters ago. Axel's pants were unbuttoned, but they were still on and he was feeling over every blissful inch of the blonde's skin.

"Axel, Xehanort from the..." Luxord opened the double doors to the hallway and stopped entirely in his tracks at the sight of the two, who hadn't noticed him come in. Axel's hand was now between Roxas' legs, making the blonde moan loudly and writhe with pleasure. Roxas' hands were around his neck--as they had been since he had stepped into Axel's mansion--as he and the photographer's lips were locked in a passionate kiss. The chauffer stared at them, wide eyed, for a few more moments before he slowly backed away and closed the double doors after him.

Roxas found the doorknob and opened it. The two stumbled (Roxas stumbling backwards and Axel forwards) as the door suddenly swung open, but Axel quickly caught them. He easily lifted the smaller boy off his feet and carried him to the bed.

The model let out a soft grunt as Axel landed between his legs, kissing the smaller boy's collarbone as he did so. Roxas felt a hot hand on the elastic band of his underwear and his breath hitched. He glanced at Axel, and the redhead met his gaze.

"Are you scared?" Axel asked him softly, concerned.

Roxas shook his head, "No."

The photographer dipped his fingers underneath the waistband and pulled the underwear off. Roxas blushed.

"Are you scared now?" Axel asked. If the smaller boy was scared, then he would stop. The redhead didn't want to frighten Roxas. Above all things, he didn't want to frighten him.

"No," the model repeated. He gripped Axel's shoulders, curled his body towards him, his cheek at the man's chest. "Please don't stop, Axel."

The redhead paused for a moment, gauging Roxas' seriousness, before he placed his mouth over the model's and leaned down, pushing him back to the bed.

"Then," Axel traveled downward, positioned one of the blonde's legs over his shoulder and kissed his inner thigh, "I won't hold back."

"I think Luxord saw us last night on the way to my room," Axel said as he set a tray of breakfast on his bed. He was fully dressed with a matching pair of sleep pants and a T-shirt.

"What makes you say that?" Roxas asked as he tugged on a pair of pants on Axel's bed. (The photographer kept a couple pairs of pants in the model's size in his home.)

"Well, when I said 'good morning' to him he didn't look me in the eye and his face turned very red."

"Ah." The blonde helped himself to some french toast. "So was last night perfect?"

"What, are you kidding? It was beyond perfect!" The photographer sat next to him, placed his hand on Roxas' shoulder and tugged the model close in one fluid motion. "You were so beautiful," he murmured, kissing the smaller boy's temple affectionately.

A knock came on Axel's door, and Luxord walked in.

"Roxas, your manager and your brother have tried to reach you... about... seventy times, I believe," the chauffer said as he held out the model's cell phone in his hands.

"Oh my God!" The blonde cried as he leaped off the bed and grabbed the cell phone. "Thanks, Luxord!" he said, immediately flipping open the phone and hitting 5, Sora's speeddial number. The chauffer made a quick exit before the brunette picked up on the other line.

"Where the heck are you!?" Sora roared over the phone. "Do you have any idea how worried Cloud and I've been!? Roxas!! Cloud went to the police! And he nearly tore the place apart 'cause they were all, 'oh, if he hasn't been missing for over twenty-four hours, we can't search for him yet!' And what the heck is that about anyway!? I mean, evil kidnappers and sadists can do all sorts of things within a twenty-four hour timeframe--"

"I'm sorry!" Roxas said, interrupting him. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! And tell Cloud 'I'm sorry' too!" Axel raised a brow in amusement at how profusely the blonde was apologizing.

Sora took some deep breathes over the phone before speaking once again. "Well, at least your fine. So where are you, anyway? ...Axel's...??" the brunette added slyly.

"NO!" the blonde responded immediately, which made Axel's frown. "I was... I'm... at-- Okay, maybe I am..." The photographer stole the phone from Roxas' hands and spoke,

"Hey Sora, this is Axel," he said pleasantly. "Sorry for worrying you and your manager, but Roxas and I were having crazy, hot sex in my room last night so he couldn't come home. Don't worry! I'll have him back before lunchtime! Bye!" He snapped the flip-phone shut.

"There you go, Shorty," Axel said as he held the phone out for him. "All sorted out."

Roxas appeared to be suffering from a stroke.

"Roxas? What's wrong?" the photographer said.

The model was silent.

"Ro-xas! Yoo-hoo!" Axel waved his hand in front of the blonde's eyes.

"You..." Roxas said finally. "I... can't believe that you... said that..."


"You... you could have just said that I was staying at your mansion overnight or something! You didn't have to say the... the... other part..." The blonde's face turned red.

"Oh, I know," the redhead said with an evil grin. "I just didn't like how quickly you said 'no,' when Sora asked if you were staying with me."


The phone rang and from the ringtone Roxas knew that Cloud was calling.

"Oh, hey, your manager's calling," Axel said. "Probably to follow up on you. I'll answer it--whoa!" The photographer dodged to the side as Roxas made a dive for the phone.

"Give me the phone, Axel! You are not going to answer it!" the blonde said.


"Give it!" Roxas tried to grab the phone again.

"Gotta reach for it, Shorty!" The photographer said as he held the phone (which was still ringing) high above his head and far beyond the shorter boy's reach.

"Axel, give me the phone!"

"Jump, Shorty, jump! You can do it!"

Story3: My Jealous Boyfriend (Axel and Roxas)

It was one of those rare occurrences when Roxas had to do a photoshoot by himself. Cloud and Sora were with him. Though Roxas told Sora that he could refuse the job, Sora urged him to accept it.

"You need more solo media exposure!" his older brother said. "I mean, I've been getting enough of it nowadays." It was true. Sora was hardly left alone since he had been dating Riku. And Roxas did admit that it sort of felt nice to do a solo shoot.

Riku was also with them. Though he and Sora were nearly inseparable these days, Cloud and Roxas had yet to fully grown used to him (and the fact that Sora was sexually active.)

Today, Roxas' photoshoot was planned by Demyx, a photographer they had worked with before, so the younger Hikari didn't feel too nervous.

His photoshoot was a simple ad for Deep Jungle Medics' Band-aids. Roxas was cladded in a skateboarder-punk style outfit with a white, short-sleeved jacket with a hoodie that was red on the inside and checkered where the sleeves met the body of the jacket and across the chest-area. Underneath his jacket was a black undershirt with a large zipper running down the middle with the handle shaped like a fancy 'x.' Roxas wore black jeans but from the knee down white cloth was clasped at points on either side of each knee and behind his leg just above where his calf began. His right pant-leg had been roughly torn open and his knee was decorated with a false scar and some dried blood. Roxas figured this had something to do with the ad. His shoes were black with a touch of red and had gray soles. On his left hand Roxas wore a checkered wristband, a black ring on his index finger and a white ring on his middle finger. The younger Hikari also held a black skateboard underneath his arm.

The set was modeled like a section from a skatepark. There was a concrete floor and wall and a rail that extended from one end of the set to the other. There was a small, three-foot ramp made of concrete behind the railing and there was realistic graffiti on the wall.

Instead of Sora, Roxas' co-model was a short-haired, sandy-blonde boy cladded in camouflage capris and shoes, an army-green vest and a black shirt with several white scribbles on it. On his wrist was a leather bracelet with studded several pieces of silver.

"Roxas Hikari, right?" the sandy-haired model said, putting his hand out. "Hayner Von Strauss. Nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you, too," Roxas said, shaking his hand. "I haven't heard of you before though."

"Don't suppose you would, I'm not a model. But you might have heard of my dad though. He owns Deep Jungle Medics. " Hayner admitted, a little embarrassed. "He thought it would add a special touch if I were in the ad." He sighed heavily. "I think he's a son-hating sadist."

Roxas laughed a little.

"Nervous?" the yonger Hikari asked.



"It's fun," Roxas said, smiling. "And it'll be easy. Ads aren't hard to do at all. Demyx will only take six, maybe ten, pictures at most."


"Alright, places people!" Demyx said as he emerged into the studio. Much to everyone's surprise, next to him stood none other than Axel Lea.

"This is Axel Lea!" the blonde photographer introduced. "World-renowned photographer, I might add! And he is also a good friend of mine and he decided to grace my studio with his presence!"

"Stop it, Dem, or you'll make his head explode with all the hot air you're pumping into it," Riku joked. Sora looked at him oddly. He didn't think Riku would know Demyx also. But since Demyx knew Axel it wasn't unlikely that they hadn't met.

"Shut up, Riku! Keep going Demyx, it will please me," Axel said, tucking his chin in, squaring his shoulders, folding his arms over his chest and looking very important. Demyx laughed.

"Allright!" the blonde photographer said, punching the air with his fist. He pointed at Roxas. "Roxas, your motive is that you're a skaterboy that skidded his knee on accident! Simple, easy effective! Hayner, you bust out with Deep Jungle's Band-aid!" Demyx added, pointing at him.

Yes, Demyx was fond of pointing at people. He also liked yelling loudly and dancing in inappropriate situations.

"Got it," Hayner said, grinning.

"Sora, I would've used you but you're too cutsy, sorry," Demyx said, pointing at the said brunette.

"S'alright," Sora said, smiling.

"O-kay, let's get this party started people!" Demyx took his station behind the camera.

"Do your best, Roxas!" Sora shouted to him. Cloud, as always, nodded and Riku gave him an encouraging smile.

Roxas gave them a thumbs up and concentrated on the set. He sat down and placed both hands just underneath his 'wound.' Hayner moved closer to him, holding the band-aid between his fingers.

"I feel stupid," he said in a low voice. Roxas laughed.

"Roxas, you're supposed to be in pain," Demyx reminded him.

"Right!" Roxas shut his eyes and exhaled loudly. Hayner moved closer, offering the band-aid out.

Click, Click!

"Excuse me!" Axel said, raising his hand.

"Hm?" Demyx turned to him. "What is it, Axel?"

"I... do not think that the models should be that close together."

"Why not?"

"Because it's…" Axel actually looked uncomfortable. "It regresses…. The amount in the… of the atmosphere of… stichomythia."

Everyone was silent for several seconds.

"Wow, Axel, that made absolutely no sense," Demyx said. Riku laughed loudly. Sora giggled. Cloud, Roxas and Hayner looked at him peculiarly.

Axel turned a little red, but he quickly recovered his usual laid-back look. "Ah, my bad!" he said, placing his hand behind his head sheepishly. "Kinda went off on a tangent there. Sorry, Demyx. You're doin' great. Keep going."

"O-kay!" Demyx said. He turned to Hayner. "Hayner, Roxas isn't ugly and he's nothing like Riku's deranged manager so he's totally approachable!"

Hayner gave an embarrassed grin and took a step close to Roxas. The older Hikari, who had been watching Axel in the corner of his eye, didn't fail to notice that he ever-so-subtly stiffened.

As if jealous.

Hayner moved again, which brought Roxas' attention to him. He had knealt down and held out the band-aid to Roxas.

Click! Click!

Roxas took it.

"Oh! Hold that pose!" Demyx said from behind his camera.

Click! Click-Click!

"That's it!" the blonde photographer said. "Told you it'll be quick!"

Even though the photoshoot had only lasted at most five minutes, Roxas noticed that Hayner was rather sweaty.

"Not so bad, was it?" the younger Hikari asked.

"Ha," Hayner gave him a sarcastic smile. "Says you." He offered his hand to Roxas, who appreciatively took it and brought himself up.

"Thanks," Roxas said. He started towards Sora.

"Uh, hey!" Hayner said suddenly.

"Hm? What?" The younger Hikari turned to him.

"Um…" the sandy-blonde teenager began nervously. "Actually… would it be cool if I took a picture with you?" He reached into his camouflage pants and pulled out a cell phone. "I'm… kinda a fan…"

"Oh yeah, sure!" Roxas said.

"Really? Awesome!"

Roxas went to Hayner's side as the sandy-blonde set up his camera and held it up and away at arm's length.

"Three… two… one…" Hayner counted down. "Cheese!"

They both smiled.

Click! The camera phone went.

"Great! Thanks a lot, Roxas!" he said.

"No problem!" Roxas said.

"Roxas!" Sora called. "Come on, we're gonna go get some ice cream!"

"Wanna come, Ax?" Riku asked him.

"Sure!" the photographer said.

"Ooh! Let me come too! I wanna have ice cream!" Demyx said, raising his hand and bouncing.

Roxas turned to Hayner. "You want ice cream too? Apparently everyone's going," the blonde added.

"Can't," Hayner said, frowning. He laced his hands behind the back of his head and sighed. "My old man has a business conference and he wants me there too since I'm gonna be the head of the company one day." He made a disgusted face.

"Sorry to hear that," Roxas said, grimacing.

Hayner's cellphone rang and he swiftly answered it. "Yeah, Dad?" he said. He gave Roxas a hasty wave before turning to exit. "Just finished. No, it was real quick and easy. What? Yeah, I'm leaving right now… Oh!" The sandy-blonde turned to Demyx. "Thank you, Demyx!"

"You're welcome!" Demyx shouted back.

"Of course I said 'thank you,' Dad…" Hayner mumbled to the cell phone. "Like you always tell me. Yeah, yeah…" He left.

"All right, let's head out!" Sora said, punching the air with his fist.

"Actually!" Axel interrupted. "I need to talk to Roxas a bit. We'll catch up with you guys later, all right?"

They all left Demyx's studio and went to the ice cream parlor down the street.

"What is it, Axel?" Roxas asked him.

"Well," Axel began. "Actually, can we talk in there?" He pointed to a nearby closet used for studio storage.

"Why there?" Roxas asked.

"Just 'cuz," the photographer answered simply.

Puzzled, Roxas let Axel lead him into the closet. The moment Roxas heard the door shut he felt something tackle him from behind. It was only because he was familiar with that body before did he realize that it was Axel.

"Axel, what are you—"

Axel buried his face into his nape and inhaled deeply.

"Nothing," he said quietly.


"I don't smell anything. Nothing new. But I still don't like it."

"Don't like what? What are you talking about?"

"The other kid. I don't like how he was so close to you," he pressed his lips to Roxas' nape, making the model shudder. Despite the pleasant tingling down his spine, the blonde model attempted to make an angry retort.

"That's why you're so worked up? Because—ah!"

Axel's hand slipped underneath his shirt and the feeling of his fingers on his stomach made Roxas stop mid-sentence. The model's hand snapped to the redhead's wrist.

"Axel," he warned. The photographer found his nipple and his index finger circled it sensually. Roxas shivered. Axel snaked his hand upwards while his other arm circled the model's waist.

"If you want me to stop," the redhead grinned devilishly, "then say so."


Ah, his silence was all Axel needed to convince him to continue.

Story4: My Boyfriend Can Really Multitask!

They were in Axel's room. Axel was on his bed, looking through photos from a previous shoot and Roxas was simply exploring the room to entertain himself when he found a rather large and elaborately decorated album among a shelf of albums with his name on it.

"What's this?" Roxas asked, holding up the album for the photographer to see.

"Hm?" Axel looked up at him. He recognized the album by its cover. "Oh, that!" he said. "That's my Roxas Gallery!"

"Your 'Roxas Gallery?'" the blonde model looked at him oddly.

"Yup!" Axel said proudly. "Bring it here!"

Roxas took a spot on the bed next to Axel and opened the album. There were several colorful tabs that stuck out from the pages. The photographer flipped to the first one.

"Here's my Catboy Roxas Collection!" Axel said.

There were the pictures from the photoshoot they had together. Roxas felt a blush creep on his cheeks at the pictures of their first kiss.

"And here's my Lazy Roxas Collection!" the photographer said, flipping to another tab. They were mostly pictures of Roxas asleep.

Asleep on Axel's bed.

Asleep in the backseat of Axel's limo.

Asleep on his bed.

"Wait, how did you get pictures of me on my bed?" the model asked.

"Oh, I have my ways," Axel said with a rather sexy smirk.

Roxas flipped through the tabs, the Serious Roxas Collection which consisted of Roxas scowling. The blonde remembered some of those pictures. Then there was the Cute Roxas Collection with a mix of pictures from the Catboy Collection, some of Roxas pouting, and others from their dates with Roxas dressed as a girl.

Roxas flipped to the last tab and paused, his cheeks slowly growing into a dark red.

"Axel…" he said slowly.

"Mm-hm?" The photographer looked rather pleased.

"What is this?" The blonde pointed to the album pages.

"It's my Sexy Roxas Collection, Shorty!" Axel said happily.

"But… these—how… in the world… When…?"

They were all pictures of Roxas nude. In several of them the blonde had an expression of ecstacy, as if he were about to---

"H-how the hell could you take these if you—and I was— while we were…d-doing…!? " Roxas sputtered. The model glanced around the room, there were no cameras, but they were probably hidden. However, the hidden cameras in Axel's room were the least of his worries. What bothered him most was that some of the pictures had small sections of flesh-colored blurs on it near the corners. The kind of flesh-colored that happened when the picture-taker's thumb--or any other finger--slipped into the view of the lens as he or she took the picture.

As if Axel had the camera in hand while they were having sex.

"I can multitask!" Axel said proudly. "Yup!"

Roxsa shut the album and got off the bed.

"Roxas?" The photographer asked warily.

The model didn't respond.

"Roxas, where are you going?" A note of panic was very noticeable in his voice. "Why--Why are you taking my Roxas Gallery?"

The blonde didn't answer him as he opened the door. Axel bounded off the bed and followed the smaller boy to the hallway.

"Roxas, wait!" the photographer tackled him to the ground. "Give me back my album!"

"Get off me, Axel! I'm going to destroy these pictures if it's the last thing I do!!" Roxas shouted. He kneed the redhead in the stomach, but Axel didn't retreat. The redhead's fingers desperately grasped the edges of the precious album.

"NOOOOO!!" Axel cried. "Roxas, stop! You'll be destroying art!"


Story5: My Official Boyfriend and Me

It was Sora's nineteenth and Roxas' eighteenth birthday. That morning, Cloud had given each of them a cake (Sora's chocolate and Roxas' vanilla, their favorites) and after a celebratory lunch with their manager, both went on their separate dates with their respective boyfriends.

"Axel, seriously, it's my birthday. Can't you at least refrain from the surprises?" Roxas said, ignoring the crowd's looks at them. Though Roxas was annoyed by them, he was happy to finally be out in the public as himself and Axel (no skirt, dress or bra involved!)

Four years. They had gone on secret dates and hidden their love and sexual activities for four years.

The younger Hikari felt a rush of exhilaration as Axel took his hand. The photographer's red hair-- his actual, natural red hair, no wig or dye--ruffled like a flurry of flames with a gust of summer wind.

"Nope!" Axel said, happily. "I've been waiting to do this for years!"

He broke into a fast-paced walk and he constantly checked his watch. Roxas started to wonder what in the world his boyfriend would be so eager about.

In the distance, Roxas could see the city's fountain and it was then did the blonde figure that they were headed to Main Street Square, the busiest area in the city.

Axel hauled him to the fountain. "It's gonna be here any second now!" he said excitedly. "Here, get on the fountain. You'll see it better."

The Main Street fountain had a ring of limestone. Roxas got on that.

"See what better? Axel, tell me already!" the blonde said.

Axel pointed upwards and the model followed his finger to the sky.

From the east, a plane, its engine's roar growing audible over the crowd chatter and car noise, soared over the buildings. People began to stop and look up curiously and others peered out to the sky from their cars. Smoke poured out from behind the plane as it began to write letters in the sky.

A… X… E… L… L… E…

Roxas' jaw dropped in complete disbelief long before the message was finished.




The younger Hikari threw his head back and laughed.

"I can't believe you!" he said.

"Well, I couldn't broadcast it over the news like Riku, that's too boring. So I decided to write it in the sky instead!" Axel said, grinning. "I did think of writing it in the stars, but since we haven't figured out how to move the planets yet I settled for the clouds!" He cupped Roxas' face with his hands as the blonde wrapped his arms around his neck. "By the way, that writing will stay up there all day."

The model laughed again.

"Perfect," Roxas said, leaning in to kiss him.

The murmurs and gasps from the crowd were like music to his ears.

Author's Note:

About Story1: Just a little shorty for all you RikuSora fans.

About Story2: They did it! Whoot! I felt bad for making Roxas seem a little like a child skank, but honestly, I didn't know how else to get the ball rolling toward sex. I was semi-inspired by the song First Date by Blink 182. Forever and ever! Let's make this last forever! La la la... Oh, and Sora didn't tell Cloud about Roxas and Axel having sex. He may be nosy, but he's not a tattle-tale!

About Story3: Hee. Axel was jealous. By the way, 'stichomythia' is an actual word. (I'm not sure if I spelled it right though.... -_-) It's used in literary context, not photographic context.

About Story4: :) :) Ah, photographers! ^_^

About Story5: I love this ending for Roxas and Axel. Honestly, towards the end I went: oh shit, I didn't put them in a setting! And before I went on a little setting brainstorm I decided to not bore you all with details. They're fictional characters anyway. Names of cities and settings are just mere technicalities. :) I tried to make a heart with these little squigle thingys ~, but the stupid document reader (which is slowly becomeing the BANE OF MY EXISTANCE!!!) wouldn't let me do it.

THIS STORY IS DONE! DONE, DONE, DONE! I decided not to do the CloudSephiroth chapter due to lack of inspiration, but I think this is a good chapter to end it all!

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING MY STORY! *bows very, very deeply* Please check out my other story, The Old Switcharoo! (It's gonna be renamed though. Sooner or later. Once I get to it. -_-;;;)


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