The majority of my fics involve Yuuno for two main reasons: #1, he's in a place within the relationship web where he can work in a variety of situations. There's a lot of potential for him to get involved in all sorts of events. #2, he's vastly underappreciated. The guy deserves some credit, but instead he's hated for very stupid reasons. Since no one else will give him props, I have to do it myself. Plus, since the ship war is the only thing the fandom seems to talk about ever, it's always fresh on the mind. I've always been one to defend those who are unjustly persecuted.

While I do like Yuuno, my heart belongs to Vice. I could go on for pages about how awesome and sexy that man is, but I'll spare you. I feel he got pretty good treatment in StrikerS, especially since he's a minor character (and a male), so I never felt a strong need to write fics about him. Aside from Special Interest (which will be referenced in these stories), I've never had any ideas that could make a fic of decent length. Here I decided to bunch them all together in this collection. I should probably mention that I'm not too concerned about having every little detail 100% accurate. So if you see any inconsistancies, please don't mind them. I certainly didn't.

For the most part, these little stories will focus on Vice interacting with various characters. Teana and Alto will be the only ones to have any sort of romantic inclinations towards him, though.

"They're working as hard as always, I see."

Nanoha briefly turned to look at the man who joined her before returning her gaze to the young forwards off on the training grounds.

"They all have a lot of potential." She said. "Would you like to join in too, Vice-kun?"

The helicopter pilot looked to see Subaru getting swatted away by Vita's hammer. The blue haired girl went flying through the simulated trees.

"… I think I'll pass." Vice answered. "I like my bones where they are."

Nanoha giggled lightly. "Didn't you used to be a part of Signum-san's squad? I figured you'd be used to some punishment."

Vice shuddered. "Don't remind me. Signum-nee-san doesn't know the meaning of 'holding back'."

Nanoha laughed again. "That's true." They silently watched Teana shoot down several fake Gadget Drones. "To be honest, Vice-kun, I'd like to have you training Teana. You're better at sharp shooting than I am. I only specialise in long range bombardment."

"I gave that up already." He shook his head. "I'm just a helicopter pilot now, Nanoha-san."

Nanoha didn't respond. She understood full well what it was like to make a huge mistake and hurt herself and those around her. They had both taken steps to insure it wouldn't happen again. Nanoha had changed her methods, Vice had changed his vocation. But it seemed Vice's miss still weighed heavily on his mind.

"And boy, am I happy to have a chance to get my hands on a Type JF704!" Vice went on cheerfully. "Man, that baby handles smooth. The sound of those high quality rotors, that near-mirror sheen of the armoured plating. It's a beauty!" He shot a side glance to the woman beside him. "Of course, it's nothing compared to the beauty of a certain combat instructor."

Nanoha blinked once, then laughed. "Vice-kun, are you hitting on me?"

"If I was," he said. "How would you say I was doing?"

"Hm… I'd give you a five."

"Out of five?"


"Ouch." This time it was Vice who laughed. "Don't take it seriously. I value my life."

"And what do you mean by that?"

"I don't want your fans to kill me."