Sorry about the long delay, folks, but I've come to a bit of a bump in my plan. My original idea for this story, as I think I've mentioned before, was a one- or twoshot which ended when Kirk and friends escaped from their captors and on to better things. There wasn't a lot of backstory or anything, and it was supposed to be short.

As you can see, that kind of didn't happen.

However, the plan I made for Kidnapped! when I started to actually form the plot no longer works in my head. This doesn't mean the story is ending unfinished, because I have a new plan, which is much better. :D I just need some time to formulate and write down the new direction this thing is going in, so it may be a little while before I update.

For those who care, the next chapter will probably (don't hold me to this!) include: Scotty! Parents! (You may not be meeting everyone's parents, but Kirk and Spock's definitely.) Space travel!

Bones's daughter Joanna may make a cameo. And we'll find out why Nero wants this eclectic group of youngsters.

So until then, take care! And read my other fics.

…Who said that? .

-Verg :3