Summary: AU. SuzaLulu. Lelouch had an odd habit of taking strays… especially unwanted ones.//"Suzaku, what are you doing in my house, wearing my clothes?" "C.C. said I could wear them, oh and I'm living here now."//So begins the wild ride of laughs and tears.

Rating: T for mild language, mild violence, yaoi (boys loving boys), implied situations, mentions of alcohol/drugs

Disclaimer: I don't own Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It belongs to Sunrise and Clamp. I don't own The Book Thief either, it's written by Markus Zusak. The idea of a smoker!Suzaku comes from Serena the Hikari of Love's SuzaLulu fanfiction called Disconnected Modem. I highly recommend that fanfiction, it's worth a read :D

Walk On In

-Introduction- Stalkers

The first stray that year was the cat.

"Shoo, cat. Go away. I don't have any lunch for you," he glared at the black cat that was looking up innocently at him, completely unaware of his growing irritation.

Here he was, as usual, running late for class at Ashford Academy because he had taken a detour on the way to school which just happened to lead to his favourite coffee shop along the way. That wasn't a coincidence. Lelouch Lamperouge just liked stopping by Ohgi's Black Tea for his daily intake of caffeine. Sure, the shop was run by Japanese (or to other Britannians, Elevens) but they brewed an excellent double double and Ohgi always liked giving Lelouch an extra biscuit to go. Their cheap prices also scored a few points from Lelouch as well. Teasing Ohgi about his girlfriend Viletta every morning, who also happened to be Lelouch's gym teacher, was one of Lelouch's favourite pastimes.

The tables outside were round and white, shaded by colourful paper umbrellas. Seated by himself, Lelouch was curled up with a pile of paper and novels. He preferred to sit outside in the sunshine by himself. Black thick-framed reading glasses sat on the edge of his pale nose as amethyst eyes blinked in annoyance.

Being tardy for class didn't bother Lelouch at all. The cat that was currently pawing at his left ankle, brushing against his pant leg, did. The thing was, Lelouch hated to be bothered. At the moment he was reading a very engaging novel The Book Thief written by Markus Zusak nearing the heightening climax of the novel. The cat cuddling up between Lelouch's legs was distracting him terribly. Couldn't he cut his morning classes in peace and quiet?

"Go away…" Lelouch kicked lightly against the cat, his thin limbs hardly a threat to any creature.

The cat merely purred in response. There was no collar around the cat's neck. Lelouch had a feeling it was a male cat… probably a stray. He really hated strays.

Because he was a mature and perfectly capable adult, he tried to ignore the cat and return to his book. The cat kept nudging him and purring very loudly. Lelouch's eyebrow began to twitch.

There was a slam. Lelouch had smashed his book on to the table as he seethed towards the unsuspecting cat.

"I don't have any food, ok?! Just leave me alone!" Lelouch hissed at the cat.

Behind him, someone laughed at his childish efforts of shooing the feline away. Lelouch whirled around to face whoever mocked him, prepared to ruin that person's morning with a few clipping remarks and insults.

The man laughing at him seemed close to Lelouch's age, with muscular build and tanned skin. Light chocolate brown curls wisped across his forehead, barely covering his eyes. He was dressed in a leather jacket, all in black clothes, while a silver sword medallion hung around his neck. Sunglasses covered the man's eyes as he chewed on the cigarette between his lips in a mocking smile.

Lelouch couldn't help but wrinkle his nose up in disgust as he eyed the cigarette. Cigarettes, the very smell of those death-sticks, brought up bad memories… of that man, of the fire… Lelouch diverted his gaze from the cigarette, berating himself. People could smoke if they wanted too, it wasn't his business.

The first word that popped into Lelouch's head to describe the man was: biker. The man was probably part of some local Japanese or Britannian gang. He certainly didn't look like someone that Lelouch should ever cross. Though it was reluctant, Lelouch knew that he was physically incapable in a fight, being thin and, as Sayoko-san put it, frail.

So Lelouch settled for a glare towards the chocolate haired biker and turned back towards the cat. Between the feline and the student, they both merely stared hard at each other. Lelouch could normally scare people off with his glares but this infuriating cat just kept looking at him with those big wide eyes that seemed to peer into his soul and…

"Oh fine..." Lelouch grumbled, knowing that he couldn't fight off his conscience. "If I buy you a tuna sandwich, will you please leave me alone?"

Once again, the biker staring at Lelouch and the cat, laughed once he heard Lelouch talking to the cat as if it could talk back.

God damn you, Lelouch thought silently to the biker, I hope you choke on your cigarette.

Tilting its head to the side, the cat meowed cutely, as if to say 'yes'.

The cat, who Lelouch was now calling Arthur (he was not attached damnit!), was really adorable, he had to admit. Nunnally would love a cat, Lelouch mused to himself, even though Jeremiah has forbid animals maybe I could… No, no, no…! I will not let this cat just seduce me into taking it home! I can resist my urges!

With that, Lelouch stormed into the Tea Shop, much to Ohgi's surprise and ordered a tuna sandwich to go.

When he returned, the cat was delighted to see the food and jumped into his arms, licking his face. Lelouch blanched and kept one eye closed, trying to calm the excited cat down.

"A-Arthur! Quit that or I'll keep this sandwich for myself! Now get down!" Lelouch scowled at the black cat.

The cat jumped down from his arms, actually listening for once and waited for its reward. Silently cursing the mysterious hypnotisms of cute felines, Lelouch placed the sandwich on the floor, watching Arthur chomp on the fish with a small content smile.

At least no one could see this. Lelouch didn't dare want to imagine what Milly would do if she knew of Lelouch's very hidden soft spot for strays.

"…That was a nice thing to do… for a Britannian," the Biker who had been leaning against the shop window commented.

It was obvious from his tone that it wasn't much of a compliment.

The Biker was probably another Japanese who silently detested Britannia for conquering his country. Lelouch wasn't surprised by this open display of hostility. The man was a biker and seemed like bad news. Of course, it wasn't surprising, because of the unjust treatment directed towards those called Elevens. Lelouch, himself, loathed that system, but he couldn't do anything about it. Lelouch only sympathized with the Biker in his hatred for Britannia. Other than that, there was nothing Lelouch could do but ignore him. He had a right to hate Britannians after all.

Besides, it was probably a good time to get back to class and face his angry teachers again. Blowing the biker's comment away, Lelouch packed up his books and papers into his bag, trying not to look at him. Seeing people with sunglasses on always nerved Lelouch a bit.

"Enjoy your meal, Arthur," Lelouch off-handily said to the cat, hoping to get rid of it once and for all before he made a decision he'd regret.

Like taking the cat home. He could resist the urges, damn it!

The cat was gone. Mildly perturbed, Lelouch scanned the sidewalk for any sign of Arthur… Had the cat just eaten and run off?


Arthur purred contently at Lelouch's feet, once more.

The twitching in Lelouch's right eye started again. For the third time that morning, the biker laughed at his predicament. Lelouch's embarrassment heightened as he cursed the biker in his head once more.

"I thought we made a deal here. I get you food, you eat and you leave me alone. Now shoo...!" Lelouch waved his hands at the cat. "Go. Now. Please…?"

He started to walk backwards very slowly, but the cat just kept following him, step for step, happy and content.

"Don't follow me to school, Arthur!" Lelouch yelled as he ran down the street, trying to get away from the persistent cat.

Following after him, as quickly as the cat, was the hearty laughter of the biker by the shop window.

A week had passed and the same routine happened every morning.

Lelouch would enter the Tea Shop, order a double double from Ohgi, bring up a short friendly conversation with the man, get a free biscuit and tuna sandwich, go out to his table outside, sit and find Arthur waiting expectantly for his food. Then Lelouch would find the irritating biker, who was still smoking his damn cigarettes, by the window as always just watching him and the cat. Lelouch would leave; Arthur would stalk him to school.

The teachers had all commented on the little cat that had entered school grounds and would perch by the window staring at Lelouch. Eventually, they even let it in the classroom out of pity and then Arthur would perch himself on Lelouch's desk! The cat followed him everywhere: to school, to the shop, to his job, to his house…

And Lelouch just didn't have the heart to fully chase him off. He had had to lock the doors and windows to his house, hoping that it would eventually leave him alone.

Damn that cat.

"Meow…" Arthur now had the habit of jumping into Lelouch's lap as he read his morning book outside the tea shop.

Having learned that it did no good to pry him off (Arthur had really sharp claws that hurt like hell when you pissed him off), Lelouch let the cat be and absentmindedly stroked his fur. He hoped silently that Arthur did not have rabies or any other infectious diseases.

As usual, the biker puffed out a cloud of smoke, staring at Lelouch and Arthur. At least, Lelouch thought the biker did so, it was hard to tell with those sunglasses in the way all of the time. Sometimes Lelouch felt like he was being spied on by some F.B.I. agent from the movies. The biker gave Lelouch the creeps, a combination of the three things that made up his pet peeves: sunglasses, cigarettes and motorcycles.

Yes, Lelouch had seen the biker's motorcycle once. It was loud and annoying; let's leave it at that for now.

Suddenly Arthur jumped off his lap, chasing after something.

"Arthur?" Lelouch looked around to see that the cat was running after a squirrel. Typical.

His worry escalated as Arthur ran across the street, just as the traffic lights were going green. Lelouch's eyes widened. A truck was going to hit Arthur…!


Without even thinking, Lelouch stumbled around the table, out of chair and dashed out into the street, ignoring all of the honking cars. His feet moved clumsily in front of each other, stamina faltering. People on the sidewalk shouted at him.

"Get out of the way! What are you doing?!"

The only thing Lelouch could think of was getting that damned cat out of the way, as he scooped the running cat in his arms and fell down against the pavement across the street, his heart threatening to jump out of his chest.

It was only the gentle purring of troublesome cat in his arms that reminded Lelouch that he was, indeed, alive and that he had just done a very stupid thing.

He glared at the source of his troubles. "You stupid cat! What were you thinking?! If I wasn't there, then you would've gotten yourself killed! That's it! It's too dangerous for a cat like you to be out here alone, you're coming home with me right now!"

An outburst of mirthful laughter echoed just in front of him. Lelouch looked up to see the dishevelled biker, standing by him. Had the biker run across the street as well? Lelouch hadn't noticed. Now the biker was just busy chortling at Lelouch, his laugh was like gentle music to Lelouch's ears.

Not that Lelouch liked the guy's laughter or anything. Ahem.

"You… you're funny," the guy smiled at him, removing his sunglasses, to reveal glowing emerald eyes. "You were totally going to keep the cat the whole time, weren't you? You must have a soft spot for strays; I've never seen anyone do that before for a cat!"

At least he's not making fun of me for being a Britannian, Lelouch thought sourly.

He got up; Arthur scooped in his arms and started walking as far away from the infuriating Japanese biker as possible.

"Hey wait! My name's Suzaku Kururugi!" The biker shouted after him, an equally as infuriating smile on his lips.

Lelouch rolled his eyes and planned a trip to the pet store.

Suzaku Kururugi, part of the gang known as the Black Knights, didn't know what to think of Lelouch Lamperouge.

His fascination with the Britannian student all began when Lelouch first entered Ohgi's Black Tea, a primarily Japanese-run store, without a care in the world and ordered coffee. Lelouch hadn't even spared a glance at all of the Japanese (only) customers in the shop. Suzaku's first impression of Lelouch was stereotypical. The boy was probably another example of Britannian scum, coming in to order perfectly good food and then throwing it back in Ohgi's face to complain about it being cooked by Elevens. That was the general and typical response to expect from any Britannian that ordered from a Japanese store.

Britannia took everything from Suzaku, sometimes he could still hear the screams in his nightmares, sometimes he feared the blood could never be erased…

But Lelouch was different, an exception to every single thing that Suzaku had ever thought before about Britannians. When Lelouch had received the coffee and taken a sip, his eyes had lit up and a smile had graced his face. Suzaku remembered the first words he heard Lelouch say.

"It's perfect. I love it."

Not just good. Or adequate. Or great. But perfect. Suzaku didn't know it, but he had felt pride spring in his chest for his friend Ohgi, his fellow Japanese, that someone genuinely appreciated his coffee so much. Lelouch came back every day, becoming a loyal customer. Lelouch had been accepted by the regular customers since then, begrudgingly. They sent him glares, but he merely ate outside, leaving them all alone, unless it was raining. Then Lelouch merely sat in the back of the shop and left everyone to their own business, chatting with Ougi like an equal.

Britannians and Elevens will never be equals, they all jeered at him constantly, they'll treat you as inferior, the lower race… trash.

Another exception. Lelouch talked to Ohgi, an Eleven, as an equal, even though he himself was Britannian. He even used Japanese honourifics when he talked to the others. If things couldn't get even stranger, Lelouch had even managed to introduce Ohgi to his future girlfriend Viletta. The two had hit it off, despite their opposing backgrounds. Ohgi even sought some advice from Lelouch for tactical strategies. Suzaku knew that these strategies were for the Black Knight's nightly stake-outs and terrorist attacks. Ohgi, guiltily, convinced Lelouch that the advice was for a role playing game on the internet.

Even if Lelouch was the sole exception, even Ougi knew that they had to keep rebelling against Britannia. "We have to regain our country's pride."

"But I can't help but feel guilty. That boy… he's different."

That was when Suzaku had asked Ohgi for Lelouch's name. Lelouch. It was an odd and very typical Britannian name, but Suzaku couldn't help liking the way it sounded on his lips. Lelouch.

Three months had passed since Lelouch's first visit into the shop, three months passed for Suzaku's curiosity regarding the Britannian student escalated, until Suzaku suddenly found himself staring at Lelouch every morning by the window outside the shop.

He had mixed feelings about Lelouch. Was Lelouch merely an arrogant Britannian, or something different? Suzaku found that, although his animosity for Britannians remained, he couldn't bring himself to hate Lelouch in particular.

When Lelouch started talking to the local stray cat, Suzaku had lost it and started laughing. Lelouch wasn't that bad, for a Britannian.

But Britannians would never lower themselves to save an animal. A mere stray. They were superior. They looked down on everything. They were a virus that spread through the earth, with no cure.

Then… then today, when Lelouch had run out into the street… for a cat of all things.

Suzaku had thought he would die. Before Suzaku had even thought about it, he had run after Lelouch, he had tried to stop him. Save him.

But it was Lelouch, and Suzaku didn't want him to die.

Lelouch wasn't Britannian, Suzaku concluded, he was something else… just Lelouch. And somehow, Suzaku began to love him for that.

The second stray that year was the witch.

"Welcome to Pizza House. Can I take your order?" Lelouch recited perfectly, complete with his winning smile and eye contact.

Every night, except on Saturdays, Lelouch worked as the cashier at Pizza House. Sometimes Lelouch would bake the pizzas himself when the other employees weren't in. His fellow co-workers were interesting enough. Rakshata was a bizarre boss to have, always holding her pipe in her hands, wearing shirts that exposed her chest and laughing in a haughty voice. She often locked herself in her office and let Lelouch handle things, designing more motorcycles and who knows what. She was a part-time mechanic and she had another job that she didn't like to talk about. The pay was good as well as the hours.

Lelouch needed the money after all, for Nunnally's hospital bills, for Sayoko-san's monthly pay, for Arthur's cat food…

Sometimes he really hated that cat, although Arthur did cheer up Nunnally's day. Even Jeremiah had reluctantly accepted the cat into their household. Lelouch sometimes found himself petting Arthur contently as he played the piano.

"Yo. Get me the usual," came the monotonous reply.

Looking up, Lelouch met the amber eyes of C.C. Rolling his eyes, Lelouch hissed out, "If you keep coming out here, Rakshata will suspect something. I can't keep sneaking out free food for you, C.C."

C.C. merely stared at him. "Oh?" A rare frown came on her face, "but Lelouch, I'm just a helpless homeless girl living on the streets."

Wait for it… C.C. waited patiently.

"…Damn you. I'll go get your pizza," Lelouch bit out, sneaking off to the kitchen to smuggle three pizza boxes out without Rakshata's knowing.

"You should really start covering up your weakness for picking up strays," C.C. told him blankly, when he returned with her regular order.

Irritably, Lelouch responded, "Shut up and go, witch."

She looked down at the pizza. She had what she came for. "The pizza is greatly appreciated. I'll be back tomorrow."

If one thought that the relationship between C.C. and Lelouch merely consisted of C.C. lying to Lelouch for free pizza, they'd be wrong. C.C. was a girl who had always sat outside of Pizza House from day in to day out, singing random songs to herself in public. Declared a trespasser and a disturbance to the customers, Rakshata got Lelouch to get rid of her. But Lelouch had a begrudging soft spot for 'strays' as C.C. put it. He had given her a box of free pizza and told her to go away.

The next day, C.C. came back and demanded more pizza from Lelouch, figuring out that he was a class-A sucker.

At first Lelouch had ignored her, but then mysterious things would happen to him. His bus wouldn't come to his bus stop. He'd burn himself accidentally on the stove because he 'tripped'. When that didn't work, C.C. just went up straight and played the 'puppy-eyes-and-I'm-just-a-homeless-sap' trump card.

Lelouch was trapped after that.

Actually, Lelouch wasn't entirely sure if she was really a 'stray' so to say. The clothes that she wore, varied between only three outfits, and she kept her hair fairly clean. He was convinced that she must have a place to stay, so he didn't worry about it. As long as she was given her pizza, she was an annoyance taken care off.

The only thing that bothered Lelouch about it was his steadily emptying wallet. Sneaking out entire pizzas wasn't easy; he actually paid for it out of his own pocket. But he didn't tell C.C. that. He had a feeling she knew it, and was grateful.

"Wow… you work here, Lelouch?"

"…Kururugi-san…," Lelouch spit out reluctantly, "what are you doing here?"

Suzaku lowered his sunglasses and blew a puff of smoke in Lelouch's face from his cigarette. Watching Lelouch scrunch up his face and cough made Suzaku chuckle in response.

"I'm hurt. Just call me 'Suzaku', Lelouch, it's only fair," Suzaku grinned at him.

"...Are you going to order or not, Suzaku?" Lelouch got straight to the point.

Raising his hands up, Suzaku said, "Calm down. I'm just stopping by to talk to Rakshata. Gang stuff."

Lelouch noticed Suzaku's huge white motorcycle in the driveway, as well as several of Suzaku's fellow bikers: Tamaki, Kallen and several others… even Ohgi. Coincidentally, most of them were regulars at the Tea Shop. He realized that he had never asked Ohgi what the gang was called. Oh well, it didn't matter to him.

Looking up, Lelouch saw that Suzaku was staring at him funny again. He narrowed his eyes at him, "What?"

Suzaku turned away, "It's nothing. I just… It's weird to see a Britannian work in an Eleven—"

"—Oh please, Suzaku. Just say Japanese and cut all that Eleven crap," Lelouch interrupted. "I don't care either way."

For the umpteenth time, Suzaku got that weird smile on his face. The special one that Lelouch was seeing quite more often these days. Sometimes Lelouch would say something off-handily and Suzaku would just start looking at him with a weird glow… smiling… like that. It nerved Lelouch slightly, so he continued to act coldly towards the biker.

These days, for the past few weeks, Suzaku would sit down by Lelouch's table and just talk randomly about the weather, never stopping. The boy didn't get a clue when Lelouch moved inside the shop, away from him. Suzaku just followed Lelouch like a puppy (in leather and sunglasses) and continued rambling on about who-knows-what. He wanted to know about Lelouch's book, Lelouch's school, Lelouch. He wouldn't stop talking.

Lelouch felt like he could explode.

He needed his space. Suzaku was prying open the doors of Lelouch's quiet little world and just walking on in as if he belonged there.

That annoyed Lelouch greatly.

"Thanks Lelouch," Suzaku smiled happily at him.

How a tough looking biker like Suzaku could resemble an adorable puppy in just one moment, Lelouch had no idea.

"Well, Rakshata is back there," Lelouch motioned to her office, "just don't forget to knock… She gets really violent if you don't."

That stupid laugh again.

"I'll be sure to take your word for it, Lelouch," Suzaku went to the door.

In the meantime, Lelouch yawned and got ready to close up for the night.

Then he heard the scream.

Immediately, Lelouch ran out of the Pizza Shop and found C.C. cornered in an ally way by three cloaked men, their faces covered by strange masks with no faces on them. Lelouch's eyes darted to C.C. who was knocked unconscious, her arm was bleeding. One of the men had a knife.

Anger filled Lelouch as he shouted at them, "Who are you?! I've called the police, don't you dare move!"

Of course, he was fibbing, but he was too infuriated to care.

"Shit… I thought it was just Rakshata in there… RUN!" One of the men shouted before all of the attackers scattered and raced to the streets.

Lelouch was more preoccupied with getting C.C. to safety. Instantly he was by her side, checking her pulse, relieved to see that she still had a healthy one. The wound was just a long cut that wasn't too deep along her right arm. She was ok.

"Ugh… Lelouch?" C.C. opened her eyes warily, dazed.

"Are you alright, C.C? Do you feel well enough to move?" He asked quickly, "I should probably call the hospital—"

Her hand tightened on his sleeve dangerously.

"Don't!" She shouted at him, and then lowered her voice, struggling to maintain her usual monotony, "They'll find me that way… They'll find me if you call the hospital. Don't do it. Please."

Frustration raced through his veins. Lelouch couldn't understand why C.C. didn't want to go get any medical treatment for her arm. Didn't she see how much danger she was in? Wouldn't the hospital be the safest place to be…?

Unless she was running away from someone who had eyes in the government, from Britannia, or someone just as powerful…

He remembered drowning; screaming that man's name just as the boat was sinking… there was so much fire… He had never been as afraid as when he realized that he was running away from the most powerful empire in the world.


"…You're in trouble, aren't you? A runaway of some sort…" Lelouch's voice concluded in a subdued whisper.

C.C.'s gold eyes flickered in response.

She was about to reply blankly again, but Lelouch stopped her.

"You can stay with my sister and I for the time being." The finality was there.

"But you'll just—"

"Look, I don't care who you are, or what you've done… Right now, you're the victim," Lelouch told her, "and I'm helping you."

Quietly, C.C. looked up at him. She shook her head. "Your sympathy for strays will get you killed someday."

Yet she stood up to follow him anyways.

From the window, Suzaku and Rakshata had seen every single thing that had happened.

"You knew she was coming around this store every night?" Suzaku bellowed at Rakshata, his eyes filled with age old bitterness.

Rakshata shrugged. "It was easy to figure out. That Lamperouge is a softy and he's easy to see through without a mask. She wasn't bothering anyone except him, and he wasn't complaining, so I left it alone."

"You should've told us." The threat was laced underneath his malice.

She smiled. "I don't care what Zero wants with that girl. I don't answer entirely to you Black Knights or Zero. Please let him know that."

"It's because of Zero that you're able to do all your research! You should show your gratitude for that!" Suzaku shouted, "Zero is going to save Japan, he's going to change the world for better so that…"

His hesitation amused her.

"You don't seem very convinced by Zero yourself, young pup," Rakshata sang out, leaning on her chair and inhaling her pipe. "I gave you the Guren, as promised. Anything unrelated to my baby is irrelevant to me. Got it?"

Suzaku was silent, hands clenched as he looked to the side, his cigarette butt falling to the floor. It went out as he squished it with his foot.

Leaning in on her desk, Rakshata smiled predatorily at him. "Penny for your thoughts?"

At first, it seemed like he wouldn't speak. Then Suzaku reluctantly asked her. "…Why? Why didn't you just report to us as soon as you saw her?"

Shrugging again, Rakshata took another inhale of her pipe. "Who knows…? Maybe I'm just as much of a softy as Lamperouge is. Maybe I just saw a girl where you all saw a tool. Tell Zero that for me. Oh and here's the package he wanted," she tossed a brown box at Suzaku, who caught it, unfazed.

He stared hard at her for a moment, and then bowed and left the office.

Before he shut the door, Rakshata spoke once again. "Do me one last favour and tell Zero that if he ever sends any members in my territory again within twenty feet of my precious employees, I'll have him tied up and sent to the Emperor without hesitation."

The third stray that year was… well…

C.C. had become a very permanent resident of the Lamperouge household, after two months in their company. Some days she did the groceries, giving Sayoko the day off and some days she played with Nunnally. He was happy to see his sister delighted at having a second new friend from her beloved brother. It almost made letting C.C. live in his house worth while had it not been for the piles of pizza in the living room, her habit of walking around in only her underwear (Jeremiah had enjoyed the show), hugging enormous Cheese-Kun plushies ("Are you finally coming out of the closet, Lelouch?" "Shut up Rakshata, it's for C.C.") and sneaking into his bed to sleep beside him.

Witch, Lelouch thought irritably, damn cat Arthur…

To start off, Lelouch had come home from work, extremely tired. As usual, he greeted Nunnally with a kiss on the cheek and a hug, said hello to Sayoko and Jeremiah, petted Arthur on the head and yelled at C.C. to shut the T.V. in his room off. Then he had thrown on his pyjamas and fell down literally to bed.

The next morning, Lelouch threw his alarm clock across the room again ("Onii-sama… I don't think Jeremiah likes repairing the window after you do that every morning."), and slept in for 15 more minutes.

When C.C. entered his room and drawled for him to get up, Lelouch merely groaned and glowered at her before heading to the bathroom.

What greeted him was a real surprise.

He blinked, blinked again and then blinked a third time just to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

"Suzaku…," he began as calmly as he could possibly do so, "what are you doing in my house… wearing my clothes?"

Said person looked up from the sink, in the middle of brushing his teeth with Lelouch's purple toothbrush, and then smiled sheepishly at him. His eyes were darkened, despite the smile, then lightened up as soon as Suzaku met Lelouch's eyes.

"C.C. said I could wear them, oh and I'm living here now."

There was no surprise when Lelouch started screaming obscenities and throwing objects across the room at Suzaku's head.




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