She'd always loved the hero.

Knights in shining armor.

Princes with their jeweled crowns.

Cops with their shiny badges.

Superheros in their capes.

But honestly, her all time favorite had to be cowboys. Cowboys with their hats. With their guns. With their spurs. She always loved old movies. Those sent in the wild west Plots with gold weren't bad either.

When she looked up and saw Shawn standing in front of her, clad in complete sheriff costume, her heard skipped a beat.

It was like straight out of her fantasy.

She'd deny under oath, however, that she had had fantasies about Shawn.

But what she loved most about him being dressed in this new style, was that there was an air of confidence. Or, at the very least, there was something different about him.

When he didn't stand up for Lassiter, she realized that there was a possibility that she was wrong.

But when he winked at her, she realized that she was right.

This simple gesture, which could really mean nothing, made her realize something.

Shawn Spencer was her hero.