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Summary: When Edward first sees Bella, he never suspects that she is different, that she is blind. This is a story of differences, overcoming obstacles, rebuilding relationships, loss and above all, finding love.

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight. I just made Bella blind and Edward an adorable frat guy.

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"Remember that life isn't about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away."

- - - - -

Chapter 1- Melodic-Angel Laugh

I raked my hands through my hair, pulling at the ends before dragging them down over my eyes, rubbing them roughly. Maybe if I rubbed my eyes hard enough, I'd finally be able to see the importance of all of this information. This shit was going to be the death of me. Organic Chemistry had not been my friend this semester. Why I'd ever thought it was a good idea to follow in my father's footsteps and become a doctor was beyond me. Oh wait – he pretty much forced me too.

'Now Edward, you don't go to a school, like the University of Michigan, and not study medicine, especially when your father is the lead cardiologist at the hospital.' I could practically hear his arrogant, and all knowing, voice in my head.

I was lucky he'd let me take a few music classes as electives. I think the only reason I even got away with it was because he felt it made me more 'cultured,' and my college experience more 'well rounded.' Plus, my parents spent so much money on piano and guitar lessons when I was a child they didn't want it all to go to waste. Needless to say, I definitely enjoyed my music classes a hell of a lot more than my biology and chemistry ones. Those classes made me want to pull my hair out. In fact, on more then one occasion, I have. I'm surprised I wasn't bald.

I sighed and looked down at my phone. It was 9 am. I had already been at the campus twenty-four hour Starbucks for an hour and a half, and felt like I'd made zero headway on this review for my final coming up in two weeks. Two weeks and I was home-fuckin-free! It would be summer time. I told Carlisle I would volunteer at the hospital because he said it looked good for my med-school applications, which I would be filling out in the fall – although it's not like I was allowed to apply anywhere else. U of M would be the school I would be going to. I wouldn't even need to do well on the MCAT to get in. Carlisle would probably just bribe the school. He already donated a shit ton of money and might as well have a fricken wing of the hospital named after him. I was a shoe-in, so that left me most of the summer to sleep in, play my music, and get drunk with my fraternity brothers.

However, until then, it was going to be a lot of studying for finals. Carlisle would kill me if my GPA fell below a 3.8. I groaned inwardly. It was time for a double-shot of espresso.

I slowly made my way over to stand in line at the register. There were only two people ahead of me. The first one ordered quickly. The second one stood there contemplating between extra-non-fat-soy-latte and an extra-non-fat-mocha-chai-whatever.

Seriously, what was the fucking difference?

I groaned as I tilted my head towards the ceiling and rolled my eyes.

Seriously lady, just make a damn choice.

I was on the verge of ripping my hair right out of my skull when I heard a very melodic laugh. It sounded like wind chimes and butterflies.

Wind chimes and butterflies? What the fuck, Cullen? When did you become such a fairy?

I slowly turned around to face the direction of the angel-laugh. I had never heard such a beautiful sound in all of my twenty-two years of life. Immediately my eyes focused on a table to my left.

Two girls were sitting in a booth, drinking cups of coffee and talking. One was a gorgeous blonde with bright blue eyes. She had long blonde hair that hung to the middle of her back. It was stick-straight and shiny as hell. She looked like a fucking super model and was dressed to the nines at nine o'clock in the fucking morning! She was dressed in a mini-skirt, high-heels, and a tight, pink sweater. She looked vaguely familiar, but I figured I must have just seen her here before. I frequented this Starbucks often.

But the gorgeous blonde didn't have the melodic-angel-laugh. That sound was coming from her companion, and my breath caught in my throat as I looked at her profile.

The girl was breathtaking, with long, dark brown hair that fell in effortless waves down her back, ending just past her shoulders. I could only see her in profile, but of what I could see was simply beautiful! The fair, flawless skin of her cheeks was tinged with pink from her laughter. She was dressed casually, the complete opposite of the blonde. She had on dark jeans, a white t-shirt and black flats, I think girls called them 'balletflats' or some shit.

She laughed again, which had me hypnotized, drawn to her like a magnet to steel. I needed to talk to her, to hear more of that melodic-angel laugh. I wanted to be the reason for that melodic-angel-laugh. I needed to touch her; to hold her and protect her.

What the fuck Cullen? You don't even know this girl! What the hell are you thinking?

"Sir, SIR!"

I was pulled out of my stupor by the sound of someone yelling. I turned back towards the register, my eyes focusing on a very impatient looking barista, with her hands on her hips. Wow! I must have been in some kind of a trance!

"Sir, can I take your order?" she asked, her voice dripping with irritation.

I shook my head back and forth quickly, waking myself up as I nodded my head.

"Yeah, erm… Sorry, I'll just take a double shot of espresso," I mumbled, slightly embarrassed by my flighty behavior.

I threw money at her and told her to keep the change, then walked down to the end of the counter and grabbed my drink from another worker.

Holding my cup carefully, I quickly turned toward the booth where the breath-taking brunette had been sitting.

Damn, she was gone! And so was her friend.

Great! There goes my chance to talk to her. I'll probably never see her again, I thought sadly, and headed back over to my table to continue studying.

Fifteen minutes later and all I could think about was the girl with the melodic-angel-laugh. It's no use trying to study this material, I thought disgustedly. I was not going to absorb any of this information.

With a snort of irritation, I slammed my book shut and packed up my bag. Maybe a nap would help, so I headed home to my apartment.

Tonight was Friday, so of course there was a big party at the frat house that was not to be missed. I needed to rest up, so I would be ready to get drunk, dance with chicks, and forget all about the girl with the hypnotizing laugh.

After the longest nap in American history, I headed over to the fraternity house for a night of drunken festivities with my brothers. I really needed a night to relax and let loose before the stress of finals sank in next week.

I walked through the already open door to see the place already crawling with overly-eager college chicks. It was only 9:30pm, but the music was already pulsing throughout the house and everyone had a drink of some kind in their hand.

"Cullen!" I heard a familiar voice call from behind me. I turned around to see one of my frat brothers, from my own pledge class, right behind me.

"Jake, what the fuck is up man?" I asked as he approached. We shook hands and did one of those man hugs that was appropriate for the occasion, and not at all gay, because there was hardly any body contact except for the hands and two slaps on the back.

"Not a lot, buddy. Are you ready to get fucked up tonight?" he asked, a devilish grin taking over his strong features. Jake was a fucking beast. He was six-foot-four and had to weigh around two hundred forty pounds, two hundred forty pounds of pure muscle. He's Native American, with dark, russet-colored skin, long black hair that was, as usual, slicked back into a tight ponytail that emphasized his broad shoulders. This was one guy I was glad to have on my side. He was incredibly intimidating.

I nodded my head in answer to his question and scanned the room.

"I need a beer," I said, before turning around and heading over to the kitchen, with Jake right behind. There, I was greeted by more of my fraternity brothers. I nodded to them, acknowledging them as they said, 'hello.' I went to the fridge and pulled out a can of Natural Light.

Ah, gotta love the Nattie.

I cracked the can open and turned back to Jake. We stood in comfortable silence for a few minutes because Jake was a man of few words. Jake and I had been roommates here last year and he still lived in the house, but I had decided to move out and get an apartment of my own. I needed to focus more on school and less on partying. Plus, the shenanigans of the house were getting old fast. I was over the endless stream of girls parading through the house and the endless tournaments of beer-pong or flip cup. There was only so much beer a person could drink during a week before his liver failed, or a beer gut began to form. I definitely didn't want either of those things to happen.

As we were standing there, I let my mind wander back to this morning at Starbucks, and the girl with the melodic laugh. I still couldn't get over it. It was like the laugh of an angel. Her perfect skin and features only confirmed the fact that she had to be an angel, or a figment of my imagination.

I had to see her again. I had to meet her, just so I would know that she was real!

I was jolted of my musings by a high-pitched squeal.

"Edwaaaaaard," a screechy voice called from behind me, and my skin crawled as if someone had raked their nails across a blackboard. I groaned out loud, knowing exactly who was there. I looked at Jake and he had a large smirk on his face.

I grimaced back at him before saying, "Please, tell me that's not who I think it is," as I prayed to the Gods that it wasn't who I thought it was. Jake chuckled, which only confirmed my suspicions.

"Fuck," I muttered under my breath, as I raked my hands through my hair, pulling at the ends.

I felt two arms wrap around my waist from behind and I looked up at Jacob. "Don't you fucking leave me," I muttered through gritted teeth as he laughed even harder and started backing up.

"Sorry man, this is all you. You got yourself into this mess, you get yourself out."

"Fuck you! I can't believe you're throwing me to the wolves like this. I'm going to fucking get you for this," I whispered through gritted teeth, but it was too late he was already gone.

I groaned and began to pry the chubby fingers from my waist before turning around slowly. I dropped her hands as I faced my worst nightmare.

"Hi, Jessica," I said, not bothering to have a friendly tone in my voice.

God, I have sex with this chick two times freshman year and she can't fucking move on from it!

Both times had been at this fucking frat house, in the bathroom, and I had been beyond obliterated. I had no idea what was even happening. I hardly even remembered them.

Now, I couldn't fucking get rid of her. She seemed to think that because of what had happened over a year and a half ago, that somehow we now were dating.

She was seriously deranged!

Jessica was also part of the reason I moved out of the house. She was always hanging around, trying to get into my pants. When I wouldn't touch her, she tried to fuck the other brothers, like it would make me jealous or something. Luckily, they all knew not to touch her with a ten foot pole; all except for Mike Newton. That guy was a fucking tool and would sleep with anything that could walk.

Jessica was the biggest mistake of my life. If I could take it back, I would in a heartbeat. Honestly, I would take back a lot of things that had happened in this house. A lot of things that I knew would never be mentioned, especially by Jake. I had so much dirt on him; he'd never be able to spill.

"Hi, baby," she slurred.

Fuck, bitch! It's only 9:30, and you're already drunk!

She wrapped her arms around me again and pointed her face up towards my face, puckering her nasty lips. She moved her face up, but I moved my face quicker, and arched my back so she couldn't put her lips on me.

"Jessica, don't do this!" I told her as I tried to pull away. "How many times have we gone over this?" I asked, sighing. I had always tried to be nice to her, to let her down easy. But she was so fucking dense, she never got it! I didn't want to be a dick, but if that's what I had to do to get her to leave me alone, then so be it.

She looked up at me; her eyes coated in way too much black eyeliner, and pouted her lips.

"What, baby?" she asked. "I just thought maybe we could recreate some memories tonight," she added suggestively. I rolled my eyes.

Luckily right at that moment one of my frat brothers, Emmett, walked past us. He looked at me and nodded his head, as if to say, 'Hello'. I looked at him with pleading eyes and mouthed, 'Save me'. He laughed and came over quickly.

"Hey man, c'mon. We gotta go. We gotta get ready for that, um, brother thing that we do at parties," he said, fumbling over his words as he attempted to make an excuse, and doing a piss-poor job of it. Jessica was so drunk though, I didn't think she even noticed. She let go of me, still pouting.

"Bye, Jessica," I said quickly, and practically sprinted out of the room.

Emmett was right behind me. When we were far enough away I stopped and turned around to him, letting out a sigh of relief.

"Thanks man. I owe you one."

"No problem," he responded, laughing.

"Ghosts of 'bad-fucks' past," I mumbled, pretty much explaining it all in that one little phrase. He nodded in understanding.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when the blonde from Starbucks came sauntering up behind us and wrapped her arms around Emmett.

It's the fucking blonde from Starbucks!

"Rosie, baby," Emmett said before turning around and crushing her lips with his. Before a second had past they were wrapped up in each other, barely noticing anyone else in the room.

So that's why she looked so familiar! I had seen her around the house before. This was Emmett's girlfriend.

My mind was practically screaming at me to say something to them. If the blonde from Starbucks was here, that meant…

The angel with the melodic laugh existed! Yes!

I was practically cheering out loud. Now, I just needed to find her. I opened my mouth to ask Emmett and the blonde about her, when I noticed they were gone. I ran my fingers through my hair, yanking on the ends again. It was time to stop fucking around and get down to business. I had to find my angel!