The bed knows all


Very Short one-shot I had a silly idea and here it is. I'd loVe to be Bella's bed xD


I was in her room 24/7 motionless; only moving if Alice thought it was time to re-decorate Bella's room that of which happened a lot, any excuse for Alice to meet Bella. Finally the weary human walked into her room over to me lying down instantly pulling my covers over her. I wondered who would come tonight. Most nights it was Edward and those nights would bore me. Edward wouldn't even cuddle Bella, too afraid he would just lay on me watching his girlfriend sleep, Hardly ever touching her except for the one occasion where he trailed his arm up her leg and into her pants only for her to moan not his name but his sisters. I thought he was really pervy to do that while she was sleeping. After Edward finally let Alice sleep over Bella's that was when Bella first kissed Alice. A long sweet kiss followed by lots of cuddling and talking. It wasn't until the tenth night Alice was able to sleepover when the pair made love on me... and on the floor. Bella shifted around uncomfortably on me waiting for someone to come, she hoped for Alice, like any other night. She didn't want to see Edward, she needed Alice hugging her, snuggling with her to have a good night sleep.

16 minutes later a vampire entered the room silently, it wasn't Alice, nor was it Edward. It was Jasper. I started fretting for my, and Bella's favourite vampire, Alice. Jasper never came, it was always Edward or Alice. Even Edward wouldn't alow Jasper, the vampire who had controlling his hunger the hardest, to be alone with Bella.

"Jasper? Where's Alice?" Bella asked in a whisper, she too was afraid, sensing danger from Jasper. Looking at Bella he growled.

"You ruined everything, you took Alice, you bitch" he spat venomously and before Bella could do anything, she was held up in the air by her neck as Jasper moved his razor sharp teeth dangerously close to her neck. I was unable to do anything, being a bed and all.

Bella tried squirming away from Bella when Alice entered the room pulling Jasper away murmuring something unintelligible in his ear and kissing his cheek hugging him tightly. Suddenly the atmosphere was calmer and he left.

As soon as he was out of sight Alice explained, "He is going to go back to his old clan, to Maria" Alice walked over to Bella kissing her deeply, "I'm sorry" she apologised lightly and before she could say anything else Bella locked her lips back onto Alice's bringing her down onto me. "I'll love you forever no matter what" she murmured against Alice's lips, still not breaking the lock. I just stood there like always happy as ever.

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