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She's mine, idiots.


"Dammit." Natsume swore to himself after witnessing another boy flirting with Mikan. He'd almost gotten past his limit once, and of course Natsume is very protective of his girl.

Mikan and Natsume were a couple. He loves her and she loves him. It's as simple as that.

Though, no one knew. In other people's point of view they'd just seem to be total rivals who tease each other. But yes, no one knows. Odd, right? It's been the first time Natsume had been overloaded with Jealousy, of course Mikan had already gotten used to the over crowding fan girls. Though, Natsume? Not even halfway.

"Dammit." This time, a new class room nerd, Kei Shireikouki. It had been the up tenth time the nerd has flirted with Mikan. Almost every morning 8 days in a row.

Natsume was sure to have exploded with jealousy right now.

"Mikan." A serious tone came out of him. And Mikan was very surprised by this. "Let's make our relationship public. I want...everyone to know." He held her small hand gently in his own, 'I'll go crazy. There's no way I won't be jealous when another guy flirts with you besides me' He thought. He squeezed her small hand tightly. Hoping for the answer that he had desired.

"Eh...?" Still confused, Mikan thought over the possibilities. What if he get's bored with her? What if he chooses another girl? She was very worried about these things.


She was now sure of what she wanted. Of course, she agreed they should make their feelings public. If that's what Natsume wanted. But she told Natsume that the announcement shouldn't be attention catching much.

Oh, but it was going to be very attention catching. At least, that's what Natsume had in mind.

Natsume smirked as he spotted that same nerd flirting with Mikan. "Perfect." He whispered to himself, in amusement.

The crimson eyed boy walked straight up to the two, and stared as if he had no distraction. Of course, that same knee weaking and heart throbbing oh-so famous smirk was still stuck on his face.

The nerd turned around only to see the great Natsume Hyuuga walking towards him and Mikan. Kei let out a little smile. He was greatful that Natsume had finally come to notice him. "Oh, Why're are you here Natsume ku-" But something innterrupted Kei, his jaw just dropped instantly. because he was witnessing something so unbelievably true.

The oh-so great Natsume Hyuuga had grabbed the brunettes wrist and slightly pinned her to the wall, giving her a forceful hot kiss.

Kei-nerd. Thick glasses, nerdy hair and geeky style. Blushed at the situation-he had a perfect view of it after all. Everyone's jaw dropped. And all 16 year-olds in the area were crowding instantly for this moment.

"No way..! That's....that's so hot!"

"Natsume-sama! Kiss me too!"

"Awww what a cute couple..."

"And I thought I had a chance with her...too bad for me."

Natsume parted his lips with the brunette's and they both gasped for air. Natsume suddenly pulled her into a grasp and hugged her. Mikan slightly blushed, they were in public after all, so many stares and glares.....

"That's right." Natsume turned his head to the crowd, still Mikan in his arms,

"She's mine, idiots." And at that, he grinned.

Meanwhile: Behind the scenes, Hotaru and Ruka.

"Nogi. What do you think all that fuss is about outside?" Hotaru twisted her head around to ask Ruka, while eating crab brains of course. "Uhh, I don't know. I suppose Natsume has finally decided to let everyone know..?"

"I suppose. That's quite true, quite true indeed." Hotaru nodded in agreement. "Though, it's kinda odd. They don't know that we know about them right?" Ruka asked this time with a question.

"Hmm....but very soon they'll know that we know anyway." Hotaru took her head up and looked out of the window, "Besides, it's not like everyone knows already. Since there is so much noise out there, I guess they've found out right?"

"Yeah. And boy do I bet that rumors are going to spread like wild fire in a couple of minutes." The animal-lover sighed. Worried. "Don't be so worried, Nogi. It was their desicion after all." Hotaru said comforting words to convince him it'll be okay.

"Yeah. I guess it doesn't seem like anything bad is going to happen, right?" Ruka smiled, putting his hopes up. "Yes. And...Nogi?"

"What is it, Imai?" Ruka replied. "I...." Hotaru looked down at her container where her crab brains were, now gone. Eaten.

"Get me more crab brains." She tossed the container to Ruka. And he just sweat dropped. "Y-yes, Ma'am." And at that, he stuttered out of the room.

As Hotaru heard the door close, she sighed. Natsume. Why didn't you let everyone know in the first place?

Now that, was an entirely different question.

Kei Shireikouki, his dorm.

Kei silently entered his bathroom, and quietly remembered what just happened. It was so unexpected.

The thick-glassed nerd stood infront of his mirror, and took his thick, round glasses off his face.

And what revealed was a face so beautiful, that it might even be compared with the great Natsume Hyuuga's face. Of course, he was in hiding. He obviously didn't want to show that face of his to anyone. It would be just so bothersome.

Kei slightly ruffled his dark-bluish hair. It was pulled back with gel, though once he messed it a bit, bangs fell to make his face even more gorgeous.

Out came a smirk from his face.

"Mikan Sakura, has been stolen by my one and only rival. Natsume Hyuuga." Kei slightly wiped the moist off the mirror to see his appauling reflection.

"Now I want her even more." He let out a sheepishly wide grin, "-and I'll absolutely do whatever it takes .." Kei reached out for the door handle of the bathroom to exit, now satisfied with his appearance,

"-to take her away from you, my dear rival...Natsume Hyuuga."

-Oh yes, if they thought that nothing bad was going to happen, then...Hotaru and Ruka were so wrong.

.:To be continued:.

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