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"Kei." She whispered.

"Eh?, what's up?" Kei replied.

"When are you going back to Alice Academy.....you really haven't gone back in ages." She told her twin, trying, somehow to convince Kei.

"...Maybe soon." Kei smirked. "I definitely want to see her."

"Not "maybe" . You will go back. " The beauty exclaimed.


Natsume, early in the morning, roaming around the dorms


He woke up early. On a Saturday morning, too.


Who knows? Maybe ever since two days ago, when he woke up early -it continued and he just kept waking up "early" from then on, and couldn't fall asleep again. He would just continue his morning like any other day.

But one problem.

He was bored.

That's why he's going to wake up his girl,

and spend the morning with her.


A few moments later...


He unlocked Mikan's locked door.

Of course Natsume had his very own key for Mikan's dorm room, but really, why wouldn't he?

Ah, and there she was.

A peaceful-looking, very asleep Mikan.

Natsume walked quietly towards Mikan's bed, and sat down -leaning close to her.

Even though he was never ever and I mean never a morning person, but the face he was being dazzled by right now, definitely made his day.

"Maybe I shouldn't wake her up.." He muttered to himself, "I should let her sleep.."

But he woke her up anyway.

"Polka, wake up." Natsume poked her left cheek, making her twitch.

"Mnn..." She mumbled, half asleep. Mikan rolled over and eventually, her eyes opened. "Na-Natsume?" the brunette blinked. It's not usual that she'd wake up and see Natsume's face.

"Come with me." Natsume took her wrist and pulled Mikan out of her bed, gently, of course. But err---she had polka dot Pj's on? Yes. Yes she did.

"Wai--Natsume! I still have my pajamas on!" She squeaked, "--a-and I still need to brush my teeth, brush my hair and-" Mikan gasped for air.

Natsume looked at her. "Youre right. Get changed and get ready quickly." He said, "I'll be waiting outside."

"O-okay..?" Mikan was so confused...all of a sudden -Natsume doesn't really do this. :\

The brunette got ready, like she was off to some sort of date. "Natsume, I'm done! I'll come out right now..!"

Maybe she was?

He was taking her to a date?

----Of course he was.

Sakura tree, Mikan and Natsume.


They sat there, under the tree of where their very first kiss occurred. For moments, it was quiet. The brunette was getting impatient. "Soo....Natsume. Why did you drag me out here?"

"Hm...dunno, I guess." Natsume replied, staring out into the distance.

"Ehh?...there's something odd about you today, Natsume!" Mikan pouted. --She just couldn't understand her boyfriend today!

"Actually..." Natsume took Mikan's hand tightly and pulled her up, making her stand.

He held her hand, and turned his head the other direction from her face. "what I intended to say was that.." he paused.

"I've felt apart....distant, from you recently." Natsume said. Well, actually, he was supposed to whisper so that Mikan wouldn't hear...but he didn't. He wanted her to know.

"Wh-what?" Mikan stuttered, suprised. Natsume exhaled loudly, knowing that this would be her reaction.

"Nevermind." He looked away -but his eyes widened when he suddenly felt skinny arms wrap around him. "Mikan?" He questioned.

"If you felt this way...you should have told me earlier!" The brunette exclaimed.

Natsume turned his head to face her, and she was smiling...that beautiful smile that would make his heart race.

"Sorry Natsume." She whispered.

Natsume put his arms around her, hugging her back.

"It's okay."

Somewhere outside the academy, Mikan and Natsume


"Where to next?" Mikan smiled, asking her boyfriend. Hand in hand, they were walking around the streets outside Alice Academy.

"Hn." Natsume simply replied. "Ooookayyyy, then I'll pick!" She was scanning around, looking somewhere fun to go to. Then she saw it. Oh yes. An ice cream truck!

"Over there, Natsume!" She pointed. Mikan dragged Natsume. "Let's share a chocolate one, okay?" She smiled that bright smile of hers.

Natsume's lips curved a little.


"One please!" Mikan took her wallet and was prepared to pay the lady. But Natsume took her by the hand, and stopped Mikan from getting her wallet.

"I'll pay for it." Natsume said. Of course, because it was his girl, the woman he loved, he would do this.

"Eh..? it's okay I'll pay for-"

"No. I will." Natsume handed the woman two dollars.

"Oh my! What a nice boyfriend you have, handsome too!" The lady smiled, it reminded her of the old days when she and her husband were still boyfriend and girlfriend. :)

Mikan smiled. The lady gave the young couple the ice cream they ordered. "Thank you!" The brunette smiled.

"Come again!" The woman said, while waving goodbye.

Natsume and Mikan sat down in a near by park, sharing one ice cream.

And of course, all the girls were staring at the amazingly handsome man., while all the other men were staring at Mikan.

"Yum!" Mikan cheered, "Chocolate is definitely the best!"

"There's chocolate...." Natsume took his thumb and wiped some ice cream off Mikan's face. "..on your face."

Then they heard screams. Well, all the girls were screaming 'kyaa' . But meh. They were both already used to it.

"Ne, Natsume. There's a huge crowd over there...I wonder what's happening.. Let's go!"

They both walked, hand in hand (ovf courseee) to the huge crowd of people, all surrounding something or someone.

"Oh! I think there's a celebrity there!"


There was a rise in screams and more people crowded in right after they heard the word 'autographs!' .

But oh no. Due to the number of people, Mikan and Natsume got separated.

"Mikan!" Natsume called, but couldn't see the brunette anywhere.

"Natsumeeee..?" Mikan called, but couldn't see him anywhere. "Ow!" Mikan tripped, and landed on her bottom.

There was a hand that reached out for her. "Are you okay, Mikan?"

"Oh! Natsume! Where were you-" Mikan was glad. She found Natsume again.

It was Natsume, wasn't it?

No it wasn't.

Mikan gasped.

It was Kei.

.: To be continued:.

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