Nazi Zombies

Shi No Numa

Chapter One:

On April 29th 1943, a year before the surrenders of Germany took place, a group of Germans scientists began working on an experiment with a mysterious substance that was found in a small meteorite that had landed in the farmlands of Germany. This space rock was found by patrolling infantry and was brought to the war labs in Berlin, Germany. It was never officially documented when the experiment went awry, but it was assumed to have been a month or two before Germany's surrender to the Allied forces. Somehow, the substance found in the meteorite caused an army of the recently killed to return to life and devour the living. None of the events following this incident has been dated, but shortly before the surrender of Japan, a group of MIA soldiers grouped together encountered the horde of undead Nazis at their camp out, which was an old, abandoned Germany air station. The building was well supplied with ammunition and weapons, and the four soldiers fought bravely for their lives. Though it was never proven, strong evidence shows that these four, while they annihilated scores of the zombies, eventually were overwhelmed.

Another event was an attempt by the US Army, which kept knowledge of these happenings secret and never revealed the dates, to contain the Wittenau Sanatorium, where many experiments with the Meteorite substance, which was known as Element 115, took place. Another four brave soldiers were sent, and they fortified the area with defenses such as electric barriers. But disaster struck and the power went out. The soldiers tried to hold back the zombies while they tried to turn on the back up generator, but by the time they succeeded, the zombies had already broken into the Asylum and the soldiers were eventually worn down…

It is not known when it took place, but the Nazis gave the Imperial Army of Japan some of Element 115 for their help to study it. This eventually led to the same disaster as the one in Germany…

Nikolai Belinski staggered through the filthy jungles of Japan, a PPSH-41 in one hand, and a small bottle of Russian Vodka in the other. He was lost and he saw nothing that would help him get out of the fucking mess he was in. He had encountered zombies, there's no need in dragging it out, he had met a small group of filthy creatures. They had been devouring some poor fucker when they spotted him. Nikolai, who was, of course, drunk, looked at them, as they approached, like they were nothing more than mere cockroaches. He took a swig from his bottle and then blew the small group away with the PPSH.

"You disgust me…" He muttered to himself.

He then took a long drink, burped loudly, and continued on his merry fucking way. He had walked through the jungles, slowly going through his Vodka supply, not really giving a shit as to where he was going. He had trudged on for a while, not meeting anymore zombies for the time being, but coming across a lot of destroyed Japanese camp grounds. The other members of the Red Army had gotten separated shortly after the Imperial Army surrendered, or in other words, Nikolai had gotten drunk and decided to go on a walk. He didn't really care though. There wasn't really had been a whole lot to do with himself these days any way.

He hadn't always been a soldier in the front lines. He had started out as an aspiring politician who pretty much rose to power by making the spot he wanted available. He had killed off each of the men in front of him and also married women who were important figures. Then, he would kill that wife and move to a more powerful wife. He had taken care of his first wife with a double barreled shot gun, which had taken her head clean off. He told the people that he had mistakenly shot her as a trespasser. His second wife he pushed out of a window. He told the people she slipped. His third wife he drowned in the bathtub. He told the people, she fell asleep in the tub. His fourth wife he poisoned. He never offered an explanation for that one. His fifth wife was the most famous one. He chopped her head almost completely off. He told the people, he was drunk at the time, that she had been cleaning the axe with her neck and tripped. Nikolai had then become more famous than he had wanted and pretty soon Joseph Stalin heard about the man who was quickly rising to power. Stalin was afraid the Nikolai would somehow grab his position if he did not act soon. So, when the Soviet Union went to war with Germany after Operation Barbarossa, Nikolai was thrown into the front and Stalin rested easy. Nikolai, now nothing but a failure, then discovered the happiness that Vodka brought him. He had participated in the invasion of Berlin, then later performing some of the rapes after the surrender of Germany, and then, months later, was sent to Manchuria for the Soviet invasion and then, here he was, alone in the jungles of Japan with a limited amount of Vodka.

Nikolai dropped another empty bottle of his Vodka, and while taking out another, he noticed a mound of burning bodies near a group of old trucks that used to transport the Japanese infantry to this old, abandoned fort. Nikolai approached the bodies with some interest. He saw a head of one lying upside down looking at him. They way those eyes seemed to glow, though there was no question it was dead, told Nikolai that this had recently been a zombie. Someone was burning zombies here.

As if to confirm this, a gruff voice shouted: "Hold it right there, pal!"

Nikolai turned around casually, though ready to kill the asshole who had just told him what to do. But his anger faded a bit when he saw the man. It was an American, he saw that immediately. The man was wearing a dark green uniform, no helmet, a grenade vest around his tunic, and a belt of ammunition around his waist. In his hands was a large American weapon. Nikolai saw that this man needed a shave and that his hair was blonde and cut very short. The man's had a rough look on his face, but it loosened slightly as he got a good look at Nikolai.

"What the hell are you doing near my Freakbag bonfire?" The American asked gruffly.

Nikolai took a swig of his vodka and said: "I needed a place to take a piss and your stupid bonfire seemed like a good place."

The American expression turned into slight shock and his gun raised a bit. The two men stared at each other for a moment. Then, the American started to grin. Then, he started to laugh. He lowered his gun.

"You got balls, pal." He said nodding his head. "That's good. I could use a guy with balls."

"Sorry mister," Nikolai said and took another drink. He then grinned as well. "I don't do that with other men.

This time, both men laughed; they laughed over the bodies of burning zombies.

The American looked at Nikolai with some respect.

"The name's Dempsey." He said. "Who are you? You a Russian guy ain't you?"

"Yes, that's right." Nikolai said. "I'm Nikolai, you are an American, no?"

"That's right."

"Then by Military alliance we are like good friends!" Nikolai exclaimed, spreading his arms. He lowered them. "You know, now that I think of it, I actually do need to take a piss."

Dempsey laughed at this, his laugh a Southern laugh, and he helped Nikolai dose the flames of the zombie bonfire. Then, Dempsey led Nikolai into the old Japanese fort, where he had been preparing a dinner of beans and some horse meat. He didn't offer Nikolai any of the food, but did not stop him from taking some. Dempsey told Nikolai that he was sent here to contain the zombies here in Japan. Nikolai told Dempsey that he was here because of the result of a drunken walk. Dempsey laughed though of mouthful of beans. After they ate, Dempsey told Nikolai his plan for the zombies.

"You see, there's an ole Tojo headquarters up north from here about ten miles." Dempsey explained. "That's were I'm headed. I bet they got all kinds of shit there to kill some maggotsacks. Last I heard, they got some electric fences set up and a bunch of weapons not only from their army, but from the Krauts and from your army and mine. They might have ammo for my BAR there and some for that thing." He pointed at the PPSH-41. "Also there's probably some kind of food supply there, but all I really need is the ammo. I got to kill these zombies, otherwise my job ain't done. These freakbags like to swarm though and they're more stubborn than Tojo, so I could use another good killing machine to help me take these freaksacks out. You in?"

Nikolai didn't hesitate. "Sure, why not?" He said, drinking some more vodka. "I'll help you on your mission, my American friend."

"Good." Dempsey said grinning. He stood up. "We'll leave in two hours. I've got my BAR and my Thompson. You should take the spare." He handed Nikolai a Thompson. "Took it from a dead buddy of mine; we'll gather up water and food and then head up north to the Tojo headquarters. Once there we set up our defenses and kill as many freaksags as possible. Any questions?"

"Just one." Nikolai said. He held up the Thompson. "How the fuck do you load this thing?