Chapter 6:

None of the four soldiers moved as the Teddy Bear gazed at them with its white eyes. Richtofen began to think he had seen a toy like that at one of the Fuhrer's camps, taken from one of the prisoners. Oh, the beautiful tears of a young child whose toy has been stolen from, simply wonderful!

"It is a demon." Takeo said softly, half raising the PTRS.

Dempsey didn't know about that, but what he did know was that he was going to shoot that damn bear. Shoot it until its white cotton stuffing was flying like snow. He raised the BAR. Nikolai raised his PPSH and tried to aim at the demented child's toy. Richtofen pulled out his knife and seemed to be considering throwing the blade. Outside, twigs broke in the distance under the feet of approaching zombies.

Just as all of them (except for Nikolai) had a bead on the toy, its head began to tilt. And its eyes began to turn red.

"What the hell is…" Dempsey started.

He was cut of when a high childish giggle sounded from the bear. It was clear and struck the soldiers like a whip. It started like a normal child's laugh, but the pitch got higher and higher. Much like the bear, which was floating higher and higher out of the box. The soldiers opened fire, and although the bullets hit the toy, no damage was done. It should have been torn to shreds by the lead discharged at it, but it wasn't. As it flew higher, the box itself began to float behind the box.

The giggles turned into high shrieks of maniacal laugher. The Teddy Bears head was shaking side to side in a frenzy. The eyes were now bright red dots. It slowly began to tear, the worn cloth too old to handle such abuse. As the bear disintegrated, blood began to spew from it. It splattered against the weathered boards of the Tojo Compound in large sprays from the cackling bear.

The soldiers stopped shooting and stared. As they stared, Dempsey absently drew his pistol and, without looking, blew the brains out of a lunging zombie. He then holstered his pistol and continued watching the bear. This reminds me of the gooks who locked me in that cage, he thought, after I chewed their jugulars out. He remembered laughing as the Japanese captain had swayed on his feet, clutching his throat, shaking his head, spraying blood on the walls like this weird toy was now doing. Funny how similar the two events were.

Finally, the bear's head stopped abruptly and its red eyed gaze fell on the men.

"Bye-bye." A voice, which sounded like a lunatic nine year old, said.

Then, the bear exploded in a burst of blood and cotton.

Then, the Random Box exploded in a burst of wood and metal.

The blast sent the four men sprawling. Dempsey, not wanting to be off guard for long, jumped back to his feet and drew his knife, just in time to thrust it in the bowels of another lunging zombie. He threw the corpse aside and, without waiting to see if he could do it himself, yanked the drunk Russian to his feet and handed him his gun.

"Vat vas zat all about?" Richtofen asked. He was wiping the blood off his face with a handkerchief like it was sweat.

"I do not know," Takeo said. "But we must flee this place! Behold!"

He was pointing outside the hole in the wall, where a huge group of zombies were flowing in.

"SHIT!" Dempsey shouted. "Run!"

"Where to?" Nikolai shouted, spraying bullets wildly into the crowd. There was a wall of zombies in front of him, making it hard for him to miss, making him actually useful.

"To ze Comm Room!" Richtofen shouted. Dempsey heard laughter in his voice. "I vill be safe there!"

The door to leading out to the Comm Room was near were the box had been sitting. Richtofen pulled out his key ring, but Dempsey blew the lock of with his Colt and kicked the door down. Ignoring the Kraut's complaints, the American ran down a flight of decaying stairs and spotted a building at the other end of the swamp, adorned by walkways.

With Dempsey on point, the four men ran from their Undead pursuers, blasting at them with their weapons. The zombies were running, but they were worse than Nikolai, stumbling and tripping over each other. Richtofen chucked a grenade at them and laughed joyously as blood and limbs flew. Takeo was shouting in Japanese, blowing off heads with the PTRS. Even though he was moving, the Tojo managed to consistently gain a headshot with out pause. Pretty impressive for a gook.

Dempsey knew that Richtofen would try to unlock the Comm Room door, so he yanked the keys out of the Kraut's hands and threw them far off into the swamp. The Kraut was enraged, but Dempsey paid him no attention. He readied his shoulder and plowed through the door.

"You Americans are interesting," Nikolai said. "You willingly run into doors when you are not drunk."

"Shut up, Nikolai." Dempsey said absently. He turned to Richtofen. "Alright, Kraut. What's the plan?"

"I vill show you!" He sounded to delighted to notice that Dempsey had called him a "Kraut". He went to the left side of the door. He stopped in front of a small lever on a power box, planted on the wooden frame. There was a light bulb on top of the box, glowing a bright green. The Doctor put his hand on the lever. "Now ve vait."

The mob of zombies were closing in. The Doctor stood at the door, showing no fear. Just as the reached the door, Richtofen screamed, "Fry my darlings!" and threw the lever.

There was a loud crack and then a series of mini lightning bolts were shot out of metal fixtures lined on the top of the door frame. Dempsey had not seen them. As the zombies tried to get in, the walked into the shield of electricity, convulsed violently for a moment, and then exploded one by one. Dempsey laughed as blood and body parts flew everywhere.

"It's a blood bath!" He yelled with glee. "My FAVORITE kind!"

"Urrraaaa!" Nikolai shouted and then followed it up with a burp that was like a cannon fire.

Richtofen just laughed maniacally.

"For the Emperor!" Takeo shouted.

It took about five minutes, but after it was done, the mob of zombies were now a coat of blood and gore on the walls. The smell of cooked, dead flesh was now there. Dempsey took a big whiff.

"Smells like dinner!" He shouted.

"Yes, yes," Richtofen said. He went past Dempsey, so happy he seemed to be skipping. "If you thought zat vas amazing, you must see my newest invention! Something that will…shock you if I do say!" He laughed happily.

"If it's as bad ass as that," Dempsey said with a large grin on his face. "Then I got to…what the FUCK!"

"Vat? Vat?" Richtofen shouted impatiently. "Vat is zit, you stupid…"

He stopped when he saw what Dempsey was looking at. Nikolai and Takeo joined them.

The Random Box was sitting in the corner of the room, next to a small table that held a radio. A gold beam of light surrounded it. All four men, with the Teddy Bear still very fresh in their minds, stared at the mysterious box. For a moment, along the sound of the electric barrier and the sound of exploding zombies was heard.

"How did that box get here?" Dempsey finally said.

"It is the gods testing our vigilance!" Takeo declared. He began to pray. "Oh Great Gods! Please…"

"Send Nikolai another wodka!" The Russian overrode him. "So he doesn't have to listen to Takeo the boring!"

"You are not honorable!" Takeo hissed.

"You are a piece of shit." Nikolai replied.

"Zat box is quite interesting," Richtofen interrupted. "I vonder vat vill happen if ve open it?"

He walked up to the box and lifted the latch. Immediately, the lid flew up. All men braced themselves, but the Teddy Bear did not climb out. Cautiously, Richtofen peered in. He laughed and reached in eagerly. He hauled out what looked to Dempsey to be an M2 Flamethrower.

"An American Flamethrower!" The Doctor shouted. "How Marvelous! Oh, it has been too long since I last used one of these…"

"And it will be longer still, you fucking-A Kraut," Dempsey said smugly. He snatched the tank out of Richtofen's hands and strapped it on his back. "I call Flamethrower. I fried the Tojo when they were alive, I'll do it again when their Undead!"

Richtofen started to protest, but then he stopped. Then he smiled.

"Very vell, American." He said. "You shall keep ze Flamethrower. I von't vant it ven I put it to shame!"

"What are you talking about?" Dempsey growled.

"This!" The Doctor cried proudly. He opened another box opened and reached inside. What he pulled out, Dempsey could not identify. It looked like some huge, bizarre toy. It was bright yellow, bulky, and had three glowing bulbs on the side of it. It looked like some Alien Rifle. "I call it! The Wunderwaffe DG-2!"