Boo To You Too


Kanda found himself quite speechless. The smaller boy in front of him had rendered him into a complete speechless state.

Hold my hand? What the fuck is wrong with him? Kanda's thoughts raced through his mind like wildfire. No, what the fuck is wrong with me?

After a while of complete silence, Kanda cleared his throat embarrassedly, averted his eyes away from the large gray eyes. "…I don't know." He muttered.

The boy in front of him stared at him.

Then, "I call rape."

"What?" Kanda's head whipped around; the samurai glared at the boy angrily. "I did not rape you!"

"Yes you did!" Allen crossed his arms, a faint blush sweeping his cheeks.

"It's not called rape if you were willing!"

"Who said I was willing?" Allen bit back.

"Your moans. Kanda, harder! Harder! Faster!" Kanda imitated in a high pitched voice.

Allen's ears burned red. "I did not sound like that when we were doing it!" He protested, indignant.

Kanda smirked. "See?"

"See what?" Allen said crossly. "I don't get what you mean."

"You liked it." Kanda sounded unbelievably smug.

"…" Allen hated that smug tone. He pounced on Kanda, knocking the taller man down to the ground.

Shocked, Kanda stared up at his attacker. "What the hell are you doing?"

Allen grabbed Kanda's wrists and held them down to prevent him from pushing Allen away. He ignored Kanda's question and shot back with his own. "Why did you have sex with me?"

Kanda's eyes widened considerably. "Y-You already asked that, stupid beansprout." He muttered.

"I want a real answer. Not because 'I looked cold' or 'I don't know'." Allen straddled Kanda's hip with his legs, securing his position.

"…" Kanda examined the cold, frosty snow for a while, gathering his thoughts. "Maybe on impulse?" Kanda suggested weakly.

"Impulse?!" Allen about screeched. He was furious. This man, he took away his own precious virginity, caused him much embarrassment and lust, and now he says it was on "impulse"?

Kanda coughed. "Okay, no, I'm just kidding." He immediately added when he saw Allen's reaction.

"Maybe…I…well…." Kanda closed his eyes shut, preparing himself to admit something that he would never even admit to himself in private. "Fine, dammit! I like you!"

He braced himself for the blow. It never came. Instead, Allen's weight shifted off of him and the death like grip at his wrists disappeared.

"Allen?" Kanda opened his eyes. Allen, wordlessly, sat down on the cold snow next to Kanda. His head was bent forward so that his white hair would cover his eyes.

Kanda lifted himself up tentatively. "Allen?" He stretched a hand to the unmoving boy.

Allen lifted his head up, and Kanda saw that he was smiling radiantly. "Whatever happened to the insensitive bastard I met in the beginning?"

"Eh? Oh him." Kanda scoffed, a pink tint spreading lightly on his cheeks. "I guess he had some issues and turned gay for you." It embarrassed Kanda to speak of himself like this, but the words just fell out bluntly.

"Really?" Allen turned to look at Kanda with serious gray eyes.

Kanda jerked his head, embarrassed, in a noncommittal reply.

It was quiet for some time. Then Allen stood up, extending a hand out to Kanda.

Kanda took the hand silently, devoid of snide remarks.

"Let's get the hell outta this forest, okay?" Allen suggested.

"That's what I've been thinking." Kanda muttered.

"And let me hold on to your hand." Allen said.

"Psh. Fine." Kanda averted his eyes away from the cute, smaller boy.

The two exorcists walked silently ahead, hand in hand, forming a silent sort of compact between them.

End. This is the end. No more. I finished it. I know it sucked, but I don't have any time to make it better. I thank all those who reviewed this and told me that they liked it. Thank you!