Endless Possibilities

Author's Note: Crack, deal with it.

How long has it been since last I saw the accursed sun?

"You will not get away this time demon! This ends now!" The warrior charged forward, shimmering blade slicing through the darkness. The monster howled in agony, twisting into the form of a great shadow dragon. The beast spewed the very flames of Hell itself at the warrior. But the Nameless Prince, in a stunning display of courage and power, sliced through the fire.

His weak mortal flesh covered in bloody lacerations, his sweat streaked hair torn from its top knot in a tangled mess, and his stained robe little more than shreds of cloth hanging on a powerful body, for all of the warrior's weakness in his eyes the devil found unshakable courage. Looking into those eyes, the demon felt, for the very first time, true fear.

"Your reign of terror is over! Aku!"

Samurai Jack...the Nameless Prince...the forgotten warrior...the greatest hero...

"No! This...this cannot be..." The demon fell, barely able to hold himself up on once invincible arms. The Samurai stalked closer, limping, tired, bleeding out...unstoppable. The demon's flaming eyes rose up and stared into the Prince's eyes. Somehow, those mortal orbs held more fire than his own.

"You...will not trick me again. There will be no escape, there will be no more games. This is the end, Aku," Before the demon could react, the Samurai lifted his blade—that damnable sword, forged by the very power of good and righteousness itself—and brought it down, right between the demon's eyes. All of his omnipotent power left him, and, howling like a pathetic worm, the great master of evil felt his immortal life come to an end.

The man who slayed...the unstoppable, the immortal Aku

The Samurai stood victorious, watching as the lifeless sludge that once made up the demon's body now began to melt away. With a resolute nod, he ceremoniously tied up his hair, sheathed his holy blade, and turned. The nightmare now forever behind him, the Nameless Prince left the Pit of Hate, and went on to create his own future. The lifeless sludge seeped down into the pit, buried beneath the collapsing Hell around it. Gone, forever.

How long has it been since I last saw the accursed sun? I hope they've enjoyed it

The Pit of Hate was closed forever, and the site where it once lay forgotten. The Samurai fell in love, married, and had a family. And that family splintered off, eventually setting out into a new world. Eventually...one of the distant sons of that Nameless Prince would come back. Back to Japan. Back to that forgotten site.

The sun can't shine forever without casting a shadow...a great and powerful shadow...

What should have stayed buried forever...yearned to see the sun again. History refused to fade away, refused to simply cease being. Good had triumphed...but Evil refused to die.

We learn little from victory...

But much from defeat....

And be certain...

I have learned...yes...I have learned well

A young professor, ripe out of college, stalked the excavation site. He pulled his hard hat down over his eyes, looking around nervously. As a major in biochemistry, he'd never imagined his first day on the job would involve him traveling to Japan and digging up an old ruin.

"Utonium! Make yourself useful over here!" James Utonium jumped and nodded ferociously, hurrying over to the head of the expedition. The site was a hole, about thirteen miles deep and ten miles wide. Utonium stood at the edge of the crater, whistling as he peered into the depths.

"What exactly are we looking for? I received the memo, but I can't say I completely underst-stand..." Utonium trailed off, smiling sheepishly. His superior knelt down, checking his personal palm computer.

"Tell me what you know, Utonium," The young professor nodded, kneeling down next to the elder. He rubbed his chin while surveying the area.

"This is generally a very fertile area, except for this specific location. Nothing grows, animals don't even step onto the ground here. Very curious..." The superior nodded, clicking his tongue.

"That's right, so we're setting just what the hubbub is all about. My men tell me we're still working to get to the bottom of this," The Professor whistled, standing up and shaking his head.

"Wow, that's incredible...hm?" Both looked at the head's computer, trading a grin.

"Looks like they found it, let's head down there," Utonium gave a nod and the two walked to the lift, heading down into the pit. The deeper they went, the air grew thicker, heavier, and hotter. By the time they reached the bottom, Utonium was sweating and panting. The digging crew had surrounded a spot toward the middle of the crater.

"What is it men?" The two broke through the crowd, kneeling down next to the puddle that had been revealed.

"Amazing..." The Professor watched the hair on his arms rise up. Everyone could feel the charge in the air. The Professor scanned the puddle, measuring the radiation coming from it. His breath caught in his throat. The device had begun to malfunction, the radiation was so powerful. Yet somehow, none of them seemed to be affected just by being exposed to the radiation.


Professor Utonium, a few years older, a few years wiser, stood over a glowing green flask. The mysterious substance found in Japan had proven a worthy adversary. It was a completely new substance, never before discovered by man. It held practically unlimited power, but was so volatile that it was practically useless. Years of work was quickly coming to a peak. A way to use the mysterious black substance.

"Just about...ugh...no..." The Professor increased the heat on the burner, biting his tongue. Any chemicals introduced to the substance simply evaporated. No change to the substance itself. But...but the Professor was verging on an answer.

"Now just have to alter the compound...there, this should stabilize the substance...oh...oh...there...oh my that glow..." As the Professor added the new part to the substance, it began to glow a strange green. The Professor smiled and began scanning the new chemical.

"There...stable, without a reduction in power. I knew that family heirloom would help," The heirloom in question was an ancient powder, an unidentifiable metal powder, passed down through the generations. It had been...a desperate sacrifice, but one that had proven correct. The powder, mixed with pure water and charged with positive ions had somehow filled in the missing gaps in the substance.

"What to call it...well...I'll need to gage some uses, we'll just stick with Chemical X for now. It sounds so cool!" The Professor carefully lifted the flask of the newly christened Chemical X.

The Professor sighed while stirring his concoction. Sugar, spice, and everything nice...who was he kidding? It was a stupid, desperate idea. The Professor looked at the glowing beaker of Chemical X.

"If only there was some way to change things around here...who knows, maybe I finally figured out...oof!" The Professor jerked forward, his hands slamming through the beaker. Before he could realize the pain of the glass cutting his hands, he was blown away by a sudden eruption of white light.

The Professor groaned and slowly forced his eyes open, staring at the shattered remains of the metal pot. Eyes wide, the Professor slowly approached the table, staring at the three little figures staring at him.

"Hi!" The Professor screamed and took a step back. While he spoke with the three little girls, the sticky black substance that splattered the table began to slide away, dripping to the ground where it collected into a single point. The substance then slid away, escaping into the night, unnoticed.

How long has it been since I last saw the accursed sun? The time is not yet arrived...but soon...soon the world will once again know...Aku...