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Okay, so I am one of the Dasey diehards that has decided to focus her attention on a couple that actually stands a much better chance at, um, actually getting together (let's hope!) at some point or another. And that couple is Jordan and Ruby from Ruby & the Rockits.

I was really inspired after the last episode, Papas Don't Preach, because hello! Regardless of Jordan's adorable jealousy over Nils, the looks that they gave each other during their song were beyondhot.

So, I decided to write a short Jordan/Ruby (Jorby? Ruban?) fan fiction and see how it goes…in large part because I start senior year on Monday and am less than enthusiastic about finishing my summer reading assignment for AP English. Typical. Haha…hope you all are enjoying the end of your summers!...or the beginnings of your fall…I'm just waiting for winter (December 1-25!) personally. haha


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Ruby Tuesday


Jordan Gallagher has had crushes before. He has had a ton of crushes. So it's not like this experience is new to him or anything for God's sake.

But for some reason, this crush feels nothing like the other ones. It doesn't feel like his crush on Amanda, who was a Sunshine Girl while he was a Cub Scout with whom shared his graham crackers in an attempt to profess his undying devotion to her. In turn, she had given the graham crackers to Jordan's best friend, David, to profess her undying devotion to him.

That was when they were six. And Amanda and David? They're still together. After ten years.

The best Jordan can do is write a song for a girl and hope that she'll notice him and realize by some miracle that the song is written about her.

But lately, all of the songs he is writing are about the one girl that won't realize that the songs are written about her and will never notice him as anything more than a friend…and a bandmate…and a…and a cousin.

Ah, yes, Ruby Gallagher, the girl that has been driving him crazy for the past few months. She is the subject of all of Jordan's sappy love songs. She is the girl that his brother Ben rags on him senseless for having feelings for her. And she doesn't realize any of it.

She doesn't know what she does to him every time she laughs at one of his lame jokes or when she sings one of his songs. She doesn't realize the power that she's holding over him. It's like being forced to play Blackjack again and again already knowing ahead of time that you're going to lose every hand but still be forced to be cough up all of your money until even the lint out of your pockets is no longer in your hands.

She is taking everything he has from him, even the stuff of no value.

And she doesn't even care.

And he does nothing but care…and let her take it. All of it. Every bit of it. He'd let her take whatever she wanted from him if it meant that he even stood the slightest of chances that she would realize he existed. Like, really realize he existed.

She wasn't perfect by any means, she cared way too much what other people thought of her and didn't catch onto jokes right away, but Jordan didn't care about any of that. Her imperfections made her perfect. Besides, he cared what people thought about him just as much as she did. Well, that wasn't exactly true. He didn't really give a shit what the guys on the football team though about him…or even the cheerleaders. He only cared about what Ruby thought of him. Just Ruby.

Ruby, however, is the complete opposite. She cares what everybody in the world thought about her, everybody except Jordan. With Jordan, she doesn't care if she wears a ratty football jersey and fleece pajama pants when watching cartoons with him on Saturday morning. She doesn't care if her hair looks like a bird's nest and she isn't wearing her make-up. But if Audie or Patrick would come into the living room, she'd immediately race into her room to change into something more respectable. Jordan hated that. She looked beautiful in baggy clothes and messy hair, but maybe he was the only one who realized that. He doubted that.

You'd have to be blind to not find that girl beautiful, and even then…

God, he was pathetic.


Right now, Ruby is on a date with a guy named Skip.

Skip? What kind of a name was Skip exactly? Was it even a real name? Ruby had met him at the mall and she'd laughed and rolled her eyes when Jordan had told her to bring him to the house so he could meet him. She'd said: "Nice, Jordan. You really fooled me. Trying to act like more of my dad than David? Not hard to be in the first place." And he couldn't think of anything witty to say in response, so he'd just shrugged and picked up his guitar and let her leave with Mr. Country-Club-and-Sweater-Vest. While she's been out doing whatever the hell she does on these dates that she's had so many of and he's had, well, none of, Jordan sits upstairs in his room, his back against his headboard and is guitar situated on his stomach, a Five Star and pencil in his hand and one iPod earbud dangling around his neck while the other sits in his ear. No music is playing.

"Goodbyes come in sad songs, filled with emotion and so longs. Goodbyes are not the word associated with you. The Stones said farewell to those Tuesdays of ruby, but to you my dear Ruby, I say hello." He rakes a hand through his hair frustratingly. "God, Jordan. Could you be any more emo?"

"I was wondering the same thing." Ben chuckles from outside his closed bedroom door.

"Aren't you supposed to be in bed, brat?"

"Aren't you supposed to be babysitting me, dumbass?"

…Ben always gets the last word. This time, Jordan knows he could come up with something to fire back at him, but he's too focused on the crappy song he's tried writing five times before.

"Get rid of the 'goodbyes associated with you' bit." Ben tries to help. "Change it to something else, something that sounds…I don't know…better?"

Jordan rolls his eyes. "Thanks for the helpful advice."

"Hey, don't come crying to me when Ruby makes fun of this song too and then somehow turns it in to a bubblegum masterpiece once she gets her hands on it." And those are Ben's last words before he disappears down the hallway.

Jordan glances back down at his notebook, clicking down the lead on his Papermate and drawing a line through the line "goodbyes are not the word associated with you."

Tonight will be the night that he finishes his song.

And she'll never know it's about her


Ruby creeps upstairs around eleven after her date with Skip.

Speaking of "creeps," Skip is possibly the biggest one she's ever met. He used their date at the mini golf course as an excuse to wrap his arms around her waist and graze her chest with a dangling hand. His breath reeked of nacho cheese, which she realized more than ever when he tried to give her a goodnight "kiss." And Skip's definition of a kiss is clearly much different than Ruby's definition of a kiss.

That's the last time she'll ever date a guy she met at Orange Julius.

She was surprised to not see Jordan sitting on the couch waiting for her to get home, she was actually kind of, well, disappointed to not see him sitting there, firing out questions about how the date went as she poured herself a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and sat down on the couch to watch some Vh1 special on The Rockits, it had become a Saturday night post-date tradition for the two cousins, and then he had to go and break it by not waiting for her?

God, she clearly needed to get her head examined if this was what was bothering her after the disastrous evening that she had. But Jordan's been bothering her quite a bit lately…in an oddly good way.

Maybe that's why she had such a bad date with Skip…maybe it wasn't Skip at all. Maybe it was…oh God…maybe it was her. Maybe she just convinced herself that Skip was a sick pervert because she didn't want to have a good time on her date.

…on second thought, no, it was definitely Skip.

But her bad date last week with Toby? That one, that one was all Ruby. It had to have been.

She can hear the strumming of Jordan's guitar from down the hall, so instead of just heading into her room, she merely kicks her shoes into her bedroom, throws her purse onto her bed, and makes her way towards Jordan's room, rocking against his doorframe as she listens to a song that is sure to be overdramatic and oh, so deep.

She's surprised, however, at what she hears.

"Goodbyes are heard in those sad songs, with the leading characters bidding their so longs. But with you, I could never say goodbye. The Stones said farewell to those Tuesdays of ruby, but to you, my dear Ruby, I can only say…hello. So hello, my Ruby Tuesday. I won't say goodbye to you. I never want to lose you, but how can I when I've never even had you? My dear old Ruby Tuesday, I don't know what to do. But sit here and sing for you. Can you help me out, just this once? I don't feel like being in love."

Was that…was that even Jordan? The song was beautiful…and sweet…and, and kind of heartbreaking.

For the first time, Jordan Gallagher has struck all the right chords in a beautiful interpretation of a Rolling Stones song that every girl will wish was written just for them. Ruby can only wish that someday a boy will write a song like that for her…a boy like Jordan. Okay, just Jordan.

As much as she wants to run into his room and rave about how great the song is, she decides that it'll be more fun to have him sing it just for her and hear what she has to say about it then, on his own terms.

For now, she'll go into her room, and she'll open up her Five Star and grab her Papermate, and she'll try to finish the song that she's tried writing five times before.

"This is the story of a boy; this is the story of a girl. Together and alone in a messed up, crazy world. Things aren't as perfect as they seem. Some things are better off in dreams. Because in my dreams, my reality can exist. But in reality, my dreams are amiss. I can't have what I want but I won't settle for anything less. I've got the heat to set the night on fire, but all I want is his rhapsody." She stares down at her notebook paper in shock, amazed at how she could come up with such…crap.

She doesn't want to waste the time erasing all the lead, so she just rips it out and crumples it up, tossing it into the trash can along with the other failed attempts.

Staring down at her paper once again, she begins to write.

Tonight will be the night she finishes her song.

And he'll never know it's about him.


wow. That was really awful. lol

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