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Mr. Mason didn't exactly rush off a day after Carter and Rosie decided they were going to make love, much to Carter's disliking, but then again, when she though about it, it might be good that he didn't. This way Rosie could be just a tad more prepared for when they do. It wasn't exactly wise to rush things, even with the intense, unexplainable connection that the two had. With the time provided, she's started getting braver with the fragile Princess, not quite as scared to stray from her lips while kissing. She's noticed that she really likes when Carter kisses her skin in random places. She coos adorably when she places soft kisses against her shoulder, and sighs sweetly when she places them on her forehead or cheek. There is one place however, that Carter realized Rosie particularly liked. Whenever she placed kisses upon Rosies neck, she had her complete attention.


"." Rosie moaned, not exactly capable of words at the moment. She had her hands placed delicately on Carters back, loosely gripping the material of her shirt, trying to be polite since it wasn't very nice to grab at people's clothing in her mind. She wanted so hard to just rip the damn shirt off of her though. Of course she didn't say that out loud, she may be blunt, but she didn't exactly want to say things like this where Carter's ears would pick it up. Carter didn't reply to Rosie's gentle moans, she simply smiled as she kept her lips attached to the furiously beating pulse point on Rosies neck. As she started sucking harder Rosie thought to herself, maybe it wouldn't be so rude if she just tightened her grip a little harder....

She immediately regrets her reaction. It encourages Carter to start rocking her hips, causing Rosie to gasp even more, she is in complete ectasy right now, letting go of the scrunched up fabric that is Carter's t-shirt. She feels her hands venture downward on Carter's sides without her permission. That's when she realizes that she isn't so sure that this is customary. "C-Carter stop." She tries to speak, it takes everything she has to collect herself. "What, what's the matter? Did I do something?" The tomboy asks, worried that she has pushed Rosie too far. "No, I just. H-had a question." Rosie states, bringing her hand up to her own face, scratching an invisible itch. "What is it?" Carter happily asks.

"It's just,I'm not quite sure if it's acceptable for me to touch you as well? Is it rude to touch your partner whilst they touch you? I just... you always touch me, but I really wa-" Carter grinned as she listened to Rosie's shy question, she looked as if she were scared Carter would hit her just for asking, so she figured she should interrupt her before she gets herself too worked up. "Rosie, it's completely fine." She answers, watching as a tiny smile appears on the edge of Rosie's lips. "Really?" She hears herself ask, and Carter rubs the tip of her nose against the princess's and whispers, "Actaually, it's preffered." She says it as if it's a rare known fact, and chuckles to herself, even though she knows that to Rosie, it actually is.

Her face suddenly goes serious as she feels cool skin slipping into her shirt, touching her ribs gently. "So this... is acceptable behavior?" Rosie asks, her eyelids drooping slightly as she runs her fingertips across the skin she so desperately craved a moment ago. "Y-yes, as long as we're alone." Carter manages to answer, taking a deep breath as she simply sits there a few moments, watching Rosie's face change as she runs her hands along her stomach, as if it's the most fascinating thing she has ever touched. Carter decides right then and there that this is one of the many reasons that she loves Rosie. Nobody else had ever asked for permission to touch her, let alone become fascinated when they did. "I love you Rosie." She whispers, kissing her gently. Rosie grins into the kiss and kisses her back, holding her hips firmly.

As they get comfortable again ad the kissing heats up Rosie's hands drift downward slowly, down carter's bare lower back, tickling the skin with her fingertips, then rubbing her thumb over the waistband of Carter's jeans, and then, she feels her gasp into her mouth as her hands stop, finding their target. ""Rosie, wow. I never would've pegged you as the kind of girl to do that." Carter whispered, trying not to laugh. "What is so funny Carter?" The princess asked innocently, keeping her hands firmly in place. "Nothing... just, it usually takes somebody a lot of courage to... you know... touch somebody's butt." A blush spreads to her cheeks as she explains and Rosie can't help but smile, thinking she had done something courageous. "Don't worry Carter, maybe someday you'll be brave enough to touch mine." She says, sounding so sincere that Carter cannot contain the fit of giggles that takes over, completely killing the mood.