Okay, so add disclaimer here and whatnot...Also, I've just read over my last two chapters on this story and am dreadfully sorry about all of the mistakes. I hope you realised what I meant. This chapter may be a little under par, 'cause I haven't written with this style for a while now. But no excuses, on with the story:

The market place was strategically situated in the centre of the small town. Chloris noted with surprise that the town was very much like any other German town she had known or passed through. It displeased her because she expected the brothers to be a little more outgoing with their taste. They did, after all, face the unnatural with their line of work. Chloris told herself that they must enjoy the normality that their lifestyle doesn't normally provide for them. She nodded her head, happy with her answer though not sure if it was entirely true, and turned into a woman running into, what seemed like, every person. Chloris dusted the dirt off of her dress and stood up from her sprawled position on the ground. She, in a very different and outgoing move much unlike herself, reached out for a passing man and asked her if he knew the whereabouts of the Brothers Grimm. The man simply raised a blonde eyebrow and asked her why she wanted to know.

"I wish to speak to them," she answered him.

"It depends what you need to speak about," the man crossed his arms over his chest. Chloris puffed and huffed, annoyed at his less than satisfactory answers. Chloris was just about to turn away when a loud, echoing voice yelled out 'Wil'. Her gaze quickly snapped back to the blonde man who looked like some animal caught in a trap. With her hands on her hips, seething at the man's misleading actions, she waited for who she believed to be Jacob Grimm. Never once did her gaze waver from the man who supposedly fought witches. He however, glanced around, almost like he feared the wrath; the simple wrath of a stranger woman. The man is brave enough to fight witches of the woods, break curses and is no afraid to face the unknown, yet a simple woman such as myself can break such a brave man with many feats, and turn him into a nervous child again, although it was wrong of her, she couldn't help but smirk at her luck of intimidating the young man who would surely help her. Her Papa used fear in most of his business and it seemed to work wonderfully for him.

"Wil, there you are! 'Ve been looking everywhere for you," Jacob appeared at his brother's side, appearing to be out of breath. Chloris looked very smug and Jacob's eyes widened upon seeing the fair, tall beauty, pale blue eyes shining with content. "Hello. Who are you?" Jacob panted.

"Jacob Grimm?" Chloris asked, eyes raking over this brunette who seemed to be the brains of the operation. No doubt he wasn't fit, his breathing was still laboured, and the spectacles hinted long nights spent reading in poor light, straining his eyes. Or they were just a show to make him look smarter. Chloris wasn't sure whether to trust them or not, now that they were basking in her line of vision. They looked, well, less than average. No matter, a grin spread across her face when Jacob nodded quite enthusiastically.

"No, no. You're mistaken, fair lady—" Wil Grimm, however did not seem as excited to meet her and obviously wanted her gone. Jacob, however cut his brother off, placing a hand over the man's mouth so his explanation of her mistaking their identities was muffled.

"Nope, we're the Brothers Grimm. At your service." Chloris was now confused. The brunette one was more excited now that she had expressed interest but the blonde one did not want to help her, obviously. In fact, Chloris realised with dread, she had no idea who they were and was uncertain if they were the Brothers Grimm or not. She knew that every mistake and wrong turn could danger both herself and her mission, but they, the brothers, were both being rather difficult and not giving her a straight answer.

Folding her arms across her chest, Chloris asked her question with a very fine talent of sounding both indifferent to the answer and vaguely annoyed, "Are you, or are you not, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm?" Wil shook his head no in a fast and precise manner, while Jacob lazily and sloppily bounded his head up and down, signifying yes, in a unique and passionate manner. Chloris was no longer amused or annoyed. She wanted to back out of there, but was confused what to do if they really were the brothers or not. Sighing and rolling her eyes in a dejected manner, she turned her eyes away from the brothers and into the morning hustle of the town. Turning back, the brothers were gone.

Chloris looked around in alarm. Where did they go? Where did those two brothers go? She kept repeating in her head, for it was obvious to her that they were both brothers. She jumped up onto a stool and looked over the heads of the crowd. Wil was dragging Jacob away from her direction, while Jacob was waving his arms around in a comical conduct. She noticed how people cleared the way in front of the brothers, but then blocked her path to them, watching them retreat with a mixture of confusion and awe. Chloris realised that the town folk where confused in the way they were retreating, not the fact that they were. She sighed, hissing curses to Wil in her head. She would need some miracle of device to move the people out of her way to get to the brothers now. Jacob caught her eyes with his and he started yelling and frantically moving. Chloris jumped off onto the ground and tried to barge through the people.

"Oi, didn' your m'aver eva teach you manna's?" The man she had tried to pry herself between growled at her. He was old with silver hair, and pushed her to the ground, quickly turning back to a conversation with a lover, it sounded like. Chloris wrinkled her nose with disgust and apologised, jumping up again. She frantically looked around, looking for something to use. She had put her pack down on the stool, and saw a large stick of wood sticking out from a wagon. She gave it a quick yank, nothing happening. One more hard and hysterical pull and the piece of wood quickly dislodged itself. The wagon started to move backwards at a very slowly speed. Chloris quickly realised this and replaced the stick, not wanting to disrupt anyone else's morning. She picked up her pack on the small wooden stool and quickly rolled her eyes at her insane idea that had formed, while sending a glance to the hard and splintering object. She picked up the furniture, happy to feel that it wasn't too heavy to move around comfortably, and she regretfully slammed the stool into the old man's back. With a grunt of heavy pain and some of shock, he fell on top of his young red-haired mistress. Chloris winced, but realised that she had cleared a small pathway, now that the two bodies were on the ground. They quickly got up, though, due to Chloris's hesitation. Chloris frowned. The two easily angered people were now kicking up a fuss. Chloris really needed to reach the brothers. No doubt they could easily be hidden by her eyes by now. She had to say that with no regret, she knocked the loud couple over again.