The Truth About The Revolutionary War

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Warning(s): Some violence, some language, and strong sexual content.

Pairing(s): Alfred/Arthur & Arthur/Alfred

Spoilers: If you don't know the story of the Revolutionary War then this is a big spoiler

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Summary: How do you cope with the mess that is made when you are forced to fight the person you cherish most? How do you survive when you've lost their love? Is there a cure for a broken heart?

A little boy once asked me, "What do you cherish most?"

I responded, "The love of someone very precious to me."

"Wow! That's cool!" the boy exclaimed before asking, "What would you do if you lost that person's love?"

"I would fall apart."

"Can I ask you something, Arthur?" His face became serious, the smile was gone.

"Sure," I said hesitantly.

"Why do you always refuse to celebrate my birthday?"

I had no idea how to respond. I wanted to just admit everything to him. I wanted to tell him of my loneliness without him and how much I love him. But again I hid the truth.

"I am not fond of parties," I lied.

"Bullshit." Damn it all. Alfred could easily read me. I fell silent.

"Iggy," I froze at the nickname. That's what he used to call me when he was still a small child.

"Iggy…Tell me the truth…please." The way he formed those words almost made it sound like a demand rather than a request. But as he spoke, I couldn't help but see the young boy I raised. His eyes had never changed. They still held some sort of power over me.

"Alfred, if I told you the truth, you'd either laugh at me or shun me for the rest of our lives."

"I highly doubt the truth is that bad," he pouted.

"It is though. It would ruin whatever relationship we currently have," I stated. He frowned at that.

"Can't you risk it, for me?"

"For you? You are exactly the reason I can't risk it," I replied. It may not have made sense to America, but it was very clear to me. If I told him the truth, that I was miserable without him and that I was madly in love with him, he'd surely push me away. I couldn't risk that. Without Alfred, I would fall apart.

"C'mon Arthur!" he begged. Ugh, I hated when he made his eyes large and watery like some lost puppy. He continued begging for an hour or so. It was so tiring.

"Alright Alfred! I'll tell you!" I gave in. He sat next to me on my bed; we had somehow arrived in my room.

With a sigh, I began, "The truth is, your birthday is a very painful day for me." He tilted his head.

"You see, it reminds me of…well of what happened…"

"You mean the fact that I became independent?" I cringed at the word "independent" and nodded.

"And that makes me feel, uh…sad."

Alfred laughed, "That's it? Geez you made a huge deal out of nothing!"

I was pissed. How dare he laugh at me? I rose to my feet and screamed at him to leave my house. He rushed out of my room, afraid that I'd kill him, and left me alone. I sank to the floor and felt water forming in the corners of my eyes. I sat there sobbing like a bloody hormonal girl. At one point I had risen to my feet and began yelling in between sobs.

"Fucking fourth of July! Stupid, ridiculous Independence Day! Ugh! Why do I have to be so attached to that fucking moron? I wish-I wish I had never taken care of him! Then I wouldn't be so miserable! Every fucking year! EVERY YEAR! I-I can't live like this…I can't live without him…I-I need him. But, things will never be the way they were…Times have changed, and without him, I'm breaking at the seams."

I sighed and then chuckled slightly as I remembered a conversation I had with America way back in the day.

"What do you cherish most?" I quoted the conversation to himself, "The love of someone very precious to me. Wow! That's cool! What would you do if you lost that person's love?"

"I would fall apart," a voice said from the doorway. I whipped around only to see Alfred leaning against the doorframe, a look of pity and sadness on his face.

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