Rising Sun


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What would have happened if Edward never came back to Forks, WA? (*GASP* perish the thought!) Would Bella and Jacob have continued to grow and blossom into something hot and sticky? This is New Moon... Minus the hallucinations, cliff diving, and sparkly visitors. Cue the wolves...

I feel you

Your precious soul

And I am whole

I feel you

Your rising sun

My kingdom comes

This is the morning of our love

It's just the dawning of our love

"I Feel You"-Depeche Mode

Chapter 1-Breaking Bella

Jacob POV

This was a stupid, stupid idea! Why did I let Bella talk me into this stunt?!

My thoughts raced as fast as my heart was pounding as I hurried to Bella's side. She was lying a football field or more away from me, crumpled in a pile on the ground, the motorcycle she'd been riding still roaring and growling as it crushed her tiny, helpless form.

"Bellaaa!!!" I heard my own voice, but it sounded far away and like someone else's.

God, let her be alright! Please! I'll never forgive myself if she's dead! Or broken!

"Oh, shit! I broke her! I broke Bella!" This voice sounded much closer and more like my own.

"Bella! Bellaaa! Hold on! I'm coming!" I screamed at her limp body as I sped toward her on my bike. Damn piece of shit! Go faster!! In a quieter voice I pleaded, "Please be okay! Please be okay!

After what felt like an hour, but was more like 30 seconds, I reached the spot where my girl was laying, broken.

My girl? When did she...?

Broken because of you, asshat!

The annoying voice in my head was up to his smart ass ways, and there is only one way to deal with annoying voices: talk back to them.

Shut it! I have the rest of my life to blame myself for killing or maiming my girl. I need to focus!!

I tossed the bike off her slight frame, and her words from weeks ago rang in my ears...

"Careful, Jake, let me help you with those bikes, they're really heav.... Damn, Jake when did you get so... strong?"

I recalled my smart ass thought at the time, grateful for the umpteenth time for my mental filter: Uh, somewhere between you getting your head stuck up Edward Cullen's ass and him leaving you a broken and empty zombie.

Yeah, I was real thankful for the filter right about then. That may have been what I was thinking, but thanks to the filter, all I said was, "I dunno?" shrugging off how the way she noticed my "abilities" made my insides feel like goo.

Goo, Black? What? Did you grow a vag while you were growing muscles? Geesh! Could you be more of a chick?

Ignoring the 'Voice', I didn't bother to shut off the bike and knelt over her, trying to decide what I should do.

I bet you Edward would know what to do...

Shut it, you moron! I don't need you bringing him into this! Stupid, nagging voice-in-my-head!

"Bella! Oh, geez! Oh, please say you're okay!" Blood was seeping from a wound on her head near her hairline, and my hand carefully reached out to her, not wanting to hurt her any worse than she already was, but desperate to see if she was all right. Just as I was about to touch her, her eyes fluttered open.

Cloudy and unfocused she croaked out, "Jake? What happened?" She was trying to sit up, clearly unaware of her injuries. She reached up to feel the warm blood oozing from her head and sucked in a pained breath that sounded more like a hiss. "Oh, my go... Damn! That hurts! What the...? DAMN! What happened?" She almost sounded more pissed than hurt. That was fine; pissed I could deal with, hurt, not so much.

Taking off my shirt and pressing it to her head, which only made her hiss again, I tried to get her to stay put.

"Bella, stay still, you fell off the bike and hit your head. Are you alright?" I tried my best to get her to stay the hell still, but that was a losing battle. She was sitting up and staring at me like I had three heads. I knew I had to get her out of here and checked out at a hospital, so I formed a quick plan.

"Bells, stay here. I'm gonna go get the truck. Don't move, okay?"

She nodded in agreement, but still tried to get up. She's stubborn, my girl is.

Again with the 'My girl' shit. You'd better stop before it gets out of hand.

Yeah? Well, you'd better shut it before I get a lobotomy and have you cut out of my head!

With that, I reminded Bella in my sternest voice, "I mean it, Bells! Don't move!"

She nodded to me that she wasn't going anywhere and I got up and turned in the direction of the truck. Looking back at her to make sure she was staying put, I took off, no, not on the bike, but running.

I really shouldn't have done that, but I was way faster than that piece of crap bike, and my girl needed help fast.

The pain-in-the-ass-voice couldn't help himself.

Uh-what did I say abou...

I growled at it.


I reached the truck in no time, jumping in and barreling over to her. When I got back she looked alert, but like she was trying desperately not to pass out again or hurl. She looked up to me with those big, glossy doe eyes, and I almost lost it. Yep, insides equal goo.

I took a moment to collect my inner chick, locking that shit firmly away, and started inventory.

Okay... she's alert and sitting up, so she probably doesn't have a back injury. She's not talking much, but when she did she sounded fine so I don't think there's any brain damage.

Well, no more than usual.

I mentally chuckled at my own joke and apparently my humor registered on my face because Bella tensed and demanded, "What? What's so funny, Jacob Black? I nearly break my neck on these retarded motorcycles of yours and you're laughing at me? Nice."

"Oh, no, Bells! I wasn't laughing at you..." Just as I was starting to get defensive I heard her giggling. I looked up to see her looking at me mischievously. She was teasing me! That had to be a sign of being okay, right? Well, that, or serious brain injury. I needed to get her out of here.

Just then she stopped making that adorable sound and sat staring at me all intense and shit.

Whoa! What's that about?

What Bella said next was almost more than I could bear. "Wow, Jake. You're kinda beautiful, you know."



My head was pounding, blood was pouring down my face and neck, and I had this throbbing pain in my wrist, but all I could think of was how frickin' beautiful Jake was. With or without clothing.

Then I had to go all Special Ed and before I could stop them, the words came pouring out of my mouth like verbal vomit, "Wow, Jake. You're kinda beautiful, you know."

What the...??!! Why the hell did I just say that out loud? I must have hit my head harder than I thought.

I really am losing it!

"Come on, Bells, let's get you some help." Once again, Jake wrestled an awkward moment to the ground and pinned it there.

Wish he'd wrestle me to the ground and... Whoa! What the hell is my problem??!! I have serious issues. I fall and hit my head and turn into a nympho who is lusting after her best friend? How many brain cells did I destroy with that little motorcycle stunt?

"Bells? Earth to Bella? Man, I'm thinking you hit your head pretty hard. We'll be at the ER in a few minutes. Relax, but don't fall asleep; I heard that was bad with a head injury, or some shit like that." Jake's voice snapped me back into reality.

"NO! No ER! Charlie would kill us! Think about it, Jacob. We can't go to the ER. Besides I'm fine, really. Just a little flesh wound, honestly. Please!" Panic raced through my body and found its exit in my voice. Jake looked a little panicked himself.

Finally, after a long pause, he agreed. "You're right. Charlie would kill us, but not before he beat the shit out of me, and I deserve it. Bells, I am so sorry! I had no business letting you get on that bike alone! Damn, I'm such a dumb ass! Are you sure you're okay with not going to the ER? 'Cause I'll take you, Charlie or no Charlie." What he really meant was 'painful death or no painful death'.

I tried to compose myself in order to be as convincing as possible. "Really, Jake, I'm fine. Just take me back to your place so I can clean up, okay? Promise me."

"Sure, sure. We'll just go back to my place and then I'll bring you home later as long as you don't have a concussion or anything. Don't go belly up on me, okay?" Jake's reply sounded more like a question than an order.

My shirt was covered in blood, and I could only imagine what my face looked like. It was all I could do to keep conscious and not puke all over the floorboard of the truck.

Don't kid yourself, Swan. With your luck you'd probably aim for the floorboards, but end up hurling in his lap. Mmmmm, his lap. I can think of some other things I'd like to have on his lap.

My gaze hovered over his lap and I felt him shift under my stare. I let my eyes roam up to his incredibly ripped, incredibly bronze stomach.

Six pack my ass! More like a 24 pack! Damn! And that chest! Wow. He has beautiful... pecs? I know those are man boobs, but DAMN! Can I just curl up in all that and stay there forever and ever?

With that last thought of spending eternity in Jacob Black's torso I sighed, audibly sighed, and not just an 'I'm exhausted from almost being killed in a motorcycle accident today' sigh. I'm talking about a 'Holy Hell, he's hot!' sigh. Just my luck, Jacob seemed to be able to tell the difference between the two because he looked over at me with this dark, intense look. Okay, it was lust, plain and simple. He caught me staring at all his yummy man parts.

I looked away as fast as I could, but there was no denying that he had caught me lusting after him. That would have been enough for me to will the seat of the truck to open up and swallow me whole, but I had a thought. It was a crazy thought, but a thought nonetheless; Jake was looking at me the same way I was looking at him, with lust.


Jacob POV

I got Bella back to the res without any more problems.

She surprised me by staying awake. I was sure she had some sort of concussion, but she didn't seem drowsy at all. When I looked over to check on her I was a little, okay, hell, I was a LOT shocked to find her staring at my crotch and biting her bottom lip. That didn't help the whole situation I had going on down there.

For months now we'd been hanging out in my garage; working on the bikes, shooting the breeze, and avoiding the obvious... Bella was messed up, and it was all because of that prick, Edward.

Is it possible to hate and be indebted to someone all at the same time? Because, damn if I wasn't. I didn't want to have any positive feelings towards the frickin' bloodsucker either. How could I not hate him for doing this to my girl? Hell, as scary as it was for me to think that I'd broken her today that was nothing compared to the shattered pieces he'd left her in. At least the injuries she received from her time with me would heal; at least I hoped they would.

I'm beginning to wonder. She is acting all loopy, and why is she staring at me like that?

Was she ogling? Yes, she was ogling my stomach and chest now. She must have really hit her head hard. This situation was getting bizarre, but DAMN! I hope she never stops looking at me like that! If she keeps this up then I'm going to have to take a quick shower when we get to res to take matters into my own hands.

Focus, Jacob. FOCUS!

Like I said, for months now we'd been hanging out, and I'd spent the last four months trying my damnedest to not stare at her ass…and failing. What? I'm a guy. Enough said. I guess I thought I was being all secretive and James Bond about sneaking looks as she'd walk away, or when she'd get up from sitting in the Rabbit, but she caught me staring more times than I can count so eventually I just stopped hiding the fact that I thought she was the hottest thing on two legs. Or four. Or eighteen. No, she wasn't just hot, she was beautiful. She did things to me that made my 108.7 degree body temp get even hotter, just by looking sideways at me, or up through those ridiculously long eyelashes of hers. But my favorite Bella-ism... her lip biting.

Oh, man... Don't think about the lips. Don't do it. Don't! Too late.

Yep. My painfully tight pants got impossibly tighter. And it was moments such as these that I was almost grateful to that fucker Edward Cullen. It was because he didn't have the balls to stick around and be a man that I got to pick up the pieces he left her in, and she was finally beginning to let me put her back together.

That was until I broke her today. I mean, it's a different kind of broken, but broke is broke, right?

Hey, broken ain't so bad, buddy. Isn't there a saying: You break it, you buy it?

Shut it. One more word from you, Mr. Voice-inside-my-head, and it's Lobotomy time.

I so wanted to buy into that shit.

Broken or not. Especially when she was looking at me with ... with what? With Lust.

Yep. I was so taking a shower when we got to the res and she was settled comfortably on the couch.

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