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Chapter 4-Unicorns

Jacob POV

Steam was filling up the small bathroom as I stood there, staring into the mirror, not really seeing anything. Except her, my girl. Moving over me. Arching her back. Her eyes closed as she moaned softly when my mouth covered her lips, her neck.

Damn, focus, lover boy, you're supposed to be calming down in here not getting more worked up. You've got a three ring circus going on in your pants and Charlie will be here any time now, Don't think he won't notice either- a blind fucker would notice that wood.

The pain-in-my-ass-voice chose now to make a joke and bring up my girl's father. I'd never been grateful for the voice, but there was a first time for everything.

Like feeling Bella's ass in my hands...or the soft flesh of her...

What...? Is that Bella's voice? Who is she talking to?

I opened the door a crack and heard her saying goodbye to Charlie and then the phone as it was placed on the cradle. She'd called Charlie.

Wonder what that was about...

The voice and Bella's call had pulled me from my thoughts, and I took that time to strip out of my clothes and step into the shower. Neither had helped to relieve the painfully raging hard on I now possessed.

"Down, boy."

I let the hot water run over me, as I tried to control myself. I desperately tried to think of anything that would take my mind off Bella. I stood there, my hands pressed to the cool tiles, leaning forward into the water pouring over me.

"Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T, S, R, Q, P, O, N, M... Mmmmm,. Bella. Okay, the backwards alphabet trick didn't work. Ummm, try...kittens, grandma, calculus. Shit, I don't even take calculus!! This shit is not working!

I decided to give up and just get cleaned up and out of there, as quickly as possible. I did not want to jerk off in the shower with my girl 25 feet away. So, so I grabbed the soap and started lathering it over my body, washing the dirt, blood, and mud from the field. The feel of my hands reminded me of Bella's hands moving over my bare chest, her arms wrapped around my neck, her hands fisted in my hair. I groaned at the thought, and my body reacted instantly. My hand wrapped around my cock and began to relieve the painful tension in slow, guilty strokes. This was a losing battle.

Don't be such a pussy, just do it. What's the big deal? You do it every morning, anyway, and you think of Bella the whole time then too. So, what's the big deal?

"No," I growled at the voice, "It's not the same, I won't jerk off with her in the other room!" I realized too late that I'd answered the voice out loud. Wincing, I hoped she'd not heard that. The embarrassment of Bella hearing me talking to myself about jerking off should have been enough to make me soft as ice cream on a July afternoon, but no.

I heard the knob click as the handle to the bathroom turned and opened silently. A moment later I heard it close again. I never heard her, but I could feel her. She, she was in the the bathroom. I was totally fucked.



I hung up the phone. My heart was pounding in my chest. Without thinking, I started towards the bathroom, pausing when I heard Jacob's voice echoing off the shower walls.

"No, it's not the same, I won't jerk off with her in the other room!"

My heart stopped beating. I knew it wouldn't start again until I was near him. So so I moved to the door that stood between us. My hand reached out and slowly turned the handle. I wasn't trying to be quiet, it just seemed right to do this with purpose, taking my time.

When I shut the door behind me I was suddenly overpowered by the steam swirling around me, laced with the smell scent of Jacob and soap. It was intoxicating, like a drug. I stood at the mirror, like I had hours earlier. My, my hands planted on the counter, staring in to the reflection. Only, only I didn't focus on my image, but on the image of the shower curtain that would twitch when the hot water from the shower head would hit against it. Everything I wanted in this world was behind that thin sheet of wet plastic. I'd be damned if I wasn't going after it. I had one thought ringing in my head... Mine.


Jacob POV

My heart had ceased to beat. It was still in my chest; waiting to see what would happen next. It didn't haverhave to wait long.

Without warning the curtain moved ever so slightly and Bella stepped into the shower with me, clothes and all; she turned to face me. I stood there with my dick in my hands and the biggest look of guilt on my face; I had never been so turned on or so embarrassed in my 17 years.

The water quickly soaked through her clothes, but she didn't move to take them off. She just looked me with those dark eyes and took the two steps to close the distance between us. Her eyes moved over my body and stopped when they rested on my hands. Her gaze whipped up to meet mine, and a smoldering grin slowly spread across her mouth.

It flashed through my mind that she wasn't embarrassed or shocked by walking in on me taking care of my "situation". In fact, from the look of that smirk, I think she rather liked it.

Her eyes never left mine. I felt her hand before I saw it. It covered, covering mine and wrapped wrapping around it. A, and a moan came from deep within some primal part of me at the contact. How that tiny hand could completely engulf my own was unexplainable. But it did. Without a word her hand began to move over mine. It was heaven, and hell.

"No..." my other hand gently stopped her ministrations, "Bella, this is so not how I pictured our first shower together." Her hand struggled to continue its movements. Her free hand moved up my chest and around to the back of my neck and started gently rubbing there.

"Relax, Jacob, no more hesitations. Just let what happens happen. For the first time in a long time - no, I think for the first time ever, - I know what I want. I will love you. You will love me. The only question is will you do so willingly?" Her smirk grew impossibly sexier as she punctuated her question with a raised eyebrow.

A sigh escaped from deep within the core of my being as I breathed her in and surrendered to her love.

"What about Charlie and Billy? They'll be back any minute."

I'd be damned if I was gonna start this shit, only to stop before I was done showing my girl just how much I loved her.

Her smirk transformed into a wide, shit eating grin and teased me, "Wow, you sure know how to kill a girl's sex buzz. Do we really have to bring my father into this?"

"You think a visual of Charlie is what I want swimming around my head when your hand is wrapped around me, moving like that?"

As if on cue, her hand began to stroke me again, this time with more purpose, and she proudly declared to me, "Um, I took care of that. They won't be back for a while..." For the first time since she stepped in the shower she looked a little shy, almost guilty.

"How long is 'a while'?" I surprised myself that I managed to form a semi-coherent thought and deliver it with her hands on my body.

Sheepishly she confessed. "I called Charlie and told him I was staying at Angela's tonight, and suggested that he and Billy go see a movie and grab some dinner. You know how Billy always crashes on the couch went when they stay out late. I might have also told him that you were hanging with the guys to keep them from coming to pick you up too."

DAMN! My girl was good! It seemed that in the five minutes I had been in the shower alone she'd managed to get us a full night together, alone.

"So it's just you and me tonight? All night?" I asked. What I really was asking was if she was really sure about this.

"Well, me, you, and my hand..." To make her point she squeezed me harder as she stroked.

Grabbing her, I pulled her roughly to me, covering her mouth with mine, and forcing my tongue in her mouth. She groaned against my kisses, and her unoccupied hand roaming, squeezing and gently scratching as she discovered the wet plains of my body, eventually entwining itself in my wet hair.

Desperate to feel her skin as well, I pulled back just far enough to look at her beautiful face.

"Oh, Bella. This could be very dangerous. More dangerous than the bike. Much. Much. More. Are you sure?"

Her answer was fast and left no doubt in my mind that she was sure. She stepped back a step and in one sweeping motion pulled her soaking wet t-shirt and bra over head. She stood before me bare and breathtaking. I had to tell her so.

"You're fucking breathtaking, Bella."

She closed the space between us, pressing every chest to mine. The feel of her breast breasts against my bare skin was the singularly the most pleasurable experience I had ever had...yet.

Hands were everywhere. Her back, my chest, her flat stomach, the curve of her hips, my thighs, cupping her ass, my back, her perfect breasts... I couldn't touch her enough, and apparently she felt the same way. Our hands sought each other hungrily.

I found the button of her jeans and undid them with one hand, the other hand continuing to discover her; my mouth following its path whenever it could. Licking, licking and planting desperate kisses all over her. I turned her away from me pressing her back to my chest. My mouth found her shoulder and I bit her gently where her glorious neck joined it. Her gasp of surprised pleasure sent encouraged me and I began kissing and nipping all across her back.

Ever busy, my left hand reached across her torso,- caressing and massaging her right breast. My skilled right hand was lowering the zipper on her jeans. ;I I had no idea how difficult it was to unzip soaking wet jeans,jeans, and I made a mental note to ask if she had any button fly jeans. That shit is hot, and zipper-less...

Once the zipper had been vanquished, I resisted the urge to rip the jeans from her body. Instead, I opted for more. I fingered the waist of her open jeans, softly brushing along the elastic of her panties. She moaned, pressing against me at the feel of my hands on her sensitive skin, and I took that as an invitation to continue. I slipped my hand down under the fabric, and was met by the warmth that was radiating from between her legs. Bella groaned, arching her back to me and spreading her legs a little further apart. She reach reached behind to take me in her hand and continued working her magic that had started everything.

I kissed and licked what skin I could as my fingers explored every inch of her within my reach. She gasped, and then moaned when my fingers brushed over the wet heat between her thighs. Hell, so did I. Needing her naked in front of me, I slowly pulled my hand out from her pants, only to be rewarded by a whimper of utter disappointment from my girl.

I growled into her ear as I bit it gently, "You like me touching you, don't you?"

"Magic. Simply magical." Her response was husky with need.

"Magical? You mean like unicorns and shit?" I teased her, and as I did, I gently, but firmly, pulled her jeans and underwear down over her hips, helping her step out of them.

"Uh-huh..." was Was all she could manage to answer.

"I need to see you. May I look at you, Bella?"

I knew the answer; I just wanted to hear it out loud.

"Yes, Jacob." It came out more like "Um-yes-Jake-huh"

As I turned her towards me she slipped on the pile of wet clothes discarded on the shower floor and. I caught her before she fell, pulling her to me. Truly feeling all of her pressed against my length was more than I could bear. Feeling her naked body pressed against mine, my dick brushing against her thigh, was truly more than I could bear, and it was a nothing short of a miracle that I didn't cum right then and there.

Carefully, I pulled her back from me and held her steady. She was indescribable. It was the first time I had ever wished I could write poetry, or compose music, or paint a portrait, because I had no way to describe how fucking amazingly beautiful she was. True to my special-ed self I said the first thing that came in my head, which was some incredibly romantic shit like, "Wow...just, fucking WOW, Bella."

In that moment I thought of a million things I wanted to do to her in that tiny shower at that exact moment. But, considering her lack of coordination and balance I thought it a better idea to move more to a less wet part of the house.

Like my bed...

Without a word I reached behind me and quickly shut off the water. The look of confusion registered across her face for a moment, but I swept back the curtain and grabbed the towel off the counter, wrapping it around her dripping, naked frame. It about fucking killed me to cover up that body. I'd give anything to have this woman naked for the rest of her days.

I scooped my girl up and carried her to my room. She was so tiny and light in my arms.

Be careful not to break her, big dog.

Really? The fucking voice again?

Fuck off, prick. I got this. By the way... I'm, I'm making that appointment with the brain surgeon for that lobotomy tomorrow!

I was momentarily relieved that I had cleaned my poor excuse for a room yesterday and changed the sheets. I kicked the door with my toe and walked to the bed. I could do this so many ways. Sweet; sweet, gentle, romantic, playful, rough... I went with surprise, and simply dropped her on the bed. She squealed as she fell and was caught by the soft mattress. She giggled as the towel fell from her still wet body and went suddenly quiet.

Then Bella, my Bella, grabbed me and pulled me down over her. Claiming me, and growled growling roughly:




I sat there on his bed, naked and exposed, and for the first time in my life I wasn't self conscious. "Fucking breathtaking". That's how he'd described me. Jake's always had a foul mouth, I was used to it. But, at that moment, I'd never heard a more beautiful word than "fucking" before in my life. I wanted him over me. Now.

"Mine. Fucking mine!"

I pulled him down to me, and he covered me completely. It was a hurricane of touching, kissing, sucking, biting, grabbing, and licking. He moved over me without any rhyme or plan, just desperate to touch me everywhere. Just when I thought I might explode from need, he stopped.

He shifted his weight to lie alongside of me, the front of his body making contact all along the length of my side. I was confused, until I looked into his face. The lust was being replaced with love, lusty love, but pure, deep love. He propped his head up on one head to be able to see me better.

Then he spoke.

"May I worship you, Bella?"

I nodded my agreement, unable to speak.

He began gently moving his free hand over my body, giving every inch of me careful attention. As his had paid my body homage, his lips sung it's praises; planting reverent kisses and caressing as they followed the path of his hands. I couldn't resist following his lead, and returned the love he showered on me. Touching and kissing, tangling limbs in the process.

When he was satisfied that he had properly and thoroughly worshiped me, he began kissing along my collar bone.

"Mmmm, I love the way you taste. Like vanilla and strawberries. You are delicious. I wonder if you taste like this everywhere?everywhere." He looked up at me through desire filled eyes. This was the look of a man with a purpose, a plan.

He kissed and kneaded each breast, starting with the left and then moving to the right. My hands twisted in his long, wet hair- pulling, urging him to not stop. But he did.

"Don't worry, ladies. I'll be back. I have more pressing issues to tend to. I promise I'll be back." With a maniacal chuckle he kissed his way down my ribs and to my stomach, pausing to lick and tickle my belly button. I scratched and clawed his back with one hand and fisted the other in that black mane of his. Pulling, pulling it to punctuate my desire.

He continued his decent down my body and settled between my legs. Looking up at me he growled, "My, aren't we wet. And I don't mean from the shower we just took together."

Again, I was reduced to whimpers and moans.

"Bella, my love, use your words, Jakey doesn't know what you want if you don't tell him." All the while he was dragging the tip of his nose back and forth along my pelvic bone, his warm breath sending chills throughout my body.

Another groan escaped my lips, this time I was able to cry his name.

"That's it, baby. What do you want? What do you need? Anything, you can have anything and everything you want, just tell me. Please, baby. Talk to me..."

My words, when I finally found them, were broken by the pants heavy breathing that pushed from my chest.

"You. I want you. I want your...I want your mouth on me. Please, Jacob!" She moaned, panting between words.

"Okay, baby. You don't have to beg... I want to taste you, too. I just wanted to hear you say it..." He grinned into my hip where he'd frozen to listen to me beg for him.

Slowly he kissed and nuzzled his way to "the 'promised land'", working and worked his magic. My hands grasped the sheets on either side of my hips as I writhed and arched to meet his movements more fully. His lips and tongue found parts of me I had no idea existed. When he added his fingers to the orchestration that was the magic of Jacob Black I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. His fingers and tongue moved in perfect timing, and it had me wondering if this really was his first time. I said as much, too.

"Damn, Jake. Don't stop. Please don't stop! Oh, babe, how... uhhhh. How do you know how to do this? Oh, Jacob, I'm so close..."

The warmth was quickly spreading all throughout my body. It grew and built and just when I thought I might burn up from the heat, my entire body was wracked with shuddering. Magnificent shuddering that started deep within and spreading over every inch of my body, all the way to my fingertips.

I'll admit that I screamed when I came that first time. I screamed and probably would have brought the neighbors running to see if I was being murdered. That is, if there were any neighbors. We lay there. I panted, moaned, and chanted Jake's name over and over in pure ecstasy. As my orgasm subsided, Jake still between my legs, his head rested on my stomach gently kissing and rubbing my belly.

"You're welcome, my love."


Jacob POV

Bella just kept panting my name, over and over. Bringing her to climax, was singularly the hottest thing I have ever experienced. I'd watched porn, hell, we lived on a reservation, there's not a whole hell of a lot of things for a group of teenage boys to do out here. But we watch porn. Don't all teenaged boys? And, so, I had a pretty good idea how to make Bella climax, but it was all theory. To know that I could actually do it . I made me feel like I was the king of the world, or at the very least, the king of Bella's 'Promised Land'. I couldn't help but respond to her cries with a simple, heartfelt: "Your welcome, my love."

I chuckled quietly at the memory of her whispering that phrase as I made my way down her body. She said it so softly that I thought I was making it up, until she repeated it, only much louder as she screamed my name as she came. For as long as I live I doubt that I will ever experience anything as sexy and hot as Bella calling her pussy the "Promised Land" at the top of her lungs. And, yes, she did taste like vanilla and strawberries. Fucking delicious.

"What's so funny now, Chuckles?" Her voice was thick with the satisfaction of what I had just given her.

"Oh, nothing, Moses. Just basking in the afterglow of the 'Promised Land.'"

"Oh my god. Did I say that out loud? I think I might die of embarrassment..."

"No, sweetie. I love it. It's a perfect nickname for you your 'lady parts'..." I had a feeling calling it her "pussy" would be a bit harsh for Bella. I doubted she'd watched much porn. I didn't want to embarrass her any more. Then she surprised me...

"Jacob Black, where the fuck did you learn to do that? That was... 'Fucking WOW!'"

"A gentleman never reveals his sources..." I was hoping to avoid the porn convo...

"That's bullshit, and it's a reporter who never reveals his sources... Spill it, Fabio!"

"Fine. But, don't get pissed, okay?"

"Cross my heart."

She made an "X" over her left breast to show she meant what she said. All that did is make my hand ache to fondle the perfect mound. She watched me stare at her as she moved to take my hand that rested on her hip, and moved it to where her hand had just been. She moved her hand with mine, encouraging me to fondle away.

"You did promise the girls..." She reminded me gently of the promise I had made earlier.

Then she cleared her throat to encourage me to finish the conversation we were just having.

"Porn. I've watched some porn."


"Damn. A lot. I've watched my fair share of porn, okay? Are you mad?"

She looked at me for a second, and then burst out laughing. That was not the reaction I had braced myself for.

"No, Jake, I'm not mad. First, you're a 17 year old guy. I think porn is, like required, right? Second, I don't think I could ever be mad at you with you doing what you're doing to my boob right now. I do think the right one's a little jealous, though."

Then she winked at me. At the same time she raised her hips off the bed just a little, unconsciously responding to the growing need I was bringing out of her.

Watching my girl respond to my touch I thought of the things I wanted to do to her tonight and every night from now on.

"Your dad's gonna kill me"

"At least you'll go with a smile on your face."

"Bells, you're the one grinning from ear to ear."

"Well, I think we need to even up the score a bit then..."



Jacob's eyes immediately clouded over with desire. He climbed up my body and hovered over me, supporting his weight on his outstretched arms.

"Bella, I want you. I want to be inside you. I need to know what it feels like to have every part of you surrounding every part of me."

He looked to me for permission. Did he really think he needed it after all we'd already done? I wanted this as much as he did. I knew it wouldn't be very comfortable, but I had a feeling what was coming was worth a little pain. I nodded that I wanted this too.

"Jake, please. I want this, I need you. I know you love me. It'll be okay. I'm ready and I trust you."

"I promise to be gentle. I love you more than anything. Please tell me if I hurt you. I'll stop immediately."

He gently lowered himself so that I could feel the weight of his body pressing me down into the mattress. He was still supporting most of his weight on his one elbow, but used his free hand to touch and explore every inch he had so thoroughly ravished only moments before. I felt my need for him ignite under the careful touching and teasing of his fingers and palm.

I encouraged him by running my nails over his chest and back, kissing and licking his Adonis like chest; I loved teasing his nipples. He moaned and pressed his erection against my leg, trying to find relief in what little friction he could create with us like this. I reached down and wrapped my hand around him. Massaging and stroking him, trying to push him to the point where he would stop worrying and just- act. My need to feel him was quickly becoming unbearable. and If if I had the physical strength I would have flipped him over and straddled him like I had on the couch, and then riding him 'till he was screaming about his "promised land".

But, I wasn't strong enough, so I focused on weakening his resolve to be so damned gentle. Rubbing and pulling. Cupping and exploring I had him moaning and calling my name. I couldn't imagine him being able to hold out much longer. I sure as hell couldn't. I remembered his plea from earlier to use my words. So I did. It was his undoing.

"Jakey, please. I need you. I need to feel this deep inside me. How long do I have to suffer without you? Please, lover..."

I growled out the last plea. I think he likes it when I growl, because he growled right back. But, not the lusty, losing control growl I already knew so well. It was primal. Animalistic, animalistic; it was the growl of a wild wolf.

A little scared, but mostly turned on like crazy, I grabbed his ass with both hands and pressed him to me. He obliged willingly.

Repositioning himself over me, he took my mouth in a rough kiss that deepened and left our tongues warring with one another. He pressed his chest into mine and moaned into my mouth at the feel of our bodies which were slick with sweat. He balanced on one elbow and used his free hand to guide himself into position. He, then pressed his pelvis slightly forward so that his tip was just touching my opening. I raised my hips to meet him, begging him to mercifully continue. His eyes locked with mine, looking past my irises, deep into my soul and, never breaking our gaze, he kissed me deeply, passionately. Just as I was lost in the feel of kiss he pressed into me. I gasped. It was entirely the most amazingly pleasurable feeling, and at the same time, searingly painful. I gasped again, and my breathing became uneven, reacting to the pain.

Jake paused, and continued to kiss me with intense kisses- , urging me past the pain and back into the desire. Before too long the pain had faded beneath the growing need to feel more of him.

He could feel me tighten around him and began to gently press further into me. The pain was just a dim glimmer, a faint memory that was quickly fading as the warmth grew. Our moans and sound of our lovemaking came together like a song with complicated harmonies.

"Jake," I pleaded against his shoulder, "Please, more..."

He responded by pushing further and faster. T, the friction growing and building. As the friction grew so did his impatience. It, and it wasn't long before we were both crying out each other's names and shuddering.

Jacob collapse onto me, and we lay together like this for a while. I could feel him relaxing inside me, and I tightened around him. Reflex. He responded by reminding me just how much he filled me, sending us on another wave of desire.

After exhausting one another to the point where all we could do was touch, and kiss, and trace love letters on each other's slick skin, we fell asleep, each wrapped in the arms of the other's love.

At some point I awoke to his soft snore, his face pressed into my hair, which was- now dry. I reached up and fingered his hair -, damn, I loved his hair- and I thought back on the last 24 hours. I gazed unseeing out the window...

When I had woken up yesterday morning I was still a broken, empty being, lost in the darkness of a self imposed eternal, midnight. Seeking refuge from the night, I'd sought the comfort of my best friend, the one who knew me best. My first, ( and last,) motorcycle ride, a probable concussion, and multiple "unicorns" later; I lay there in the bed of my new best friend-slash-life love, wrapped in his loving arms, with the knowing that I'd never have to leave them again.

As that realization dawned, so did the new day. I watched as the sun rose on what would now be a life filled with eternal light. With Jacob Black as my sun, all my days would be filled with the light of the rising sun.

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