A/N: This little story was supposed to be a one-shot PWP but I'm afraid that plot happened, not much of it though ;) So enjoy the ride with a holo and non-holo Bee ^^ oh and I'm looking for Beta. Anyone interested?


Sam was not a happy camper.

It was like the world and fate was plotting against him.

First he had been thrown into the middle of giant-alien-robot war, then he got thrown out of college (there was something about destroying the apparently priceless library in the letter). Then, while he was trying to do something about the second problem he got a ticket for speeding and eventually got stuck with a malfunctioning Bee in the middle of nowhere. With no means of communication whatsoever.

It all started with a letter stating that he was thrown out of college.

It was unfair. It wasn't his fault that the insurance didn't cover the 'destroyed by an alien robot' damage. And what about him?! He was scarred for life! With the two meters tongue action how was he supposed to stay normal?

Anyway he wanted to do something with the situation; after all he had some connections, right? He had alien friends, agent friends and there just had to be someone who could help him.

Sam decided to contact his influential friends, with help of Bumblebee, but apparently Bee's transmission channel had been broken or something because the Bot couldn't contact anyone.

He tried calling Lennox but the soldier was out of reach, probably on some secret Decepticon-ass-kicking mission again. So the only solution was to go to the secret base (not so secret for him and his car anyway) and talk directly to Optimus, Lennox, Simmons or whoever could do something for him.

Bee was more than happy to give him a ride. Everything was ok until Sam decided to nap a bit in the passenger's seat, leaving the driving to hologram Bee produced. He was roughly waked up by the loud sounds of the old song.

"Help! I need somebody! Help! Anybody!"

They were speeding along the road far beyond the sensible speed limit.

"What is happening, Bee?" He jumped to the driver seat and just when he was about to apply brake he heard the tell tale sound of police sirens.

The officer was nice enough to smile to him, even if a little maliciously while handing him the ticket. While the black and white car was driving away Sam asked once again

"What the hell happened?"



I think I'm losing my grip

I think I'm losing control



Bee sung through the radio and whimpered pathetically.

"Ok so at last can you tell me where we are, I don't think it's anywhere around the base."



I don't know where to go

I don't know what to be

I don't know how to change from being me

I don't know what to say

Maybe another day

I'll stop getting lost and find my way, home

All I know is gone...



"Whoa, Bee! Don't go all emo on me!" He patted the dashboard in assurance "now we will find a motel or petrol station and everything will be ok."

Bee made a sighing noise and his engine rumbled.

The plan was good but as with every good plan something must go wrong. The heavy clouds covered the sky and it started to rain.

The road ended abruptly just in front the big mountain and just when Sam wanted to turn back Bee's engine died.

"Bee don't do it too me, that isn't funny!"

"Please forgive me I know not what I do..."

Sam got out from his car and the Bot transformed almost immediately.

"Sam I'm sorry I have no idea what is happening with me, it seems that my functions are turning off one by one. I run the scan on my systems earlier and everything seemed just fine."

There was an entrance to an unfinished tunnel just before them, all kinds of warnings hung around it. Sam sighed and decided that he was better dry than safe.

As soon as they were in the cave Bumblebee to the ground gripping his chest in what seemed like pain.

"Bee!" Sam exclaimed and coughed at the dirt raised from the place Bee fell.

"It hurts Sam, my spark hurts," Bee whined.

Sam felt helpless. His friend, a gigantic alien robot was apparently in pain and he could do nothing to help him. He stroked the nearest place on the robot he could reach and shushed him.

"Everything will be all right Bee," he cooed to the whimpering robot. It came to him to try to contact someone by his phone but there was no signal in here.

"Sam..." Bee started weakly, "I think... I know what is happening."

"Please just don't tell me you are dying. Sam sounded pathetically scared even to himself.


"No... It's just embarrassing... I think I'm going through puberty." It took Sam few moments to analyze what Bee said.

"You what?" Sam was shocked "You are like million years old and..."

"If I were to count my years the human way you would be right but in Cybertronian I'm probably a year or two younger than you." The robot stopped shivering and clutching his chest "This process comes in waves," with a less strained voice he explained, "you can stroke me like that then, its nice."

Sam heard a slight embarrassment in his voice.

"I will go offline eventually so don't panic then; each and every system in my body has to recalibrate itself so it offlines."

"So you're a teenager, huh?" Sam sat beside his car, taking in the news.

"I will be adult once this it is over" he sounded affronted.

"How long does it take?" Sam laid his hand on the leg plates of the Autobot; the metal was nice and warm.

"It differs from mech to mech but each stage takes about thirteen earth days with it's peak being on the last day."


"We start as a single spark then our plating grows around it, thus we go through stages. We call it "spark shifting" but in your language it could be explained as growth spurts only much more complicated. For a mechanical creature such gradual changes like yours, for example, are inconvenient. It would mean that we wouldn't be fully functional until adulthood..."

"Are you suggesting I'm not fully functional?" Sam looked at his robot friend with a raised eyebrow.

"Were you fully functional as a child?"

"Ok! I see your point."

"So as I said we start as sparks then we grow in the special chambers. After we are "born" as you would say, we are only smaller versions of ourselves, complete with weaponry and all."

"Scary though" Sam shivered "Anyway that explains why you acted like an emotionally unstable girl while I was trying to leave to college..."

"I wasn't acting like a femme!" Bee suddenly exclaimed and Sam was sure that if he could stand he would stomp his feet angrily but the mech stilled and then started to shiver.


The yellow Bot was sitting motionlessly, and his optics were fluttering uncontrollably.

"Hang on Bee!" For the first time in his life Sam was thankful for being a human.

The seizure continued as Bee's form quivered and Sam found himself humming a lullaby his mother had sung to him when he was a kid. Everything seemed fine and his friend was getting calmer until he felt the spark of electricity jumping under his fingers. Bee threw his head back and howled.

And then the yellow Bot was calm again, his air vents opening and closing noisily, something Sam was sure could be compared to human's hard breathing.

"Are you all right buddy? Bee?" The mech looked at Sam with his bright optics and probably smiled because he did a happy little noise in his air ducts.

"Yes Sam, I'm OK… for now."

Sam saw as the optics shutter closed and suddenly the air before him was rippling, forming into a shape Sam had come to know in the last few weeks; the golden haired teen with blue eyes, dressed in a simple yellow shirt and jeans that sometimes appeared when Bee was driving. Only now the Human look-alike was much more substantial. Bee appeared with his eyes unfocussed and then he curled in front of Sam and like a cat nuzzled into his chest.

"Bee? What happened? Isn't this a strain?" Sam asked worriedly.

"No," the holoform responded weakly and purred as Sam's arms circled around him and hugged him close.


"You never told me you can make your hologram so realistic."

"We have high blending skills and apparently my programming decided this form will be most convenient as I had no conscious participation in forming this holo right now."

"Now I'm completely confused."

"It's an adaptive mechanism. While our sparks shift our bodies accommodate into what it believes to be most convenient."

"Oh." Sam was really trying to understand.

"We go through the spark shifts every thousand human years or so, I can't access the World Wide Web just now so I can't tell you the exact figure." Bee's form was smiling lightly and Sam decided he liked talking with the human representation of his friend. The holo had inhumanly cerulean blue eyes and mostly spiky hair with some of it being longer on one side of his face. Sam found himself threading his fingers through the blonde mop.

"Is your robot body active now?" Sam asked quietly, his friend laying his head on his chest. The simple action made Sam blush for some reason.

"Can you touch it? I would know then," Bee responded, his words a warm puff of air against Sam's chest.

Sam reached to the robot and stroked the cool metal.

"No, can't feel anything, it means only my processor and nanite projector works.

"Oh... Tell me, are you real like this? I mean I can feel you breathing and all..."

Bee straightened, worry apparent on his features.

"... I mean I know you are real but if touched here" Sam put his hand on the left side of Bee's chest "I feel a heartbeat, is this a real heart?"

Bee was looking at him with cold eyes, his face unreadable.

"You ask if I'm a human in this form while you know I'm not" Bee sighed. "I'm myself, a Cybertronian, and it doesn't matter what form I take. While this form is a complete representation of a human being complete with heart, blood, organs, brain and all that a human body is made off, it is simply a creation made of nanites; tiny - really tiny - mechanisms capable of recreating or reproducing any material, any texture and probably any substance on atomic level."

Sam was listening to the teen with a feeling of shame for his stupidity and awe.

"You have to understand that if I'm creating blood it looks, tastes, smells, has a texture and acts like blood, but it's cells made with tiny mechanisms, not DNA like in your case. This form however can't die. It functions as long as my processor tells the nanites to act. It dissolves as soon as the nanite projector is offlined."

"It's... WOW!" Sam was shocked by the explanation "It's like... convenient."

"Yes and no, because I can feel everything so much stronger than humans. All the human senses are multiplied by my Cybertronian senses to be able to analyze them. Pain included."


Bee looked at him, his eyes suddenly too old for the teen he looked like. "Now do you understand who I am Sam?"

Sam thought for a moment. There was only one, simple explanation to Bee's question.

"Whatever you look like: gigantic robot, car, Cybertronian, human, rock or toaster; you are Bumblebee."

"I believe that is enough of an explanation for you. Now please, hug me again." Tthe sudden plea in Bee's voice was enough to make Sam's heart throb sympathetically.

It was strange how Bee could change from a being with thousands of years of knowledge to an emotional teenager in a matter of seconds.

Suddenly Sam felt the golden-haired teenager gripping his shirt tightly. The human hugged the boy who trembled in his arms. Then Bee raised his head and looked at him with his blue gaze darkened, with an emotion Sam couldn't name. The teenager saw the pink lips part and the Bot started to breathe hard, he felt his body heating.

"Sam," Bee's eyes lost focus as he moaned; his voice hoarse, sending shivers down Sam's spine.

The dark-haired teen gulped, the heat radiating from the alien was making things happen to his body; his heart sped up. Bee was so close; he clung to him with all his might, only two thin layers of material separating them.

He felt butterflies fluttering in his abdomen and it pretty much scared him, but Bee pressed closer, his face only centimeters from Sam's. The blond boy shifted and pressed his evidently hard penis into Sam's groin.

"Bee" Sam found his voice being an unmanly squeal and the other teen suddenly pulled away.

"Oh Primus, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Sam" Bee buried his face in hands. "I should have told you, I wanted you so much for such a long time and while spark shifting we become all instinct and no inhibitions and oh..." Bee sobbed.

Sam couldn't stop himself from reaching for the weeping teen and cradling him close. The Bot gasped and the teenager felt the body of his friend stiffening and then the low noise rose from Bee's throat.

"I don't mind." He really didn't; he wanted to touch, to taste him. He took Bee's hands away from his face and looked into the blue orbs.

"But you are... straight as you call it and in human terms I'm a guy and I can't do it to you"

Sam rolled his eyes and grabbed alien teen's chin as he pressed his mouth to the other awakening the dormant butterflies and the warmth in his groin. Bee moaned needily and rocked into Sam, his lips pressing back.

"It's you and you are an alien and it has nothing to do with being gay."

Blue eyes looked at him in fear, but his lips were swollen and parted. As the pink tongue darted from between them to lick said lips Sam found himself watching and felt anticipation rising in his chest.

He groaned and dived to the other's boy's lips to catch them into a hungry kiss. Sam pushed the other boy to the ground, his body alighting with desire as Bee parted his lips and let Sam in. They both moaned in pleasure as their tongues danced and stroked each other.

Bee's hands went under Sam's shirt and the feeling of skin on skin made Sam's head spin; he rocked his hips into the other boy's earning himself a moan of his name.

"Sam please..."

The dark-haired teen left the swollen mouth and licked at the shapely ear drawing sensual sound's from Bee's mouth. He nipped teasingly at the lobe and licked on the inside; Bee shivered and cried out in delight. As the human explored the writhing body beneath him, his desire grew. With every taste of creamy, flawless skin he felt his hunger grow and with every touch the heat in his groin rose.

Suddenly the clothing disappeared and Bee breathed in audibly.

Sam examined the quivering body; Bee was long lost in his bliss, his pupils were dilated, his lips parted, the constant stream of incomprehensible moans and whimpers flowing from between them.

"You are really beautiful Bee" Sam whispered and Bee responded with loud mewl.

"Sam, please, have to..." the alien trailed off as Sam took his erection in hand. He arched into the touch as Sam applied pressure under the head and stroked the length, his thumb sliding along the sensitive vein.

"Close" Bee whimpered and Sam sped up, he felt Bee grabbing his shirt and pulling him down. Their mouths crashed and Bot pushed his tongue inside Sam's mouth, his eyes closing. Sam felt Bee's member stiffening and with a cry Bee was coming in his hand.

Within seconds blue eyes opened and Bee smiled awkwardly. "I'm sorry," he whispered before the holoform disappeared into thin air.

Sam didn't make it to the conclusion that the feeling of one's lover disappearing into thin air was strange.

A familiar rumbling noise stopped his thoughts and suddenly he wished that he had lost his consciousness along with Bee. Fate hated him however and he stayed conscious through the whole time Ratchet extracted them from the unfinished tunnel.