Okay, the last part, and it's nothing like the previous parts. (Human/Robot!Form warning.) It's unbetaed because the whole fic is cursed and every beta glitches when she tries to beta this part.

(Hopefully )enjoy the ride! It's like NC-21 so look out, I hope it's not to high for standarts.


When Sam walked in haze through the Autobot base, his thoughts were centered solely on the interaction between him and Bee. He still wasn't sure what exactly happened and, still felt like he was run over by a truck, well car, Chevrolet Camaro to be exact.

Bumblebee was nowhere to be seen and from what Ratchet told him earlier this day, Sam concluded he was probably recharging. The human wished to talk with his friend, car, lover... or whatever he could call him now, but he was glad on some levels that he would have to wait till morning, because after good sleep everything seemed easier.

The first thing on Sam's mind was the obvious attraction he felt for Bee. Was it his avatar, did it make him gay?

He walked through the base and tried to check every passing soldier up. It was strange looking at man that way and after few of the soldiers waved to him, Sam felt his cheeks burning.

No, he wasn't attracted to man, was it only Bee then? He thought about the blue eyes the pink lips, the slender neck, sleek form and warm metal, the rumble of his engine...

Suddenly Sam stopped dead in his tracks.

Fuck! The dark-haired boy cursed in his thoughts. He WAS attracted to Bee. And he just thought about his protoform and alt-form and he was attracted to it too as well if the butterflies fluttering in his stomach were any indication.

He started to walk again.

That was probably seriously weird, but then again he jerked his car off and found it hot, and he let the best chick in town leave him.

He had went to Bee then, they had drove together and Bee had found this perfect song and Sam had been so glad Bee had been with him then.

And then another recollection hit him. And he stopped once again.

'I love you Bee...'

He had said that! He had really said that; way before he told the three words to Mikaela.

When Sam started to walk again he was sure he heard some Autobot's Static, which translated to a whisper, when particularly small femmes, that was the word, passed beside him. He discarded it as a reaction to his behavior so he kept wandering around the base meeting soldiers and Autobots, his thoughts still on the topic of his attraction to Bee.

But then, his sub-consciousness told him something was wrong; Something bothered him and it wasn't connected to the Bee accident at all.

Sam started to watch his surroundings more closely.

There it was.

The static.

Every time he passed an Autobot with a companion, a telltale static issued from one of them. It was getting irritating. But the more irritating thing was that every single Autobot was looking closely at his face when they thought Sam wasn't aware of that.

When he was just about to explode with: 'Do I have something on my damn face?' - question at another Autobot in sight, he finally found familiar face, or helmet, faceplate, whatever it was called; the Bot wasn't looking at him, busy playing with something that looked dangerously like rocket launcher on his arm so Sam called his name.


The Bot stopped. "Greetings Sam," He mumbled not looking at him and still playing with the contraption. Suddenly a stream of unintelligent noises, which Sam knew was Cybertronian, spewed from his audio system. "Fucking spare parts." he turned to English then "How can I help..." He looked at the human and went silent. "Oh Primus!" He sighed in exasperated fashion and was obviously starring at Sam's face.

Sam sighed as well; He had no other choice to use the clichéd line.

"Ironhide, Do I have something on my face?"

The Bot seemed embarrassed which was weird look at the bull-like face.

"Indeed," he said and paused.


"Listen Sam, you should better talk to Ratchet or Prime I am..." He started but then Sam heard two, very annoyingly familiar voices.

"Hey look." It was Skids, and where was Skids...

"Oh yeah.. Bee found himself a socket" ...was Mudflap. And they were being annoying. As always.

Apparently Ironhide agreed

"TWIIIINS!" He growled angry.

"Ironhide," One of them squealed.

"Shut your voice processors or I will tear them up and stuff them up your sorry afts!"

"Ruuun," the other squealed in panic and they disappeared around the corner.

"A socket?" Sam enquired. He was truly curious what the term meant, but he had the gut feeling he didn't really want to know.

"I believe Optimus will explain it better; come, I'll take you to him, I was going to him anyway."

And so Sam was taken to live through the biggest shock in his life.

"Optimus?" Ironhide called for his commander.

"'Hide... Hello Sam."

"They called me a socket!" Sam exploded as soon as Optimus laid his optics on him.

"Sam sit down please, I will explain everything in due time." Prime in his endless patience talked calmly to him, but then Sam felt like a scolded kid. He would wait. "Hide I wanted to ask you personally to supervise Bumblebee's re-training in weapon and hand to hand training."

"I'd be honored, Optimus. I will see you on Bumblebee's K'chak."

"Yes." They both looked at Sam and sighed; Sam felt the urge to shout at them but with Ironhide present it might have ended in bloodshed.

When the Weapon specialist left, Optimus turned once again to Sam.

Sam felt a bit stupid under the careful eye of Autobot's leader.

"Sorry for exploding like that," He mumbled eventually and only then Optimus released his gaze.

"Sam, you have to understand than I am not the one who should be explaining this, but as I am now aware that not explaining at all is provoking unnecessary misunderstandings, I don't have a choice. Sit down please."

Sam located the only chair in the room and sat down.

"Let's start at the beginning," Optimus said getting comfortable. "Do you understand what was happening to Bee?"

"He was having... how did he called it? Ah! Spark Shifting." Sam wondered where the discussion will follow.

"Yes. The last Spark Shifting is in the same time the beginning of an adulthood in our race; from then on we can upgrade our skills, software and hardware without the risk of rejection by our main processor." Optimus was calm as ever, his optics fixed on Sam. "Usually the Cybertronian reaching maturity would spend the Shifting with person he trusts the most, usually It's Teacher or Mate."

And then his optics shifted slightly and Sam had a feeling that the gigantic mech was uncomfortable.

"When the teacher is present he has a duty to lead the shifter through the whole process by meditation and self-restraint." He paused and took, what Sam identified as, deep breath "In many cases when the Mate is present through Spark-Shifting it comes to interfacing. It's Cybertronian equivalent of sex."

Sam gasped; then stared; then gasped again; the almighty Optimus Prime was giving him 'The Talk'.

"Which usually ends up with signing each other with distinctive nanite markers. That is what happened in your case I believe." The Autobot continued "Now as for term 'socket' which you shouldn't have ever heard."

Sam would swear that Prime was fidgeting if minute squeals of his joints were any indication.

"Before Cybertron was destroyed, some of our race was keen on having pets from other races. The pets, or as some called them, sockets, were kept only for purpose of giving their masters pleasure and they always carried the nanite markings. That's why you heard it turned in your direction." Optimus finally looked at the boy, signs of fear in his facial expression.

It was hard for Sam to take it all at once, but there was one particular thing that bothered him more than others.

"Forgive me, Optimus, but why are you so sure that Bee didn't marked me as his socket?" It was disturbing thought. He had to ask.

"Because he marked you while Spark-Shifting and that means he let you see him in the most vulnerable of moments."

Sam was sure the Autobot Leader expected this question. And as his facial plates moved into relaxed expression, Sam felt calmness reach his heart.

"He trusts you Sam and I'm sure he regrets deeply that he didn't gave you a choice in this matter. But as I said earlier he should be the one explaining it to you. Do you understand?"

Sam wasn't sure if he fully understood. "If he didn't marked me as his pet then who I am to him?" He tried to remain calm but it was hard in this situation. Optimus thought for a while.

"I believe term 'fiancé' is accurate in this case." Optimus looked as if he was smiling.

Sam really wanted to shout 'HIS WHAT?!' just then but he decided against it. For a moment he was silent, taking in the revelation. He was Bumblebee's fiancé. Bumblebee marked him for every Autobot to see. He wanted him to spend the life with him from all he could fathom from Optimus's explanation.

He sighed in resignation; He wasn't going to try and understand everything it just now. "Where do I have this sign?" He asked not caring exactly for the answer.

"On your left cheek."

Okay so every Autobot or Decepticon would see it. Sam thanked whatever deity there was that his parents wouldn't see it. But then his parents will find out about Bee eventually. Stop. He was to tired for this just now. He would pass that Bridge when he come to it.

"Thank you, Optimus. Now I have to talk with Bee."

"I believe that would be the most appropriate course of action." Optimus visibly smiled at him.

"See you." Sam threw at Optimus while leaving and then dragged his legs to the part of the base with human quarters. He had to find William.

Sam tried to summarize the chaotic thoughts and information in his head.

He had sex with Bumblebee. Tad bit one sided but sex anyway, or maybe rather make out session.

He was turned on by the idea. Whatever IT was called.

He wasn't gay. To be sure he thought about naked chest of Major. Lennox - nothing; Optimus Prime - at the thought Sam shivered - that would be creepy; Bumblebee - immediate butterflies in his stomach was enough of an answer.

He was gay ONLY for Bee.

He was Bumblebee's fiancé of sorts. He was angry that Bee didn't trust him enough to ask, but then it was middle of his worst day ever; which still continued on, Sam reminded himself.

He was not disturbed by the idea. Other than anger at being the last to know he rather liked the idea. Fiancé was someone who was supposed to become your partner for the rest of your life and Sam really couldn't imagine life without Bee.

He surely was crazy. Well, that summed rest of his thoughts pretty well but hey, he was never "normal" to begin with. What was he thinking when he tried to be normal. Normalcy was so overrated.

Sam smiled. Now he had a soldier to find in the base and an information on web.

As he eventually spotted major Lennox in the mesa, Sam was already barely holding on his feet.

"Will" He called and smiled tiredly.

"What happened Sam, you look like you were run over by car."

"That pretty much sums it up," he mumbled to himself still smiling "I need a place to sleep a secure laptop with wireless connection and a fix of caffeine," Sam said sitting beside the soldier.

"A project to finish?" Will asked curiously.

"Something like that, can you help me?" Sometimes being the savior of the world paid up.

"Of course, everything for you." He eventually got his quarters, laptop and coffee and it was everything he need just then.

When Sam went to bed much later into the night, his head was full of interesting, disturbing and a bit terrifying knowledge of gay sex and hope he will have the guts to actually use it. When he finally fell asleep, there was certain barely clothed, blonde half-human half-robot starring in his dreams.


Now he was cuddling with the Sweet blond boy in the car which just happened to be the same being.

"At last you didn't disappear this time," He felt relief that the scenario from the day before didn't repeat itself.

"At last you talk with me." Bee added dreamily hugging him close.

"I don't really have a choice do I." Sam smirked. "I'm your fiancé after all, or so they told me." Bee stilled suddenly and Sam knew he processed the information.

"You know?" Autobot asked with fear in his voice.

"After being starred at, backbitten and called a socket, Optimus explained me what you have done." Sam talked calmly. Somewhere along his talking he started stroking Bee's hair "I don't mind, but I wish you told me earlier."

"Sorry," Bee mumbled and blushed. "Especially for the socket"

"Already explained." Sam waved Bee off "But I thought about the whole situation. Optimus told me Cybertronians share their nanite signatures while bonding and this gave me a thought, would you mind If I put my sign on you, not a nanite one, but a tattoo or something." Bee's hair were so soft, so stroke-able. It was nice lying here in his arms the interior of the car pleasurably warm with the sun an smelling with sex.

"Sam," Bee gasped and the human felt slight hitch in the other boy's breathing. "Of course, I'd love to."

"Mmm, does the thought makes you hot?" Sam purred to Bot's ear in bout of courage.

"Sam…" Bee inhaled loudly and Sam felt the sound run straight to his groin. The thought of being Marked by Sam WAS making Bee hot. That was seriously entertaining thought.

"We will find something appropriate later," Sam whispered to boy's ear in seductive whisper and grazed it with his teeth eliciting a helpless mewl from his boyfriend. Yes. That was appropriate definition. He straightened and talked with his normal voice once again "Now you have to explain me something else. What now? I mean I'm your fiancé and all but what does it exactly mean?"

"It means we are going to become spark mates." Bee was looking at him with glazed eyes, trying to regain his composure.

"But I'm not a Cybertronian, Bee." Sam felt saddened and flattered in the same time.

"You held Allspark in your hands, you are one of us now. There IS a Spark inside you I see it as clear as I can see it in Prime, Ratchet, Hide and other Cybertronian."

This again; the ages-old look in those blue young eyes. Sam once again felt like a kid, but then Bee's words registered were registered by his brain. A spark? Within him?

"How is that possible?"

Bee smiled.

"You are the one of two humans on this planet that held the Allspark in their palms. You and Major Lennox. I believe the Allspark gave you another life and a way to better communicate with us."

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" Sam tried to comprehend the information Bee was giving him, but gave up, To much information. "Yesterday and today is already to much for my tiny, human, abused brain. We will talk about that later. I have one more question though, what is K'check?"

"Wait, I will search a Web for a reference," Bee said hastily and Sam looked in slight terror as eyes of the nanite avatar rolled into his skull and then in seconds rolled back in place.

"Bee please don't search the net while in avatar form, your eyes roll into head and that's creepy."

"Oh. Sorry, I'll try to better control it in future. But answering your question; K'check is a party alike to those parties when humans celebrates coming of age. It also Involves much drinking and free interfacing."

"Oh god." Sam felt a bit sick when he imagined such party with Autobots instead of Humans. Then he imagined Ratchet and Ironhide laying on each other...

"Are you alright? Sam?" There was warm hand on his cheek and Sam looked at his friend.

"Yes Bee. I only Imagined Ratchet and Hide going at it..."

"That is very likely, taking into account the fact that they are Spark-mates." Sam turned pale again an felt another wave of nausea.

"Bad mental Image, bad mental image," He repeated to himself...

"Sam I think you won't even be aware when they will be interfacing, they can very well do it wirelessly. Actually I think they once did it in your presence already." Bee smirked. Sam gasped and send a killing glare in direction of his boyfriend.

"You could have spared me that DETAIL!" Sam barked back "Now I wont be able to act normal around them anymore, and I'm scarred for life with the mental images."

"Payback is a bitch." Bee intoned innocently.

"Payback?! For what?"

"You made out with Mikaela on MY hood and didn't even asked me..." Bee yelled and suddenly blushed.

"That's so... " Sam wanted to say mean. It was, but not for him. He treated Bee like his car not a sentient being. Fuck!

"I wanted you and I couldn't have you, couldn't touch you, hold you; and she did."

"Oh?!" Sam felt dumbstruck "I... I didn't know." Bee stayed silent his eyes downcast, so Sam continued "I'm sorry." He was, but Bee could have told him earlier.

"Sam? Aren't you angry at me?" The fear of rejection was visible in blue eyes. Sam's heart skipped a beat, he couldn't believe he was talking with ages old robot when Bee acted like a typical insecure teenager just then. Bee was so full of contradictions.

"I was, but for a really short time. I think I saw that coming in one way of another. For some time already I couldn't imagine the world without you." He traced his finger over still naked chest of his boyfriend. "I thought about you as my Bot and you only confirmed I am your human, which is nice really. Now I only have to get used to calling you my boyfriend and not my friend or car." Sam busted out laughing just then. He imagined his mother asking him if he will take her to the mall "Sure mum! I'll only get keys to my boyfriend and we can go," He intoned in what was supposed to be serious tone. His laugh stroke again.

"I like you calling me your boyfriend." The robot was back again "But the command is asking us to leave the airway."

Sam sobered up instantly.

"I forgot." he moved and winced because he didn't realized how uncomfortable their position was. "You could have told me you are uncomfortable." He blushed watching as still naked Bee sat up, chair reclining back to it's normal position.

And then the blond boy winked at him as the clothes appeared and the whole form faltered. He was dressed in his yellow jacked with racing stripes and Black, leather, tight pants. Sam gulped at the thought just how tight.

They drove back to the base Sam trying to arrange his clothing and hair to look less messy. There was a background music and Sam rolled his eyes when he recognized "I feel good" by James Brown.

"Bee do I have to be on this whole K'chek?" Sam whined.

"It will be expected of you. I will have to present you as my significant other to my Teacher and other Autobots."

"Oh god! I hate being the main attraction," The human groaned.

"We can always sneak out of the party earlier, they will not notice it I'm sure." Bee smiled mischievously.

"Sound's nice." Sam smiled back and they all laughed.

"It will be nice when I show you that my avatar is not necessary for having sex." Bee said in sensuous dark voice sending shivers down Sam's spine.

"Promises, promises," Sam intoned and squealed as the belts suddenly buckled up around him pressing him into seat which started vibrating. Sam felt as vibrations spread tingling sensations over his body and then run to his quickly swelling cock. He bit his lip not to cry out and closed his eyes as delightful heat warmed his body.

Bee was playing with him, arousing him with mere vibrations. He was breathing harder with every second, his penis pulsing... his mind going blank with exquisite feelings and then abruptly everything stopped.

"Bee," He groaned in frustration, looking at the avatar but Bee was looking like an image of innocence. "You are SERIOUSLY evil." Sam pouted and rearranged his trousers.

"You know I am," Bee whispered and there was single wave of vibrations running through the seat.

The long day came to an end rather too quickly for Sam's taste. After coming back to base Sam and his boyfriend, fiancé, well... Bee, were immediately separated. Will took Sam and Bee was taken by other 'Bots explaining he had some things to do and a Teacher to talk with. Sam was issued a mission to get something nice to wear, because apparently even humans knew about the K'check and that he and Bee were 'an item'. Bot's were worse gossips than humans. Thank whatever diety up There that information were always accurate.

Sam ended up being dressed in white short-sleeved shirt thrown over the black tee and simple denims. When he and Bee made their way to the giant hangar where the party was supposed to take place, Sam felt so uneasy, his stomach levitated somewhere under his throat. Bee was in his robot form and Sam felt so tiny beside him; so when the giant, potentially deadly, hand gently landed on his back he jumped and squealed in horror; and promised himself to work on that undignified sound.

"You all right?" Bee asked.

"No, I'd rather peel the potatoes for the whole base than go there." And it was saying something because Sam HATED peeling potatoes.

"Sam..." His name was barely a whisper in Autobot's lips, voice processor, audio system, Sam wasn't sure how it was called. As soon as he heard it he was shoved non to gently into nearest wall his mouth skillfully assaulted by the lips and wicked tongue of Bee's Holoform. Sam instantly melted into the kiss. Bee rocked into him as he held his wrists tightly. Bee controlled him, played him.. Sam moaned wantonly, that was so exciting to be on receiving end of this writhed and Moaned and groaned and was about to say that he didn't mind fucking right now and there, when Bee stopped and turned the holo off.

"Bee, please," Sam whined, dignity be damned. "I'll do anything, just please continue."

"You are so pliant when aroused my boy." Bee was grinning, Sam was sure of it. "Act nice and I may reward you."

Sam shivered feeling anticipation settling in his abdomen; This sounded interesting but he willed his erection to fade and huffed. "Right, Lead the way."

The whole 'introducing to other's' thing went rather well. There was an accident with the annoying twin duo who were drunk with whatever Autobots got high on but other than that there was no slip-ups.

Sam felt only slightly embarrassed when Optimus, who apparently was Bee's teacher and Mentor, confirmed their signing and gave them longish talk in Cybertronian. Bee explained him that the act was altered and shortened for human convenience.

After that, Sam started to watch his surroundings. There were cans of bear and few times bigger cans of some Autobot booze put under the walls. Sam commented mentally that It would be nice If there was any girls for the Soldiers and then two things hit him figuratively square between the eyes.

First: He was having gay-bonding ceremony in the hangar fool of soldiers. He watched the smiling faces and assumed not every soldier was present because there was no way in hell that every soldier approved of that.

Second: All Autobots were practically gay. Because he never heard about female bots; Bee told him once that there were some Bot's only acting LIKE human females. Then he saw 'Hide and Ratchet staying very close to each other and suddenly he had enough. Mental images surfaced making him gasp in shock. Sometimes to big imagination was a pain in the ass.

At the first possible moment he indicated he wanted off. Bee easily complied.

They sneaked out from the reception; Bee quickly turned into a car and Sam immediately took a seat inside.

As soon as they were moving Bee started to talk.

"Now I believe I promised you something" The words awakened butterflies in Sam's abdomen "I can promise you that no one will find nor hear us where I take you." The sensuous voice continued "so we can get wild, and you can scream as much as you want." Bee finished with distinctive purr that melted into roar of the engine making Sam shiver and moan uncontrollably, The sheer sound felt almost like touch.

The driver's seat vibrated adding to sensation; Sam squirmed as he felt anticipation settling in his stomach. What Bee promised sounded deliciously perverted. His cock jumped in agreement.

"You better not tease me Bee." Sam tried to chastise his boyfriend but ended up crying out when the belts slide sensuously around his form and retraced in the same gentle way. Sam placed his hand on the dash board and stroked it lewdly, Bee's engine revved a little.

Sam fluttered his eyes shut. The sound was sweet and arousing; It was like a breathy moan.

He put a hand on the gear stick and stroked it affectionately running tips of his fingers over the top.

Bee really moaned through the radio.

"Tell me Sam..." Suddenly there was whisper-like words whispered straight to his left ear. Sam bit his lip. "Have you ever imagined having sex with me in my robot form?"

Sam groaned and felt his cock responding with happy twitch. He did. After Bee teased him earlier he thought about how would it would look like. He put his hand on his groin and rubbed swollen cock purposefully.

"Yes.." he moaned as the pleasure spread in his body. After just a second of silence the radio turned on and after a minute static Joe Cocker singed


take off your coat

real slow.

Take off your shoes

I'U. take off your shoes.


And Sam knew what Bee wanted, he slowly slid the shirt off his arms and tossed it on the back of the car. He leaned forward and licked the Autobot symbol on the steering wheel.

"Sam..." Bee moaned his name. The belt slide once again around his body and under his tee caressing the skin with cold metal.

Sam took of his tee and leaned back in the seat feeling the leather on his naked back. He put his hands behind his head and gripped the headrest rubbing himself into the material.

The leather moved under him in a hand like manner. When Sam closed his eyes he could swear he felt fingers running down his spine, lingering around his lower parts. When Bee touched a certain place just over the line of his jeans he felt arousing jolt shooting through him.

"Oh god... " Sam fumbled with the zipper wanting in haste to get rid of restraining material. Bee was urging him.

"I want to feel you Sam, your skin on my seats."

Sam groaned at the breathless voice. He raised his hips and pulled the jeans and boxers down.

When his ass touched the leather he cried out at the exquisite feeling. It felt warm and alive and caressing him in most pleasurable ways. Something akin to hand kneaded his cheeks and he braced himself on the roof wanting to feel more.

Sam pressed his whole body into the leather. The seat under him shifted and he felt a digit sliding between his cheeks, lightly, teasingly. He tensed, anticipation making his ass clench obscenely. The length retracted and Sam couldn't help moaning in frustration.

"Bee, please." He wanted to know how it felt like to be touched there. Bee chuckled and slowed down. He maneuvered until they pulled down and stopped.

Sam wanted to dress up.

"Stay naked," Bee commanded and Sam's cock jerked at the powerful tone. "Now go to the wall in front of you and wait for me. Don't look." Sam complied feeling more aroused by the words than he ever were.

"You are a pervert, you know that?" He moaned as he placed his hands on the cold wall.

He heard Bee transforming behind him. Sam bit his lip.

"You don't know the half of it," Bee whispered close to his ear "Now close your eyes and enjoy."

Sam felt the strong presence looming over him, radiating heat and power.

The large metal finger touched his back it's tip the size of his hand. It was hard and warm, pulsing with life and it slid down his spine awakening exciting shivers along its path.

"Bee," Sam groaned wantonly. His arousal thrumming in his body with every heart beat. Bee's finger slid lower slipping in between his cheeks. Sam felt agitating anxiousness as he wondered when, finally, his lover will touch the place that waited for the caress.

"Do you want me Sam?" The voice vibrated within his body agitating his desires. It felt wrong to react like that, to be aroused by his voice but he couldn't help it; He wanted Bee he wanted to feel him, hear him, smell him.

"Yes," He moaned arching his ass into the touch. It felt so much better being like that, with Bee looming over him, making him moan with only his words and the slightest caresses. "Please Bee," He pleaded weakly.

"You are so excited by this, I can tell," Bee purred, "Your body seems to like it when I talk like that, does it?"

Sam keened with the heat the words sparked within him; he heard a minute clicking noise and there was something thin and sharp, like a long fingernail, touching the nape of his neck and with the next words it was traced along his spine making him quiver uncontrollably with electric sensation.

"Oh god" Sam moaned.

"Tell me Sam what do you want me to do!" Bee's voice was deep and husky, Sam loved this voice, loved what it did to him, making him writhe in want, enflaming him, destroying all his inhibitions.

"I..." He cried out as the digit touching him changed into something like a human finger but made of metal and pressed into the place where his spine ended; the tingling sensation running Straight to Sam's cock. "I want you to talk to me and…." He felt his cheeks burning with shame of his words and thoughts, but then the finger threaded lower slipping between his asscheeks, teasing him.

"You want me to fuck you?"

"Fuck, yes." Sam moaned and keened at the feeling of a metal finger pressing against his opening. He felt it clench obscenely, but he didn't care, his cock jerked at the thought of Bee touching him there "Please, inside…" His mind couldn't comprehend what he begged for but his body demanded to know the sensation of being entered, of being taken.

"Mmm, Sam." The finger suddenly felt wet and slick, and it pressed inside him slipping between the tight ring of muscles, it felt uncomfortable but good, so good. The boy arched into intrusion wanting to feel it deeper, stronger, more inside. It should feel wrong but it didn't. "Such a dirty boy you are," Bee spoke making Sam moan in response.

"Yes, more." He was dirty and debauched and aroused and he wanted to feel more inside him already. He shouldn't be, it was his first time really but he didn't care, his body deciding instead of him.

"Such a wanton begging, you like to be played like that." Bee toyed with words, arousing him, igniting flame in his veins, making his cock leak and his ass clench. He withdrew the artificial finger and came back with something bit larger; Sam couldn't help the cry elicited from his lips with the delicious stretch.

"Yes," he keened his breathing raged his body quivering arching, wanting to be touched. His hands pressed into the wall but his knees gave under him making him collapse into the kneeling position. He thrust his ass backwards making the digit go deeper. "Feels so good."

"Do you want to feel my cord inside you, want to feel me overloading in you." Bee moved his finger or whatever it was and suddenly Sam yelled as something inside was touched and he felt the almost blinding sensation overflowing him.

"Fuck, Bee," He gasped "Just fuck me already, take me, touch me, do what you want," He babbled, wanting, needing to feel more, and moaned in loss as the finger was removed.

"You're going to be mine, wholly Sam, your body, your mind your soul, only mine." Bee said darkly and Sam quivered at the possession in those words at the sweet threat they carried and submitted to them, Bee was free to claim his body.

"Yours..." He said and felt something press into him. Something larger than before something that stretched and burned, but he wanted it, he couldn't stop his body adamant he wanted to be possessed, the intense desire silencing his inhibitions. It was Bee and it was all that mattered.

He cried as he felt something like a head slipping in followed by wet and hard length. His ass contracted around it and it pulsed with something that sent a wave of pleasure straight to Sam's cock making him moan incoherently.

"You feel that? That's my interfacing cord and Slag but you feel so good clasping around it like that," Bee talked and Sam realized it felt amazing having the usually silent Bot talk like that, dirty, obscenely, with a dark voice that was better than fingers on his skin, caressing his body, making him fell the vibration of air, making him agonize with pleasure.

"Yes." He moved, thrust against the cord wanting to feel the slide of hard metal inside him, wanting Bee to move.

"The sounds you make, you're so responsive, so sensitive Sam and mine, all mine." It was the Bot's turn too withdraw and thrust back making Sam cry out in ecstasy and spiral towards the completion "I told you I can make you feel good without my avatar, and you seem to like it don't you?" He withdrew and plunged back in, hard and strong releasing the intoxicating vibration again, a pulse of a kind but less substantial.

"Yes," Sam whimpered breathlessly feeling his body heaving with approaching orgasm his cock throbbing almost painfully for a contact, leaking and still untouched, but he couldn't mind when Bee talked to him like that and thrust into him, taking him, claiming him. "Fuck Bee, so close."

"Come, Sam!" It was the command that rolled through his body brushing along his spine with a vibration and encircling his cock with a caress of a lover's voice making his erection jerk and shot his release as Sam cried out Bee's name; the bot pounding in him relentlessly, the wicked pulsing growing stronger and faster making Sam whimper with the aftershock of his orgasm and the Bee stilled and released a string of clicking noises and Sam felt the Cord inside him vibrate and throb and tingle until it stilled and Bee collapsed over him into his knees and hands his vents circling the air with what could be taken by a gasps of air.

It was amazing, and perverted and Sam couldn't understand how you could touch someone with a voice because he felt exactly like it had just happened. He took in the surroundings noting the old walls of some warehouse probably and being grateful for not being able to notice it earlier.

They changed positions, Bee acting as a pillow on which Sam laid strangely enjoying the warmth and closeness and basking in the afterglow.

"Bee, how come when you are in your avatar form, you talk like teen; then you are so wise and old I can't comprehend. And how you came from such a pliant submissive boy to a completely dominant robot?" The human asked.

"Living in human form is not easy. My main processor tries to assimilate me with surrounding by handling some of situations with my avatar's artificial brain. Thought patterns of a teenage human are so narrow and so restricted, I find myself leaping into my own processor for help."

"So you are trying to look real while in avatar form but human form is like too stupid or something?" Sam felt irritation crawling up his spine.

Bee was silent for few seconds before he answered. "That is accurate." He stated calmly making Sam want to spout the most ugly invectives which, he realized with resignation, were immature and probably nothing Bee didn't already knew.

He hugged the warm chestplates that was near his hands, it was like hugging a huge, warm plushie, only metal and alive. The feeling was the same though. Warm and fuzzy.

It became so much better when giant hand encircled him and gently pressed closer to the plushie-metal body.

"What about the submissive-dominant thing?"

"Can you imagine a submissive, giant robot, or my human form being all dominant?"

Sam grinned; Bee had a point there. In this moment Sam felt happiness overflowing, along with calm and feeling of rightness. Bee was his sexy, kinky, car-turning, giant-robot with human avatar - boyfriend, ready to fulfill any of Sam's fantasies.

It paid up to have a boyfriend from outer space.


So enjoyed the ride?