Egun couldn't really understand what he was seeing.

As only one of a thousand riders he was no one important in the Parthian empire, not even in the army even. As such thinking wasn't that important for him, he needed to know how to ride, how to shoot and how to avoid getting killed...more then that they didn't ask of him.

Yet he couldn't help but wonder at this strange battle...

Riding closer to the enemy, safe in the knowledge that they could never reach him with any charge, he loosed another arrow, the missile disappearing in the stream of arrows loosed by the rest of the Parthian horse archers, the stream of razor-sharp missiles pouring over the enemy infantry and dropping two of them to the ground.

They didn't budge though, by now Egun didn't expect anything else.

The battle should have been over by now. It was nothing but a slaughter, a small slaughter that is...their fast army had managed to catch a small detachment of a hundred Spartans out in the open, the thousand riders had quickly surrounded them and begun to bombard them with arrows, pinning them in place and slowly culling them to nothing.

It was slow going though, the armour of the Greeks was impressive, even the arrows hitting them in the back and therefore not risking hitting their shields didn't seem to score that many kills. Still, it was just a question of time really...yet by now the Spartans should have broken into flight dammit!

Sure, Egun had heard the stories about the Spartans being the elite of the Greeks, of their great bravery and all that...but so had he of many enemies before, and they had died and fled all the same...

Unable to understand Egun inched closer and fired another arrow, this one he saw as it slipped past a raised shield and stuck one of the armoured warriors in the shoulder. "Aw man! It didn't even nick the skin!"

Egun blinked, his knowledge in Greek a little rusty, had the Spartan just said what he thought he had?

Another volley struck the Spartans in the back, sending three to the ground with moans of pain and reducing the enemy contingent to ten still unfazed Spartans. One of them looked down on one of his killed friends, the warrior still clutching the arrow that was sticking out from his shredded abdomen. "Man I bet that hurt!" Egun frowned, finding the Spartan's tone...odd. "I'm so jealous!"


More arrows rained over them, making all ten soldiers stumble around as the missiles fired from so close range punched into their armour with the force of sledgehammers.

"Oh yes!"


"Hit me in the leg!"

"I want one in the neck! Oh how I want one in the neck!"

Egun pulled back, a look of horror on his face. They enjoyed this!?

"Come on! Can't you hurt me properly!?" One of the Spartans tossed his shield aside and stood for the, chest bared. "I dare you you son of-" With two loud thuds a pair of arrows punched into his chest, dropping him unto his knees. He smiled though, almost as if in bliss. "Oh yeah...that's the stuff."

He fell to the ground even as the other Spartans cried out in delight as a massive volley of fire from all sides poured over them, cutting them apart within seconds.

It was over...

Inching closer Egun looked over at the destroyed enemy troop, his face one of disgust as he saw the goofy smiles of his now dead foes. Masochists...a whole army of masochists...Egun shivered under the hot Greek sun.

"No wonder they didn't run..."