OK this is not my story originally, it's miles89's but she wasn't going to finsh it and said I could take over. So to make things clear, the first 17 chapters are hers, the rest is me.

Summary: What if Poppy Moore was kicked out of Abbey Mount accused of starting that fire? What if her friends found out the truth after she left? And what about Freddie and that letter she left him?

chapter 1: Leaving

Poppy's POV

I could see the disappointment in his eyes, I well and truely fucked up for real this time. Me and my damn lighter! I mean what was I thinking? I should have informed someone about the fire, though I swear I put it out.

I'm sitting in the car right now with my dad next to me, leaving Abbey Mount. The court had decided, much to Harriet's pleasure that I was to be expelled. So now i'm leaving, going back to LA, leaving Abbey Mount, my friends who hate me, and...Freddie behind.

"Dad, say something"

He sighed. "What can I say Poppy? I really thought this school would change you, I thought you would finally learn something and grow up"

After actually making friends, and meeting Freddie, I actually believed I could change things around too, but I messed up, I guess I got what I wanted, well what I thought I wanted.

"I tried dad, I really did" is all I could say.

"I guess not hard enough Poppy"

Great, he doesn't even believe me. I can't say I didn't see that, I have always messed up since my mum died.

"I promise, it will be different when we get home dad, I promise"

He didn't respond.

No one's POV

He sat with the letter on the desk before him. Many times he picked it up, but couldn't find the strength to open it, and read what was written inside. He didn't think there was any need now that she was gone. It was all over.

The door opened and he heard a sigh, someone came and sat next to him.

"Darling are you alright?" his mum asked.

He shook his head and smiled "Yeah, i'm fine"

She knew him too well, only a mother would know her son that well.

"Have you read it? The letter?" she asked.

He looked at the letter and shook his head. "What was left to say? She lied and hurt us, she almost burnt the whole school down, I don't think anything she says matters anymore"

"Oh Freddie" she hugged her son and then stood up to leave, however reaching the door she looked back around at her son. "I do think she tried, she tried her hardest"

"Not hard enough"

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