Vengeance is a beautiful thing.

Ok, guys.

I've been reading *Edward bullied Bella stories* a lot lately and they made me want to write my own.

But I already have three stories to work on, so this is an idea.

But if you guys like it and REVIEW, I'll write another chapter. :)


Me: (Running like hell)


Bodyguards: (Chase me into a dark alley)

Me: (Bumps into a dark figure) AAH! THE LOCH NESS MONSTER!

Dark Figure: WHAT?! WHERE?! (screams in a nasal, girly voice)

Me: What?! WHO ARE YOU?!

Dark Figure: Spencer Shay, it's a pleasure! (shakes hand)

Me: Oh, hey, Spencer!

Spencer: HI!! Oh by the way, can you please not tell Sam I stole her pork chops?!

Me: Uh…ok…but why'd you steal it from her?


Bodyguards: (Catching up to us)

Me: OH CRAP! Look, I won't tell Sam you stole her…er, pork chops, if you hold this for me! (hands him the papers)

Spencer: 'Kay! (takes the papers and they burst into flames)


Spencer: (screams) WHY DOES THAT ALWAYS HAPPEN?! HOW CAN THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! (Drops the ruins of the papers)

Bodyguards: (catch me)

Me: Oh shit.

Stephenie Meyer: (growls) Say it.

Me: Okay, okay… (clears throat) I don't own twilight. And I never will….thanks to stupid Spencer.

(Bella's POV)

I sighed fruitlessly and slammed my eyes shut as the artists slashed my face with makeup.

But every time I closed my eyes, mortifying scenes of my time at Forks played back in my head.


I'm walking down the hallway with my project on the Crusades for History Class.

I'm Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella. I am 13 years old, have frizzy unmanageable mud brown hair, dirt colored eyes, braces and a pimple spotted face.

Yep, not attractive at any level.

Anyway, it took me two months to finish this project and now I was handing it in proudly, certain I'd be getting an A.

All I cared about was schoolwork. Possibly because that was all I had left to do in my life.

"Look who it is, Bella the ugly!" I heard his voice echo around the halls menacingly.

I picked up my pace, praying they wouldn't catch up with me. No such luck.

A white hand dashed out and threw my model of the boat that some Child Crusaders drowned in onto the school's marble floor.

I watched in horror as my hard-work smashed into the hard ground, broke into millions of chunks and scattered across the hallway.

Musical but Evil Laughter erupts from behind me. I whirled around to see the object of my dismay, Edward Cullen.

He was the most popular boy at school and exceptionally handsome, with auburn hair, piercing jade green eyes and a flaxen complexion.

He stood there with a malicious, satisfied smirk on his angelic face.

His crowd hovered behind him, mirroring his smirk.

They were the popular crowd.

Edward was the leader and he was the most horrid of all to me.

But that didn't mean that the rest were peachy and gracious.

Firstly there was Alice Cullen, Edward's twin sister. She was snow-skinned, had black locks that were trimmed into a pixie-cut and eyes that had the most fascinating ice blue shade. But despite her maddeningly beautiful looks, she was just a vile little pixie. Although she was tiny, she was sneaky and good at pulling pranks. Since Edward had an irrational distaste for me, I was her target.

Then there was Jasper Hale and Emmett McCarthy.

They were what I called, 'the two-some of trouble', they both pulled together to make the best insults and names ever. A complete advantage for the populars. They were never seen away from each other, as they were best friends. Emmett was big and just his presence was threatening. He was vastly buff for just a 14 year old, but whatever. Maybe he was on drugs. He had russet curls and matching eyes, a handsome fellow, I guess. Jasper wasn't bad either, he was in fact, very charming, with a dirty blond mane and grey eyes that looked quite mysterious and alluring. He was dating Alice.

Rosalie Hale was Jasper's twin and my worst nightmare. She loved to do unspeakable things to me almost as much as Edward did. She was absolutely gorgeous, with lustrous golden tresses and smoldering hazel eyes. Every boy had a crush on her, but she only had eyes for Emmett.

The last was Jacob Black. He's 14, foul and threatening. He wasn't as muscled as Emmett, but there was something about him that creeped me out.

He was dark skinned, unlike everyone else in the gang who was fair, so it wasn't hard to spot him out in the crowd. He had jet black hair that was gelled into messy spikes and coffee brown eyes. He looked very bad boy, and he essentially was that. The worst part about him was that he was a family friend, so he came round with his dad, Billy to my house almost every weekend. He was dating Leah Clearwater, a follower of the popular crowd.

Being a follower meant you acted like them and worshipped them, but you weren't one of them.

The rest of the followers included Mike Newton, Jessica Stanley, Ben Cheney, Tanya Denali and Lauren Mallory.

My only friend was Angela Weber, and she was bullied too.

I gulped as Jacob snickered at my eyes which were filled with tears that were threatening to spill over and make everyone in the popular crowd explode with glee.

Rosalie snatched my bag off my shoulders.

"Please give it back." I pleaded meekly in a barely audible tone.

She didn't listen. That was standard of her.

They all laughed as they dumped my bag's contents out onto the floor, including a picture of my deceased grandma. I gasped when Edward stepped on it with his muddy black converse.

I couldn't have that!

"HOW DARE YOU?!" I hollered at him.

His brilliant emerald eyes flashed with anger and I instantly knew I had made a mistake with yelling, even if what he did was inexcusable. He knew my grandma had died; he had done that on purpose.

Alice pranced toward me and smacked my face.

"Never talk like that to my brother, four eyes." She sneered sharply.

Jacob ripped my glasses away from my eyes. I couldn't help but let the tears fall then, as I felt the impact of Alice's hand on my face. The explosion of laughter I expected came along at the speed of light just as a tear slipped down.

I stumbled out of the school, and prepared my speech for Charlie.

I had come to a decision. I was going to go live with my mother and her new family in Los Angeles.


"Bella, let's go!" yelled someone from the dimness of the backstage, it was hard to tell who…

I sighed and stepped into the stunning bright light.

'If U Seek Amy' by Britney Spears was playing as I hit the stage's runway and the crowd aroused with cheer.

I danced down doing my catwalk, modeling the new jacket from Gucci for Paris' fashion week, while bulbs flashed my way.

I, the once ugly-duckling Bella Swan, had bloomed into a real Swan.

When I moved to LA, I fitted in perfectly. I made new, down-to-earth friends and got along with Renee's new family impeccably.

Renee had gotten married to a Latino man, Paolo Bechev. He had a daughter called Selena and we were extremely close.

When I got there, my mom had made me lose a lot of weight and pretty much fixed me up.

I was now lean yet curvy; my mane had smoothed down into a silky, wavy, elegant waterfall with copper highlights and I had a pimple-free, smooth face. I ended up looking like a movie star, and so Paolo had decided I should try to model.

I had begun modeling when I was 15, and now I was 17.

So far, my career behind the camera and on the runway has been tremendously successful.

I was a world-wide known accomplished teenage model, known as, 'the ruler of the runway'.

Everyone knew who I was, from the US to Australia. I was a model for Forever 21, Gucci and several other large industries, and even a spokes model for Neutrogena.

I was sure the popular crowd back at Forks was regretting what they did now.

I smirked as I walked backstage, contemplating that.

I was no longer the timid geek I had been then. I hadn't just changed physically.

I was totally and utterly confident now, but not just because I was a model.

Before I'd been cleaned up by my mother, I'd made some precious friends that hadn't minded my previous looks. That had been a glorious insight into what's left of good people, people who didn't judge by first glance.

There was Ippy, Ayesha, KyuBin and Preethi. Ippy lived next door and so we'd made friends. She'd introduced me to the others.

We were still close, despite my busy schedule. I adored them; they were the first true friends I'd ever had since Angela.

I did miss her so….

Oh God, I shouldn't think about Forks, I remembered.

Until yesterday, the last thing I thought about was rainy Forks, my personal childhood hell.

But that was yesterday.

Why it is on my mind so abruptly?

Because, my mom had decided to send me back to Forks for a bit.

I wasn't being punished intentionally, and I was aware of that.

Charlie had been feeling dreadfully lonesome, so she thought it'd be in everyone's best interest if I left to spend some time with him, whilst enrolling in Forks High.

I'd shouted and screamed, but in the end, Mom was right.

I loved my dad, and I should be with him for a while.

I was famous now, for God's sake, a bunch of sad people that used to tease me for their own amusement shouldn't scare me.



I looked out the window forlornly to see the devastatingly familiar gray blur of Forks' gloomy sky.

I sighed and slipped my LV sunglasses on.

The humongous designer shades practically swallowed my face, which was good.

I peeked out the airplane doors to see a colossal crowd of reporters and paparazzi.

I had always hated leaving airplanes, because I always looked my worst and there'd be an extremely large hodge-podge of people taking my picture when I stepped out.

With a resigned sigh, I slipped out of the plane, clutching my massive Balenchiaga bag to my chest.

At the speed of light, camera flashes as bright as the sun hit me, and ear-splitting yells of questions were shot at me.

I groaned internally as a bunch of big bodyguards leaded me through the crazy maze of media.

As I approached the entrance of the airport, I came to see an over-sized crowd of people with big vivid signs in their hands, hollering with excited voices. Fans? I had fans in the one place I thought I was despised more than anything?! Weird didn't even begin to cut it.

I gave a quick, tentative wave and then scoped the room for my dad. I was met with a pair of crinkly chocolate brown eyes that were a 40 year old man version of mine. Charlie.

I walked over and hugged him awkwardly, feeling stares and camera flashes boring into my back as I did.

"Hey Bells." He greeted me.

"Hi Dad." I replied in a civil tone. This was unbelievably awkward…well, our relationship always had been, I guess.

"Let's go home?" He asked.


And as Charlie and I walked out of the buzzing airport being escorted by beefy bodyguards, I was shocked to catch a pair of horribly familliar, piercing jade green eyes in the mass of fans staring at me.