Leaving class, I had to smirk to myself, wallowing in my victory.

I knew this little event that had taken place in class only a couple of 30 minutes ago would already be the hottest topic on the tongues of every student at Forks High, and I didn't know how to feel about that.

I loved the idea of Edward's humiliation being a public piece of knowledge, what I didn't love was the idea of everything about me being hot information.

Oh well, fuck it. How would it be any bit different from life as it had been ever since I'd hit the runway?

I don't know. My life, ever since I'd struck fame, had felt…unnatural, sometimes. It was hard to make moments, and have truly special memories because most of the time, there were cameras flashing about. But it was worse when it was in your hometown—I'd always been a centre target of vicious gossip, but my fame certainly was not going to help.

However, I was going to keep my chin up. These things…they don't matter anymore. I'm not a victim anymore. Not anymore…not really.

"Bells!" I turned around to find the faces of Angela and Jacob staring at me, eyes pulled right open wide in shock.

"Hey?" I questioned, biting my glossy lip. They're looking at me like I'm not wearing clothes…except that's not that weird, considering I am indeed a model…

"We heard about the whole Edward thing!" Jake crooned gleefully. He bumped his fist at my idle one. "Noice!"

I gave a small giggle at his ecstatic reaction, but couldn't help but notice how Angela remained silent.

"Thank you, thank you. Anyways, now that's school's over, I reckon we should be heading for home,"

We all agreed, and made our way over to the parking lot. All throughout the lovely stroll, I saw almost more than half the school stop and pause whatever they were doing, and look over at us. This had been normal even before I'd left…but the looks, once of disgust and pity, were now of fascination and admiration. It annoyed me and pleased me at the same time. Wow, Forks…you give me some too much fucking mixed feelings.

"Got any plans for tonight, Bellah?" Jakey asked me, as we settled into his car.

I laughed out loud. "Um….sleep in time for school? God, Forks life is so fucking exciting,"

Jake sniggered. "We've got the day of tomorrow. It's the annual hunting festival, remember?"

I cringed.

Did I ever?

Not only was it fucking embarrassing to know that this small dumb-ass town I came from held a day in honour of fishing and hunting and literally closed down every damn school and shop for a whole 24 fucking hours and do nothing but fry fish, drink beer and go fishing or hunting, but it held some incredibly terrifying memories that still, I will confess, had me shaking in my heels…

"Bells, you comin'?" My dad asked me.

It was the annual hunting tradition to take your kids out to the woods for hunting lessons, and I was beyond dreading it.

In all my misery, my father had dressed me up in a droopy old hat and long, flared jeans, making me look a right buffoon. All the other girls would be going in short-shorts and looking like Goddesses even in their red checked shirts with their long glossy blonde ponytails, while I would be clumsily put together into hand me down clothes.

If I already didn't know I wasn't a target for harassment, today's outfit choice would've certainly sealed my fate.

"Belly, here, drink this." My dad handed me a cup of steaming hot cocoa, which I gratefully accepted through my silent tears he obviously had mistaken for water…

Yes, I was wet. Soaked in freezing winter lake water, just having escaped the clutches of hyperthermia.

I'd told my dad I'd fallen in, and it had been easy enough to believe, only it was a repeated lie.

I had been pushed in by Rosalie Hale.

The Cullens and Hales had been having a go at me all day, pushing and shoving past me, making snide remarks and judging, gleeful faces at my clothes…but the degrading behaviour had hit an entirely new low when, whilst I was fumbling through my bag for a snack my dad had packed, and I felt a pair of sharp nails digging into my skin and feeling a mighty force pushing me forward.

I hadn't even had enough time to register any thought to moving or trying to keep my balance before I was already flying through the air, and landing in the lake in a hard, cold splash.

Under the water, I noticed people gathering, and I blushed harder, and contemplated never coming back up.

But I let myself down by resurfacing like a rocket ship right up.

It didn't take more than a second of being out of the water to hear the laughter and mockery at my ears, trying to be, unsuccessfully, hushed by some of the teachers who weren't desperately trying to haul me out.

And I've been scared of diving into any kind of water, even pools, to this date.

I quickly snapped out of my traumatic visit down the good ol' memory lane. I quickly let out a sniff. "Pathetic."

Jacob laughed, and Angela sort of put her arm on my shoulder as she smiled in response. But I knew the reason for the contact was more so because she knew what I had been re-visiting.

"Maybe, but you could go out tonight. Angela's staying at home to clean the house for tomorrow, and I'm going to be spending the night offering some prayers to Taha Aki, but Rita and Eryn, I know for a fact, will be heading down to this new club at Port Angeles, Love 21…I think. I just brought it up because I wondered if you'd like to go?"

Hmm. I could use a drink. Besides, it'd be nice to get to know those girls…plus, it would show I wasn't giving a fuck about tradition or the events of my first day back. Seemed perfect.

"I'm in."

"Cool, I'll let the girls know for you."

"Woo!" Rita yelled out.

I laughed right out loud hysterically. It must've been 2 AM now, and Rita, Eryn and I were completely wasted. Not like I wasn't used to this, this was almost a weekly routine, a concrete part of the weekend. Paolo had always though it was important that a model should be a socialite, well equipped with her sources and connections, so there you have it. I've been drinking for ages now, I'm almost 50 per cent of the time intoxicated.

I had to admit, Love 21 was pretty nice for a small city night club. Appropriate lighting, catchy music, good enough cocktails…yeah, it was alright.

Plus, I was quite certain Rita and Eryn where officially my best friends now. That's what happens after a couple of shots of Vodka, you know?

I continued to giggle hysterically, grinding my lower body over Eryn, dancing and grinding to the pumping, hectic music. I was in such a daze, and I fucking loved it.

I was wearing my favourite little black Chanel no.5, alongside my tiny, short, tight skirt, perfectly flaunting my slim legs. My eyes were shimmering with glitter, and I had to admit, I looked delicious. But I was only here for a girls' night, nothing else. Though it would've been too easy to get with any of the guys who were around. Somehow, seemed word had spread I would be out on town, though I spotted no cameras, I did spot curious, star-struck eyes a number of times.

"I'mma go get anotherrr drink," Rita slurred, pulling at her sister's hand.

I nodded, not realizing they'd both left together. But before I could leave to follow them, I was immediately bombarded by some rugged looking men, trying to replace Eryn's role.

I scrunched up my nose in disgust, and turned around, stumbling towards the counter.

As I walked, my vision blurred and blurred. The lights were growing hazy, the faces were deforming into plain circles…the music was turning poisonous, piercing at my mind…too loud…

I was more drunk that I thought!

I could barely see, and the people swarmed around me, where either to drunk, or clearly to dumb to notice. So I was lost, only moving when the crowd pushed me one way or the other. I felt like throwing up.

Suddenly, a pair of hands firmly planted themselves on me, digging into me. I felt myself being dragged out of the bar. The music began fading, and the absence of light made it a bit clearer to see, though not too much.


I turned to look, inevitably, into a pair of green, Cullen eyes.

"Take care of yourself," I heard the voice of the eyes whisper. I could kind of understand who this was, but I was so lethargic I couldn't be entirely sure, or care enough to push his hands of.

"Revenge may seem beautiful, but what's the point of revenge when the person you target has been defeated enough? What if he's already in the grave, starving for forgiveness? Is vengeance still that satisfying?"

I felt something cold slither itself and attach onto my palm. No fucking idea, what was going on.

It was then that I lost it and blacked out into sleep, away from this weird, weird, world.

My eyes cracked open just slightly to peep at the alarm clock. Five thirty am.

My head felt like hell. That didn't even fucking cut it, but I was too tired to even think straight about how I got here. All I could remember, was something about "vengeance being satisfying", and all I could feel, other than utter pain and tiredness, was a cold, crumpled feeling in my wrist.

I turned around and unravelled my balled up wrist, to reveal a tiny paper ball. No, it was too glossy to be paper.

I unravelled it as well.

My heart tightened.

Inside, lay a crumpled picture of my late grandmother. The same picture I had once lost to Edward Cullen's muddy sneaker right before I left forks.


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