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Kevin sighed as he laid back against cool grass in a clearing before the start of a stretch of beach. Lacing his hands behind his head, Kevin allowed his mind to wander to previous events of the evening and how he came to be in a nearly heavenly spot which nobody really knew about.

"What are you thinking about?" the soft voice at his side asked; looking over, his glare fell upon emerald green eyes glaring at him, her reddish brown hair gracefully flowed past her shoulders. Following his lead, Gwen too laid back until she was cuddling with him - her arm gently draped over his broad chest, his muscular arm behind the back of her neck drew her closer until she was nearly on top of him.

"Just thinking…" the raven haired teen seemed to distance himself as classic rock softly played from his car stereo. Thousands of pure white stars dotted the pure black night sky as she let her gaze wander to them.

"About what?" her tone was softer than usual as their eyes met.

"Nothing, really. Just how nice it is here, with you"

"You big lug-nut…" she trailed off with a defined smile before flexing enough for their mouths to meet; it wasn't the vacuum sealed hour long expression he hoped for, but it was enough to satisfy him until the next time their tender lips met.

Settling down for the second time, they listened to waves gently caressing the beach, crickets in the field behind them and the classic rock still playing softly against the night sky. Whether he admitted it or not, deep down, Kevin was glad he let Gwen talk him into spending some time under the stars in a secret spot that only she knew about.



"Are you happy?" the moment she asked it, he shot her a questioning glare; she immediately realized that look was him silently saying he needed clarification. "I mean…you know …"

"Of course I'm happy. I finally managed to get Ben out of my hair for a day or two, we're here in a secluded spot under the stars, our date may have not been ideal, but I made an honest effort"

"That you did…" she sighed and closed her eyes just long enough to take in the grandeur of the moment. Upon opening her eyes again, Gwen raised a pointed finger to trail a streak of silver darting across the sky. "Oh, Kevin, look. A shooting star, quick, make a wish"


"It's tradition"

"Gwen, I'm not making a wish on some piece of space rubble zipping across the atmosphere at like, mock seven…the wish will turn into cosmic dust!"



"Just close you're eyes and make a wish!"


"Why not…?" Before she could finish asking, Kevin maneuvered in a way as to press his lips against hers, slowly her eyes closed as their tongues explored every inch of the others mouth. Pulling away, Kevin let a deep sigh and pulled her closer.

"Because I'm not going to wish for something that's already come true" the moment he uttered the words Gwen's eyes widened with a defined smile creeping across her face.


Kevin and Gwen stared at each other under the glow of a front porch light; with luck from his crafty and rather dangerous driving skills, he managed to bring her home with a few moments to spare.

"I had a great time tonight" her tone lofted to his ears while she turned to walk inside; in a flash he held his hand out.

"Gwen, wait" she stopped and turned to see him holding a small box towards her "I got you a little something"

Hesitantly she took the box and opened it up. Glistening metal glared back from the case; slowly she pulled out a small metallic flower pin and admired the intricate details.

"I know lots of guys go out and buy flowers for their girl, but when I saw those over priced things that are already wilting, I thought why not get something that lasts forever?" he sounded rather shaky unsure of what her reaction was going to be. A lone tear crept from her eye as she stared at him.

"It's beautiful…" she wrapped herself around him showering him with dozens of kisses "…I'll wear it every day and think to myself, I've got a guy that has the right idea and knows how to think outside of the box to do it. I love you Kevin!" with this she turned and walked into her house leaving him standing on the porch.

"I…l-love you too!" Kevin belted out before glaring around to the interior of his car; silently he cursed himself for not being able to say it until a solid half hour after the time to do so in the first place.

NOTE: This first chapter is for anyone who is looking for a light-hearted fluff fic. The next chapter is a darker death / tragedy "directors cut ending"…the one not shown in theaters.