Okay. I definitely gave up "The Nobody That Never Was" because I am so eager to start this one while the visions are still fresh in my head.

Basically, the story is happens one year after the events of Kingdom Hearts II. I will be providing narrations at the beginning of each chapter since they will all be cutscenes instead of full chapters. And battles with the enemies will be skipped and I'll only be telling you if Sora won or not.

One more thing, I do not own Kingdom Hearts.


Narration: It has been a year since Sora has vanquished the entire Organization XIII. He is now back in Destiny Islands with his friends Kairi and Riku. But recently, he has been having nightmares. Nightmares that seem to be growing stronger each day. Nightmares about certain Nobodies; some of them he met, some he hadn't.

Then one night he succumbs to a nightmare. A nightmare which also takes Riku since Sora has been sleeping with Riku for the past few nights to lessen the anxiety the dreams were causing him. A nightmare that might bring their worst enemies to life. A nightmare they might never wake up from… ever again.


"Where am I?"

Sora gets up on his feet. In front of him is a magnificent castle of blue, gray and white. Surrounding it is a dense forest. And he himself is standing in front of the entrance.

"Is this a dream?"

He takes a step. Then, another. And then another.

Finding no reason to feel that the place is a trap, he walks right into the castle and enters the hallway. Upon getting there, he hears somebody chuckling. He looks around.

Nobody there…

But the chuckling persists.

"Nice to see you again, Sora!" a blonde woman appears a few feet away from him.


"How nice of you to remember my name." Larxene laughs.

"Where am I? And what have you done to me?"

"You? You're sleeping, silly. And what I've done to you? Nothing… yet."

"But I thought I already defeated you in the castle."

Larxene's smile vanishes. For a moment, she seems like she wants to hit him. But then, she giggles. "I know. You did. But as I've told you, you're sleeping. And what you are looking at now is a memory of me. However… your memory of me was so strong that it gave me life in your mind."

She laughs again.

"What do you mean?"

"Sora, Sora, Sora… you just don't get it, do you? Remembering us so powerfully made us exist… although only in your mind."

"Well… what do you want from me?"

"It's not I but we. We want… to settle a score and have our bodies back."

"Who is 'we'?"

Larxene wags her finger at him. "I'm not just going to tell you. You have to find it out yourself. "

"Why are you doing this to me then?"

"Well, you see if we do defeat you right now in your mind. We will then be able to come back into the real world… through your heart. How does that sound? Fun, right? I know it would kill me to tell you this but… I guess I can live with that." Larxene laughs again.

She continues, "Well, your boyfriend Riku is upstairs held captive by some people."

Sora clenches his fists. "Let me guess, you're one of the bad guys?"

"Not quite." She runs up close to Sora so fast that she actually seems to disappear.

Now just three inches away from his face, she tells him, "More like the mastermind really with my three other friends. Friends in the sense that they were one of the powerful memories of all the members you and Riku have encountered. And know what? We're just dying to experiment all the new stuff we came up with."

He takes out his keyblade and tries to attack Larxene.

However, Larxene easily sidesteps, slaps Sora on both cheeks with her right hand, punches him with her left and kicks him forcefully, sending him flying a few meters away.

"Oh, looks like the baby got mad," she says mockingly.

Sora gets up once again.

"Well then, if you're not a baby, prove it. Go up to the eleventh floor of this castle and face each one of us. And since this place is in your memory, you have access to cards." Larxene throws him a deck of cards.

"You don't need to thank me… really," she says with a wave before teleporting away. "Heal yourself while you can. Ta-ta!"


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