It was another day in Ivalice. Marche was leading his clan on a mission to kill a horde of Flan(A/N:Flans are the jelly-like things with 999 weapon defense in the game). They were having a hard time as they only brought physical fighters(A/N:Soldier, Paladin, Archers etc...).With the Flan having a good advantage on them, Marche was really regreting now to have sent the mages to the mage tourney at Bervenia Castle.


"Okay I just received a challenge for mages to battle in the mage tourney at Bervenia Castle." announced Marche to his clan members. "The only ones who can go are Color Mages(A/N:Black Mage, White Mage, Red Mage etc...) as special laws will be in effect. This includes prohibitation from using anti-laws. I will need a leader for the team of mages we will be sending." Montblanc then said "Kupo, I will do it."

End Of FlashBack

Marche grit his teeth and strike the Ice Flan that he was fighting again and again. He was starting to lose his strength.'Damn it! There are too many for us to fight! We need someone who can do magic and fight physically and the same time but who?' he thought as timed his strike again using the edge of his Avyuir as his main attack.

(A/N:I'm not sure if that is what they are called could but if someone sees that I'm mistaken pls review about it. Oh, and Marche is a fighter who has mastered 'Double Sword' in this story in case you didn't know)

Just when he was about to lose all hope, Marche heard someone shout "FireBolt Burst!" and turned to see a human exterminating the all the Flan in the area with a blast of yellow and red. "Who are you?" was what he could say at the moment as he stared in awe at the user and at his weapons; Two katanas each with a different aura coming from them. One of them had a blazing hot aura while the other seemed as though it was forged by pure electricity. The boy simply said "My name is Syaoran"

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