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Story Summary: Edward leaves Bella, like in New Moon, after they have sex. Bella gets pregnant and has Renesmee. Twenty Years Later, The Cullens start school at the same school as Renesmee. First Fanfic, gonna try and make it long!


He just left.

He just told me he didn't want me and left me behind.

I knew things would be different, I knew that four nights ago. He told me he loved me then and I wore down his self-control. It was magic, amazing magic. He seemed content, happy even, but it must not have been what he thought it would be.

The next night was my birthday party, there's an event I would like to go back in time to change. Maybe I could have rearranged the order of events, cake first, or maybe Edward could have unwrapped the presents like he did in my room. Pointless I'm sure, Danger Magnet would probably stab herself with a fork.

That's where it all went wrong, the combination I'm sure. He saw how "frail" I am, a stupid human and realized I wasn't worthy of him. I've know that for months, I wish he could have figured that out before the sex. It just makes it worse, knowing how much we shared. How much I gave him only to watch him leave me behind.

Oh who am I kidding? I wouldn't trade that night for anything. It was perfect. All of the Cullens had left to hunt before my party, a whole lot of good that did. Edward spent the night with me, like always. Charlie was working the overnight shift. I never thought Edward would bend his rules, let alone break them, but he did. Those rules crashed and burned that night, so did my rocking chair.

It was beautiful, it was perfect.

And the more I think about it… it makes me sick, literally.

He said he didn't love me, that he didn't want me. I really wish I could feel the same, instead of this broken person I feel like. Not broken, shattered. I'll never be put back together, I know it.

Everything feels numb now. Like the world is covered in Jello, it doesn't seem real. I can't seem to close my window, just hoping he'll hop though it and tell me it was some elaborate joke that

Emmett forced him to play. But that's not gonna happen.

He's gone.

He's not coming back. None of them are.

I'm on my own.

God, it makes me sick.