My idea of blood promise.

Chapter 1

I blinked in shock of what just happened.

I was dreaming about Demitri and me where in practise. When we were packing away the mats and he noticed my hands were all rough and parts of them where bleeding. When I noticed his eyes were brown then I saw my worst fear his eyes had turn red. I screamed but no one came to help.

Then he grabbed me to sink his teeth in me I felt bliss but didn't understand what was happening till I woke up from all the yelling outside my door. I have to leave and find another hotel or motel to stay at.

So I grabbed my stuff and got dressed and went to pay the person at the counter. It was a lady who looks like she hadn't slept in days.

She greeted me with a friendly hallo what can I do for you.

I said I am just checking out. I handed her some money and took off with a good bye to the nice lady at the counter.

I went to my car that looked more like a piece of metal and doesn't go over fifty kilometres. But then suddenly something caught my attention and the figure looked like lissa's parents. They were pointing to something in the distance. So I put my stuff in my care then walked over to them.

They looked very sad like they wanted to say something but couldn't. I started to say something when they held their hands out like they were going to protest.

Then I got the nurse feeling and turned around when that I stared at my enemy he smiled then four more came out of the shadows. They circled around me and they all had these smug looks on their faces. I as prepared to stake whatever one try to attack.

Till one said "hello rose"

I jumped in surprise when he knew my name. Then I looked at him he was that blond Strigoi. I said hello to him stiffly,

He then said that demitri is a very good collection to the undead. I hissed. Where is he? I demanded and he just laughed at me and said why I would tell you. You're just a dampire that is very stupid to come after the man you love.

Then as I was about to stake him someone grabbed me and pilled me so tight I almost couldn't breathe. Then there were four other guardians with me. Then the blond Strigoi vanished into thin air. Everything went black.