Chapter Seven

Epilogue: A Remembrance of Things Past


The end is near, summer days

All the great things go away

Feel the cold comin' round' the bend

Everything's gonna change again…

"Down Another Day" - Limp Bizkit


One Month Later…

" Are you sure I should do this?"

"Yeah, it's fine."

"But what if she doesn't come?"

"Trust me, she will Ian, and we'll show up afterward…"

"Okay Dad."


Widow Tweed sat on her porch, breathing in the early summer air. Her usual chores were complete, so she took the time to do something she never seemed to have time to do: relax.

In the distance, she spotted something moving around the outer edge of the fencing. What caused her to notice the movement was the fact that it was clearly something red.

"Tod?" She stood up from her seat and began to approach him since he didn't seem to be approaching her. Instead, she found a small baby fox that couldn't have been more than a few months old. If not for it's small size, she could have easily mistaken him to be Tod. It was all so familiar to her. The little pup tried to hide behind one of the posts as she drew near.

"Well hello there little fellow." She knelt down next to him and looked around. "Where's your parents?" The pup let out a loud yip and began to run toward the house, nearly knocking her down. Widow Tweed turned around to locate him, and saw that he was running at something on the door. She looked closer and found that there were seven standing there. Ian ran back to his father and nuzzled him, making her jaw drop.

"Oh my goodness!" She ran jubilantly toward the group, stopping at the steps of her porch. "You have a family Tod!?" She scratched his chin, followed by Ian's. "They are just adorable!" She examined all of them, seeing how they all had qualities of their respective parents. Victor seemed to be extremely shy and hid behind Vixey, but she forced him out and approached Widow Tweed.

"Don't be shy." She said as he sniffed her palm. After a minute, Victor came closer and allowed her to pick him up. His red fur was extremely smooth, making her hand glide through it with relative ease. The pup seemed to enjoy it too. She eventually let him go and return back to his mother.

"Oh Tod, you've grown up so much. It feels like yesterday when I found you just like your little one." She sat down on the steps and allowed Tod to sit in her lap. "And now that Amos moved away, you can visit…" Her voice drifted away as Tod's heart broke. He would never see Copper again, he yearned to show him his offspring so bad, but now that seemed impossible. But deep down, he was happy. Tod knew one thing and only one thing for certain, him and Copper would remain friends forever, as promised.

" Thank you so much Tod for showing me this." She held him tight for what felt like an eternity before he jumped off of her lap. The vulpine motioned to his family and they followed him out toward the dirt road. Widow Tweed stood up and waved goodbye to them, silently weeping as Tod did the same.

"Are you okay Tod?" Vixey questioned, he shook his head and stopped the flow of tears, he replaced his sorrow with a proud smile.

"Yeah, everything is perfect…"

The End

"But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine." - Thomas Jefferson