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I am outside

And I've been waiting for the sun

With my wide eyes

I've seen worlds that don't belong

My mouth is dry with words I cannot verbalize

Tell me why we live like this

We Are Broken – Paramore



This wasn't meant too happen to me, I was meant to finish high school, go to college, get married, have kids, die peacefully. An ordinary life. I didn't want this. Not one bit.

I knew I shouldn't have gone to Port Angeles alone. Charlie told me not to. I was fifteen, I wanted independence. I got way more than I bargained for. I couldn't protect myself. They were too strong, and scary. They had sparkling red eyes and cold skin. I was frozen to the spot. I didn't know where they were taking me. But, even then, I knew my life would never be the same.
I've been left emotionally and physically scarred.

You see, I was stolen by vampires. That's right, blood-sucking, cold and heartless vampires. I, among many young women, was stolen to this putrid house of horror. This house of trafficking and mature dancing and basic prostitute stuff.
I've lost everything.

I've lost every chance I had to grow, live, love.

I've lost my family.

I've lost my virtue.

I've lost my hope.

Ever since that day, I have nothing.

I sat in the cold cellar alone, crying my heart out, praying for an escape. But, suddenly I heard voices. I crawled to the corner and curled my self up, shielding me from the monsters. The door creaked open and I heard tiny cries coming from it, I also heard growling. I peeped through my arms to see a tiny girl, about the age of 14-15, in front of me. She had black, spiky hair and bright blue eyes, but the rims were red from crying. She had cuts on her cheeks and shoulders, being exposed from the tiny tank top she was wearing. She looked just as terrified as I was.

"Now you girls be quite, you have one more roommate coming in soon, got it?!" The dark skinned vampire snarled. My head snapped up and tears trickled down my cheeks. I nodded timidly at him.

"I said do you understand!" he screamed at us. I let a sob break through and wiped my eyes.

"Yes sir." We both squeaked. The man nodded and left, slamming the door behind him, causing both of us to jump.

Once he left the little girl collapsed on the floor crying, whispering occasionally 'Why me?' she was shaking like a leaf.

I cautiously edged closer to her and put my arm around her. She sobbed onto my shoulder, soiling it, but I was long past caring.

"It's going to be okay," I lied quietly. It was stupid lying. We both know that this is a lost cause. We're stuck and hell knows we can't get out. They are much too strong.

"That's such a lie." She whispered, sniffing a bit.

"I know and I'm sorry. But you're not the only one." I cried softly, wiping my tears away.

"I can't believe this is happening to me," she shrilled, biting her quivering lip.

"I know I'm so sorry. I'm Bella. I'm fifteen and I used to go to Forks, Washington," I whispered to her, extending my hand.

"I'm Alice, I'm fourteen nearly fifteen and I used to live in Manhattan." She quivered, hugging her knees, shaking my hand as well.

"How did they get you?" she asked, cautiously, tears still creeping down her pale, but puffy, cheeks.

"I was in the city and they cornered me when I was walking to my car. I was so scared. I didn't know what to do." I murmured, running my fingers through my hair. "How about you? If you don't mind me asking…"

"I was walking home from school an-and I went to get some Starbucks and he was there, in the corner, watching me. I bought my drink and left, but every time I looked behind me, all I saw was his face, his red eyes, he was getting closer, so I started to run. But, I ran into the dark guy who brought me in and they both grabbed me and threw my in the back of a truck," she stammered, her voice levels raising and lowering, "I didn't know what was going on, I knew-I knew I was in trouble. But I-I thought, people would see, people would call, I mean, it's New York! But, when the doors opened, I was here. And-and n-now I-I-I" she started to sob again and all I could really do was hug her tightly, tears of my own still flowing, I thought back to my past life. Charlie…he would be worried sick by now. Probably got a search team looking half way round Washington. But, he didn't know where I was. Heck, even I didn't know where I was.


Suddenly, the door burst open again, and there stood the blonde-haired, red eyed man that stole me in the first time, I could feel my body start to quiver. The girl next to him was screaming and sobbing to let her go, trying to pry and pull her arm free of his grasp, but it was no use.

The girl was older than both of us ranking at approximately 18-19 years old, yet she was so beautiful. She had rich, yet dirty, blonde hair and shining emerald eyes. Judging by what she was doing, she had guts.

"Let me go! This is sick! What are those girls doing at the bar!? All those men! I have to go, let me go…" she finished and started to sob. All James did was huff and push her in, causing her to fall to all fours, and slamming the door. The girl immediately got up and ran towards the door, stumbling a bit. She pounded her fists on the door, making a loud clanging sound.

"LET ME OUT!" She screamed, banging harder, you could see the blood stains when she brought her fist back, she finally turned to look at us, her green eyes glazed over and full to the brim with tears.

"Aren't you going to help?!" she yelled, kicking the door forcefully. We both just stared at her for a minute, looked at each other and I turned back to her.

"There's no point." I breathed out, my face blank.

"What do you mean!? I have to get out of here, I have to, I have to, I-I-I have t-too" she cried, sliding down the back of the door, putting her face in her hands, sobbing into them. "I-I was supposed to get married, 8 w-weeks!" she cried.

"I'm so sorry, but it's too late now, you can't even get past the door, let alone them" Alice sneered, wringing her little hands. "What's your name?" she asked, twisting her wrists.

"Rosalie Hale. I'm 17. I lived in Malibu and I was about 9 weeks away from being married to my boyfriend, Royce King." She whispered, remembering everything, we could just nod, "Who are you?" she questioned. I cleared my throat and turned to her.

"I'm Bella Swan, 15, lived in Washington." I murmured again, pulling up my hood to the hoodie I was wearing.

"Alice Brandon, 14 ½, lived in Manhattan," she muttered, tilting her head up.

"I can't say it's nice to meet you, cause y'know. But I'm glad I haven't got too physco's I have to spend the rest of my life with. Or hopefully not long, they have to be searching for me, I can't have been forgotten, I just can't have." She mumbled to us and herself, flicking her blonde hair over her shoulder. "I mean, I am Rosalie Hale. Homecoming queen. Valedictorian. My dad owned half of the town. They have to be looking for me. Royce especially…" Rosalie was by now mumbling to herself, trying to comfort herself. Something that I had given up on yesterday about a week after I had first arrived here. I was the first of the women chosen to start this joint. I stayed in a truck for most of it with other helpless girls. Then we were split up and put into cells as I like to call it, where I was placed alone, waiting for some form of company. I had a lot of hope back then, my dad is a cop, I hoped he would find and save me. But, what was the point? We were up against vampires here. They could outsmart us and kill us within 10 minutes.

I leaned my head against the cold wall and sighed. What were they going to make us do? Rosalie said something about a bar, so it must be some sort of stripper club. I froze as a thought ran into in my mind.


I was going to lose my…virginity to some intoxicated man who paid for me. A sob escaped my lips quietly and I lost all hope of anything bright happening.

I was saving myself for marriage. I wanted to find the perfect guy. I wanted…oh what's the use…its all gone now. I'd be lucky if I was still alive by the end of the month.

Luck, because that's definitely what I have.

"Oh my god, oh my god" Rosalie cried, now hysterical. "I'm gonna die! They're gonna kill me. Oh god…I'm never going to get married. I'm never going to have kids. I'm never going to watch a sunset or a sunrise. I'm never going to see my mom, dad or sister again. I'm never going to go to Dartmouth. I'm never going to grow old and die peacefully. I'm never going to graduate. I'm I'm I'm…" she sobbed, banging her fist, defeated against the door.

I closed my eyes, trying to block out some of the lost causes I will never see.

I'll never see my dad or mom again.

I'll never go to College.

I'll never fall in love.

I'll never get married.

I'll never have kids.

I'll never go to Phil's first major league baseball game.

I'll never rent an apartment in Chicago.

I'll never buy a dog.

I'll never learn sign language.

I'll never learn piano.

So many things I couldn't do now. This brought a fresh round of tears.

I looked around to Alice. She had been unusually quite. She had her eyes closed and was breathing deeply. She had fallen asleep. I felt some sort of instinct erupted inside of me and took my cardigan of to lay her head on it, lying her down. Of course, I had Goosebumps on my arm, but the walls couldn't have been comfortable. I stood up and made my way to Rosalie, taking her fist off the door. She looked exhausted.

"Rosalie, get some sleep, you're not going anywhere." I told her truthfully. She just nodded and curled up in a corner. After about a minute she had fallen asleep too. I was left. But, that was the problem. I couldn't get to sleep yet.

I walked to the darkest corner of the room, my corner, and sat down, wrapping my arms around myself protectively. No one could no how scared I was right now. I've been missing for about 2 weeks and I have never felt such fear in all my life. I've never feared for my life as much as I have in the past weeks.

I couldn't stop the constant shake of my hands and the constant Goosebumps on my skin. I couldn't stop imagining my gravestone in front of me saying 'Isabella Marie Swan, may she rest in peace'.

But, I also couldn't stop imagining getting out. The sunlight blinding my eyes in a good way. The cold, fresh air beating against my skin. Seeing my mom and dad, hugging they're warm skin, them telling me I was safe now.

I couldn't help these dreams. One of the reasons I didn't want to go to sleep because I was either fooling myself with dreams or haunting myself with nightmares.

So I leaned my head back and stared into the darkness, my mind blank, letting the numbness wash over.

Another day, another opportunity missed was my new saying. It used to be 'Another day another opportunity' but what good would that wish do? What opportunities are to be held here? Apart from what, die? Well, at least it would get us out of here. I can't believe I am hearing myself correctly. I haven't done anything yet and I want to die. I haven't lost my…virginity…yet and I was complaining. I hadn't had a filthy man touch me in…I couldn't finish that sentence without feeling my stomach twist into an uncomfortable position. I squirmed in my corner a little before standing up and stretching, groaning as my tense joints cracked at the movement and my muscles screamed. I let my arms flop down as I looked around the now visible room, the cracks of sunlight just peering through. It was a high window, at the top of the room and we had no furniture, so I couldn't reach it to see any signs of where we were. Not that I would have any idea anyway. We were probably desolate, truly and utterly alone.

I heard a moan and a yawn coming from Alice's side as her eyes twittered open, taking in her surroundings. I turned to her and saw a few tears fall from her cheeks as she realised she was still here, not in her own bed. I felt sorry for her. The first night is always the worst. I still remember all the screaming and crying and banging and the worst, silence. The silence was sickening after a while. Either everyone had given up or they had…died.

"Bella?" Alice asked groggily. I looked at her and nodded. "Here's your jacket, and thank you," she whispered, handing me my dirty jacket. I looked at her mini tank top and her skinny arms and shook my head.

"Keep it, I'm fine," I smiled slightly for reassurance while she tentatively pulled the jacket out, wrapping it around her.

"I thought it was all a dream…again. How stupid am I?" she laughed dryly, running her fingers through her hair and grimacing at the fact it stayed there.

"I wouldn't worry about it, the first night is always the worst," I sighed, shaking the memories out of my head.

"How long have you been here?" she asked politely.

"I haven't seen light for about 2 weeks. I've been here for a week." I sighed, smoothing my top out, before plopping back on the ground. It was quite tragic but I had to deal with it. What use will trying to get out do? It makes them mad, and causes the silence. So I cried. It doesn't get much worse then what I am about to face and it's about to happen very soon.

As Rosalie said in her sleep sometime, we are royally screwed.

"So…you haven't eaten or slept properly in 2 weeks?" Alice asked a little shocked. That sounded worse than it was. We were going to have to get used to it anyway. It's not like we are in a luxury hotel.

"Yup" I said, popping on the 'P'. "It's not that bad, I'm not even tired." I slurred, blinking slightly. Alice's eyebrows furrowed for half a minute, but she left the subject alone. It was better that way, because I wasn't going to talk about it. I don't need reminding how hideous I look. To be honest, I don't even know why they want me. I was so painfully boring to look at: Brown hair, brown eyes, petite figure. Nothing like Alice and Rosalie with they're stunning faces and perfect bodies, even covered with dirt. I was…just very, very unlucky.

"Was it lonely?" Alice, rubbing her eyes harshly, asked. I thought about it for a moment, was I lonely? Scared, yes. Tired, yes. Hungry, yes. Lonely? Not…really…

"Not really, I don't know why, but…it gave me time to think and cry by myself. Plus, it made me a lot…braver to face this alone. That probably sounds crazy…" I blushed, rubbing my face with my cold hands, trying to bring the heat down, it worked instantly.

"No, I think I can understand." Alice smiled, it was a little curve of her lips, but it was still a smile.
Rosalie began to stir then, leaning back and banging her head on the metal wall.

"Ow! Freaking hell, I can't still be here, I'm going to open my eyes, and I will be in my bedroom with a cup of coffee to my left." She muttered to herself, rubbing the back of her head. Alice and I exchanged sympathetic looks and turned back to Rosalie, waiting for her to face the living nightmare.

"Please…okay…1, 2….3," Her eyes flashed opened, looked around quickly, and closed again tightly. After a while, she let out the breath she had obviously been holding in. But, it came out more of a sob. She opened her eyes again to look out of the window longingly. Then, she turned her gaze on me. Her expression had a mix of pity, fear and anger. Something I had felt a while back. But, I got over it, like she will realise after two weeks.

"Well…this isn't my room," she grumbled finally, running her fingers through her hair.

"What did you expect? Didn't I tell you this last night? It isn't going to be anywhere else. It's never going to be anywhere else." I told her exasperated. At least Alice was silent about the complaints. It was giving me a headache and I needed to hear what was going on outside. I looked at Rosalie again and her mouth was shut to a thin, tight line. Finally.

I heard footsteps coming from outside and immediately froze, putting a sign to my lips to be quiet as the door opened, causing Alice and Rosalie to yelp in surprise.

It was the blonde haired…thing. He was smiling maliciously at me, while I was glaring. He stepped closer to me and stroked me cheek, causing me to shudder in disgust.

"Aw, come on Isabella; don't be so mean to me." He pouted amusement in his eyes. "Would it help if I said I was sorry," he smirked, stroking down my body now. I began to step back, but he grabbed my waist firmly. "Now, now Isabella. You're going to have to learn how to obey." He glared at me, gripping my hip bone tighter, tears rolling down my cringing face. He chuckled and let go, turning to face all of us.

"Right. My name is James. When you answer me, you will end with my name. Got it? Good. Now, follow me, you have to get cleaned up. You look like you got dragged through a bush. Or a car park." He chuckled to himself, before opening the door to us. We stared at it for a minute making James lose his temper.

"Get through this door now" he snarled at us. Alice and Rosalie stood up immediately, following James out the door. I trailed behind them, taking in the fresh air that I hadn't breathed in a long time.

He lead to through the dorms, my bare feet getting colder as we made our way to the outside.

I was to be disappointed. It was a long metal crate, with tiny holes to let air in, but no sunlight, it hurt my feet. We followed to the other side. James opened the door to a large bar space, disgustingly filthy. It stunk of old beer and…I don't really want to say it. So this was my work space. I tried to keep my face blank, but it wasn't really working. James laughed at our expressions.

"Well…since you girls are so special to us, you get the job of tidying up this place today," He grinned at us, while we let out a collective groan. James shoved mops brooms, buckets and bin bags at us. "Get to work," he laughed, closing the door behind him. My shoulders slumped in defeat.

"I'm really in hell," Rosalie groaned. She picked up a bin bag and began to pick up empty bottles and other things. Alice and I started to pick up the rubbish too, dodging the puke.

"Ew! Is that a condom?!" Rosalie screeched, throwing it in my direction. I sighed, picked it up and put it in my bin bag. I picked up a pair of socks, and put them in my bag. I wasn't even going to question why there were socks here. I looked over at Alice to see her face was wrinkled in disgust as she picked up the cigarettes and bottles. Probably imagining that this was her future as was I.

Once all the crap was thrown away we began to sweep the dust. As it turns out I am incredibly allergic to the stuff and sneezed the whole way threw it, and believe me there was a lot of it. The air was gusty and very unclear to look through, making my eyes swell and sting, I probably looked like a drowning cat. I rubbed my nose and carried on sweeping anyway. I had to suck it in, if I was going to survive it here. But I doubt I would survive a month.

Then, the mopping began. We took turns to dip the mop in the bucket of water before wiping the floor clean of anything else. We all worked in silence, apart from the occasional 'Oh my god' from Rosalie. Soon enough, all we needed to do was put the tables back in place and we were done.

That was probably the hardest task. The chairs were so heavy, every time I tried to lift one up, my legs crumbled beneath me, shooting me to the floor. I groaned and lifted myself up off the floor for the fifth time since we started this.

After about another hour, the bar looked ready for…costumers. I eyed the three poles on the stage, rusty from being used so much. I started to wonder how long this organisation has been running. It must have been a while since they had old fashioned furniture and metal rooms. I would have to find out soon.

We all walked to the middle of the room and looked around.

"I just wanted to be a senior," Rosalie whispered.

"I wanted independence," I murmured, regretful.

"I didn't want anything to change." Alice sighed.

"And, I just wanted a clean bar, and I guess that's what I got!" James shrilled happily behind us. "Now come on, you get the night off tonight, you start tomorrow, can I hear a thank you James?" He sang.

"Thank you, James," We said reluctantly, but still relieved.

We followed James back to our room, making it look so much darker compared to the bar, and was trapped in the darkness again. I could barely make out Alice and Rosalie walk to their corners and sit down.

I fumbled in my pocket and found a scrap piece of paper with the list of what I was getting that night, so ironic now. I also found a nearly blunt pencil. A lame idea came to my head as I squinted in the dark:


By the time you are probably looking over at this before throwing it away…I'm probably working against my will at a bar.

Please don't throw this away.

I really need your help.

We need your help.

On the 14th July I was stolen away from my home in Washington and taken away. I don't know where I am but I know I'm still in America.

Please help me.

I'm so scared.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan and I'm 15.

My cellmates are Rosalie Hale and Alice Brandon.

If you don't believe me search our names, we're probably located as 'missing'.

James scares me.

A lot.

Please, help us.

We don't deserve this.

I would be eternally grateful if you saved us from this hellhole.

Yours sincerely,


It was wrong to get my hopes up but it was worth a try.

"Rosalie…can I ask of a favour?" I whispered.

"What?" She replied, mildly curious. I bit my lip and glanced at the window…

"You're pretty strong right?" I started, cringing in embarrassment.

"Yeah…why?" She asked, curious now.

"Could you lift me to that window, I have to do something…" I scraped the hair off my face and felt my cheeks burn. Rosalie sighed.

"I don't see why not." She shrugged and stood up, walking to the window. I cautiously climbed on her back and grabbed the bars to hold onto. I folded the note and kissed it for good luck.

"God, save us," I whispered, letting the note fall out of the window and too the winds carrying bag.

I could just hope someone would pick it up and help us.

Because I was truly scared.

I jumped quickly off Rosalie's back.

"Thank you," I whispered before crawling back to my corner.

"What was that all about?" Alice asked, staring at me strangely.

"I…wrote a letter for help. It was stupid…but I thought it's worth a shot…" I mumbled, looking around for cameras. There was nothing but a steel box.

"Whatever," Rosalie muttered, before curling up and falling asleep, Alice following her.

I felt my eyelids droop, signalling I needed to fall asleep. Two weeks was too much.

Please let someone find that letter…I thought, before falling into the darkness.

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