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Chapter 3

Pain spills and flows from the wound in my torn chest in the dark.

It was worse than any of us could imagine. We were adults stuck in the body of a baby. It was so horrible and no one but us could understand why. So, I ddoubt you can too. We all thought we knew what we were getting ourselves into. But we didn't.

At that time, the horror of it all was overpowering. Yet, there was some hope in me. Hope that I could be somewhat normal. And...it was all thanks to him. Colonello. He saved me from the depths of hell because he took my spot as an arcobaleno.

"Colonello!" I remembered screaming as a red blur flew past me. I normally had control over my emotions, but at that time, I panicked. In that scream were all the emotions I felt. Horror. Dread. Regret. Sorrow. Fear. Angst. Desperation.

Only one phrase rang out the strongest in my mind. "Please be alright."

And dissolves the thoughts that connect overlapping moments.
Having a nightmare in a fever that I can't wake from, I can't hear your final voice.

Within my sleep, I remembered my regrets.

"Would you come with me?" he asked me.

"Who would go with you?" I stuttered, pulling away from the hand on my cheek.

"It's a joke. You don't have to worry anymore, Lal." As much as I wanted to punch him for calling me by my first name, my shock overpowered it. "Stay well and fix that damn curse without getting punished."

And with that, he walked away, leaving me to want to hear his voice once more.

Don't cry, if I embraced you to the point that you seem to break, you'd tremble, Oh...
Show me that you'll softly touch my raised palms; Never... Until the end.

"Are you crying?"

"Don't be stupid! Who would cry in this situation?"

"Sorry. I wanted to save you in a more cool fashion."

"You're planning is always so naive!"

Like the spilling and falling sand, I give a fleeting wish.
Close to the light, tears that don't dry stain your shut face.
Prayers pierce deeply through the crevices between my outstretched fingers.

There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to see him again. How long was it since I had last seen him?

Memories of us fluttered through my head, but I pushed them all back and concentrated on my task.

All around me was blood. The forest was massive. I could barely see more than ten feet.

I was drawn to one spot. What I saw made my heart stop and my mind to start dying.

Lying in two pools of blood were two of my fellow acrobaleno.

I checked the pulse of Viper. There was nothing. Not even a beat.

Neither did Colonello. It made me despise and hate myself. Why couldn't I save him like he saved me? Why couldn't I have gotten here earlier?

Then the strangest thing happened. I always knew the acrobaleno bodies were different from normal humans but I didn't expect this to happen. Both acrobaleno turned to ash and blew away with the wind. My hand was outstretched and if wanting the ashes to come back to my outstretched fingers.

All that remained of the both of them was Viper's cloak, Colonello's headband, and a mysterious box weapon.

How much boundless pain and sorrow was I able to save you from? Oh...
Show me that you'll touch my raised palms more strongly; Ever and never end.
I'll release, So far away.
With wings of engraving life, longing for the next world in which I'll be reborn.

Everyday is the merely a blur. The only thing left to keep me running was the promise of revenge.

Yet, as the says passed, I knew I was getting weaker. The radiation was slowly killing me. It made me somewhat jealous to see the Vongola Tenth run around without a care in the world. They only wanted to beat Irie Shoichi to get back to their time and let history repeat itself.

Tomorrow signals the beginning of the war between Byakuran and the Vongola Tenth. I knew I was merely a simple pawn but as long I received my revenge, then I was satisfied.

I vow I will get my revenge, even if it means being reborn and then getting it.

Don't cry, if I embraced you to the point that you seem to break, you'd tremble, Oh...
Show me that you'll softly touch my raised palms.
Surely, I've searched for the unfading miracle named 'you'
Touch me with stronger palms; Ever and never end.

"Game over." I gave a bitter laugh inside my mind. I can see his smile and hear him say, "I thought I told you to not get punished?"

I only wished that I had said yes when he had asked me to go with him. But I didn't.

The nightmares drive me crazy with regret. But, dear reader, nightmares are always a part of life. No matter how hard we try to get rid of them or yell, "Shut the fuck up!" to them, they will always be there.

Always there to drive people without love crazy. But the mind is deceiving. Don't listen to your head in situations of love.

So, dear reader, the morals of my life is simple. Listen to your heart and nightmares are a part of life.

It's hopeless. Byakuran is too strong. I now know that everything was hopeless. The false hopes he gave is were simply there to make us feel better about ourselves and make the end result more frightening and desperate.

I could see the incoming blow that was going to end us all.

I suppose that it's too hopeful to hope that Byakuran does not rule the world when you are reading this.

I close my eyes and my only comfort is that the nightmares will be over.

Happy New Year's Eve!

And it's finally the end of Nightmares Are a Part Of Life.

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