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Chapter 1: Awe

It's been a few months since my beautiful honeymoon with my gorgeous husband, Edward. It still seems completely abnormal to use the word 'husband', and I guess it is because it just does not justify Edward's role in my existence. Now that we ware back from Isle Esme, things have seem to have slotted into place perfectly. I guess my life is just that – perfect. Things could not get much better than they are now. This feeling of completeness has just swallowed me up recently as I am still in awe of how my life has changed since moving to Forks about two years ago.

I had only seen Charlie once since we had been back as we know that it will not be in my best interests to get too attached to him. Of course it will be incredibly hard to let go, but saying goodbye is better than Charlie finding out about my new life. Being a Police Chief, he has a very detailed eye and so would be able to detect the details of my transformation easily. Renee is already very suspicious on the phone with the change in my voice. Since being changed, my voice sounds more like bells and sweet music than my originally dull sound. I'm sure that she's reading more science fiction novels again. If either of them found out, it would kill me to have to chose an immortal life for them or certain death. Another valid reason why I don't want them to find out is because I'm afraid that they wont approve of my decision to join Edward in this world. They wont understand how deep my love is for him. I would hate it if either of them resented me for the choices I made, and if they would be scared of what I am. I know I would never – could never – hurt them, but their certain prejudices to the Vampire world might hinder their opinions. I'm sure that we need to talk soon about our further actions.

As I gazed out of the glass wall in our bedroom, Edward came to stand behind me and wrap his welcoming arms around my waist. As he rested his head upon my shoulder, I remembered how Edward used to feel when I was human. His cold, marble skin used to send shivers down my spine at every touch. I used to say that he was statuesque, and I guess that's how we would feel to humans. Now, Edward feels normal. I hate to use that word about my life because it is far from it, and Edward is far from normal. He is amazing. We did not need to use words at this moment. There were no words to describe both the beautiful sunrise, and the beautiful man hugging my waist. We could have been standing there for mere minutes, but it felt like hours had slipped past us. I could not think of a better way to spend my time. Finally, Edward spoke.

"Do you want to go downstairs, love?" He whispered into my ear, letting his teeth graze gently over my ear. Feeling his breath tickle across my skin would have sent goosebumps over my old skin and would have probably given a red flush to my cheeks. But now, it still get hat feeling; but within my body, making it impossible to escape from my immortal being.

"Sure" I managed to say, still too mesmerized by the beautiful sunrise.

"Carlisle wants to talk." He said dubiously, knowing that both of us didn't want to talk about our future options.

Realization hit me that the Cullen's would be moving on very soon. Carlisle is hardly passing for twenty three now, and the staff at the hospital have had some very questioning thoughts. People would be shocked to see me again after my recent changes. People would definitely be suspicious of our human façade when their newest family member suddenly appears to look just like them; snow white skin, gold eyes, perfect body and features, out standing grace and the distance that we all gave ourselves from humans. We would be rumbled and have to go into hiding for years. Nobody wants that, especially Rosalie who hates me enough already for giving up my human life. She was jealous of me being mortal as she desperately wants a child to nurture. When I gave up my option of having a baby, she resenting my choice which made me closer to him than never before. Of course we love each other as sisters, but she is still resentful towards me.

We slowly made our way downstairs, hand in hand, at human speed, wanting to savour these perfect moments we shared. If we could bottle up our love we had for each other, it would be priceless. Not even the Cullen's and the fortune telling pixie who had an eye for winning lottery numbers and stocks and bonds would be able to afford it. Our love is effortless, yet undisputed. Edward is my whole world. Edward is the sun that is so beautiful and undeniable, he is the moon and sparkling stars in the night to guide me, he is the flowers in the ground which are so delicate and appealing. Edward is everything beautiful and caring that this world has to offer. We headed towards the dining room where the family sat around the table to make tough decisions regarding their well being. Of course the table was mainly just a prop. I'm sure that Esme wouldn't take too kindly to a half dead mountain lion laying across her table and her sons and daughters sitting with plates in front of them. It would be a sight I would love to see.

It was strange seeing the Cullen family sat around the table. I guess I have never had a stable family, until now of course. Me, Charlie and Renee never used to talk together like my new family does now. I suppose we were never really a proper family. A family. Children. I let out a long sigh, thinking of Edward's children which I could never have. I can just imagine their beautiful bronze hair and their luminescent skin. Oh how I long for a child. I didn't think that it would matter too much at the beginning, but now I feel sort of useless for not being able to give Edward the one thing he could love more than me. I cannot fulfil my duties as his wife if I cannot give him a baby. I've seen how it has affected Esme and Rosalie in particular. Immortality sure does come with it's downsides. I see it now. I see why Edward was reluctant to take away my human life. I still don't think he understands fully though, how much he means to me.

As we walked into the dining room, Carlisle, who was sitting at the head of the table, smiled at me reassuringly. I knew what he wanted to discuss and so he gave a single nod, confirming my fears of having to move from Forks. It shouldn't have been such a shock. I was only aware of Edward guiding me to the chair and the seven friendly faces watching me from across the room. I was stunned that the time had passed so eagerly. Time had crept up on me and laughed in my face. You wouldn't think that time was such an enemy, being as we had forever, but time was more important than never. Even Rosalie was looking sympathetic as her eyes met mine. She knew what I was going through. After Rosalie had been changed all those years ago, she went 'missing' from her family. It must have been even harder on her than it is on me right now. She just had to leave without a goodbye or any warning. At least with my Dad, I can say that were moving and give a pretty good excuse behind it.

"I think it would be a good idea and in the best interests of all of us that we plan to move on from Forks." Carlisle stated, "What do you think Bella?" I could barely make my lips move so I just nodded my head.

"We should move to Alaska, near Denali, to see Tanya and her family." Esme added, trying to brighten up the situation.

"When do we go?" I managed to say, trying to involve myself in the conversation more.

"We can go when your ready Bella. We would not leave if you are not ready. You must understand that. It would be best to go in the next month at least though." Carlisle informed, reassuring me that everything would be okay. Edward kept me wrapped in his arms, soothing and numbing my problems away. He really was my best friend.

"You do understand why we need to do this, love?" Edward soothed.

"Of course. The sooner we go, the better. Lets get it over with." I replied, trying to escape from the now hellish town of Forks, Washington.

"We've already got a house up in Alaska, Carlisle needs to hand in his resignation, we need to pack the boxes, and then we're ready to go." Esme listed. She was so good in organising and planning. She was the perfect mother – always there to help us whenever we needed her. Esme and Carlisle were the heart of this family. No doubt the new house in Denali was the typical Cullen style; white on white colour scheme, glass walls, open plan and completely grand. Esme loves to design interiors of old houses. I recently suggested to her that she should make a business out of it, so now she is busy planning and building her business. It's nice for her do something outside of the family.

"Right that's settled then." I smiled, eager to start the day with Edward by doing something nice together.

After our meeting with the family, me and Edward decided to go out for the day. We could go any where we wanted and have an amazing time. We were still unsure of where we were going when finally got in the car.

"Shopping?" Edward suggested.

"Sure, but don't force me to go into the clothes shops. Alice tortures me enough." I chuckled.

"Very funny, but don't worry I wont put you through that pain. How about we buy some new stuff for our new bedroom in Alaska? We could have a look at the new music and televisions?" At that moment, I could just imagine snuggling up with Edward in a huge bed, wrapped in the duvet, watching a romantic film. It was the perfect feeling.

"Cool. Lets have a look at the DVD's as well. Fancy watching a new one tonight?" I grinned. He knew exactly what I was getting at.

"Of course I would. Cuddling up with you in bed is the perfect way to spend an evening." By this time, we were speeding down the free way and heading towards Seattle. The journey took half the time with Edward behind the wheel as he drives like a maniac. After being transformed, I realised that he only looked like a maniac to human eyes. Now, I usually drive even faster than he does.

"Have you and the girls got any plans for the weekend?" By 'The Girls' and 'Plans' he meant are Alice and Rosalie taking you shopping.

"I don't think so. We went shopping a few days ago so they've tortured me enough for this week." I grimaced, thinking back to the huge bill that Alice stacked up in one store alone. I must have every designer garment out there, including every accessory to go with it. Just to come out today with Edward, Alice insisted I wear a day dress and heels. I must admit though, this maxi dress looks incredible against my pale skin, and I know that Edward loves to see me in heels. He complimented me this morning as soon as he saw me, so Alice's shopping trips must be doing their job right. The strapless dress flows all the way down to my ankles with beautiful patterns and shading to make it elegant, yet practical. The orange tones look incredible against my alabaster skin and amber eyes. With my oversized brown leather handbag and shades, Edward couldn't keep his eyes off me.

"Remind me to thank Alice again later." Edward announced.

"What for?"

"To say thank you for making you look even more stunning than you already are. I may have to upgrade her Porsche." He winked then put his eyes back on the road. I smiled then began to look out of the window at the passing scenery. The passing forest looked like a green blur, all merging together. It was quite surreal, like an antique painting, all the colours fading into one.

"Talking about shopping," Edward started, "don't you think we should go car shopping for you?" I let out a long sigh, indicating my preference not to buy a new car. It wasn't necessary to have an up to date sports car, and to be quite honest, I love it when Edward drives.

"What would I need a new car for?"

"Well I just thought that since your truck has died, you might want your independence back so you can take yourself out." Hmmm I had never thought about it like that. Maybe he did have a point, and I didn't have to get the sportiest car out there. A new Chevy would be more than enough.

"Okay then, but I get to chose and it cannot be too outrageous."

"Aha don't you trust me? As long as it's blue and drives fast, you can have whatever you want darling." Edward smooched, as he reached over to take my hand. I love the way how his smooth skin feels against me. It sends tingles down my constantly shaken spine.


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