Yao was silent as he walked on. He hated walking in the streets this late at night but it was necessary to get home. His grades had run a little longer than he expected and it was well into the late hours when he was finally done. Who knew that it took so long to read that many essays and put grades on them.

The streets were empty and held a streetlight every now and again. On the sidewalk where, Yao was walking, there were a lot of alleyways that he tried to stay away from. They were all dark and fantastic for hiding out and grabbing someone off of the sidewalk.

Yao nervously fidgeted with his tie as he walked. Now, it seemed to take forever to get him when he only lived about ten blocks from the college. Echoing footsteps caught Yao's attention as he snapped his head up to see where it was coming from.

A man, long blond hair and blue eyes with a little bit of stubble was walking on the same sidewalk as Yao but going the opposite direction. He walked, smile on his face, head held high, hands in the pockets of his designer jeans. He hummed a light tune as he walked.

"Bonjour!" He greeted happily as he came near Yao.

Yao just nodded and walked a little faster. He didn't look back but heard as the man walked away. He sighed in relief when he heard the footsteps fade. The man seemed all right but you never could be too sure with all the freaks that live in the town.

Speaking of freaks, Yao couldn't help but think of his new neighbor. A very tall, built man that never talked and always wore a scarf, even if it was the middle of September in Florida. He never spoke either. Yao clearly remembered when he first met the man. He had said hello and the man just looked at him and walked into his house. He was weird.

While absorbed in his thoughts, Yao didn't hear the footsteps sneaking up behind him. It was far too late when he did notice because at that moment a cloth went over his mouth and an arm incased his body so he couldn't struggle.

Panic was immediate and Yao struggled to the best of his ability but to no avail. The arm holding him was too strong. He tried to scream but it was muffled and wasn't very loud. His vision blurred, be it from the tears burning at the corners of his eyes, or the fact that his was inhaling chloroform, Yao didn't know.

"Shh, shh, it'll be over soon," a voice whispered into Yao's ear.

Yao recognized it as the man's voice. He struggled a little bit more before he just couldn't move. His consciousness was fading fast. And then…

He was let go.

The cloth disappeared from his mouth and the arm incasing him was gone. Yao fell to the concrete, not being able to hold himself up. He rolled himself onto his back and wearily looked up at the sky. His vision was so blurred he couldn't make out the edges of the building in front of him. The streetlight shined onto his body. A figure entered his vision to his left.

Yao looked at it and blinked multiple times to try and figure out who it was but, every time he blinked his eyes just got heavier and heavier until finally he just couldn't keep them open. A hand touched his face and he felt himself being picked up. After that, nothing.