When Yao awoke again he was laying on a very soft and comfortable bed, completely covered in warm blankets. He was completely dressed in a pair of pajamas as well. They were smaller than Ivan's clothes so Yao assumed that they belonged to either Toris or Eduard. He looked around and noticed that he was in a room that was different from Ivan's and the room that he was staying in with that pole. Yao stretched out and looked over to the window, seeing that the sun was rising.

"How long was I out?" He asked himself.

"Um, excuse me! Mr. Wang, are you decent?" A voice called out.

"Yes," Yao answered.

The door opened and Raivis walked in with a tray of food and medical supplies. He walked over to the side of the bed and set the tray down.

"Good morning, Mr. Wang," Raivis said, cheerfully.

"Good morning, Raivis," Yao said back, smiling.

Raivis smiled back a little he pointed to Yao's shirt.

"Remove that please," he said.

Yao did so. When he did Raivis pushed him on his back and began to inspect his wounds. The cut on Yao's stomach was long but it wasn't deep. Raivis disinfected it and put a large bandage over it. Yao sighed, he'd forgot about that. Raivis then looked at Yao's arm which had a large wrap around bruise on it. It was really dark and ugly. Raivis grimaced. Yao had forgotten about that one too.

"This'll have to heal on its own," Raivis stated.

Yao nodded. Raivis took the medical supplies from the tray and walked to the door.

"Enjoy. Mr. Braginski should be in here soon to get you ready for the park," he said with a small bow.

"The park?" Yao asked, but Raivis was already gone when he said it.

Yao sighed and turned to the tray. He ate and then got up, looking around this new room. He walked over to the closet and opened it, seeing a few articles of his own clothing inside. Ivan must have gone to get them while Yao was asleep. Yao reached in and pulled out a nice pair of plain black pants and a top from his home country. Yao undressed from the PJ's and slipped on the pants and shirt. He closed the closet and walked over to the window, seeing that Eduard was in the garden, tending to the flowers. Yao pushed the window open.

"Eduard!" He shouted out.

Eduard jumped in surprise and looked up to where the voice was coming from. He smiled and waved.

"Good morning, Mr. Wang!" He called up.

"Good morning! Hey, Raivis said something about the park today, know anything about it?" Yao asked.

Eduard nodded.

"Yes, every 16th of the month Mr. Braginski takes us all on a trip through the park where we actually have the freedom to do what we want," he replied.

"That sounds nice! Okay, I'll see you downstairs than, right?" Yao said.

"Yes, of course!" Eduard said.

Yao gave another wave before closing the window and turning around, he jumped and gave a shout of surprise when he saw Ivan standing there. Ivan let out an amused chuckle. Yao pouted and playfully punched Ivan in the chest.

"Aiyah! You almost scared me to death, Ivan! What were you thinking?" Yao asked, still pouting a little.

Again, Ivan chuckled. He leaned over and gently kissed Yao's pouting lips. Slowly Yao kissed back. After a few seconds Ivan pulled back and smiled brightly at Yao. He took Yao's hand and led him out of the room and down the stairs where Eduard was already and Toris was just walking in with a picnic basket and Raivis was standing with a blanket. They all smiled at Yao and Ivan as the came down the steps hand-in-hand.

"Alright, we're all ready?" Eduard asked.

All nodded.

"Great, let's go!" He said.

Slowly, one by one, everyone in the house made their way outside. Yao, the second he stepped outside looked to the side at his house. An immediate urge to run for his house washed over Yao's body. His mind became suddenly clear. He shouldn't be here. He shouldn't be having fun with these people. He's been kidnapped. Assaulted, sexually assaulted, locked up, tied up. He needed to get the fuck out of here. He was about to make a break for it but was stopped. He looked down and was surprised to find an arm around his waist. He looked up and Ivan smiled at him.

"Is something wrong, Mr. Wang?" Toris asked.

Yao was silent for a long while. Everyone's eyes were on him. He shook his head.

"Sorry, my mind was somewhere else. I'm fine, don't worry!" He said and smiled brightly.

They only stared at him for a moment more before turning around and beginning to walk. Arm around Yao's waist, Ivan pulled him along as they walked. Yao gave a last look to his house and turned away.


The park was a few blocks from Ivan's house and was full of trees and plants. It was more of a walk though and have a picnic type of park than a playing park. Yao remembered vaguely coming here every weekend in order to get away from grading the papers at the college. He sighed deeply and just smiled although on the inside he felt miserable.

After a little time of walking, Toris and Eduard decided on a place to have their picnic. They picked a small spot right under a large oak tree. Yao helped Toris set up the blanket and Eduard and Raivis immediately went off to play a quick game of tag. Ivan leaned against the tree and watched them all with a grin on his face.

"Aiyah, the blanket is not cooperating today!" China said as the blanket would not go straight.

Ivan chuckled lightly and walked over, finally being able to help straighten the blanket out. Toris and Yao both laughed and thanked him greatly for his help. Ivan nodded and sat on the blanket, immediately taking a relaxing position. Toris quickly followed. Yao stood for a few more moments, watching as Eduard and Raivis laughed and played before finally sitting as well.

Over the next three hours, the member of Ivan's household came and went as they pleased. They chatted and ate and laughed and had an all out good time. Raivis had brought a Frisbee from home and finally Yao got up from the blanket to play.

"Ready?" Raivis called.

Everyone nodded.

"Eduard!" Raivis shouted.

The Frisbee soared through the air and Eduard jumped to catch it. He laughed as he almost fell over and tossed it over to Ivan. Ivan caught it with ease and tossed it to Toris. Toris nearly missed and hooked the edge with his finger, making it fall to the ground. Eduard and Raivis laughed at his blunder and Toris laughed as well. Toris picked up the Frisbee and tossed it in Yao's direction. A gush of wind suddenly ripped through the area and the Frisbee soared of Yao's head.

"Oh, sorry, Mr. Wang!" Toris said.

"Haha, that's okay, I'll get it! Be right back!" Yao called and quickly ran after the Frisbee that disappeared into the heavy brush.

Yao walked until he was out of sight of the others. He looked around on the floor. He sighed as he couldn't find it and kept walking. After a few more minutes he sighed and decided to turn back and tell the others that the Frisbee was a lost cause now.

"Uh, excuse me! Are you looking for this?" A voice asked.

Yao turned around and his eyes widened as his eyes caught onto those of one of his top students. The boy was Matthew Williams, younger brother of Alfred F. Jones, or, the Class Clown as most students liked to call him. Matthew's eyes widened as well.

"Mr. Wang?" He called.

Yao immediately went over and slammed a hand over Matthew's mouth before he could get out another word. For being the quietest student in his class, he sure was loud at moments like this. After a few seconds Yao pulled his hand back.

"Mr. Wang, what are you doing here! The school's been looking for you!" Matthew called out, but soft this time.

Yao looked from side to side and sighed deeply. He looked Matthew directly into Matthew's eyes.

"I've been kidnapped," he answered.

Matthew's eyes widened.

"Kidnapped?" He asked.

"But, you can't tell anyone. The man who's kidnapped me is dangerous!" Yao replied.

Matthew gulped lightly.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"The man that kidnapped me. I don't think he's right in the head. He tortured me the first day and than became all nice. I think he's using his sweet attitude in order to keep everyone from running away," Yao replied.

"There are others?" Matthew asked.

"Three others," Yao replied.

Matthew gulped again.

"W-we have to contact the police!" He said.

"Mr. Wang! Did you find the Frisbee yet?" Toris called.

Yao looked back at the voice. Looked at Matthew. Looked back. He than turned his gaze to the Frisbee before taking it from Matthew's hand and tossing it in the direction he had come from. Matthew understood immediately. He was always a bright boy. Without looking back, Yao took Matthew's hand and together they ran as fast as they could for Matthew's car.


Toris gasped in surprise when the Frisbee flew past his head. Eduard and Raivis laughed as Toris recovered and laughed as well. Ivan picked the Frisbee up as it landed at his feet. He smiled brightly and watched the are where Yao would come any second. Minutes passed. Eduard and Raivis had stopped laughing. There was silence.

"M-Mr. Wang?" Toris called.


Everyone glanced a Ivan. His smile had faded a while ago. A look of despair crossed his face and grew to the point where he looked on the verge of tears. Than the Frisbee was in two in his hands. The look of despair was gone. It was replaced with a look of rage. The broken Frisbee was thrown to the ground and Ivan was storming into the area where Yao was supposed to be. Toris looked over at Eduard and Raivis. Raivis, was all out sobbing as he knew what had happened and what was going to happen. Eduard held the boy in his arms. Toris silently followed after Ivan.

There was a long silence.

Ivan yelled in rage.

Yao was gone.