Red and White
~Family Chaos~

The pencil scratched the paper as Karin worked on her school homework. A knock came at her door and she glanced up. "Who is it?"

"It's Rukia."

The dark haired twin blinked a couple of times. "You can come in. You really don't have to ask me if you can come and visit you know."

The petite female opened the door and slipped into the room before handing something to Karin. "I have something from Hitsugaya Taicho for you."

"I thought I told you to tell him not to worry about a White Day gift. Or is it about something else?" The dark haired twin opened up the letter.

Rukia spoke up before she could begin reading it. "Actually, you told me that if he did do something you'd want it from friendship and not obligation."

"Yes... but..." Karin's eyes scanned the letter.

To Kurosaki Karin,

I am writing this letter to invite on a play date at the amusement park on the fourteenth of March to thank you for your valentines gift. I am rather hoping that you'll say yes as I've not had the chance to spend much time with the friends I have. This is also honestly the first time I've asked a friend to do something, rather then the other way around, so I am heading out of my comfort zone a bit.

Sincerely, Hitsugaya Toshiro

The dark haired female found her lips pushing together, before shaking her head. "He used the words play date? Nobody our age uses the word play date anymore."

Rukia's arms suddenly went behind her back and she fidgeted slightly. "The fukutaicho of the eighth division said something about that word and Hitsugaya Taicho having found new vocabulary that he couldn't stop using. "

"You mean to tell me that Toshiro doesn't know what a play date is?" Karin frowned. "Exactly how much time does he spend with his other friends?"

A frown crossed the small female's face. "Actually... Hitsugaya Toshiro doesn't have any other friends his age. Your brother is quite probably the second friend he's ever made as the other people he knows are friends of someone he thinks of as a sister or people he looks up to as mentors."

Karin glanced at her desk, frowning as she did so. "I want to say yes to him because this is obviously important to him, but..."

"But what?"

"I am worried that certain people may construe this as more then just the two of us hanging out as friends." The dark haired twin watched as Rukia's lips pushed together. "I know that he's not asking me to go out with him, but I have three family members who would take it the wrong way. Honestly... I really want to go, but Ichi-nii is going to lose it if he finds out that I am going on anything similar to a date as will my dad. And Yuzu..."

As if on cue the other twin entered the room. A smile was on her face. "Rukia nee-chan, are you going to be able to stay for dinner?"

"I don't see why not. I need to get an answer from your sister on something." The shinigami spoke up as she watched the other girl.

Karin shook her head at Rukia. Yuzu's interest had been perked and she walked over. "You got a letter from someone Karin?"

"Yes... well..." The female frowned at her twin and tried pulling the letter out of Yuzu's view point.

"Let me see!"

"Ahh... Yuzu." Rukia held up her hand to stop the girl but two brown eyes suddenly lit up.

Karin suddenly felt the letter grabbed from her hand and she heard Yuzu respond with a sequel of delight. "The guy you sent the valentine gift too responded back." The small female held the letter up in the air and read it, her smile suddenly broadening. She then pulled the letter to her chest. "He's asking you out on a date!"

Rukia gave the other twin a pitying look while Karin stood up. "I told you Rukia... and Yuzu, he's not asking my out on a date. We'd be going as friends and..."

"Come on Karin! He asked you to go to an amusement park with him and I am quite sure I read the word date in the letter, so he is asking you out. You've got to say yes, because you're so lucky to be getting asked out by a guy. I haven't been asked out yet and all of the girls happen to have said no guy would ever ask..."

Karin stood up and tried to grab the letter from her sister. "Just give it back already Yuzu!"

"But! You've gotten a love letter and you aren't happy about it?" Yuzu blinked a couple of times.

"Yuzu!" The dark haired twin suddenly found herself lurching forward after the girl as Yuzu tried to keep away from her sister. Rukia frowned, knowing that the situation was just getting worse. She followed the girls down stairs and found them chasing each other around the couch that Ichigo so inconveniently happened to be sitting on.

"Hey... Yuzu... I think you should stop." Rukia spoke up, not sure how Ichigo would handle the situation.

"I won't give it back until you say yes to going on a date with the guy." The brown haired twin's stubbornness caused her to blurt out the words without thinking about the consequences.

"Excuse me?" Ichigo suddenly found himself standing up and grabbing the letter from his sister's hands. He then flicked the paper opened and one eyebrow went up.

"Ichi-nii... it isn't what you think."

"He asked Karin on a date, so it is what we think." Yuzu stated.

"No he didn't." Ichigo folded the paper back before handing it to Karin.

Rukia sighed in relief, but the brown haired twin pushed the issue further. "The letter says that he's asking her on a date."

"No it doesn't. He's asking her on a play date." The orange haired teen let out a deep sigh and placed a hand on Yuzu's forehead.

The girls cheeks puffed out. "What guy our age would use the word play date?"

"Toshiro would. I happen to know him." Ichigo remained calm and Karin and Rukia relaxed. However, the small shinigami found herself jumping out of her skin when Ichigo suddenly turned to look at her. "Rukia, could you take Yuzu shopping for dinner supplies so that I can talk to Karin about this?"


Karin watched her brother carefully as he sat down. He patted the seat on the couch for her to sit down. The girl let out a sigh before speaking up. "Do you really understand that he's not asking me out or you only saying that you're convinced in order to get Yuzu to butt out."

"Why didn't you tell me that you were giving valentines chocolate, let alone that you know Toshiro of all people?" Ichigo leaned back and folded his arms behind his head.

The girl pushed her lips together. "You just avoided the question didn't you? You avoided the question just like you avoided telling me you were a shinigami."

"Fine... I understand that it is very unlikely that Toshiro isn't asking you out on a date." The orange haired teen leaned on his arm. "I still want to know why you couldn't tell me this? Were you afraid of me trying to kill the guy because I thought you had a crush on them? Maybe when it comes to Yuzu, but most guys you could easily take care of yourself."

"Are you saying you wouldn't have a problem with me dating a guy? That isn't what big brother's are supposed to do." Karin frowned, not sure if she should be furious with him or glad that he was allowing her such possible freedom.

"I never said I wouldn't have a problem with you dating guys. I simply said I know you can take care of yourself and I don't need to worry about beating the guy up. Yuzu is the one I'm likely to go berserk on." Ichigo then tilted his head to the side. "Just be sure to take of Toshiro on the fourteenth. He doesn't know how to act like a kid or interact with others, so be patient with him."

"Ichi-nii... your being paranoid for all the wrong reasons." Karin shook her head. " I'm going to get back to my homework.


The tension around the tenth division didn't lesson despite the fact Nanao said she would speak to Rangiku about the situation. The small taicho knew that Nanao said she couldn't guarantee if she could talk to sense into the other fukutaicho. A few days had passed and Toshiro found himself called out on business. When he got back, he bumped into Rangiku coming out with a box.

"You... you aren't leaving?" The boy's bright teal eyes went wide and his mouth opened in panic.

"What are you talking about?"

Toshiro quickly went up on his heels slightly to look into the box and saw quite a few bottles of sake. "I don't understand."

"I'm giving up sake."

Toshiro looked at her again. "You're scarring me."


"The fukutaicho of the eighth division hasn't told you?" The boy frowned.

"I've been busy doing the paper work., so we haven't had a chance to talk. You have noticed, right?" Rangiku blinked a couple of times from confusion.

A deep breath came out of Toshiro's lungs. "Why are you not acting like yourself?"

The woman paused, adjusting the box in her arms. "I'm just cleaning up my act."

"Why?" The white haired child's hand was on the box so that she couldn't leave without moving his hand.

"Because... I figure if I clean up my act it will be easier to act like a family." The woman pressured.

Toshiro let out a deep sigh. "This doesn't change the fact I am your taicho and you're my fukutaicho."

"I'm still doing it, because I'm honestly a bad influence when I slip into this mode." Rangiku stated. "Can you let me by?"

"Yeah... but you're not always like this." Toshiro sighed. He headed to his desk and noted that he didn't have much work left to do. Despite the fact this was a nice thing, it didn't change the fact that their relationship was on the rocks.

"Perhaps you should tell her the truth about what is going on."

"No... she is the one most likely to be getting the wrong idea."

Nanao stopped by, her mouth twisting up. "Yamamoto would like to speak with the two of us in his office."

"Shit... I'm in trouble and this was a trap." The boy stood up and followed the other fukutaicho. When he arrived at the office and they found Hisagi Shuhei and Soifon standing there. "You needed to see me head captain?"

"How are your preparations for White Day coming for you Hitsugaya Taicho?" the old man spoke up.

Soifon suddenly spoke up. "I don't see what this has to do with me or Hisagi Fukutaicho."

Yamamoto raised his hand to the female with a stern look. Toshiro took a deep breath. "I've asked and I'm waiting for a response back. I kind of agree with Soifon in the fact there is possibly enough people who know what is going on and I really don't want this getting back to Matsumoto."

"The taicho and fukutaicho won't be telling Matsumoto about what is going on. Do you mind if I arrange for Soifon to keep an eye on things and have the punishment squad take care of any Hollows that show up?"

"I'd forgotten about that. Are you sure that this is a good idea?" Toshiro frowned at the old man, his left foot shuffling on the floor as he held his arms crossed across his chest.

"Why do you think this isn't a good idea?" The old man spoke up without any negative tone in his voice.

"I can't exactly control my rieatsu. So going to a crowded place in the living world where I might attract Hollows is possibly not a good idea."

"You want to have a chance to spend some time with this friend of yours?" Yamamoto asked.

"I don't want to put them in danger though." Toshiro glanced at the ground.

Soifon pushed her lips together. "I'm going to side with Hitsugaya Taicho on this one. Putting ones friends in danger isn't a good thing. I'm also going to point out the fact that excursions to the living world for captains is restricted as well. Why take this chance on the matter?"

"Because Hitsugaya Taicho's managed to make a friend, but the friend isn't someone from Soul Society so his ability to see this friend is going to be restricted based on the fact captains movements between Soul Society and the living world is restricted." Nanao pushed her glasses up, only to have Soifon glare at her.

"My question is, what does this have to do with me?" Hisagi frowned.

"Soifon will look less suspicious at an amusement park if she has someone with her." The comment from Yamamoto caused the taicho and fukutaicho to look at each other in frustration.

Author's note – Funny how I had everything but the last sentence written on this one.