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Sleeping Beauty in Wonderland

Princess of Love, Light, and Dreams

In the beautiful kingdom of light, Queen Badiyanu is the protector of dreams. The castle of light is painted in white, yellow, and orange, the colors of the sun. Daffodils and lillies surround the palace, open meadows flooded with light. Patches of forest surround lakes in various parts of the far planes to the kingdom.

The Princess of light is Aino Minako. She is a bright, happy, day dreamer of love. She spreads light and her mother protects beautiful dreams. The princess has only one secret--she is in love with the most important person in her kingdom(other than herself and her mother), Helios. Helios protects the Golden Crystal of light and dreams. The crystal is the source of the queen and princesses power, and he resides in the shrine of dreams at the heart of the kingdom. The princess is guarded by a man named Kunzite, who holds the power of starlight.

The princess is a free spirit, often going to visit the man that secretly frequents her deams. Today was one such day.

The princess pushed her way through the thick bushes, gazing around to be certain she was alone. She was clad in a plain orange dress, her hair done up in a bun with leaves from the bushes caught in it. She crawled out the brush, leaning against the wall and sighing. "Finally." she said to her herself.

"Princess." Minako looked about, surprise clearly written on her face as she saw her guard, Kunzite, walking over to her. She could not fathom where the man had emerged from or how he had followed her. She had been so careful. "You are such a troublesome princess."

Minako puffed out her cheek as she pouted. "I am not! You didn't have to follow me!"

Kunzite shook his head. He was dressed in all white, with an unneeded sword at his side, as well as a white cape attached by yellow clasp. The sun made his silver hair sparkle in the sun. She thought of her own hair pinned up, suddenly upset that it would not sparkle that way. "Ooh, go back to the castle, you'll show me up!" She cried.

"Is that honestly what worries you?" He asked. "Are you truly so vain?"

"Don't insult me!" Minako yelled.

"Listen to the two of you making a racket!" They heard the voice before a yellow bubble swooped around and captured them, transporting them to the Shrine of Dreams. One of the dream fairies, Ceres, was before them when they were released from the bubble. She was smiling at them, sitting a top her yellow ball. "Why were the two of you hiding in the forest?"

"We weren't hiding!" Minako yelled.

"I had followed her when she tried to sneak away from the court." Kunzite responded.

"Oh, I see. Couldn't stay away from me?" Ceres smirked, tossing her hair a little.

"No one came to see you!" Minako said loudly. "I came to visit Helios."

"Sorry, he's busy. I can't let you see him."

"Oh, yeah. Minako's kiss of infatuation!" Minako kissed her palm and a small golden heart danced at the end of her finger tips. She threw the kiss onto Ceres. They girl's eyes became glazed over in a yellow light at she gazed at Kunzite.

Kunzite took a step back at Ceres's look. "Oh no." He mumbled. He turned to sprint away as Ceres jumped from her magic ball, wrapping her arms around him. She floated in the air as she snuggled up to him and Minako snuck away. "Troublesome princess!" He yelled after her, trying to pry the fairy away.

Minako giggled as she ran further into the shrine in search of Helios. She adored her powers of light and love. Sometimes it really came in handy. When approached the garden of red roses she knew she was close. "What are you doing?" She cringed when she heard the voice of another dream fairy. This one was in red, standing on her magic ball and giving Minako a stern look.

"Hey, Vesta..." She greeted timidly.

"What are you doing here?" Vesta asked.

"Looking for Helios." She replied quietly.

"He's busy."

She knew I couldn't do the same trick on Vesta. She and Kunzite were too serious, her infatuation attack didn't work on them. Behind Vesta, she spotted Helios hurrying off somewhere. She had to make a run for it, but she needed to distract her...

"Heartbeat flash!" Minaka called, a light flashing in tune with her heartbeat. It didn't last but a few seconds, but that was long enough for her to make a run for it. "Helios! Helios!"

Helios turned towards her, smiled, but then it faltered. "Princess."

Vesta floated over. "Sorry, I told her you were busy but--"

"It's fine." Helios said. "Vesta, gather the other four and continue..." He glanced at Minako, then seemed to change his choice of words. "Working."

"Alright." The child fairy answered.

Once they were alone, Minako looked guiltily at Helios. "I'm really sorry, I didn't know that you were really busy. I thought they were just saying that."

"It's fine." He answered. He took her hand gently, causing her to blush. "Let's go inside." He lead her to the shrine's center, where the Gold crystal was kept. It hovered over a white pillar with an orb of gloden light protectively around it. Four other lights swirled around the orb: pink, blue, green, and red. He lead her up to the crystal, close enough that she could reach her hand out and touch it, closer than she'd ever been before. "I know that you are drawn to it. You are the princess, after all. One day, you'll be able to use it the same as Queen Badiyanu. That's why you keep visiting the shrine, am I right?"

"Oh, yeah." She lied. Helios was the reason she went to the shrine so often, but she was a little interested in the crystal. "The lights..." she asked hesitantly.

"The dreams fairies power. They put a spell of protection on the crystal. Unless they remove it or are defeated, there power will keep people away from the crystal. The second barrier is my own."

"What can you do with the crystal? My mother never told me anything about it."

"Queen Badiyanu does not want you to worry over it. You'll have plenty of time to learn about your powers and the crystal." Helios smiled. "This, the Golden Crystal of Light and Dreams, is a miraculous thing. The Queen uses it to protect the kingdom from darkness and nightmares. She used it to purge all our hearts of evil and leave us free to be happy and to love. Even I do not know all the crystals power."

Minako contemplated this a moment, gazing in to the depths of the crystal. "Don't you ever want to use the power yourself? Make someone fall in love? Or give yourself the best dreams?"

Helios shook his head. "The crystal is better used by the queen, and it is better used for everyone."

She frowned a bit. So it was only her that was selfish and wanted to fall in love. That was fine though. She didn't need the crystal to fall in love. All she need was for her prince to look over at her, just for a moment, and tell her how he felt. Tell me that I'm beautiful! Or tell me that you care! She pleaded in her mind, staring at Helios as he looked in the crystal. It couldn't be that he wasn't interested in her. She just hadn't made her feelings obvious to him.

Or maybe he isn't interested. A voice in the back of her mind said.

Who asked you! She replied to the voice.

"I'm very sorry that you can't stay longer, princess." Helios said.

"What do you--" But she never finished her question, as she heard the voice of her guard calling for her.

"Princess!" Kunzite yelled. "Get your troublesome self back over here."

She turned to scowl at him."You ruin everything, Kunzite!" Unwillingly, she dragged herself away from Helios and over to where Kunzite stood at the entrance to the Golden Crystal's room, as he didn't dare to enter.

Helios smiled at her. He was lucky to have such a lively and bright princess such as she. He waited until she was gone beforing leaving to do his work. He was the protector of the Golden Crystal and he needed to be certain that the crystal remained safe.

Pallas was playing in the back of the Dream Shrine, balancing herself on her magic ball with one hand. She was humming cheerfully to herself, lost in her own world. "Pallas!" The youngest fairy fell from her ball, landing ungracefully flat on her face.

"Owwie." Pallas whined to herself.

"Pallas!" Juno walked over to the younger fairy, sighing at the girl's current state. "What are you doing on the ground like that? We have work to do."

"I know, I know." Pallas replied. "I was going to come, but I was playing and..."

"No excuses." Juno said. "Get up and let's go."

"Okay, okay." Pallas replied. She sat up and floated herself into the air, following Juno. The two faries met up with the other half of their group, Ceres and Vesta.

"Alright, this is what we'll do. Pallas, you'll come with me to the castle." Ceres said. "Vesta and Juno will go to the lake."

"Why are we going to the castle?" Pallas asked.

"Oh, you're so naive." Ceres cooed, looking at her younger partner. "Don't you know anything about The Other Side? We have to make sure that the darkness stays out of our world because the Golden Crystal has been acting strangely."

"Acting strange?" She asked her older companion.

"Don't worry about it." Ceres smiled.

Princess Minako sat on the balcony outside her room, Kunzite standing beside her. Her gaze was fixedly focused on the sky. She sighed dreamily. "Kunzite, will you paint the sky for me?"

"My powers are not solely for you amusement." He replied.

"Please?" She batted her eyelashes at him. He simply stared at her, unresponsive. She sighed in defeat. "Come on Kunzite."

Giving a sigh of his own, he raised his hand, creating a few stars in the palm of his hand. He threw the stars into the sky, moving them a bit before they disappeared. He repeated this process a few more times as she watched completely enthralled with the scene before her eyes. While both had their eyes glue to the sky, Queen Badiyanu entered the room.

"You are not yet sleeping, my daughter?" The queen asked. She stepped onto the balcony to witness what had capyured their attention. "Playing upon the strings of a man's heart?" She asked.

Minako blushed. "No way! That's not at all what I did." She paused before adding, "That kind of thing never works on Kunzite."

"I know. I'm the one that made him immune to your powers."


"When you were about three or four and he was seven, it became quite apparent that you would use your charms to get whatever you wanted. You used to throw out your kisses at him whenever you wanted to be held, or you wanted to see the pretty stars. I got tired of seeing the hearts fly every time you cried."

Minako pouted. "Well, maybe you should have treated me better."

The queen laughed haughtily. "Ha! And let you become even more spoiled than you are now?"

"I'm not spoiled." Minako whispered to herself. Kunzite made a sound to contradict her statement, and the princess shot a glare towards him.

"I believe that you should go to bed, now, dear. I want you to keep yourself well rested. You can dream during the night rather than day dreaming all day."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going." Minako relented, standing up. She went to her bed and sat on the edge while her mother and guard went from the room. "I wonder if my prince will visit my dreams again tonight."

If only it was really him frequenting my dreams. Minako thought to herself as she closed her eyes.