Sleeping Beauty in Wonderland

Love Falling Through

The planet was empty and cold where they stood, but far behind them was a warm world made of crystal and glass. It was fragile looking, but strong, and undoutably beautiful. It made tears come to her eyes as she looked upon her past home, knowing what was happening to it. No, what had already happened. Galaxia placed a hand on Cosmos' sholder, and the white haired woman glanced back at the golden armored warrior, tears still in her eyes.

"Do not cry for this, Cosmos." Galaxia whispered into her ear. "It is not your fault, nor can you undo it."

"I understand that." Cosmos said weakly. "But you cannot tell me not to cry for them."

Serenity was glancing at her crystal palace with a victorious gleam in her eyes. One that held, even as she turned to then look upon the barrien cold landscape that she now stood on. Just behind her was her lover, dressed in all white; The Moonlight Knight. Also with the two, the aqua haired woman Michiru stood with her eyes glued to the crystal palace.

"Perhaps it is not good for you to come here anymore." Galaxia persisted.

Cosmos shook her head. "I must. No matter how it hurts, it does strengthen my resolve. When the time comes, if the time comes, I will do what I must."

"Let us return to our home." Galaxia said. A broach on her chest sparkled and the armor faded away into a simple golden dress. She wrapped her arms around the white suited woman, holding her until she also dissolved her clothes into normal one, a long white dress. Galaxia cranned her neck into that of her slightly taller companion, giving her sweet kisses. "Home, Serenity."

"Yes." She replied. She started at the blond girl that stood so far away from her. "My daughter..." she whispered, new forming tears. The two vanished, but a few tears floated on the wind. They did not reach anywhere close to Serenity, but she looked up when one hit the ground.

"Is there anything wrong, Serenity?" The Moonlight Knight asked.

"No." Serenity shook her head. "For a moment, I thought that I felt something, but it was nothing."

Minako sat in the field of lillies that surrounded the palace, Telul and Zoicite near her. She was stretched out in the flowers while Zoicite summoned Sakura petals and blew them about the two girls. Telul giggled as a few tickled her cheek.

"Everything has been very peaceful." Telul said. "Are you certain that you feel alright, though, princess?"

"Absolutely." Minako replied. "I've been asleep too long anyway, from what I heard."

"You are not angered with the queen, are you?" Zoicite asked absentmindedly.

"Nah, how could I be?" She paused to look at the two of them. "You know, I think it's a bit rude to flirt with one another while I'm right here."

Telul flushed slightly. "He isn't-" But she stopped herself, unsure of whether her statement would be true.

"Maybe I should help you too a long." She smiled. "A little Minako Magic?"

"We don't need any princess magic to fall in love." Zoicite said, a half-sour look on his face. "No offense, princess, but you really like to interfere with other people, don't you?"

"Hey, I was trying to help." Minako huffed.

"We really do enjoy your company, princess." Telul said. "But not every love has to be so pushed and definant. Not every love has to be called a love."

Minako wasn't sure why, but it felt as if she shouldn't forget those words. The princess decided that since the two were having so much fun amongst themselves, though they would never ask her to leave, she would dismiss herself to her room. She went to stand before a floor mirror in the corner of her room, admiring herself. She was wearing a yellow dress, with her hair down, two braids on either side but the rest flowing free. She imaged Helios standing in front of her, where the mirror was.

"How can I say that I'm in love you?" She asked him, though he wasn't really there. "My heart beats faster at your thought and I see you in my dreams. I want to hold you and kiss you, and I want your smile to be just for me. We could rule the kingdom together, or maybe I could stay at the shrine with you? I'm rambbling now, but it's true." She took a deep breath to gather courage, imagining that she was about to say her confession. She opened her eyes and thought that she could see straight into his.

In the shrine of dreams, the golden crystal glowed faintly. Helios looked at it, smiling, knowing his princess must be embracing some part of her power.

"Helios, I love you." Then Minako pressed her lips to the surface of the mirror, imagining that it was Helios lips.

The Golden Crystal began to glow brighter, pulsing in time with Minako's racing heart. Finally, it exploded in a bright flash of golden light.

Minako felt her lips softly pressing against something. Something that didn't feel like the solid surface of a mirror. She opened her eyes, then they became wide as she saw her lips had somehow slipped through the surface of the mirror. She flailed her arms about for a moment, before she fell head first through the mirror.

Prince Diamond was with his younger sisters Hotaru and Arutsu (mistress 9). The three of them were in a dark room in the center of the palace, the room where the dark crystal was kept. Only the barest light was given off in the room by a red and blue light that orbited the dark crystal, protecting it. The dark crystal suddenly began to emit black light. Hotaru nodded at it. "It has happened." She said.

"You never told us what would happen." Arutsu snapped a bit.

Prince Diamond just nodded at Hotaru in return. "You did not interfere, but you brought us here. Why?"

"Someone has just fallen into our land, come behind the mirror." Hotaru explained. "I am uncertain which of our rooms she would have fallen into, but I did not want for the two of you to end her."

"So it is a woman that invades us." Arutsu said.

"Not invades." Diamond disputed. "The Dark Crystal would not be so languid to an intruded, but a vistor."

"I am uncertain if she will be of harm to us." Hotaru piped up.

"I'm going to mother." Arutsu said. "This person may do us harm and you have let her freely into our castle!"

"You do not trust us?" Diamond asked, his gaze hard and cold and piecing into hers. "Or you do not trust our crystal?" Arutsu's gaze was just as hard as his, but angery filled her eyes. Anger that was smothered away under his more than frosted stare. She turned her eyes away, defeated.

"I'm going to be with Laroso." She stormed off, her hair trailing behing her in impossibly long waves.

"Do not mind her." Diamond stated, though no kindness was heard in his voice, the gesture of it reassured her. "She does not have the mind that we do for these things."

Hotaru nodded. "I do not know if I should...act."

"If this girl has a purpose to stumbling into our world, she will make it to one of us. If she is one of fates accidents, then she will die. As of now, it has nothing to do with us."

"You are right, brother." The younger girl nodded. Together, they exited the room, closing the door.

Minako opened her eyes, sprawled on the floor before a mirror. She felt like she'd fallen from a very high distance, but that couldn't have been so. She tried to stand, but she felt weak, like gravity was working against. "What's wrong with me?" She whispered. She lifted her head enough to know that the room was empty and she was no longer in her own castle. She groaned to herself as she remembered falling through her mirror. "No. I must have fallen into another land."

Minako. She felt the whisper, more than she heard it. She looked up and noticed a small pink flower on the floor before her, looking slightly crumpled. Her hand was reaching out for it before she could think of why. As soon as she touched it, she felt marginally better. She pulled it to herself, gathered her strength, and sat up. It was taking too long for her to gather herself against gravity and the smothering feeling that the air seemed to have over her. She placed the flower in her hair, which seemed to make it easier to breath, and stood.

"What have you gotten yourself into, now, Minako." She scolded. Slowly she made her way out the door and into the hallway beore hearing footsteps. Her body trembled with fear at the unknown predetor, making it even harder to move. Two people care into sight. An older man with white hair and glasses, face shadowed, and a younger girl, about Minako's age, with short blue hair.

"Well, well, well." The older man stopped as did his companion. "What have we got here?"

"An intruder, proffessor?" The girl looked hard at Minako.

"I guess I'll just have to take you back to my lab."

"Wait." Minako tried to protest. "Please."

The man's laugh filled the corridor as a black shadow swept out of him and towards her, then she blacked out.

Queen Badiyanu ventured into the dream shrine, a sad look plasterrd onto her face. Helios recipricated the look when she reached the golden crystal. They both took their longing gazes over to the crystal, a plea directed at it that the inanimate object could not answer. "It allowed her to cross through. I felt it. I felt her fall through the mirror, body and all."

Helios spared an equally sad, though sympathetic, look towards his queen. "The crystal began to pulse and I thought that she was embracing one of her powers, but then it exploded into light. Do you think that while she was connecting to the crystal-"

"She touched the glass and it allowed her to go through." Badiyanu finished his statement. "At that moment, she must have been strong enough."

"The crystal faintly glows everytimes she dreams." Helios said. "It wasn't that glow."

"And she has yet to come into her power of light." The queen replied pondering. "It could only be that she was coming to terms with love. She was discovering what it meant to love!"

Helios wondered who had captured the heart of his princess, but had no will to dwell on it. Instead, he asked, "What can we do? That world is so opposite ours, she may not make it back this time."

The queen steeled her eyes, releasing her sadness so that she could better concentrate. "I will send her guard for her. She must be rescued and her protector is the best person to do so."

Helios nodded in agreement, feeling a pain eat away at his heart at the thought of the princess in danger. The dream fairies would be ideal for rescue, but they had far too much light within them to stand even a minute in that world. Helios could not possibly go himself, nor could the queen. This did seem the only option. He hoped his princess was truly strong enough to endure. Unlike the dream fairies, the princess was mortal and that gave her light and darkness. That alone would give her the chance to survive, but she would only be able to for so long before the world swallowed her energies.

"Quartet!" Helios called. Instanly they all teleported around him, hearing his call. "Release the barrier."

They did so without arguing, and the queen left with the golden crystal. Ceres posed her question as soon as the queen was out of sight. "How come we had to lift the barrier?"

"I thought that the queen could use the crystal anytime, even with our barrier in place." Juno said.

"She can." Helios responded. "But your barrier keeps others from the crystal's magics, and that is what we need to do."

"What for?" Pallas asked.

"The princess has fallen beyond the mirror." A collective gasp came from the fairies. "We are sending Kunzite through after her."

Pallas felt a tremor of fear. "That place is so scary."

"Yeah, it'll eat the princess alive!" Two hands were instantly claps over Juno's mouth. Vesta and Ceres glanced at Helios to see if he heard, but couldn't tell if there had been any change to his worried expression.

"I'm sure Kunzite will bring her back safe and sound." Ceres smiled at Helios.

Vesta added. "He probably won't have any troubling getting in and getting her out."

Helios offered them a smile, one that even the dream fairies couldn't help but blush over. "Thank you for attempting to cheer me. I know that worry will not mend anything, and thus I will simply wait." With that statement, he went off further into the shrine of dreams, where he would rest and await the princess.

The four fairies were in awe. "Who knew he had that kind of smile saved up?" Vesta said.

"Helios sure is dreamy." Ceres cried.

Juno and Pallas couldn't think of anything to say, but they were nodding at what Ceres and Vesta had said.