Changes Can Be Good.

Summary: Robin believes Beastboy about Terra being alive, but can't believe that she has no memories nor can he believe Beastboy is willing to give up on her. He promises to stay with her forever, even if it means trusting the one person he'd never trust.

Yea um this story is gonna be a bit different and I hop it turns out good. This is my first attempt at a Robin and Terra pairing. Wee! But any ways, a lot of planning and careful music choosing was put into this. The first song is "Not One Of Us" from the movie "The Lion King 2 : Simbas Pride"

Chapter One: Not One Of Us

Robin sat at the main computers one night with a sample of blond hair he found on Beastboy's shoulder after he had a supposed encounter with Terra. He kept going on about how she's claiming not to remember whom she is and that now he's giving up on her and moving on since he recently found out that the girl is being manipulated by Slade again. That's when Raven and him began to date; that was one week ago. Robin wasn't one to doubt someone on moving on, but when it came to the subject of Terra and was a bit off. He came to the decision on testing the hairs' DNA when Beastboy decided on claiming; maybe this girl really wasn't Terra. If there was one thing for sure, though the two of them never saw on the same page; the boy wander had feelings for the Geomancer. If Beastboy was really going to leave her, then he was going to take his shot. Starfire had given up on him and began dating Cyborg a year ago; their relationship was still holding firm. Waiting patiently in the chair he would occasionally would connect to Terra's communicator channel and call out her name. She almost responded once, but he guess she decided otherwise. A low beep brought his attention back to the computer, signaling that the test was complete. Scanning through the results he accusations were proven correct. The girl Beastboy had been pursuing was truly Teen Titan Terra. Deleting the history and data on the computer that would lead him to doing anything, Robin grabbed his helmet and ran to his motorcycle and rode off into the city putting a location on Terra. She was in the mountains near Slade's old hideout. Pushing the Nos. button he zoomed out of the city limits and into the mountains. He was nearing the entrance of the hideout when the girl walked out, wearing the School Uniform. She ran back in when she saw him.

"TERRA!" Robin shouted hopping off of the bike and chased after her deep into the hallways until they reached the pocket of where she made her last stand.

"Freeze Terra, you can't escape out of here!" He shouted pulling the bow-staff out, he wasn't sure if she was still a criminal or not. Terra did stop but she kept her back to him.

"So now that Beastboy has stopped following of all people Robin. Why do the Titans want me back? I can't even use my abilities anymore. I'm useless to you all...that is until i get them back of course." Terra explained kneeling down and picking up a rock before dropping it back into place. She stood back up and faced him. "Why do you pursue me Robin?" She asked again.

"Because i am not going to give up on you. Beastboy lost his chance in forever being with you when he began dating Raven. I lost Starfire a year ago, but that's because i never wanted her Terra. There was someone else i wanted to be with. Someone who was almost like me." He explained putting his weapon away and walking over until he somewhat towered over her.

"I can't go back Robin. Now that everyone knows i'm living with Slade. I'm not working for him, more like trying to regain my powers. I refuse to ever do that again." Terra explained looking down at her feet. "I can only levitate small pebbles and ice cubes, but nothing major yet...Who do you love Robin? Say it, out loud" Terra demanded quietly.

"I want you Terra, to stand by my side forever. To be what you saw in Beastboy. Even if I have to put up with Slade being your father figure...i will. As long as you're by my side!" Robin answered lifting her chin up gazing into her eyes.

"The only thing i ever held for Beastboy was a puppy love, a simply childish crush. But the love i hold for you has always been genuine. Something was there and that's why i always made you angry or irritated. It was to get you to see me, but i realize...i never had to do that. You saw me from the very beginning. I regret ever betraying you Robin. You were right back in our fight. I never wanted it, but i was far in too deep to ask for help. The others won't accept me back even if you are the leader. They will drive me out of Jump City once they know the truth of me knowing whom i was the entire time. I won't be able to be with you." Terra panicked backing away and wrapping her arms around herself. Robin walked over and placed his hands upon her shoulders.

"Then i will search for you until i find you. That is a promise; and i don't break my promises." Robin said sternly locking eyes with her. Terra smiled sweetly at him with half closed eyes.

"I know you don't." Terra answered and let him lead her to the entrance and over to his bike. Pulling out an extra helmet he handed it her. She gratefully took it before climbing on behind him. Terra smiled to herself as she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head onto his back. This is was what she always wanted, to be close to someone; to someone like him. The sun was already rising and Terra could hear the buzz of Raven's voice in the background after Robin explained that he was bringing her back. The magic using girl did not sound to happy at all.

"She's acting like I'm trying to steal Beastboy! She can have him...I have who I want." Terra shouted over the motorcycles engine. She knew that Raven heard her and everything fell silent. She could sense Robin's smirk. Only Terra could get under Raven's skin so easily.

'I don't care about her intentions Robin...It's been decided none of us want her here. Take....her....BACK!' Raven snapped, Robin heard agreements in the background, he knew Terra could hear.

"I'm bringing her back whether you want me to or not Raven!" Robin barked back.

'Then don't be surprised when we fight back!' Raven hissed then disconnected. Robin ignored that threat, he knew what was going to happen and he knew Terra knew as well. Her arms tightened around him.

"What ever happens...find me!" Terra said, he placed one of his hands over hers in a silent promise. He released when they reached the Tower, the other four already outside waiting for them. Robin was first to get off. Taking his helmet off he glared at each and every one of them.

"It's four against one Robin...she is not staying!" Cyborg snapped crossing his arms. Terra sat sideways on the bike after taking the helmet off. She avoided Beastboys heavy gaze on her, but focused on Ravens. The two of them both glared at one another.

"I don't care what any of you have decided! She is staying!" Robin growled pulling Terra to behind him when she hopped off of the bike.

"Then you leave us no choice man." Cyborg warned, nodding to Raven. The purple haired teen used her magic to teleport Robin somewhere. Terra's eyes widened in fear. She knew without her powers she didn't stand a chance. Backing up she ended up running into the back of a boulder.

"So it's come to this huh?" Terra asked looking for a way out.

"You brought it upon yourself for rejoining Slade. You made your choice again!" Beastboy yelled, Terra shot a glare at him.

"That maybe true but do you see me doing his dirty work. Do you see me working for him? NO! I'm just a normal girl going to a boarding school Monday through friday and living in a normal home outside of Jump City for the weekend. Yes, i maybe getting trained by him to receive my powers back, but i have no intentions on working with him. Besides...who gave up on who Beastboy?!" Terra snapped, Raven sent a boulder surrounded with her power at Terra. The blond jumped onto it and back flipped to away from their line of fire.

"You have no rights to say that to him traitor! We are not taking the risks just in case YOU ARE working for him you disgraceful, two faced wench! You will leave Jump City, you will NEVER contact Robin or us again...If you don't comply we will be forced to kill you!" Raven lashed out sending a boulder into Terra sending her into the oceans waters. Terra struggled to stand up but managed to. Before the girl could send another one the blond was pulled out of the way to behind someone the boulder being punched into rubble.

"Now Titans, this is a bit cruel even for you. You don't have to worry we won't be in Jump City, but you will not be able to deny Robin from seeing his girlfriend once he finds out her location again! Terra isn't my apprentice anymore. She is now my daughter and you will not harm her while i am still alive. I hope you all have a nice life." Slade hissed jumping into the air with Terra into a chopper. Terra pulled away from Slade and looked out the side door just as Robin managed to get out of the Tower from the roof.

"TERRA!" He yelled running to the edge.

"PROMISE TO FIND ME OKAY! PROMISE YOU WILL!" Terra shouted to him pulling her butterfly hairpin out and tossed it to him. Catching it Robin nodded his head holding the hairpin over his heart.

"I PROMISE!" He shouted back, Terra smiled and the two watched each other until they were both out eye site for one another. Robin stuck the hairpin in his pocket and turned seeing his team starring hard at him. Glaring the boy wonder pushed past them and escaped to his room. He was never going to give up his search for Terra. Not even the Titans would be able to stop him.

"Was that really the correct thing to do my friends?" Starfire asked looking at the direction Terra and Slade escaped to.

"It was the only thing to do...she's our enemy again because she's with Slade. Anyone a part of him is our enemy. If Robin keeps up his path of pursuing Terra...he to will become our enemy." Raven explained, she walked back into the Tower being followed by Beastboy.

"Raven is leading us now. No one will get in her way or they'll be eliminated. Her powers have grown now." Cyborg explained, him and Starfire escaping.

'Deception.' Beastboy thought entering his room looking at an old photo of him and Terra and flipped it down.

'Disgrace.' Raven thought pulling up Terra's criminal file on the computer studying it. She would not loose her Beastboy.

'Deception' Starfire thought looking back at all the times Terra made her believe they were friends when in reality the blonde was only playing her.

'Disgrace' Cyborg thought, helping Raven with the file. Not knowing if it was right anymore.

'Deception!' Robin thought throwing an old Teen Titan group photo into an open flame before putting it out and was left into the darkness of his room...he would find Terra.

There you guys have the first chapter. I know its not very long. But technically its the prologue. The other chapters should be longer