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The Truth Beneath The Rose- Within Temptation

Chapter Six- This Means War

Starfire was the first one to wake among all of the Titans; to be exact she never fell asleep when they returned after their fight with Terra and Robin. The young alien girl had a feeling if Slade and Jinx didn't jump in Raven probably would have succeeded in killing Terra. Starfire was glad though that the Azarathian didn't succeed; the geo-telekinetic was still their friend in a way. Robin was still their leader... he was the reason they were even still together.

"Starfire?" She turned to see Cyborg walk up and take a seat next to her.

"We won by forfeit, but why doesn't this feel so victorious?" She asked letting tears begin to bridge at the edge of her eyes.

"Because we just tried to kill two of our friends. Friends with secrets about us. Raven has forcefully taken the position as our leader... all because of her fear of loosing Beastboy. We all know that is no reason to lash out like we did." Cyborg explained resting his elbows against his knees.

"But we all fear Raven; like Terra, she is a threat to all of us." Starfire added in hugging herself as the room fell cold.

"Only Terra can beat her, but until then they're equally matched." Cyborg sighed, the two fell silent when the living rooms' door slid open. They sighed in relief though when they saw it was just Beastboy. The green teen looked even worst, by the looks of it him and Raven probably got into another fight.

"Did she get physical again?" Cyborg asked, he was becoming very worried for his friend.

"I don't want to talk about it." Beastboy muttered tacking his spot on the other side of Starfire. He was very exhausted, and not from the lack of sleep.

"Where is our friend Raven by the way?" Starfire asked with spitefulness.

"She fell asleep two hours ago. The fact of us loosing isn't sitting with her very well. She's going to start a search for a new member to replace Robin when she wakes up." Beastboy explained shuttering from pain when Cyborg put an ice pack onto the back of his neck.

"Well she sure is taking charge, why don't the three of us go out for breakfast. We'll leave Raven to whatever she wants to do." Cyborg growled out the three of them quietly leaving the tower.

Robin was finally able to get the blond girl back to sleep after Slade woke them all up with his wet alarm clock. The boy wonder snuck out of the room and made his way to the training room; Jinx was already training her dark magic. Slade was at one of the 5 computers in that room typing away.

'What is he...A hermit?!' He thought his eyes narrowing he had long gotten rid of his mask. He was still getting used to it.

"So she refuses to get up?" Jinx asked pausing in her training.

"Her body still isn't functioning very well. He powers took out a lot of her energy. She's going to be out of commission for probably up to a week." Robin explained pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Don't bet on that Robin. My niece is as stubborn as you are... She's awake and walking again." Slade explained pointing to the computer screen.

"... TERRA GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THAT FUCKING BED!" Robin yelled, up stairs Terra stared at her door shrugged then went on her way to getting ready for training.

"She's not listening is she?" Robin asked, his left eye twitching.

"Hmmm.... nope." Slade answered, 30 minutes later Terra appeared into the room from the ceiling since the whole hide out was made of rock.

"Did you even hear me?" Robin asked bonking her on the head.

"Yea, but I can't stay still. I'm perfectly fine Robin... You worry WAY too much." She teased walking passed him.

"Terra no flirting in my training room... I don't want to see any clothes flying off yawl's hormonal bodies!" Slade lectured.

" Um...Slade....we sooooo did NOT need to hear that! Wait.....YOU SAW US HAVE SEX DIDN'T YOU?!?!?!?!?! I bet you have camera's all over the stupid mountain side!" Terra screamed her face completely red. Slade rolled his eyes and walked over to the blonde and placed his hand upon her head.

"That maybe true, but...i would NEVER watch you two entangle bodies and move within under the covers and...." Slade began explaining.

"SLADE THAT IS ENOUGH!!!!!" Terra and Robin both yelled bug-eyed.

"I'm ashamed you did watch them! And I told you specifically not to!" Jinx lectured sighing in annoyance.

"I can't believe that he would go that far.... Don't you even trust me?" Terra asked fake tears welling into her wide eyes and her bottom lip quivering.

"NO! Don't you DARE give me that FACE!" Slade yelled, but Terra refused to let up.

"FINE! I'll take all the camera's out of all of your bathrooms and bedrooms." Slade gave up.

"YOU HAVE CAMERA'S IN OUR BATHROOMS?!?!?!" Jinx and Terra yelled, Slade began to back away when boulders floated around Terra and Jinx's hands glowed pink.

"Ah....shit." Slade mumbled and disappeared down a dark corridor.

"GET BACK HERE!" The two raging females screamed.

"Um....I guess I'm training by myself now." Robin chuckled turning to one of the robots and began beating the life out of it. He froze though when there was a loud crash coming from another part of the hide out.

"Okay that didn't sound good." Robin muttered seeing Slade run out of his dark corridor, the boy wonder followed. They met up with Jinx in the hallway.

"What the hell was that?!" Slade asked, the girl shrugged.

"Um...where's Terra?" Robin asked, they all dashed down the hall into a giant machinery room. The room was malfunctioning and the gigantic clock wheels were beginning to fall. Slade, Robin and Jinx searched around for the blond girl.

"What's happening?!" Jinx shouted above the noise.

"It's Terra's powers, she's loosing control again or she's lost conscious and her powers believe she's in danger." Slade explained, the two weren't able to stop Robin as he jumped through the falling wreckage looking for Terra.

"TERRA?!" He yelled nearly getting crushed by a clock wheel. Terra sat on the highest clock wheel covering her ears. A high pitched ringing noise was echoing through her ears, just like it always did when her powers went out of control. Images of her parents being crushed by boulders ran through her mind as other memories flooded through to.

"Stop it..." She muttered to herself.

' You will never have control!' A voice said deep within her mind.

"SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" She screamed, the other three who were looking for her stopped what they were doing in awe as everything froze in mid air. Robin used that opportunity to climb his way to the top Clock wheel. When he climbed up Terra was curled in a fetal position floating in the air glowing yellow (Just like in the episode when she first meets Slade minus the tornado).

"Terra, it's okay you're not in trouble. You're safe!" Robin shouted up to her cautiously walking towards her.

"Make the voices stop! Make them go away...PLEASE!" Terra begged tightening her fetal hold.

"What voices Terra....what are they saying to you?!" Robin asked walking until he was 2 steps from her floating figure.

"They say I can't ever get control of my powers...I don't want that! I don't want to be pathetic." Terra cried, Robin sighed.

"Then you know it's not true! Last night should have been proof when you saved me Terra! You're not pathetic, and I know that for sure. Now come down before you worry Slade to death." Robin explained holding his arms out to her. Terra opened her eyes slowly as everything floated back to normal and she glided down into Robin's arms. He held her firmly there.

"I'm so sorry...I'm not ready to train...not mentally!" Terra explained tightening her arms around Robin.

"I know your not. Come on lets get down from here." Robin explained leading them to a set of stairs connected to that clock wheel. Slade and Jinx greeted them at the bottom. Terra kind of hid behind Robin afraid that Slade would yell at her for her screw up.

"It's alright Terra. I'm not angry with you. This is just one tiny step closer to your full recovery. We're here with you every step of the way." Slade explained, Jinx smiled and nodded her head.

"You're just trying to change the subject so I will forget about the camera's in the bathrooms!" Terra mumbled, after she said it Jinx tackled Slade while Robin and Terra walked out.

Terra rested her head onto Robin's chest as they walked through the hallways until they reached the kitchen. Robin sat her at one of the chairs before looking her over.

"You have a tiny scratch on your forehead, a Band-Aid should take care of that." Robin explained walking away to some cabinet searching for the first aid kit. Terra watched him with a smile on her face. When Robin turned around he just blinked at her.

"What? Is there something on my face?" He asked, she shook her head no.

"Thank you, for believing in me." She smiled and he smiled back.

In Slade's office Jinx sat across from him they had a computer page pulled up on his computer.

"So they're looking for a replacement." Jinx replied then looked good and hard at Slade who was just starring at her.

"NO! Uh-uh no way am I going! That's suicide Slade!" Jinx shouted jumping from her seat and pointing her finger at the masked man.

"The who should we send? Terra OR Robin?! That'll be even worst! You're better at disguises than they are any ways. Besides this will be your chance to snag Beastboy out from under Raven." Slade explained, a blush spread across her face before sighing.

"Fine I'll do it, but only because I'm protecting Terra from them." Jinx snapped then stormed out of the office to the kitchen. She knew Terra was going to have a field day once she told her. Entering the kitchen she saw Robin wearing Terra's red skull patterned apron cooking steaks for everyone. Terra was hand washing the few dishes that were left over in the sink wearing Slade's pink frilly apron. The two had gotten that for him as a joke on Christmas.

"Hey guys...I need to tell you two something." Jinx stated. "Tomorrow I'm going under a really good disguise and joining the Titans to spy on them.... Don't give me those looks! I'm a tough girl, I can take care of myself!" Jinx snapped, Terra's face went to her pouty puppy dog look.

"But what if you do get hurt?" She asked, Jinx was like an older sister to her now.

"If I do, I have you guys to back me up. Well call us when lunch is ready." Jinx winked then walked out disappearing to her room. Terra looked down tears coming to her eyes. Robin walked over and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"She'll be fine, I know she will." He reassured her, Terra smiled then chased after Jinx, Robin went back to cooking.

Terra walked right into Jinx's room with an all too innocent smile upon her face.

"So what's the plan this time?" She asked smirking as well her hands upon her hips.

"We sneak out to Jump City and get you the perfect disguise for tomorrow. But the catch Robin and Slade can't know." Terra explained walking into Jinx's walk in closet.

"So we go as party goers so no one not even the Titans suspect anything. Therefore even we can go out and have fun. You are like your uncle...Pure genius Terra." Jinx cackled, helping Terra into a stretchy red sparkly mini dress, black fishnets, platform black boots and helped her put her hair in stylish train hat (Don't know what they're called). Jinx let her hair down straight and threw on a pair of black baggy pants with a white halter-top. Topping it off with a pair of black steel toed combat boots.

"Now get us out of here Terra." Jinx smirked, the blonde held onto her sisters hand and fazed them both through the Earth until the were in an alley by the Salon's and a block from all of the clubs.

"Let's do this!" Jinx cheered the two walking in. By the end of 4 hours jinx now had orange red hair and applied brown contacts into her eyes. She also got a tanning job done and came out as tan as most girls in California. Her hair was put into corn-rows and sat straight.

"You look....awesome!" Terra smiled the two entering a club.

"Haven't been in here in ages!" Terra cheered instantly running out onto the dance floor letting the music flow into her instantly. Jinx sighed, she knew keeping up with the girl was going to be practically impossible now. The now orange-red haired girl had to step outside when her communicator for Slade went off.

"Yes Slade?" She answered leaning against a wall.

'Do you mind if I ask.....WHERE IN THE LIVING HELL ARE YOU GIRLS?!?!?!' He yelled at her.

"If you can't tell Terra came here with me to Jump City to get into my new disguise, she's in one as well. And now....we're at a techno club and I've lost her on the dance floor." Jinx explained her left eye twitching.

'YOU WHAT?!?!?!' Robin yelled in the background.

"Don't worry I'll find her, see you two later!" Jinx smiled then hung up before the two men could freak out on her again then walked back into the club. The one thing she never noticed that scared her was....3 of the now 4 Teen Titans were there. Cyborg, Starfire and Beastboy and they knew who Terra was. Opening her communicator she linked to Terra.

"Terra we got to go Cyborg, Starfire and Beastboy at 3 o'clock!" Jinx nearly shouted into the communicator. She saw a figure just freeze on the dance floor and turn the direction she was supposed to.

'I'm on my way now you get out of here I'll meet you at home. But don't go inside till I get there!' The girl replied, but before any of them could react Raven appeared in front of the blond. Listening to her companion so they didn't ruin tomorrow's mission Jinx left. Terra stood there glaring down at Raven like the Azarathian did to her.

"You have some nerve coming here Terra!" Raven snapped her eyes beginning to glow their black.

"It's a public place Raven, other criminals come here! I don't see you stopping THEM!" Terra hissed her eyes glowing yellow.

"Well you're a different kind of criminal." Raven yelled lunging for the girl. Terra front flipped over Raven and ran for the door.

"Sorry Raven but I don't have to play with you tonight!" She laughed and burst through the door. The other Titans ran out to see her just gone.

"Oh yea, she can faze through the Earth." Beastboy mumbled sticking to behind Cyborg just in case Raven decided to hit him again. Raven screamed in frustration before disappearing, the other just decided to walk back to the tower.

At Slade's hide out Terra appeared in the garage only to see Jinx laughing innocently trying to explain to Slade where she was.

"I'm just fine, there was no fight." Terra explained coming out from the Jeep. Robin jumped from the ceiling landing next to the blonde.

"Then next time don't go." The boy wander lectured, Slade nodding his head.


"I told you she was going to get pissed over that....Now she won't be coming home tonight....again." Jinx snapped walking off to her room.

"Where'd she go?" Robin asked looking to Slade.

"Where she always goes....The place where she made her last stand. It's best to leave her alone for now, until she cools off that is." Slade answered and left for his room. Terra was at the cave but had found an old stairwell which led to the roof of the cave. It had a better view of the Titan Tower than Slade's new hideout. Sitting there she hugged her knees like many times before but just minus the metal suit that had been made for her.


Terra sat on that very same roof hugging her knees letting the gentle breeze hit her. Slade was in his control room devising another plan to wipe out the Teen Titans. She sighed again letting 2 lone tears cascade down her cheeks.

"You know crying doesn't suit you." A voice came from behind her. Spinning around in her spot she saw Robin standing there in his Red X suit, just minus the mask all he had was his Robin mask on.

"You shouldn't be here, you know I have to attack you all tomorrow." Terra said standing up.

"I know, but I had to see you. Beastboy went back to normal and is about to ask Raven out." He explained walking up to the girl.

"Why me Robin? I'm your enemy." Terra said.

"I know but I enjoy taking risks." Robin explained before wrapping his arms around her and kissing her.

End Flashback:

"That was a long time ago, I guess that spark never left. And now we fight for our existence. I won't be pushed out of this fight!" Terra growled out.

"And you won't you just need extra time and attention. You're abilities have altered and strengthened you need both mine and Slade's personal attention and training. Promise me to not do a stunt like that ever again." Robin said sitting next to her.

"I'll try." Terra smiled and the two spent their night up there.

Yea took a week to finish this chapter. But yea the next few chapters or chapter or how ever many will be Jinx's Mission with the Titans that means Robin, Terra and Slade are only voices or emails. So yea see you in chapter 7.