After Sunrise, many questions were left unanswered. I want to sort of smooth these out until The Fourth Apprentice comes out. This is gonna be a four-shot, and part of a series of stories set 'After Sunrise'

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After Sunrise – 'Crowfeather's Flight

Chapter 1 - Exile

Why? Why did she have to tell everyone at the Gathering? It could have been our secret. It never needed to get any further then Squirrelflight, Me and the kits. Now so many hearts have been broken. And what about all of our futures? I could be exiled from WindClan for this, and Leafpool might have to give up her Medicine Cat duties. And the kits will be forever known as the kits that came from a half-Clan relationship.

I am standing in the deserted WindClan camp. After the Gathering, I had ran back to the camp to think about what to do next. I have to face them. I can't just keep running forever.

I hear rustling. Are Onestar and the others coming back? Yes, it's them, and Onestar looks livid. I groan inwardly. What is there to say? Yeah, it's happened, we can't change the past. But that's not what Onestar will think. Suddenly, my mind crosses thoughts about Nightcloud and Breezepelt….this is my chance to tell them I don't want them, and I want to be with Leafpool not, stinking her!

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around the TallRock for a Clan meeting." Onestar's powerful yowl has woken up the cats that had stayed behind. Confusion is written all over their faces. If only they didn't have to know.

"Crowfeather has been found to have had kits with the ThunderClan medicine cat," Onestar shouts mercilessly

"Ex Medicine Cat more like," Tornear yowls from the back.

Onestar waves his tail for silence, "he has transgressed against the warrior code, in not just having fallen in love with a different Clan cat, but with a medicine cat no less. You have tainted the blood of WindClan, by having half-Clan kits. You can not stay in WindClan if that is the crimes you have committed. You are hereby exiled from WindClan and if a warrior finds you on our territory, they have authorisation to kill you on the spot."

I have no answer for this, I just hang my head. I walk over to the exit with dozens of pairs of eyes watching me, penetrating the gaze through my pelt. Suddenly, the mange-bag steps in front of me. Oh, not now! I think.

"Why?" she asks me crisply. "I thought you were over that piece of fox-dung moons ago!"

"Well at least she actually gives me room to breathe!" I shout back in anger. "You are always around me, and I HATE IT!"

"But Crowfeather," her voice immediately softens in 'pain' "I thought you loved me…"

"Well you thought wrong!" I shout not just to her now, but the whole Clan. "Yeah, your rumours are all true! I used her, to get back into the Clan. But do you know what? I don't care. This Clan has turned into a load of battle hungry mange-bags that just want to catch ThunderClan for something they didn't do! I am sick of it!"

I walk out, knocking Nightcloud and a very smug looking Breezepelt out of the way. If only I could rip my claws through his neck!

I go out of the camp, running as fast as my legs will take me. I am just running and running and running, I just need to be alone. I have just realised that I am on the island's treebridge. There are cats on there. Five cats. Should I go on? I think I will…but…I see Leafpool, and Jayfeather and Lionblaze. What do I say? I've torn them all up! I take a deep breath and I go. Is this the right decision?

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