Author's Notes:

All right! Let's do this! Okay, this is my first fanfic for D. Gray-Man. My other three stories are for Pokemon, so I doubt any of you might've read them. I mean, I never came across a writer on this site that have written stories for D. Gray-Man and Pokemon. Because of that, I got nervous writing this because it was for a whole new audience and fanbase.

The scene in the beginning can be found in chapter 105 in the manga. I pretty much based the dialogue around the scanlations, but changed it a bit.

One more thing, I dropped the Japanese suffixes. I hope that won't be a problem.

Disclaimer: I do not own D. Gray-Man.

D. Gray-Man

The group of four jumped through the door to escape the room doomed for destruction. The door led to what seemed like an endless pit of shadows. They just kept falling and falling, with no knowledge of what awaited them at the bottom. One of the four, a girl, was pouring out tears of anguish. Not for the sake of her own life, but for the comrade they've left behind in the crumbling room from once they came.

"Lenalee! Don't cry, Lenalee!" That was Allen's voice. He was trying to reach for her hand, so they wouldn't separate.

"Krory! We have to go back for him!" Lenalee cupped her hands over her ears to try and shake off reality. The feeling was overwhelming. The feeling of losing someone precious. Like a piece of your world has been destroyed along with it. "Stop this! I don't want to lose anymore people!"

"Lenalee! Listen to me!" Allen was obligated to scream. Lenalee was covering her ears.

"No more…please…"

Allen finally got a hold of her hand. He brought the two of them closer together so that they were falling evenly. "I promise you, Lenalee. Everyone will return home safely. Kanda and Krory, too. Everyone."

"But how? Tell me how…"

Allen bedded his palms onto her cheeks. He wanted her to read his lips clearly. "What happened to the strong Lenalee I know? After all, aren't you like a big sister?"


Soon all images faded into the shadows. Everything was black.


Lenalee opened her eyes.

"What that just a dream?" She barely let off a sound, for she was catching her breath from the adrenaline. "No. I remember now. It was real."

The scenario actually happened awhile ago. But her dreams repeated the event just as it occurred back then.

The word 'sister' was stuck in her head. It began to echo again. Sisterrr…sisterrr…sisterrr…sisterrr…

She tried to shake the thought out, but it was no use. "Not again…"

It was morning and she was on her bed. The walls. They were so white. There was no need for the window that hovered over her head, beaming a ray of sunlight directly onto her forehead and parts of her eye. She was in the mood of sleeping for just a little bit more since it was only six o' clock, but that troublesome light kept peeking its way into her eyelid that it was impossible to sleep any further. She gathered enough strength to pull herself up into a sitting position before releasing a quiet yawn. Then she stood up, looking dumbly at the mess of her unmade bed. In an attempt to fix it, she collapsed on the mattress face-first.

She made a sarcastic chuckle. "Why am I like this? I can't go to sleep, but at the same time, I can't stay awake."

Lenalee's legs were still recovering from her battle with that level 3 Akuma. But her leg injuries were the last thing on her mind. On her mind, she was only thinking of Allen…and the others who were also injured on the Ark. A great deal of remorse took her over for the fact that, although she had saved Anita's ship from the Akuma, she had been no help on the Ark. She would constantly degrade herself, saying it was all her fault this happened because she was the one targeted by the Earl. She couldn't help it; it was in her character to feel that way.


Lenalee was in the kitchen making coffee for the Science Division. She did this almost everyday as if it was a second job for her. But seeing her friends smile after taking a sip of the coffee she made was worth the effort.

She was walking down the hallway, on her way to the lab, carrying a tray of hot coffee. Her eyes drooped down almost completely before she just missed crashing into a wall.

"That was close." Due to her fatigue, she spoke in such a dull fashion. "I better drink some coffee before I really crash into a wall."

She grabbed a mug that displayed the picture of a pink bunny and drank the whole thing with no regards. The coffee seemed to cool down a bit, so the liquid didn't burn her tongue.

"Lenalee?" That voice. It was coming from the library.


"Lenalee? Is that you?"

It was definitely Allen. He had such a sweet voice. It was like a piece of innocence took refuge in his throat. That's what his voice was…innocent.

She entered the library with excitement. "Allen?"

"Um no?" The voice answered back quizzically.

Lenalee turned her head in all sorts of directions until she finally pinpointed the source. "Lavi?"

"What's wrong? Were you expecting Allen?" Lavi was sitting alone at a table with a book on one hand and a sandwich in another. He finished the remaining chews in his mouth and then wiped his mouth with his sleeve. Then he began to stare at Lenalee with patience. He was waiting for a reply.

She suddenly felt bad for Lavi because she could read the fear of disappointment on his face. She gave a sigh because she was disappointed in a way. "I don't think I've noticed it before…but Lavi has a sweet voice just like Allen's."

"Hmm? Did you say something?" Lavi and Lenalee shared the same room but they were still a great distance from each other. The library was pretty big.

"Nothing! Nothing at all!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Lenalee looked at him sternly. Lavi is acting a little…differently today.

"Okay, then." Lavi took another bite out of his sandwich and continued to flip through his book.

Lenalee stood there in an awkward situation. She stood there for about five minutes before realizing that the coffee was getting cold. "Um Lavi?"

Lavi put down his book once more. "Yes?"

"Aren't you the one that called my name?"

"Oh I'm sorry!" Lavi jumped out of his seat and ran over to her, only to apologize once more at a more appropriate distance. "Is that why you've been standing there all this time?"

"It's okay."

"How simple-minded of me…" Lavi was still feeling a bit guilty. "I saw you walk by and decided to just call out your name."

"Just call out my name?"

"Yeah, I guess it was impulse. I don't know."

Lenalee just giggled at him. "So, what are you doing?"

"Erm…just reading…"

Lenelee looked down at his hand, which held the half-eaten sandwich. Bread crumbs were dropping to the floor at an alarming rate. This made her nervous. "You know we're not supposed to bring food in here, don't you?"

"We're not?" Lavi took a glimpse of his sandwich and noticed the floor. "Oh crap!"

"Um would you like me to fetch a broom?"

"No thank you! That won't be necessary!" Lavi crouched down. He scooped the crumbs with his hands and gathered up a huge pile. Then he grabbed handfuls from the pile and dumped them into his shirt like a basket. After the floor was spotless and neat, he made his stride into the hallways. "What about that coffee you're holding, Lenalee? I don't want you to get in trouble."

"It's okay. I was just about to leave anyway."

Lavi passed her by but froze soon after. He turned back. "Lenalee?"


"You're hair is coming in nicely…"


But Lavi stormed out of the library before she could properly thank him. Lenalee was about to leave as well until she noticed the book Lavi was reading had been left on the table. She was confused at the title. How To Be More Like Your Best Friend. Written by Cedrick Apple.

"What a strange book…" She was expecting a book with historical records or something, him being a bookman after all. She was way off.

She didn't feel she had the right to take a sneak peek inside it. She respected Lavi too much for that. It wasn't like it was a diary or anything, but there was no way of knowing how Lavi would react if he saw her snooping around the pages. So she decided to put the book back into its designated shelf and save Lavi the trouble.

"Let's see A…where are the A's…" She figured the book must belong to the A section. "There they are!"

She climbed up this huge ladder that led to near the roof of the room. She had to take each step cautiously because her legs were still healing. Once or twice she almost fell but courageously saved herself from being perished. It wasn't too hard to find the spot's location; it belonged in between two books, one by Sydney Archer and another by Anonymous.

That Anonymous book sort of caught her eye. It was a tiny book, one you could carry in your pocket. It also had a bright orange cover with purple text. She read the title off the spine. The Five Levels of Friendship. Written by Anonymous.

"Levels?" That word striked her curiosity. What do levels have to do with friendship? When I hear the word 'level', I think of Akuma.

She made her way carefully down the ladder. The orange book was now in her hands. Why am I so interested in something like this?

It couldn't have been more than 90 pages. Albeit there was a blanket of dust, you could tell that the book was written in this century. When she opened it, the hard-cover gave an annoying creaking sound. She skipped the introduction and went directly to chapter one. In the very beginning, there were no paragraphs. Instead, there was only this huge diagram that occupied the first two pages. It was entitled:

"The Five Levels of Friendship" Rundown (Read Left-to-Right)

1. Speaking Terms -- 2. Associative Terms / Frequent Terms -- 3. Friendly Terms -- 4A. Emotionally Intertwined -- 5A. Brother-Sister Friendship


1. Speaking Terms -- 2. Associative Terms / Frequent Terms -- 3. Friendly Terms -- 4B. Complimentary Terms -- 5B. Romantic Terms

Level 1. Speaking Terms (ST)

This is the first stage to every friendship. The two people involved are not considered to be friends as of yet but rather mere acquaintances. Both people should at least know each other's names, though they do not have to call each other by a first name basis. They also might not see each other often. But when they do, they would welcome each other's presence with a smile or a hello. All friendships must start with this level before advancing any further.

Level 2. Associative Terms / Frequent Terms (AT)

This is the next stage to a friendship. This is where the two people involved see each other more often but usually not in one-on-one meetings. For example, you may see them because they are friends with your other friends. Or you might see them because you work together or get invited to the same parties. Nevertheless, the two still don't really know each other quite well though they might want to know each other.

Level 3. Friendly Terms (FT)

This is the most common level where the two people 'stay put'. In this stage, the two could acknowledge each other as 'friends' without much hesitation. Also, they would know each other a whole lot more. Things such as where the person lives, what are the person's likes, what are the person's dislikes, how old is that person, etc. They would also see each other more often, sometimes arranging meetings on their own whim. Also, they might sometimes eat lunch together and share many laughs.

Level 4A. Emotionally Intertwined (EI)

This is where friendships start to become complex. This is only one of two level 4 variants that a friendship could possibly evolve into. This type of friendship usually happens with only your most cherished friend where you and that friend share an emotional moment. For example, if tragedy were to strike, the two people involved may cry together and/or try to comfort each other. A moment like that between two people would ensure a whole new level of closeness. If you have shared an emotional moment with a friend, consider yourself lucky because friends like these are hard to come by.

Level 5A. Brother-Sister Friendship (BSF)

This is the stage that comes after Emotionally Intertwined. After an emotional moment is shared, there is an intimacy that only a brother and sister can have. The two people involved will consider each other family. Secrets will be shared between the two. But the most important thing of all is that they will protect each other at all costs. Some friends may be overprotective at times, but that's just saying how much they care. Although it is called Brother-Sister Friendship, this still accounts for friendships between two boys or two girls.

Level 4B. Complimentary Terms (CT)

This stage comes after Friendly Terms. This stage is completely different from Emotionally Intertwined. In this stage, two people would give each other compliments; hence, the word 'complimentary'. Compliments show how much a person cares. At first, the compliments would be used to make conversation. But eventually, the compliments would slowly result in cheering up a friend or flattering a friend. When two people start to compliment each other, they stray off from being emotionally connected. Instead, they become more aloof with one another. They might also tease each other a bit more than they might with other friends. Not out of spite but to fool around.

Level 5B. Romantic Terms (RT)

This is the stage that comes after Complimentary Terms. After compliments are thrown both sides, the two people involved might evoke into this kind of friendship. They would become more passionate about their relationship, perhaps to the point of becoming inseparable. They would understand each other (much like being Emotionally Intertwined). They would usually want to be alone together most of the time, including for meals and other activities. They might fight a bit, but that's only natural. This is the strongest bond you could have with a person, but it's also the most fragile.

"Gee, I didn't know friendship was so complicated." This was coming from Lenalee, who some might say is an expert when it comes to friendship.

"I wonder what level friendship me and Allen are in. Hmm…" Then Lenalee slapped herself. Why Allen? Out of all people, why did I think of Allen?

She continued to read some more. She didn't stress on every word, but skimmed past the pages rather. She was getting sleepy again so she drank another mug of coffee with Johnny's name on it. After ten more minutes of reading, she drank one with Tapp's name on it. By the time she finished the last remaining sips, she suddenly realized that the science team was waiting for her delivery.

She stormed out of her seat, placed the book into her coat pocket, and carried the little coffee she had left to the science lab.


When she arrived, the door was already open. She stepped inside and the whole place was a mess. She couldn't see anybody because documents and forms took up every inch of the room. Those poor geeks must be buried in there somewhere.

"Hello?! Is anybody in here?!" Lenalee tried to weed them out by screaming.

"Lenalee!" Komui, the Head Officer of the Science Division, emerged out from a pile of papers and ran over to hug his sister. "Wake up everybody! Lenalee is here!"

The people of the Science Division all sprouted out from different places, running over to Lenalee for the coffee that they oh so desperately needed. It was pretty overwhelming for Lenalee. When everybody started running to her direction, her arms trembled and she accidentally tipped over some mugs off the tray.

Everybody in the Science Division froze.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Lenalee was squirming in panic. She hated to disappoint. "Here! There's still one left that didn't spill!"

The whole Science Division was filled with hope once again. Their voices all coincided. "So whose is it?"

She turned the mug so she could spot the name of who is belonged to. "It's Squad Leader Reever's."

The group of scientists were all moaning…except for Reever, that is.

"Come on, Squad Leader! Won't you share?!" Johnny was kneeling before him like a dog.

But Reever drank the whole thing without a second glance. "I would, but I'm all finished."

"You're a demon, Squad Leader! You hear me?!"

"Don't worry, it was already cold. It didn't taste that good anyway."

Lenalee, despite drinking three cups of coffee, was drifting back to sleep. Then, she woke up to the sound of Komui's voice.

"You barbarians!" Komui erupted into a being of pure rage. "Lenalee came all this way to bring us coffee and you guys don't bother saying thank you?! My, my, you guys call yourselves scientists?! Spoiled brats is more like it!"

Reluctantly, all the scientists said it together. "Thank you, Lenalee…"

"Now I want you guys to apolo--"

But Lenalee cut him off. "Brother, please stop…they don't have to thank me or apologize to me. I'm the one that spilled the coffee."

"Nonsense, Lenalee! We're the ones who surprised you. And that's the reason why you spilled it."

"It's fine." Lenalee was now completely awake and energized. "You guys can thank me later when I bring a new batch. I drank some of your guys' coffee on my way here, so I was going to go back for more anyway."

"Hooray for Lenalee!" Everybody in the Science Division cheered.

Komui, however, started to bite his fingernails. "Lenalee!? Exactly whose cup did you drink from?! You're not supposed to be sharing any cups with anyone!"

"They're all perfectly washed, brother."

She left the lab and cheers for her could still be heard after she closed the door. As she walked through the hallways of the Order, she kept that orange book at her side. She continued to study it, this time, more thoroughly.


I hope it didn't feel like you were reading a textbook. I tried to make something complex like Hoshino would. I promise in the next chapter, there will be more backbone to the story.

I hope Lenalee wasn't too OOC. You just don't really see Lenalee waking up other than chapter 184.

I did this in one day but I feel pretty good about it. The story will be a short one. Probably 4 chapters at the most. But I'm leaning towards 3 chapters. Also, I don't have a planned schedule or anything because I didn't finish any chapters in advance. I usually take a week or two to update a story (no more than two weeks, I promise). But the only thing that keeps me motivated is your reviews. So please REVIEW! Whether it be praise, criticism, advice, tips, questions, or flames (has to be reasonable), I welcome ALL! This is a message for all you D. Grayers out there! I thank and salute thee.