This is the bonus chapter that includes chapter reviews and a hidden scene featuring Lavi! Think of it like a scene after the credits in a movie.

Review Responses

Mfinga19: Thank you for the reviews. You were also the first one whoohoo! You were wondering who she'll end up with, but she didn't end up with anybody. I hope I didn't disappoint you. I like stories that only hint romance but it is a romance all in the same. I am a fan of both LavixLenalee and AllenxLenalee but I lean more (by a lot) towards AllenxLenalee. It's obvious that Lavi like her though isn't it? :D I think that Lenalee and Allen is the only two-sided pairing in the manga, while other one-sided pairings include Lavi liking Lenalee and Road liking Allen.

Akahey: How did you like the ending Akahey. I appreciate that you reviewed all my chapters. You were the first one to say Lavi was really Allen. So that means I'm angry at you the most, just kidding! Anyways, I hope I can further entertain in the future with more possible fanfics.

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UNTensaZangetsu: Cool predictions you had! You were the only one to predict Lavi transforming into Allen. In fact, I wanted people to think that Lavi was tranforming into Allen whereas it would actually be the other way around. But everybody ended up with the right prediction -_-

Midnight Hikari: Thank you for reviewing! I wasn't sure if I wanted to include the real Lavi because I wanted this to be simple as possible. But this bonus page contains the real Lavi so I hope you especially will enjoy it. It's not much but I think it's pretty good.

Bonus Scene

Lavi, the real Lavi, walked over to the gondola with something in his hands striking the curiousness of the Finder that was going to accompany him on a mission.

"Did you find it?"

Lavi slowly shook his head, looking miffed. "Nah. I thought it would be in the library but I was wrong."

"Did you search the shelves alphabetically?"

"Of course." Lavi stepped onto the gondola and the Finder starting to row with this large wooden pole. "I wonder who could've taken it. Who else would want a book called How To Be More Like Your Best Friend?"

"You have weird taste…" The Finder tried to joke around with him in an attempt to cheer him up. It was apparently working. "What do you have in your hands then?"

"Oh…" Lavi looked at the cover again to see what it was called. "The Five Levels of Friendship."

"That's another weird book, ha."

"Yeah, I guess." Lavi examined it once more. "This book and the book I was looking for were supposed to be placed next to each other in alphabetical order. So I just thought I should check it out."

He opened the book and saw the diagram that gave a summary for each level of friendship. He skimmed through the descriptions and saw something unexpected. His name was written in blue ink next to the Complimentary Terms section. Lavi noticed it was only one level below Romantic Terms and wondered who it could have written it.

"Wait a minute, this is Lenalee's handwriting!" Lavi was familiar with the way she wrote and it matched perfectly.

"This looks like a bunch of baloney. I didn't know romance was just a higher level of friendship." The Finder peeked over Lavi's head and addressed his thoughts. "Lavi, is there someone you like?"

"Probably…" Lavi's response confused the Finder. "…but I think her sights are set on someone else."

At that moment, Lavi hurled the book as far as he could throw into the water. The book made such a tiny splash that they couldn't even spot where it landed.

"Why did you throw it like that? Isn't that property of the Order?" The Finder was worried if he had to take responsibility.

But Lavi just smiled. "You're right. It's just a bunch of baloney."