The secret life of the American Teenager.

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"Come on, I haven't gotten all day!" Shelby Bolton called out in a harsh tone, urging her two identical twins boys to get inside the house very quickly.

"We're coming, mom" 16 year old Troy Bolton mumbled, trying his hardest to move faster while holding 2 suitcases and a backpack, one on his shoulder, one in hand and one on his other hand.

"Make your feet go faster or else you'll have another one of those punishments tonight!" She called out in a impatient tone.

Troy and his 16 year old identical twin brother Trevor Bolton glanced at each other before speeding towards inside the house.

"Good," Shelby gave out a satisfied smile." Now, do we have everything?"

Trevor looked around him and nodded. "I think we got everything"

"Great, since this is a pretty cheap house that doesn't have any big bedrooms, you guys get the small room" Shelby ordered.

The twins nodded knowing better then to not upset their mom, it was for their well being too. "Get out of my sight and go move all the furniture inside the house till 6:30 pm!"

Trevor's eyes widened. They can't just move all the furniture and turn it into a real house, it could take more then two days. "B-but"

"Now or you'll definitely receive punishment tonight!"

Trevor nodded recalling last night's punishment. Let's say just it something had to do with a belt and a hanger. He didn't want to go through that again, it was just all to horrible to even think about it.

The two boys nodded silently, picked up the bags and walked into a medium sized bedroom and dropped them and continued their way downstairs to finish the rest of the orders their mom had given them.

"I'm home!" Trevor announced with a bunch of grocery bags. When the two of them got a lot done, Trevor decided to go out and buy grocery so they could fix dinner up for the three of them. Knowing that their mom wanted them to go out and buy food or else they wouldn't have dinner tonight.

No answer.

He began to get worried. What if his brother gotten beaten up for doing something that their mom wouldn't be happy about?. Or worse, what if she could've killed him?. All these questions were running though his head.

He knew better then to act fast so he unpacked the bags and as soon as he was finished, he went to the living room and noticed it was empty then he checked their mom's bedroom and found him in the finished bedroom, making the bed.

"Nice job" Trevor complimented.

"Thanks" He mumbled tiredly. Trevor noticed that his brother looked tired from doing all the work.

"You should go to our room and dose for a bit, you look tired" Trevor suggested.

"Thanks but no thanks, a lot of things need to be done before-"

"Where are you two!" Shelby's voice came out of nowhere startling the two kids.

"In here" They both yelled out in usion.

In a matter of seconds, Shelby stormed into the room gulped and began to feel nervous. His mom's mad and that could only mean one thing.


"I told you two to move in all the furniture and make this house look like a house" Shelby yelled furiously.

"B-but we couldn't get everything in. I-its just a-all to much" Troy stuttered nervously thinking of all the possibilities of how punishment would go this time. She could hit them with a belt or punch or kick them or even worse choke them. But all three of them were already worse as it is.

"Well, the kitchen isn't decorated, the living room isn't decorated and the tv doesn't have cable and don't get me started about the bathrooms" Shelby snapped in a harsh tone.

"B-but" .

"Stuttering buts is not going to cut it" Shelby yelled furiously then she took out her belt and began to hit Troy with a belt.

Troy felt the stinging pain that was caused by the belt. It felt good. Pain was something that he was getting used to. Pain was his only friend apart from his twin. The last two previous school's in one year had been horrible for the two. Kids always made fun of them, they judged him them immediately as soon as they introduced their names, probably it was because they had worn a sweater and jeans on the first day of school which was 85 degrees out. People made fun of them for it. It continued on till December and then they switched schools and then moved a month later due to the school board being suspicious about the frequent absences then moved here only a month later.

"You are worthless, you can't do anything right" Shelby continue to yell.

"No dinner for you two tonight," She went on. "You worthless pig number 2, get your worthless ass over here"

Trevor gulped and closed his eyes waiting for the belt to come hit him. Whack!. A few moments later, Shelby began to feel hungry. "Make dinner for me no later then 10 minutes or you'll receive punishment number 2 tonight"

They both nodded and limped out of the bedroom. The two limped into the kitchen and pulled out ingredients, pots and pans.

Moments later, Troy was stirring the boiling water waiting for his twin to finish cutting unions, he slowly turned his head to face his brother. "What a monster" He whispered softly.

Trevor turned his head and nodded. "Yeah, remember when she wasn't was like this"

Troy nodded. "Yeah"

(Flashback three years ago)


The ball went though the net. The score was 51-13 points in the final game of the season.

"Come on, Troy, come on Trevor you can do it" The twins mother shouted loudly enough for the whole crowd to hear.

Troy turned his head and smiled at his sweet mother and mouthed I love you.

Shelby saw this and mouthed I love you back then Troy mouthed this one's for you back.

He threw the ball into the net and suddenly the buzzer rang.

They won.

Troy and Trevor ran up to each other, giving each other a manly hug.

"You did it" Trevor exclaimed excitedly.

"You mean, all of us, the team did it" Troy corrected him.

Trevor smiled at him and the two proceeded to join the team.

After the game, the twins ran up to their parents. "Mom, Dad!"

"Congratulations, my sweat peas" She smiled warmly as she hugged both of her twins.

"Tonight, we're going out to dinner to celebrate your win" Jack Bolton announced getting proud of his twin son's.

"And after that, we're going to head to the mall and let you pick whatever you want" Shelby finished.

Trevor shook his head. "No, its okay, no need that, we just only won a game and we celebrate by going out for dinner and buying whatever we want, no thanks"

"No honey, you two deserve it, you guys work hard enough, you two are straight-A students that takes honor classes" Shelby insisted.

"No, mom, its okay, really" Troy shook his head in disapproval.

"No is not an answer and we're going to do those stuff because we love and we're going to those stuff no matter what you say" Jack said sternly.

"B-but," The twins stuttered but then saw the serious look on their faces. "Fine" They both muttered feeling defeated.

The adults smiled at each other and then the Bolton family proceeded out of the school and towards the car to begin the night's celebration.

(End Flashback)

"Yeahhhh" Troy said whistfully.

Silence took over the twins as Trevor poured freshly washed and cut onions into the pot. Troy began to stir the boiled water as he poured seasonings into it as a thought struck though his mind.

"Do you remember the first time that we tried to cook?" Troy questioned remembering the horrible incident.

Trevor nodded. "Yeah"

(Flashback three years ago)

"So what do we need to do again?" A clueless 13 year old Troy Bolton questioned his mother for the tenth time in a row.

"Troy for the last time, you turn on the pot and pour the oil in and pour some water to boil it" Shelby answered for 10th time in a row.

"Sorry, but we aren't woman, woman usually do all the cooking and cleaning while men fix stuff" Trevor complained.

Shelby laughed and shook her head at how superficial the twins were being about cooking. "Someday, you'll be forced to cook to feed yourself and your family one day"

"If we ever get married" Troy mumbled recalling the last breakup he had with his girlfriend Selena.

Shelby laughed. "Honey, get over it, there's more to life then dating"

"But, we're just 2 clueless teenage boys who loves girls and cars and could care less about the stupid cooking and cleaning" Trevor joked.

Shelby chuckled. "Come on you two, its not playtime right now, I gotta teach you how to cook"

The boys groaned. "Fine"

She grinned before giving out her instructions. 10 minutes later, the boys were getting the hang of cooking. "Good" Shelby nodded her head proudly as she watched her two identical boys cook for the first time.

Just then the three could hear the door slam followed by a. "Shelby, I need help with the gardening"

Shelby shook her head laughing and muttered. "Men"

Trevor heard his father and smirked. "I told you that men should only fix stuff while woman should do the cooking and cleaning around the house"

Shelby turned her gaze back at her twins and shook her head. "Now that you two are growing up, you need some responsibilities, I'm getting you ready for adulthood and besides, I can't be doing all the work, its not fair that I have to do all the cooking and cleaning with you two do whatever teenagers do and my husband just comes home, plays and takes care of you and just fix things, I mean come on, it can't be that hard"

"Oh yes, for example, just look at dad" Troy replied back, pointing his index finger towards the figure behind their mother.

Two arms wrapped around Shelby's neck to reveal their dad." Hmm, what's for lunch?"

"You'll find out as soon as the twins finish cooking," Shelby answered. "And get off of me, you smell"

Shelby pulled herself out of Jack's embrace and turned around to face jack in overalls, dirt all over his clothes and face.

"Oh my gosh, how can gardening be that hard?" Shelby tried hard not to laugh at her husband's dirty appearance after an attempt at gardening.

"Its very tiring and I need help with something" Jack pouted.

Shelby rolled her eyes. "Well, too bad, I need to supervise the twins, don't want them to burn the house down, do we?"

"But mom, we're capable of cooking now, we're don't need help, the only help that's needed is your husband right there" Trevor insisted pointing his index finger towards his father.

Shelby took a deep breath before looking at her husband's pleading look. "Alright, since your older now and your capable of bigger responsibilities, I'll let you slide but only for today and your right, your dad needs all the help he can get, but don't do anything that I wouldn't do and keep your eyes on your cooking, okay?"

"Okay" The twins nodded.

"Okay, I'll be back and remember don't do anything that I wouldn't do, okay?" Shelby warned them.

"Alright, just go already" Troy urged them out of the house. Once the parents were out of the house, he turned his gaze towards his brother who was too busy watching the boiling pot, a mischievous expression crossed his face. "We finally have the house to ourselves, let's take advantage of it. What can we do that's something fun and totally crazy in a couple of minutes"

"Nothing, you heard mom, don't do anything that she wouldn't do" Trevor snapped.

Just then Troy's cell phone rang and he pulled the phone out of his pocked, pressed the talk button and brought it to his ears. "Hello?"

"No way, the skateboard opened today, I thought It was going to open next month… went there..... How was it?" Troy questioned hanging on to every detail from the other line of the receiver.

That quickly caught Trevor's attention, forgetting about the cooking. The boys loved to skateboard and spend all almost all of their free time to cook and skateboarding with friends. Trevor walked over to his brother and eavesdropped on the conversation in curiosity over the skateboard.

Troy noticed the boiling water was getting hotter and walked over to the pot and picked up a rag and threw it on the pot.Two minutes later, Troy was about to end the conversation till Trevor sniffed then cringed and coughed. "Do you smell smoke?"

Troy hung up the phone and sniffed and realized something. "Fire!"

The boys turned around and gasped as they saw the whole counter on fire even the freezer.

"Dammit, Troy, how can you be so stupid, I told you to focus on the pot but no you had to answer that damn phone call of yours" Trevor snapped.

"What are you talking about?. You're the one who came over here to eavesdrop my conversation" Troy argued back.

"Wait a minute, how in the world did the fire start?" He questioned his brother.

Suddenly Troy became silent and as his gazed at the pot nervously, quickly spotting the burnt towel. "I kind of threw a rag over on the pot"

"Stupid ass, you need to think before you do something" He screamed in rage.

"Well, its not my fault, it was an accident!" He snapped back, trying to defend himself getting completely scared.

"Whatever" He mumbled, getting his phone out and dialed 911 and began his call as soon as he was finished. The whole house was on fire.

Trevor glanced at his brother who was silently crying and realized that this maybe their last moments together and didn't want to their final moments to be the two of them not on good terms. He quickly grabbed his brother and embraced in a hug, knowing that this was it. The two began to cry and scream for help.

Outside the house, the couple was watering the grass. Jack squinted his nose and smelled something weird. "Shelby, do you smell-"

"My baby boys, smoke" Shelby tried to scream out a simple sentence but was too shocked and scared to do so.

"Shelby, go call the police while I go get the boys" Jack ordered firmly.

"Okay, but please, bring you and my babies back here safe and sound" She whimpered letting the tears fall off of her dark brown eyes.

Jack nodded and pecked her in the lips. "Whatever happens, I'll always love you"

"Your sounding like your going to die" Shelby cried out whimpering.

"Don't worry, I'll bring myself and our kids back here safe and sound"

Shelby whispered. "Just promise me something"


"That you'll be back here with the kids safe and sound" She answered.

Jack nodded, keeping word on his wife's promise with determination in his ocean blue eyes." I promise"

He ran into the house, letting himself inside. He was shocked at the sight in front of him. Everything was in fire and burning. "Troy, Trevor" He shouted nervously, hoping that his kids were still alive.

"In the kitchen" The boys answered back in between sobs.

Jack felt very hot and sweaty. It was freaking hot. But luckily he found his sons in the kitchen clinging to each other. "Come on, take my hand you two and be careful, okay?"

The twins nodded and aparted from the hug and held their father's hand. Jack led the twins into the living room, their were almost their until more fire appeared and caught on Jack's leg.

"Dad!" They both shouted.

They pulled their dad and led him into the living room.As they walked towards the door, the three male's were losing air.

"Can't breathe" Troy breathed out, struggling to breathe.

Trevor began to cough, his lungs closing. He and the two had to make it. They didn't want to die just yet. They wanted to graduate high school, go to college, marry and have kids but no their were no chances anymore.

Suddenly, the fire spread throughout. He coughed and fell to the ground, losing air. "Go…on….I promised your mother that'd all the three of us would be get out of here alive. Its to late for me, I want at least some of us to get out so go"

"B-but" Troy said stubbornly, tears falling out of his eyes as he cried extra harder.

"No, dad, you'll be okay, we're going to get out of here, we're going to wet with the hose and you'll be fine. We're going to take you to the hospital in just in case, you'll dad, you'll live" Trevor screamed at his dad crying extra harder.

"Tell…cough…your mom that I love her…and tell her…that I'll always be in your guy's heart and guys, promise me something. Promise me that whatever happens, I want you to succeed and have a good life and don't forget about me…you" He whispered hoarsely before the fire spread to face, his eyes began to close.

His chest went up and down for the final time. No longer Jack Bolton was breathing.

The two cried and went out of the house in shock on what just happened.They breathed in the California air, the sunlight burning through their eyes. Something that their dad wasn't able to go through this again.

The twins heard sirens and crying suddenly their loving mother embraced them into a hug. "Thank goodness, you are okay"

It was not fair that their dad wasn't living anymore because of something that they both caused.

"Where's your father?" Shelby questioned noticing her the older Bolton's absence.

"I'm sorry, mom" Troy mumbled in between sobs.

And that moment Shelby realized that the first time in her life that her husband, her true love broke her promise.

She didn't answer to Troy's reply, she just stood in tears wondering how a day start so beautifully end so depressing and tragic.

(End flashback)

Just maybe if Troy hadn't thrown the rag on the pot. Maybe just maybe, their dad would be alive, maybe their mother wouldn't abuse them.

(Flashback three years ago)

The three Bolton's entered their rented apartment. Shelby walked into her own room and slammed the door without a word.

"Is mom okay?" Troy questioned worriedly.

"What do you think?" Trevor snapped. "You know Troy, sometimes you act like a four year old. Its so annoying.

The comment stung Troy like a bee. Ever since their dad's death. The family was falling apart. Troy and Trevor seemed to argue more then they usually did, Trevor began to be more responsible, Troy began to be feel more depressed, Shelby was getting even more depressed. Trevor began to be more crankier then ever.

Hours later, the twin's mom hadn't come out of the room since the funeral ended and the twins hadn't spoken to each other since their fall out earlier that day. It was dinnertime and luckily Trevor finished cooking his meal. "Mom, Troy. Its dinnertime!"

Troy entered the kitchen and sat down awkwardly. Soon after that, Shelby walked entered in the kitchen in silence still in black dress, looking pissed off. Throughout the whole dinner, the family chewed in uncomfortable silence with ocassional glares.

Shelby, Troy and Trevor all walked into the living room and sat in separate couches.

"Trevor, go grab me a bottle of beer" Shelby spoke up in a monotone without any emotion in her voice.


"I said go get it, boy" She snapped.

The two boys cringed. They never seen their mother act so strange.Trevor left the room leaving a nervous Troy and then came back with a bottle of beer.

"Here" Trevor said, giving his mom a bottle of beer.

Shelby took aggressively and opened the bottle and chugged it all down. Trevor sat back in seat then the twins watched their sweet, loving mother indulge alcohol, something their mother didn't like, let alone the word. "Get me another one" She repeated again with no emotion whatsoever.

Trevor nodded his head, feeling very nervous. In the last three weeks, his mom barely said a word at all and now three weeks later, she finally spoke, giving a order for beer. It was just all too weird.

"Another one" She ordered in a raspy voice.

"M-mom, are you okay?" Troy questioned with a hint of fear in his tone.

"Just peachy, now make your brother go get me another fucking bottle of beer and now" She yelled startling and scaring the two 13 year old boys.

Trevor immediately nodded and fetched another beer in fear of his mother's strange behavior..

Shelby grabbed the beer from in and chugged everything down. "B-boys, g-get y-your asses h-here" She slurred.

Now the boys were definitely scared. Their own sweet, loving, fun mother was now drunk. The boys did what their were told in fear.

Shelby picked up a bottle and spoke. "Its your damn fault that your dad's dead, if it wasn't for you two then maybe I'd still be successful in career and me wanting to start a family with him and wanting to stay with you three, I gave it all up and what I'd get in return, two uncaring children that let the fire in the house. Now, I'm going to give you some punishment. Troy since you were the one who threw the rag as told by your brother lift your pants down"

Troy nodded scared and slowly let his pants off. Shelby put the bottle in between Troy's legs. suddenly, he finally let it all out, the stress, anger and depression made him cause his breakdown.

"Now, this won't hurt a bit"

Suddenly, she pushed the bottle up towards Troy's private and then the next thing Trevor knew. His brother screamed and began to sob then his mother shoved it up his private, 10 more times but even extra hader.

Trevor watched the glass shatter into a millions of pieces and as his brother drop to the ground, sobbing and screaming in pain in horror. Not believing his sweet, happy go lucky mother just hurt her own child physically. It was just a disturbing sight.

Shelby looked up and gazed into Trevor's blue orbs. "Your turn"

(End flashback)

Troy shuddered at the memory that was one of the most painful things in his life.

But luckily, Troy and Trevor seemed to be getting along much better now. He was so jealous of kids, laughing happily, not having a care in the world having a good house to live in, loving friends and could get anything they could get their hands on, come home to loving parents.

While all he'd come home with a abusive mother who's ready to beat him up. Troy wished he had friends at school, he wished hadn't feel so used to be so confident but that confidence went away as soon as his mother started to beat him up and his self- esteem lowered.

Troy couldn't believe the even the last three horrible years, his brother acted so okay with it. The only time he's seen him so vulnerable when he'd getting beaten up so, so badly which only happened like 10 times and once when he'd seen him cry in his room silently begging for miracle to happen two days ago.

The twins were finally finished with cooking dinner and set it on the table and shouted. "Dinner"

Shelby walked into the room and barked. "Make this house look like a real house and when I'm done eating I expect this house to look like a real house and if it isn't, you'll get a punishment tonight that'd make you regret not finishing this house"

The twins nodded and walked away began to decorate the living room. "We're going to head to our new school in the morning, let's ask my mom if we could go out and buy some clothes this weekend"

Troy nodded in agreement. "Yeah, we haven't bought new clothes since three months ago"

"And don't' forget we have to look for jobs after school also" Trevor added.

"Why would I forget?. Ever since mom got fired from her job a week ago she told us to go huant for a job and won't work anymore. What will she do when we're going to college?"

"Ugh, I just can't wait till I turn 18, we'll finally be able to escape this after years of abuse"

"Since this is our last two years left of high school, no matter what happens we have to make at least a couple of friends cuz I hate being a loner"

Troy nodded silently and turned his gaze towards back the television.

"What's wrong?" Trevor noticed as his brother was about to cry any second.

"What if I don't make friends and you do, what if you forget about me?. Ever think of that huh?. Remember Jesse Mcartney back in the 8th grade when he became popular he just forgot about me and started to bully me"

Trevor's eyes widened and realized his brother was wayyy insecure and walked over to him and put his hand on his shoulder. "Forget about him, that was three years ago. I'm not like him nor will I ever be. We're family, remember one of dad's last words?. Take care of each other and love each other no matter what. If dad hadn't said that I'd still to that. I know this sounds, cheesy, gay and girly and the list could go on but I love you Troy no matter what happens. Don't forget that okay?"

Troy nodded and Trevor muttered softly. "Come here"

The two mainly hugged each other. Knowing that no matter what happens, they'll always take care each other and love each other even if one of family isn't willingly to love and care with the rest of the family members.

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